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2008 – 2010 STRATEGIC PLAN

Page 3:    Executive Summary

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              Strategic Plan 2008 – 2010
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                              Executive Summary

This Strategic Plan sets forth the Vision, Core Values, Key Results Areas,
Outcomes and Broad Strategies of Baseball Queensland Incorporated (BQI) for
the period 2008 – 2010.

This document has been developed as a result of extensive consultation and input
from a broad cross section of stakeholders from within the sport. Input has been
received through a number of means, however the main input to this plan has been
sourced through a Strategic Planning Workshop held in May 2008 and attended by
stakeholders representing:

   Board of BQI
   State Council
   Affiliated Clubs
   Regional Associations
   Staff members of BQI

BQI has reviewed its previous Strategic Plan and is happy with its progress in many
areas of operations; however the organisation is now looking forward to continuing
this work, as well as achieving results in key areas where it has been unable to in the
previous strategic period. Much work has been done to improve the governance,
management, sport development and operations of the sport of Baseball in
Queensland over the past 3 years; however it is now time to do more, to ensure that
our players, coaches, umpires, scorers, clubs / volunteers, staff, sponsors and other
stakeholders receive the best possible opportunities through the sport of Baseball.

                              S.C.O.R.E. Analysis

                Strengths                                   Constraints
 Paid staff                                   Antiquated governance structure /
 Central administration                        operations
 Information centre                           Lack of formal documentation /
 Relationships with ABF, MLB                   procedures
 Expertise                                    Lack of control over key competitions
 Strategic planning focus                     Lack of innovation
 Quality senior coaches                       Limited financial resources
 Climate and culture in QLD                   Lack of quality coaches, umpires and
 Facilities available (number and              volunteers (overload)
      quality)                                 Lack of trained volunteers
 The product / sport of Baseball              Lack of stakeholder support /

                               Strategic Plan 2008 – 2010
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             Opportunities                                    Risks
 Increase the efficiency and effectives      Decreased SRQ funding
  of the governance structure                 Over reliance on SRQ funding
 Professionalise all administrative          Lack of trained, quality umpires and
  processes and systems                        scorers (at all levels)
 The introduction of a Women’s league        Depletion of regional Baseball
 The introduction of a Masters’ league       Decreased          income          (SRQ,
 Building relationships with Asia, in         competitions, affiliation fees, etc)
  consultation with the ABF                   Competitors (other sports) improving
 Sourcing Sponsorships and other “off         their product
  budget” revenue streams                     Not meeting stakeholder / member
 Prepare QLD teams for participation in       expectations
  the National League                         Other sports increased popularity
 Grow profitable special events               (e.g. soccer)
 Develop closer linkages with external       Lack of size of key volunteer base
  agencies / bodies (e.g. Heart                and succession planning
  Foundation, Diabetes Australia, PASS        Losing players, coaches, scorers,
  Australia, others)                           umpires and club volunteers
 Market research activities                  Lack of a risk management plan
 Increase the value of membership
  (improved / additional member
 Improve communication with current
  and future stakeholders

 To implement a professionally administered, high quality and fully sponsored elite
  player competition in Brisbane
 To implement a robust, contemporary and professionally managed organisational
  governance structure, necessary to meet the current and long-term needs of BQI
 To gain additional, quality physical, human and financial resources to expand /
  improve services
 To be recognised in the community and have a high profile
 To host more major / special events
 To have a well developed Game Development and Club Development training
  system in operation
 To have an increased rate of participant flow from social to elite competition
 To develop and implement a holistic organisational marketing plan
 To increase sponsorship revenue
 The develop, monitor and evaluate a holistic BQI Risk Management Plan

                              Strategic Plan 2008 – 2010
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                                Key Result Areas

This Strategic Plan has been structured to reflect the responsibilities and
accountability of each major area of the organisation. In the next 3 years the BQI will
focus on the following Key Result Areas –

