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   Shut up and listen      Wondimu Mekonnen, London 27 May 2010
   to me, Bereket!
                           Last Sunday it was Lidetu Ayalew (some prefer to call him Khidetu
                           Afayalew), the fake opposition leader, who had to hide between the laps
                           of two trained-to- kill hired giant local mercenaries to save his skin from
                           his own people, the very people who loved him once and showed him
                           only kindness but now angry, feeling betrayed. Not only did that
                           ungrateful betrayed the trust of the very people who unknowingly
                           financed his motives but angered them, by the unleashing of his untamed
                           insulting tongue that infuriated many to go out and confront him (listen
                           to the following song adapted for Lidetu. ሰው አይጥላህ!

Today it is the turn of foot soldiers of Mebrhatu G/Hiwot (aka Berket Simon – or Lidetu’s mentor), to
sip from the same poisoned chalice of humiliation, hiding behind the armoured police force and
confined within the walls 17 Princes Gate, yet again saving their skins from wrath of their own

The London Ethiopian demonstrators did not go to the Princes Gate with machine guns, but loud
speakers, cameras, megaphones and pictures of their murdered
compatriots placed in a strategic visible place for all to see and a
powerful music player. The music player was a newly introduced
weapon of mass mobilization, introduced by the youth
themselves. It brought much needed change and breathed fresh
air and life into our struggle for democracy, human rights and rule
of law. There were so many new faces. One of the new faces (we
learned later on) was a new arrival straight from Addis. He took up

                                                 the megaphone and bombarded the area using his
                                                 newly found freedom, with a fresh slogan straight
                                                 from our country, demanding to stop the selling of
                                                 our land claimed at the cost of our ancestors’ blood.
                                                 From the voice of this stranger, one can only learn
                                                 what kind of anger had been building up and
                                                 consuming the minds of our compatriots on a daily
                                                 basis. The sight of the mutilated bodies of our
                                                 compatriot’s unleashed anger of the protestors and
the chilly Knights Bridge road turned into a heat wave. Motorists hooted their horns in solidarity
with our victims. Some have to cover their faces shocked by what they had seen. They couldn’t
believe an ally of the United Kingdom could commit such atrocities, and also comes in and goes out
of this country freely. Our pictures, our slogans, our music attracted many to ask what had been
going on and we had the chance to explain.
The demonstrators clearly sent messages that ANDM was nothing but Woyyane tool, created and
lead by Woyyane, by people like Bereket Simon and Hilawi Yoseph of Eritrean parentage, Tadese
Tinqishu of Tigray, Addisu Legesse of Oromo and Tefera Walwa of Gimira, to subjugate the Amara
people just like it is subjugating the Oromo people through OPDO. Under no circumstances would
ANDM represent the interest of Amara or Ethiopia, but the TPLF alone.

The style of demonstration was completely changed compared to the previous ones. To begin with,
most of the demonstrators came wearing Ethiopian flag-jackets, hats or even scarves around their
necks. It was different from all the previous protests both in quality and content. The slogans were
fresh, the people were angrier than before, innovating with new ways of thinking to take the fight to
another stage. Unity is once again demonstrated. Those who were away for a while were back in full
gear. The patriotic songs blasting from the music player and magnified by loudspeaker was
innovation that changed the atmosphere. The creativity of the young generation has brought new
flavour to the struggle. At one point, when loud speakers blasted patriotic songs, artiste, journalist
and collector of Ethiopian historical artefacts, Alebachew Dessalegn unexpectedly and emotionally
went into traditional Ethiopian battle cry rap (ፉከራ) and ignited patriotic feelings in each and
everyone’s heart and soul sending a cold chill across the spine of servants of Woyyane who were
watching the vibrant demonstrators from corridors of the Embassy and windows.

