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       Additional resources: Basic research methods
                                     Developed by: Alan Finlay

More on Basic Research Methods

Basi c Busine ss Re search Methods
Cart er McNamara, Authenticity Consulting research.htm
[Last accessed: November 2004]
Useful overview of some of the research methods discussed in this unit, with more ideas
about how to go about basic research.

Survey Que stionnaire Construction
SUNY IT Telecommunications TEL598s ur.html
[Last accessed: November 2004]
Very useful tips on writing survey questions (focus is on telecommunications research, but
applicable generally).

Researcher’ s Toolkit
Bmra (trade association for the British market research industry)
[Last accessed: November 2004]
Useful explanations, tips and tools (business oriented).

Marketing Research Term s and Definitions
[Last accessed: November 2004]
An extensive list of research definitions (marketing focused but useful generally).

Research Methods Knowledge Base
William Trochim
[Last accessed: November 2004]
Next steps: More advanced detail and concepts, but interesting and useful if you want to take
the next steps as a researc her (click on ’contents’ in the top left corner to get going).

Research Tools
[Last accessed: November 2004]
Excellent online tool that helps you create and manage your own online survey easily. Billed
as: ’Intelligent survey software for serious primates of all species. SurveyMonkey has a single
purpose: to enable anyone to creat e professional online surveys quickly and easily.’

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Last updated 30 November 2010
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Online Information Gateways for Social Researchers
[Last accessed: November 2004]
Of course a search engine (not an information gateway in any formalized sense) but one of
the best places to start. Click on advanced search, change the number of results to 100, and
select filetype:.pdf for some serious information returns for your area of research.

Development Gateway
[Last accessed: November 2004]
Developed by the World Bank. Useful resources on a range of topics including development,
health, environment, Information Communication Technologies and economic development.
Includes links to country-specific information gateways.

United Nations
[Last accessed: November 2004]
Official UN site. Explore this site for in formation on policies, statistics, maps, background
documents, links to other UN sites etc.

[Last accessed: November 2004]
United Nations news service with some excellent news and feat ure stories on African socio-
economic and political affairs. Also has section on Asia. Good for background research.

BBC News
[Last accessed: November 2004]
Also good for initial background or contextual research. News categorized by continent and
topic (click on left navigation bar). Can search arc hive.


Pambazuka News
A weekly e-newsletter for social justice in Africa. Contains comprehensive list of links to online
information on a range of topics, as well as brief summary of content. Sign up to receive the

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Last updated 30 November 2010
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