         Key Result Area 1:                             Key Result Area 2:
      Governance and Planning                             Management
BQI will review the structure of the    BQI will proactively work to ensure the
organisation, including its governance  business performance and financial
                                        management operations meet the fiscal
structure and the constitution, to ensure
that we are recognised as implementing  responsibilities of the organisation, and
relevant contemporary best practices.   ensure it operates as a positive fiscal
                                        operation which is sustainable into the
BQI will proactively implement, monitor future.
and review the performance of the
strategic and operational plans of the BQI will review and implement change to
organisation to ensure that we achieve our HR management policies to ensure
our potential in this strategic period that we have a stable and well supported
(2008 – 2010).                          staff structure, which meets the needs of
                                        the organisation.

                                            BQI will continue to develop ways to
                                            improve its communication methods and
                                            public relations work, as well as
                                            improving its marketing activities.

          Key Result Area 3:                        Key Result Area 4:
          Sport Development                            Operations
BQI will provide opportunities for all A key focus area of the organisation will
player levels from the grass root player be competition management, to best
through to the elite player.             service our members at all levels.

BQI will undertake work to assist in the    BQI will continue to focus on its customer
development of its coaches, umpires,        service commitment to the stakeholders
scorers and development staff, to assist    by reviewing all Risk Management
them to deliver the best quality product    strategies and policies.
                                      BQI will implement strategies to assist in
BQI will continue to push the the           recruitment, development and
development of junior development and recognition of Baseball club volunteers
other school based programs and throughout the state.

                               Strategic Plan 2008 – 2010
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Key Result Areas and Associated Sub Categories:

         Key Result Area 1:                            Key Result Area 2:
      Governance and Planning                            Management
   Governance Structure and Design  Growth
    (including Constitution)            Administration
   Strategic Planning                  Business Performance
   ABF Liaison                         Marketing
   Liaison with State and Local        Financial Management
    Government Agencies                 Human Resource Management
                                        Communications and Public

         Key Result Area 3:                            Key Result Area 4:
         Sport Development                                Operations
   Club Development                    Facilities (acquisition and
   Player Development                    management)
   Coach Development                   Competition and Event Management
   Umpire Development                  Information Technology
   Scorer Development                  Risk Management
   School Programs and                 Volunteer Management
    Competitions                        Customer Service
                                        Partnerships

                                   Our Vision

To be recognised as the most professionally managed Baseball state in
Australia, that implements best practice management systems and proactively
facilitates the development of Baseball at all levels of participation, in all areas
of the state.

                              Strategic Plan 2008 – 2010
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                                  Our Mission

 To facilitate the growth and expansion of operations, facilities and
  programs, to cater to community needs
 To provide social and competitive competition opportunities for participants
  of all ages and abilities, in safe and enjoyable environments
 To help develop all stakeholders to achieve their potential
 To provide stable organisational and financial management for the
  betterment of the sport
 To form effective partnerships, both within the sport of Baseball and

                                   Our Values

   To have fair, open, ethical and accountable business practices
   To provide high quality (best practice) customer service at all levels
   To provide value for money
   To create an inclusive environment for all stakeholders
   To communicate effectively at all levels
   To accept responsibility for decisions and actions
   To be responsive to stakeholder needs
   To be cooperative and operate as a team
   To strive for continuous improvement

                              Strategic Plan 2008 – 2010
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                                                     Our Journey

