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Business Plan Evergreen Lawn Care - DOC by wix64085


Business Plan Evergreen Lawn Care document sample

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									                         HAINESPORT TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE
                                 JANUARY 27, 2009
                                     7:30 P.M.

Notice of this meeting was advertised in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

1.        CALL TO ORDER by Mayor MacLachlan at 7:30PM.

2.        FLAG SALUTE

3.        ROLL CALL – all present, Mayor MacLachlan, Deputy Mayor Boettcher,
          Committeeman Dickinson, Committeeman, Porto and Committeeman Byrne.
          Also present were Mr. Tuliano, Ms. Robertson and Mr. Costa.

4.        MINUTES – Motion: Deputy Mayor Boettcher. Second: Committeeman
          Byrne. All yes.

          A.        Reorganization Committee Minutes of January 6, 2009

          B.        Regular Committee Minutes of January 6, 2009

                     Motion: Deputy Mayor Boettcher. Committeeman Porto asked that
                    the minutes amended to include the following comment regarding the
                    recycling program: Committeeman Porto is in favor of the Recycle
                    bank program and would like to review the cost figures. Second:
                    Committeeman Porto. All yes.

     5.        REPORTS – Motion to approve all and to spread the Tax Collector’s
               report across the minutes: Committeeman Byrne. Second:
               Committeeman Dickinson. All yes.

               A.      Tax Collector

               B.      Code Enforcement

               C.      Fire Official

               D.      Construction


          A.        Resolution 2009-41-1 – A Resolution to Authorize Renewal of an
                    Inactive Liquor License in Hainesport Township – Mr. Tuliano
                    explained the resolution is to approve Rancocas Lakeside, LLC for
          the current license term as approved by the Director of the ABC.
          Motion: Deputy Mayor Boettcher. Second: Committeeman
          Dickinson. All yes.

     B.    Resolution 2009-42-1 – Resolution Authorizing Transfer of Funds during
          the Last Two Months of the Current Fiscal Year and First Three Months
          of the Subsequent Year – Motion: Committeeman Dickinson. Second:
          Committeeman Byrne. All yes.

     C.   Resolution 2009-43-1 – Authorizing Release of Performance Bonds for
          Home Depot USA Inc. – Motion: Committeeman Byrne. Second:
          Deputy Mayor Boettcher. All yes.

     D.   Resolution 2009-44-1 – Resolution Approving a performance Bond for
          Nolyan Real Estate LLC (Sonic Restaurant) – Motion: Deputy Mayor
          Boettcher. Second: Committeeman Dickinson. All yes.

     E.   Resolution 2009-45-1 – Resolution to Award Contract for Postage
          Machine Rental – Pitney Bowes – Motion: Committeeman Byrne.
          Second: Deputy Mayor Boettcher. All yes.

     F.   Resolution 2009-46-1 – Resolution Instituting a Gypsy Moth Control
          Program with the State of New Jersey Department of Agriculture and the
          Application for any Federal or State Funds available be Authorized –
          Committeeman Byrne asked for clarification that the sites to be
          sprayed are selected by the State. Mr. Tuliano confirmed. Motion:
          Committeeman Byrne. Second: Deputy Mayor Boettcher. All yes.


     A.   Approval of JLUB Minutes of December 3, 2008. – Motion: Second:
          All yes.

     B.   Business Licenses Application Approval – Motion: Committeeman
          Byrne. Second: Committeeman Dickinson. All yes.

