Business Setup Proposal by jdd23374


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									                          Grant Proposal Routing

                                Principal Investigator                               Associate Dean - A&S

PI submits proposal and                                                    PI may contact Associate Dean for technical
routing sheet to Department                                                  advice in development of grant proposal
chair for review and approval

                                 Department Chair

   Chair\PI forwards original
  proposal and a copy with
 routing sheet to A&S Admin
Services at least 6 business
     days prior to agency
 A&S Admin Services enters
   proposal info into college
                                A&S Administrative
  database; reviews budget,
                                 Services 620 GCB
  submits to Associate Dean
    for review and approval

Associate Dean reviews and
 approves; returns to Admin
                                Associate Dean A&S
Services (typically within 24

 Admin Services delivers to
                                A&S Administrative
Research Office or returns to
                                 Services 620 GCB
 PI or designee for delivery

                                                                           Research Office reviews and contacts PI for
                                                                           additional information or modifications. Upon
   Principal Investigator                                Research Office    approval, returns to PI (provide 4- 5 days
                                                                           of review to ensure approval prior to due

                                                             Principal      PI produces appropriate number of copies
                                                           Investigator          and submits to granting agency

                                                         Granting Agency
                                       Grant Award Process
                                                                                   Granting Agency notifies PI and/or
                                             Granting Agency
                                                                                       Research Office of award

PI acknowledges
receipt of award                                                                  Research Office contacts PI to confirm
 notification and                                                                receipt of award, assign project number,
                    Principal Investigator                     Research Office
     confirms                                                                     setup budget and establish accounting
Research Office                                                                                  workflow
 is also notified

                                                                                 Research Office notifies PI, Chair, Dean
                                                                                  and Admin Services of project award,
                                                                  Principal       Project Number, Budgeted categories
                      Department Chair

                    A&S Administrative
                     Services 620 GCB


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