Key Result Area      Where have we come          ►                      Where are we going? (2010)
                        from? (2008)
Governance and      Currently undertaking a          BQI’s Governance Structure will have been reviewed to ensure that it is
   Planning         review of the Governance         up to date with current best practices and functioning well. The structure
                    structure of BQI.            ►   of BQI and its affiliates will have also been reviewed to ensure that the
                                                     vision and goals of the organisation are shared by all stakeholders,
                                                     making them possible to achieve.
  Management        Administration systems           BQI will continue to maintain best practice administration systems and
                    have been reviewed and           procedures, and implement effective communication pathways utilising
                    the communication                electronic mediums to their full extent.
                    pathways updated
                    through an upgrade of the    ►   BQI will develop a functioning Marketing and PR strategy and HR
                    BQ web site. BQ                  strategies will be continually reviewed to ensure that staff and volunteer
                    management is working            workloads are supervised.
                    closely with marketing
                    Director to establish            BQI will monitor the implementation of the organisation’s marketing plan
                    partnership opportunities.       to continue to increase commercial revenue and build partnerships.
                                                     BQI will continue to monitor the financial performance of the
                                                     organisation to ensure that its financial plans are adhered to.
     Sports         BQ is experiencing           ►   BQI will have a strong club structure in all regions, with new clubs set up
  Development       shrinkage in the Sunshine        in the growth areas of the state. BQI will provide clubs with programs
                    Coast and NQ regions.            and resources designed to recruit and develop their volunteers.
                    Coaching and Umpire
                    accreditation courses            Comprehensive Coaching and Umpiring development programs will be
                    have been developed and          in place to assist new and existing coaches and umpires with their
                    are in place through all         education and training, and therefore, their ongoing performance.

         Strategic Plan 2008 – 2010                                                                    Page 8 of 19
Key Result Area          Where have we come          ►                     Where are we going? (2010)
                            from? (2008)
Operations              BQ has conducted a           ►   BQI will have established partnerships with existing facilities in the
                        workshop using an                growth areas of the state to assist the establishment of new clubs.
                        external consultant and
                        attended by a cross              BQI will have competitions available to meet the needs of all levels of
                        section of stakeholders to       players, coaches and umpires.
                        review the competition
                        structure going forward.         BQI will have best practice risk management policies and strategies in
                        Racial and religious             place (including a Risk Management Plan) to ensure the safety of all
                        vilification and game day        members and to effectively manage the risks to the organisation.
                        risk management
                        schedules are in place.
                        Member protection policy
                        is being developed.

                                                     Our Stakeholders

A Stakeholder is any person, group or organisation that shares a mutual interest in the future of BQI and the sport of
Baseball in general.

    Members                                    Scorers                                   Universities / TAFEs / Schools
    Clubs and their volunteers                 Umpires                                   Suppliers
    Regions                                    Coaches                                   Local governments
    ABF and other state Baseball Assns         Leagues / Competitions                    Media outlets
    Sport and Recreation QLD                   QLD Academy of Sport                      Sponsors and potential sponsors
    Staff                                      Parents, families and friends             Facility owners / operators

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                                                                   Our Plan

                                                  KRA 1: Governance and Planning
    Sub Category                 Outcomes                                     Broad Strategies                                Timeline        Outcome

•   Governance          - Adopt the most appropriate      - Engage external consultant to deliver a 1-2 hour best practice    September
    Structure and         governance design /               governance information session to key stakeholders                  2008
                          structure                       - Undertake a review of the governance structure of BQI
    Design                                                - Develop a Findings and Recommendations Report
                                                          - Agree on new governance structure
                                                          - Develop position descriptions for all Board / Executive
                                                          - Develop a Board / Executive Code of Conduct for
                                                            Compliance & Integrity
•   Constitution        - Develop a new constitution      - Develop draft constitution (to incorporate new governance          December
                                                            structure)                                                           2008
                                                          - Approved by members
                                                          - Full legal implementation
•   Strategic           - Develop, implement and          - Engage consultant to develop and facilitate Strategic             July 2008 –
    Planning              review the 2008-2010 BQI          Planning Workshop                                                 June 2010
                          Strategic Plan                  - Consultant to develop draft Strategic Plan
                                                          - Stakeholders to provide feedback on draft
                                                          - Consultant to develop final draft
                                                          - Use the plan to drive and monitor performance
                                                          - Formally review performance and then Strategic Plan every 6
•   ABF Liaison         - Facilitate the active           - Align BQI strategic activities with relevant ABF activities via   July 2008 –
                          exchange of information           both organisations’ Strategic Plans                               June 2010
                          between ABF and BQI             - Attend all relevant meetings, conferences and workshops
                        - Link BQI strategic activities   - Read and respond to all relevant ABF correspondence
                          with those of ABF, where        - Meet quarterly with ABF management to monitor strategic
                          possible                          directions and progress