          2009-001 – Sta-Seal
          2009-002 – A-Z Auto Services Group
          2009-004 – Gourmet Pizza II
          2009-005 – RJ Pascone Plumbing, Inc.
          2009-006 – D & H Enterprises, Inc.
          2009-007 – Pressler Insurance & Financial Services, LLC
          2009-008 – JGK, LLC dba SIGN-A-RAMA
          2009-009 – AzizA’s Restaurant
          2009-010 – Pond Recovery Services, Inc.
          2009-011 – Hainesport Chiropractic, PA
2009- 012 – Expertise Builders
2009-013 – Athletic Promotional Events, Inc.
2009-014 – Haddon Fence Company
2009-015 – Dunleavy’s Restaurant
2009-016 – Wilbur Conley
2009-017 – Richard Greeby Home Remodeling
2009-018 – Shear Perfection
2009-019 – BevTek, Inc.
2009-020 – Teddy’s Hallmark
2009-021 – CEMCO Custom Environmental Management Co., Inc.
2009-022 – Robert T. Winzinger, Inc.
2009-023 – US Supply Company, Inc.
2009-024 – Environmental Field Service
2009-025 – A.T.C. Consultants
2009-027 – Sunsational Tans
2009-028 – Landmark Property Mgment, Inc. (Drenk Behavioral Health Ctr)
2009-029 – Robert R. Brooks Supply, Inc.
2009-030 – Independent Metal Sales, Inc.
2009-031 – Tranquility Salon and SPA
2009-032 – Total Logistics
2009-033 – Bear Tire and Auto Center
2009-034 – Global Transportation & Travel
2009-035 – BCB Global, LLC
2009-036 – WaWa Food Market # 347
2009-037 – Christopher T. Taylor DC BC
2009-038 – Brothers’s Electrical Contractors of NJ
2009-039 – Larchmont Imaging Associates, LLC
2009-040 – CryoVation, LLC
2009-041 – China Express
2009-042 – W. E. Smith, Inc.
2009-043 – Rancocas Woods Auto Care
2009-044 – Hainesport Enterprises, Inc. dba Hainesport Auto & Truck Repair
2009-045 – Burlington County Hand Surgical Associates, PA
2009-046 – QL Enterprises, LLC
2009-047 – The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc.
2009-048 – Evergreen Lawn Service
2009-049 – Curves for Women
2009-050 – Wood Design & Development
2009-051 – D-J Excavating, Inc.
2009-052 – Faraghan Medical Camera System
2009-053 – Russlyn Mobile Home Park
2009-054 – Goss LP Gas Service, Inc.
2009-055 – Stevenson Electric, Inc.
2009-056 – Key Engineering Solutions, LLC
2009-057 – 1st Choice Mortgage
2009-058 – Protec Documentation Services, Inc.
2009-059 – EsteJan, LLC dba Roberts Fine Cars
2009-060 – H.F.S. Logistics, LLC (Healthcare Fulfillment Service, Inc.)
2009-061 – Marbre Entreprises,LLC dba Molly Maid of NW Burlington
2009-062 – Live Oak, LLC
2009-063 – PRN Medical Transport
2009-064 – GEM Home Maintenance
2009-065 – Saladworks
2009-066 – Burlington Pipe, Inc.
2009-067 – Bee Nails & SPA, LLC
2009-068 – Bali Poolpros, Inc.
2009-069 – International Trading, LLC
2009-070 – Pemberton electrical Supply Co., LLC
2009-071 – Marne Veterinary Clinic
2009-072 – Lee Therapy
2009-073 – Creek’s Edge Animal Hospital
2009-074 – L/B Water Service, Inc.
2009-075 – Powder Technologies, Inc.
2009-076 – GSAC Corp. T/A Auto Parts Connection
2009-077 – Perry Videx, LLC
2009-078 – Marc Wasserman PC, CPA
2009-079 – Ted Liquor’s Inc.
2009-080 – Americycle, Inc.
2009-081 – Little Angels Child Care d/b/a Fox Learning Center
2009-082 – Lumberton Customs Cleaners
2009-083 – Hainesport Supply Company
2009-084 – W & W Medical Transport
2009-085 – Mobile Food Systems T/A Express Foods
2009-086 – Gerdelmann & Son Welding LLC
2009-087 – David Arlen Jewelers
2009-088 – Oakdale S.S.
2009-089 – W. L. Rife, Inc.
2009-091 – CPM Builders, LLC
2009-092 – Robert P. Weishoff, Attorney
2009-093 – R. L. Trucking Co.
2009-094 – Dorothy’s Healing Center
2009-095 – B & L Industries Services, Inc.
2009-096 – MGG Enterprises
2009-097 – Visiting Nurse & Hospice Service
2009-098 – Frinton Laboratories
2009-099 – Browse Around Shop, Inc.
2009-100 – Verizon
2009-101 – Rehab Excellence Center – Mount Laurel
2009-102 – Wolfington Body Co., Inc.
2009-103 – Atlantic Wood Industries, Inc.
2009-104 – Classic Cars Nissan
2009-105 – Mt. Holly Auto Parts Whse/Eastern Whse Distributors, Inc.
          C.     Mobile Home License – Motion: Deputy Mayor Boettcher. Second:
                 Committeeman Dickinson. All yes.

                 2009-001- Russlyn Mobile Home Park
                 2009-002 – Goss Mobile Home Park

          D.     Junk Yard License – Motion: Committeeman Byrne. Second: Deputy
                 Mayor Boettcher. All yes.

                 2009-001 – AmeriCycle, Inc.

          E.      Video/Pinball and Coin License – Motion: Deputy Mayor Boettcher.
                  Second: Committeeman Porto. All yes.

                 2009-001 – Dunleavy’s Restaurant (Bill’s Vending Service)

8.        CORRESPONDENCE – Motion to receive and file: Committeeman Byrne.
          Second: Committeeman Porto who noted the regretful resignation of the
          Tax Assessor. Mr. Tuliano explained that the tax assessor is employed full
          time with another agency. That agency asked that he terminate his
          affiliation with other agencies. Mr. Tuliano also reported on changes to be
          made to the State Police Substation. Mayor MacLachlan asked for a voice
          vote on the State Police project. All yes.

