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					Guidelines for your
 Thematic Units
TLPI—Secondary Math/Science
       April 2, 2007
Purpose of this PowerPoint
   To give you a clear idea of what is
    required to be in your thematic unit

   To provide guidelines and expectations for
    each element in the unit

   To allow you to progress independently on
    your unit . . . which is due on 4/30 (no late
    units will be accepted)
Required Elements
   Cover Page
   Introduction/Background
   Unit Goals
   Unit Calendar (optional)
   3 x 5-step lesson plans
   3 x Into, Through, Beyond lesson plans
       Important Notes:
            1) Three of these lessons must have cross-curricular integration
            2) One of these lessons must incorporate a children’s book from
             the Stone Library—FUN!
            3) One of either type can be replaced with a 5E lesson plan
   Culminating Project/Assessment
   Culminating Project or Unit Rubric
   Unit Vocabulary/Glossary
Cover Page
   Can be as simple or complex as you

   With and without graphics

   Must include unit title, your name, course
    name, date
   Give the rationale for the unit
       Discuss the essential question and its relevance to the

   Give the context for the unit
       Provide the math or science background needed to understand
        why this unit is meaningful

   Describe the students to whom the unit is being taught
    (grade, course, etc.)

   List and discuss standards addressed
       Math, Science, English, History, Art, etc.
       Give the number and word description of each standard

   Craft as 1 – 1½ page narrative
Unit Goals
   State the goals for the unit as measurable
    performance objectives:

          ―The   student   develops a . . .‖
          ―The   student   demonstrates . . .‖
          ―The   student   builds . . . ―
          ―The   student   can state . . .‖
          ―The   student   identifies . . .‖
          ―The   student   utilizes . . .‖
          ―The   student   researches . . .‖

   This is essentially a list of each day’s objectives
Unit Calendar (optional)
   This element is not required, but it shows your
    ability to do long-term planning for 2-3 weeks

   Suggested format for each week:

    Monday, 4/2          Give a brief summary of
    Tuesday, 4/3         the lesson for each day
    Wednesday, 4/4        and list the standards
    Thursday, 4/5           addressed in each
    Friday, 4/6                    lesson
3 x 5-Step Lesson Plans
   Create 3 x 5-step plans

   Should demonstrate your best lesson planning skills

   Should be consistent in format (i.e., bold or underline
    headings, number and write out TPEs and standards)

   Remember, some lessons may extend over a couple of days

   Include any handouts, worksheets, data tables needed for
    each lesson/homework
3 x Into, Through, Beyond Lesson Plans
   Use the template on p. 53 in the class reader
       Same format as 5-step through the materials section, then
        use the following headings and answer the questions on
        pp.53-54 in bulleted narrative form, describing what you will

       Into
            Introduces
            Stimulates interest
            Activates prior knowledge
       Through
            Teaching
            Modeling
            Guided and independent practice
       Beyond
            Closure
            Extension
1 x 5E Lesson Plan (optional)

   You may substitute either a 5-step lesson
    plan or an Into, Through, Beyond lesson
    plan with a 5E lesson plan

   Remember the 5E lesson plan is a
    constructivist strategy, not a direct
    instructional strategy

   Use the 5E template emailed to you
Culminating Project/Assessment
   Can be an individual or group project
    (create rubric accordingly)

   Can be a test, lab exercise, poster, PP,
    oral presentation, portfolio, etc.

   Should have its own rubric or be part of a
    unit rubric
Culminating Project or Unit Rubric
   Culminating project rubric
       Should give the performance categories, levels of
        achievement, and criteria for each aspect of the final


   Unit rubric should include all assessment pieces
    for the unit
       If you have homework, activities, quizzes, as well as the
        culminating assessment, count toward the unit grade,
        they should all appear and be described on the unit
Unit Vocabulary/Glossary
   Why is this important?

       Correct mathematical and scientific vocabulary
        helps students move beyond their
        misconceptions and/or naïve conceptions

       Helpful to ELL (and all) students

       Can create either vocabulary list or glossary
Accordingly to the rubric for the thematic
units on p. 69 in the class reader . . .
   Theme and essential question must be well developed

   Activities in the lessons must correspond to the California
    Content Standards
       Available: http://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/

   Lesson objectives must be clearly stated and written in
    appropriate language/form

   Assessments must be linked to objectives

   There must be continuity within the frame of the unit and
    the lessons—it hangs together well
Due for next week, 4/9 . . .
   A good draft of your introduction/background
       Word processed, double spaced
       To be critiqued by peers

   1 x 5-step lesson plan
   1 x Into, Through, Beyond lesson plan
       Both word-processed drafts
       To be critiqued by peers

   A strong enough idea for your culminating
    assessment or an in-unit assessment to allow you
    to craft a rubric draft in class
       Come prepared so class time will be productive for you

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