            Strategic Plan 2008 – 2010                                                                                        Page 11 of 19
                                                  KRA 1: Governance and Planning
    Sub Category                 Outcomes                                      Broad Strategies                             Timeline        Outcome

•   Liaison with         - Maintain sport development      - Attend all relevant conferences, meetings, etc.                July 2008 –
    State and Local        funding                         - CEO to facilitate quarterly communications with SRQ and        June 2010
                         - Increase priority initiative      other relevant government agencies
    Government             funding                         - Assist associations to form relationships with local
    Agencies             - Improve relationships             government agencies
                           between local government
                           agencies and BQI / regions

                                                           KRA 2: Management
    Sub Category                 Outcomes                                      Broad Strategies                             Timeline        Outcome

•   Growth               - 5% growth per annum in          - Offer innovative competition structures to meet the needs of   July 2009 –
                           participant numbers (juniors,     all current and potential players (see Player Development        ongoing
                           women, men, masters, etc)         sub-category)
                           in each of the existing 8       - Seek SRQ Priority Initiative Projects funding to implement
                           regional areas                    specific player recruitment, retention and development
                                                             programs throughout the state
•   Administration       - Develop and implement           - Develop a BQI Office Operations Manual and upload this to       December
                           standardised, consistent and      the BQI website for regions and clubs to use, as required         2008
                           efficient office systems and
•   Marketing and        - Implement a coordinated         - Develop a detailed, yet practical and user-friendly BQI         December
    Public Relations       marketing approach for all        specific marketing plan for all activities                       2008 –
                           programs                        - Identify prospects with similar target markets and images as     ongoing
                         - Increase the revenue gained       BQI
                           via sponsorship by 20% per      - Develop a contemporary sponsorship proposal template that
                           year                              can be adapted to each individual proposal
                                                           - Target identified prospects

             Strategic Plan 2008 – 2010                                                                                     Page 12 of 19
                                                         KRA 2: Management
    Sub Category                Outcomes                                      Broad Strategies                                Timeline        Outcome

•   Financial          - Improve financial               - Ensure the use of contemporary financial management                July 2008 –
    Management           management systems and            software                                                             ongoing
                         procedures                      - Have current and accurate financial reports presented at all
                       - Operate with an annual            committee meetings (monthly)
                         financial surplus               - Align financial expenditure and reporting to the strategic and
                       - Source and apply for all          operational plans
                         relevant Sport and              - Research available grants via the SRQ (and other) websites
                         Recreation QLD (and other)      - Apply for all relevant grants each year
                         grants each year                - Implement BQI marketing plan
•   Human              - Effectively train, manage and   - Develop detailed position descriptions and staff recruitment       June 2009
    Resource             reward all staff                  assessment tools                                                   – ongoing
                                                         - Develop a performance appraisal / management systems for
    Management                                             each position
                                                         - Provide specific professional development based on the
                                                           outcomes of appraisals and / or changes to position
                                                         - Nominate staff for state and national sports administration
                                                         - Establish a staff incentives program
•   Communication      - Maintain efficient, clear and   - Develop, implement and review an organisation specific              December
                         open communication                communication plan (flow chart), to clearly outline the lines of      2009
                         channels between BQI and          communication within BQI and improve communication
                         all stakeholders                  effectiveness to all stakeholders
                                                         - Develop and disseminate a BQI monthly e-newsletter
                                                         - Facilitate annual Regional Association / club information
                                                         - Improve website functionality and appearance

           Strategic Plan 2008 – 2010                                                                                         Page 13 of 19
                                                    KRA 3: Sport Development
    Sub Category               Outcomes                                     Broad Strategies                              Timeline        Outcome