          A.     Recycling Container Request – The Glen at Mason’s Creek

          B.     N.J. DEP Monthly Report - HIRR

          C.     Ace of Spays, LLC – Meeting with Committee

          D.     Letter of Resignation – Tax Assessor

          E.     Letter from New Jersey State Police – Remodeling Police Substation

9.        COMMENTS FROM THE ADMINISTRATOR – Status of Municipal Court

         Mr. Tuliano presented the Committee with a draft of the interlocal services
          agreement for Court Services with Westampton Township. The Committee was
          asked to review the draft before the next meeting. A resolution will be prepared
          for the next meeting to adopt the agreement.

         Mr. Tuliano asked the Committee to select a date for the annual Saturday budget
          hearing. The Committee agreed on February 21st.

11.       COMMENTS FROM THE COMMITTEE – Committeeman Dickinson stated
          that he has noted a lot more police activity in the town after the meeting with the
          station commander.


         Mrs. Baggio, 177 Merion Court – expressed her opinion on the recycling center
          in the Glen. Mrs. Baggio asked for serious consideration for the purchase of the
          recycling bin. Committeeman Byrne asked if the neighborhood had the space.
          Mrs. Baggio stated that they did. The Committee, Mr. Tuliano and Mrs. Baggio
          discussed the issue at length. The Committee agreed to Mrs. Baggio’s request to
          research the issue further.

         Barbara Rich, Moorestown, NJ – congratulated the Committee on submitting
          its COAH plan on time. Mrs. Rich then questioned the inclusion in the plan of
          certain State park land. Mr. Costa explained that the plan was filed to meet the
          deadline and that it may be revised in the future. Mrs. Rich expressed her concern
          that the State land was included. Mayor MacLachlan stated that he appreciated
          her concern.

         Pete Ruble, 2525 Creek Road – asked someone to read the monthly report
          regarding HIRR. Committeeman Byrne did so. Mr. Ruble then repeated the
          circumstances regarding a noise/vibration complaint that he made thru Mr.
          Tuliano in September. Mr. Ruble continues to object to his name being
          mentioned in the complaint. Mr. Ruble then commented about the County project
          on Creek Road. Mr. Ruble then complained about a request that he had made to
          Mr. Tuliano regarding some information pertaining to a school bus accident on
          Creek Road and Mr. Tuliano told him that he should call the State Police for
          information. Mayor MacLachlan reminded Mr. Ruble that we are not informed as
          to every accident handled by the State Police. Mayor MacLachlan, Mr. Tuliano
          and Committeeman Byrne reminded Mr. Ruble that they have been working
          diligently to have that intersection of Creek and Mount Laurel Road improved but
          the State and County do not agree that it is needed.

         Catherine McNelis, 407 Bischoff Avenue – asked to have the minutes changed
          from December 9th to reflect her comments regarding COAH. Mayor
          MacLachlan stated that they would look into it.

         Fred Glasgow, 2711 Creek Road – asked if the new legislation allows the
          Township to post its own traffic signs at the Creek Road intersection. Mr.
          Tuliano explained the parameters for the legislation and why it does not pertain to
          the Creek Road intersection. Mr. Glasgow then asked if the trees across from Mr.
          Hawkey could be cut. Mayor MacLachlan stated that was looked into and it was
          determined that those trees did not have to be cut. Mr. Tuliano explained some
            changes would be made to that intersection for the sight triangles in the spring. It
            involves moving the stop line forward.

           Catherine McNelis, 407 Bischoff Avenue – asked Committeeman Byrne to try
            to make a left-hand turn at the intersection and see if he agrees that there is a sight

           Pete Ruble, 2525 Creek Road – commented about the Creek Road intersection

13.         BILL LIST – Motion: Deputy Mayor Boettcher. Second: Committeeman
            Dickinson. All yes.

14.         EXECUTIVE SESSION – Motion: Deputy Mayor Boettcher. Second:
            Committeeman Byrne. The purpose of the Executive Session is to discuss a
            contract proposal submitted by a developer for a tax abatement program.
            No formal action will be taken following the closed session. All yes.

            A.     Resolution 2008-47-1 – Resolution to Enter into Executive Session, if

            The Committee went into Executive Session at 9:02PM.

            The Committee briefly discussed a request by a developer to consider a tax
            abatement program for a project in the Township. No action was taken.

            The Committee came out of Executive Session at 9:20PM.

      15.        ADJOURNMENT – Motion: Committeeman Byrne. Second:
                 Committeeman Porto. All yes.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:25PM.

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