ዘራፍ! ዘራፍ!
የኢትዮጵያ ልጅ! የኢትዮጵያ ጀግና
እግረ ቀጭን እንደ ሰሳ
ልበ ሙሉ እንዳባንሳ
ጂኑ የጂኑ ምስር!
መብረቅ የመታው ግንድ የሚያስመስል
መከሪ ተመካካሪ
በሰው ኮርቻ ጦም አሳዳርሪ
ዘራፍ የኢትዮጵያ ልጅ!
ዘራፍ የኢትዮጵያ ጀግና

(If anyone wants what it looks like to battle cry in Amarigna, see the black and white video of

That was one magic art we had been missing. That was
the ingredient inherited from our ancestors over
generations. That was an art that lead our fathers jump
on speeding tank and drag out the enemy and cut the
heads off. That battle cry was what kept our country
free from invaders. That was exactly what this
generation needed to regain the honour of mother
Ethiopia. Alebachew successfully introduced that
missing element of the battle art that this generation
lost and found on Saturday 27th November 2010. That
battle cry scared a hell out of the hod-aders. They knew exactly what was that meant. Their only
hope was the heavily armed police and the gates of the Embassy. Tadesse Mogus (middle) and his
two hod-ader friends stared at the demonstrators, hesitating whether to run or stay. The Police had
saved the day for Woyyane. Next time, we may storm the Embassy as we had done in it the past.

While the drama outside looked like a summer carnival, we knew exactly what was going on in the
                                                     inside after an amazing brave young heart
                                                     managed to make way into the Embassy. This was
                                                     done under the noses of Yalew Kebede and his
                                                     friend Leul Demissie (son of a patriot Ethiopian
                                                     turned traitor) that our brave member managed
                                                     to sneak in. While we were keeping the heat on
                                                     the outside, we were gathering information from
                                                     the ghost hall. It was the last place anyone would
                                                     want to be at unless one loved his/her belly so
      Yalew Kebede and his friends acting as         much. In fact we learned that one of the hodams
     bouncers the whole afternoon while the          was complaining about the demonstrators sending
      masters were wining and dining inside          fear message among Ethiopians to prevent them
                                                     from attending the party. His friend was heard
saying jokingly: “I am not disappointed. That means more
food for us” and laughed. There were hardly more than 20
people in that big hall. Many were employees of the
Embassy. The next big group were TPLF members and
imported assassins and securities. There were no foreign
dignitaries like before but couple of unsuspecting Jamaicans.
Then of course there were these bored musicians. As it was
so boring, one entertainer decided to go out on the corridor and made 30 minutes long telephone
call, most likely transmitting our slogans. It was reported from the inside that those few people
inside were talking predominantly in Tigrigna and it sounded like Mekele open market than Amara
festival. There was a time when our brave infiltrator was nearly discovered when someone tried to
have a chat in Tigrigna. The smart hero had to move away fast quickly pretending to be one of those
bored musicians. It is sad that these sell outs hail from patriotic Tigray. At one point, Alemayehu
(Alex) Berhanu1, the Woyyane mole that once attempted to gain a seat in the British Parliament
                                                        posing as a Liberal Democrat candidate nearly
                                                        caught up with our person. Again, the smart soul
                                                        diverted his attention and moved away before
                                                        he could make up his mind. Yalew Kebede spent
                                                        the whole afternoon on the gate in the cold for
                                                        nothing. The grand celebration that the
                                                        Woyyane promised was totally ruined. There
                                                        was food but nobody was there to eat, other
                                                        than a hodam called Wondwesson Abebe of
                                                        Qera and his greedy few friends. There was
drink, everywhere but those few people could not drink it all. The hodams would have chosen to be
outside and watch angry demonstrators rocking the place than staying in that ghost house. There
was some sort of music inside but it sounded like lamentation. They wished they would rather be
elsewhere right at that moment instead of being referred to as “leboch” by the demonstrators. That
was an afternoon festival for Woyyane turned into disaster. Then something happened. It appears
that one of the Woyyane Yalew bosses became upset and fed up with the demonstrators and came
out to show the demonstrators the sign of a round shooting of machine gun, pretending to shoot us
all dead and wipe us from the face of the earth. The demonstrators responded with a big boo!!!!
Then he ended up making fool of himself as you can see from the following pictures.

These are the kind of people ruling Ethiopia, right now. This rude man, member of the TPLF, after
eating and drinking came out to show the demonstrators the sign of mass murdering using a
machine gun and when that did not work he stuck out his middle finger rudely. That was a proof of
his rotten upbringing. Obviously, he is the only person who must know the use of his middle finger.

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