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					                                        Personal Resume

Name                  : Prasad Laxmi Narayan (Sah)

Full Contact Address: Plan Nepal, Rautahat/Bara Program


                          Tel: 051-524714, 530165 (Off)

                      Email: (Off)

For confidential communication: Tel: 051-524322 (Res)

                      Email: (Res)

Date of Birth         : 01/09/1961

Nationality           : Nepali

Marital status        : Married, a son & a daughter

Gender                         : Male

Permanent address : Rampur, Tokani VDC-5, Bara, Nepal

Academic Qualification:
Education             Major area of study Year    Name of Institution Location
Post Graduate                  Sustainable Environment 2002     NESA                  New
Master in Sociology Social Sciences               1991 LN     Mithila   University,   Darbhaga,
Agriculture Graduate           Agronomy, Soil
                      Conservation, Rural
                      sociology             1985 TU, IAAS, Rampur, Chitwan Nepal

I.Sc.(Physical Science)        Physics, Chemistry 1981 TU, Thakur Ram, Birgunj        Nepal

SLC                   Eng. Math and Science       1978 SLC Board                       Nepal

Professioanl skills and /or expertise
Specialization in Sustainable livelihood and Credit/Micro Enterprise Development in rural
   Micro Finance Business Plan preparation
   Micro finance and livelihood and education integration
   General program management
   Organizational and personnel management
   Program deign, grant proposal preparation
   Team building, coaching, and program planning and budgeting
   Monitoring and Evaluation
2004                : International Course on Rural Microfinance in Netherlands for 2 weeks
                    organized by International Agricultural Center, Netherlands.
2002                : Training of Trainers on Micro Save- Africa’s “Market Research for
                    Micro Finance” (2 weeks) by CMF, Nepal and Micro Save Africa.
2002                : Financial Management in Micro Finance Branches (4) days by D.Dev.
                    Bank, Nepal
2001                : Business Planning Training (7) days by Nirdhan Uthan Bank,
                    Bhairahawa, Nepal
2000                : Asia Pacific Micro Credit Summit (1-6 February) by New Delhi, India.
2000                : Advanced Computer Training in Microsoft Word, Excel and Window

1999                : Grameen Basic Management Training on Micro- Credit Program (16
                     days) by Grameen Bank,          Bangladesh.

1998                : British council Course 30 hours on report writing and presentation

1998                : Promotion of Rural Development in Tropics and Sub tropics (42 days)
                     organized by DSE, Germany.

1998                : Development communication (7 days) by PLAN International Nepal,
                     Rautahat/Bara and PLAN Makwanpur, Hetauda, Nepal

1997                : Credit MED workshop by PLAN International, Nepal Country Office.

1997                : Designing the future (4 days) by Karuna Management Technology,

1996                : Participatory Rural Appraisal – PRA (9 days) by Sagun/PLAN
                     International Nepal, Rautahat/Bara Program

1995                : Trainers of Trainee (better life option program for adolescent girls) 9
                     days by CEDPA, Washington DC, USA.

1995                : Team building and total quality management (TQM) 7 days by PLAN
                     International Nepal, Rautahat/Bara Program.

1995                : Gender Sensitization 9 days Center for Development and Population
                     Activities (CEDPA), Washington DC, USA.

1995                : Trainers of Trainee on People Centered Development 9 days by
                     Samuhik Abhiyan & PLAN International Nepal, Rautahat/Bara Program.
1994                 : Team Building (7 days) by PLAN International Nepal, Rautahat/Bara

1992                 : Seed Production Summer Pulse (12 days) by FAO/DANIDA.

1991                 : Crop Management Legumes Entomology (9 days) by International
                       Crop Institute for Seme Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Hyderabad, India

Job Experience :
1.     Micro Finance Program Coordinator:          1994 to date
       Major Responsibilities: To Plan Income Generating Activities, Micro Finance Program,
       and with other program staff, community and NGOs and NGOs to develop
       monitoring and evaluation system of IG activities and micro credit program followed
       by Grameen Bank Methodology.

       Developing strategies to strengthen the process and partner in the program with
       other District Program Office staff working in IG activities, micro credit, and post
       disaster management program for experience joint activities and other mutual
       benefit to the program.

       Prepare the TOR for consultants/experts to involve them in micro finance/livelihood

       Preparing the progress report and monitoring the projects as per agreed in
       the proposal with competent Micro Finance Institutes like Nirdhan Uthan Bank
       and DEPROSC Development Bank in Rautahat/Bara districts.

       Monitoring the progress towards operational and financial self- sufficiency,
       design interventions and adjust policies to improve performance and
       outreach, supervise Plan and MFIs staff in coordination with management,
       develop proposals for funding.

       Conducting surveys for comparative advantage analyzing portfolio quality
       through collection and verification of data for potential products and
       enterprises before implementing the micro credit program.

       Developing strategies for human resource development and execute suitable
       activities for gradual taking over of the activities by the micro finance institutions.

2.     Corporate Planning Monitoring Evaluation Contact Person                  2000 to 2002
     Major   Responsibilities: In addition to Micro         Finance Program Coordinator,
     Responsible to ensure corporate and local program planning, monitoring and
     evaluation. To monitor and the achievement against the program objective and
     Strengthen the partners their M&E systems to ensure effectively assess the impact of
     Plan Nepal’s focus programs.
     Networking and facilitating effective monitoring, evaluation and accountability
     systems of the partners, associated with Plan Nepal.

3.   Research associate          :       2nd Sep 1995 to 20 Sep 1995
     Major Responsibilities : An impact study on left afflux bound and Tanakpur Barrage,
     Mahakali especially on engineering and socio – economic aspect, study initiated by
     Development Resources Mobilization Network (DRMN), Kathmandu

4.   Research Associate          :       10th June 1994 to 2nd Aug 1994
     An Impact Evaluation study of Micro credit under Micro credit for Rural Woman
     (PCRW) program join collaboration of USRPD (University of Guelph, Canada), Women
     Development Division, Ministry of local Development, HMG of Nepal and UNDP/OPS

     Major Responsibilities : Responsible for I) conducting household survey in Bajhang,
     Baitadi, Dadheldhura, Doti, Kanchanpur, Kailali, Kabre, Dhading district of Nepal and
     ii) data processing and analysis.

5.   Research Assistant          :       March 1994 to May 1994
     Development Resource Mobilization Network (DRMN), Kathmandu
     Major Responsibilities: Conducted survey in the Nawalparasi district and major
     INGOs/bilateral/multilateral in Kathmandu in connection with poverty assessment in
     Nepal, a study initiated by NPC/UNDP.

6.   Assistant Entomologist      :       13th Sep 1987 to Oct 1991
     National Grain Legumes Research Project, Rampur Chitwan, Nepal.
     Major Responsibilities: Responsibilities for conducting research on Legumes and
     other cereal crops. The research consisted of agronomy soil plant protection and
     socio – economic trails on farm and farmer’s field and analysis of data and
     publication of results.

7.   Site In-charge of Farming System :        1991 to 1993
     Work performed In-charge of national Grain Legumes Research Project Rampur,
     Chitwan, Nepal, Farming system Research sites, under ATSP and Asian Grain
     Leguntes of farm research at Chitwan, Sarlahi and Bardia district.
8.    Block Production Officer    :      Sep 1985 to Jun 1987
      Agriculture Development Office Ineruwa, Sunsari
      Major Responsibilities: Responsibilities for I) block production program consisting of
      cereals, vegetable and fruits ii) transferring technology to farmers with the help of
      research demonstration production package and practices.

9.    Research Assistant          :      1st Jun 1985 to 30th Jul 1987
      Work performed no frills development consultants, Kathmandu. Responsible for
      conducting survey on household level enterprises in the Rapti Valley.

10.   Scientific Assistant        :      1st Feb 1985 to 30th Apr 1985
      Work performed Cereal seed production project, GTZ, Kathmandu.
      Responsible for making economic analysis of the cereals seed production.
Papers and Publication :
1.    Prasad, L. N. and C. R. Yadav 1993. Genetic Evaluation Improvement of Grasspea in
      Nepal, Lathyrus and Lathyrism International Newsletter, vol. 5, No. 1, Fall 1993,
      Arkansas, USA.

2.    Prasad L.N. P.P. Neupane and C.R. Yadav, Pigeonpea and chickpea insect
      identification Handbook (Translated English into Nepali), Information bulleting No.
      26. ICRISAT, INDIA.

3.    Prasad L. N. Yadav, C. R. Singh, O. Shahu, R. and Tiwari K. R. 1993. A report on the
      progress of chickpea on trails in Nepal. International chickpea Newsletter, ICRISAT,
      India Vol. 28 Page 9-10.

4.    Prasad L. N. and F. P. Neupane 1988. Monitoring of Heliothis armigera in chickpea by
      pheromone Trap in the Journal of INS, AGRI, ANIM, SCI, Vol. 9, 1998.

5.    Prasad L. N. and F. P. Neupane 1988 Efficacy of different insecticides against
      chickpea in the Journal of Inst. Animal Science, Vol. 9, 1988.

6.    Prasad L. N. Control of Insect pests by Local Methods in Agri news 2047 Ank 10,
      Year 1.

7.    Prasad L. N. and J. P. Shrestha Literacy package through Learners Generated
      materials in local language APANBAAT part I and II, 2053, PLAN International Nepal,
      Rautahat/Bara Program.
Professional Affiliation:
Member                : Nepal Agriculture Association, Nepal

Member                : Cereal Legumes Asian Network (CLAN), ICRISAT, INDIA

Computer              : MS DOS, WP51, Word Star, Lotus, Dbase, Windows, MS Word, MS

                      Excel, Windows 95, etc.

Country Visit         : India, Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria

Language Skills       : English, Nepali, Bhojpur, Maithali and Hindi

1.     Dr. Chandra Kumar Sen
       District Program Co-ordinator
       Plan Nepal,
       Rautahat/Bara Program
       Birganj, Parsa.
       Tel : 051-24174, 30165

3.     Dr. Harihardev Panta
       Ex. Deputy Governor of Rastra Bank Nepal
       Presently, Practioner of Leading Micro finance Nirdhan Bank, Nepal
       Head office
       Bhairahawa, Nepal
       Tel: 00977-71-523768 (O)

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