•   Club               - Support all clubs to operate   - Work with the regions to conduct a Volunteer Needs Analysis     June 2009
    Development          effectively in all regions       Survey (i.e. to ascertain the volunteer needs of each region    – ongoing
                       - Increase the number of club      and the clubs within)
                         by 20% over 3 years            - Work with ABF, Australian Sports Commission, Sport and
                       - Increase the number of clubs     Recreation QLD and / or external sports consultant to
                         in each region annually          develop sport specific club and association development
                       - Achieve a 5% growth per          training resources (Strategic Planning, Marketing, Financial
                         annum in active volunteers,      Management, Volunteer Management, Competition / Event
                         in all regions                   Management, Risk Management, etc)
                                                        - Appoint a Volunteer Coordinator position to the Management
                                                        - Develop / adopt and implement a volunteer rewards scheme
                                                        - Seek SRQ Priority Initiative Projects funding to implement
                                                          specific club development programs throughout the state
                                                        - Improve the BQI database to be able to efficiently and
                                                          accurately track volunteers
•   Player             - Increase the number of         - Improve the BQI database to be able to efficiently and            January
    Development          participants by 10% per year     accurately track players (current and new)                        2009 –
                       - Increase player progression    - Work with current and future Regional Associations / clubs to     ongoing
                         through the player pathway       foster the nurturing of their players and to encourage their
                       - Improve the performance of       progression through the player pathway
                         players at all levels of the   - Conduct market research of current members to identify their
                         player pathway                   competition needs
                       - Increase player retention      - Provide improved player and coach development assistance
                                                          to clubs and regions
                                                        - Develop and deliver innovative competition structures to
                                                          better meet member needs (e.g. modified rules competitions,
                                                          mixed competitions, ladies competitions, masters
                                                          competitions, Brisbane Super League competition, etc)
                                                        - Implement specific coach development initiatives (see coach
                                                          development sub category, below)

           Strategic Plan 2008 – 2010                                                                                     Page 14 of 19
                                                    KRA 3: Sport Development
    Sub Category               Outcomes                                      Broad Strategies                               Timeline        Outcome

•   Coach              - Establish a coach’s network     - Improve the BQI database to be able to efficiently and            December
    Development          to offer support and              accurately track coaches (current and new)                         2009 –
                         development opportunities       - Undertake market research to identify coach development /         ongoing?
                         for all coaches                   support needs
                       - Achieve a 5% increase per       - Develop and implement an on-line coach’s network to
                         annum in the number of            facilitate communication, resource sharing, mentoring, etc.
                         active and accredited           - Train coach educators in the regions to be able to deliver
                         coaches                           Level 0 (Play Ball), Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching Courses
                       - Achieve a 10% increase per      - Assist coaches to efficiently and practically maintain NCAS
                         annum in the number of level      currency
                         1 coaches progressing to        - Promote coach education courses to Regional Associations
                         level 2                         - Deliver coach education courses, as required
                                                         - Offer practical and time efficient coach updating activities
                                                         - Provide incentives to all level 1 NCAS accredited coaches
                                                           working with junior teams
•   Umpire and         - Work with the Umpires /         - Facilitate an Officiating Strategy Workshop to develop a          December
    Scorer               Scorers Association to bring      coordinated and appropriately resourced Officials                  2009 –
                         all umpire development            Development Plan                                                  ongoing?
    Development          activities under the umbrella   - Improve the BQI database to be able to efficiently and
                         of BQI operations (i.e. BQI       accurately track umpires and scorers (current and new)
                         Sub-Committee)                  - Provide web-based officiating information, resources and
                       - Increase the number of            support services
                         qualified umpires by 10% per    - Train umpire and scorer educators in the regions to be able to
                         year                              deliver the courses
                       - Increase the number of          - Promote umpire and scorer education courses to Regional
                         qualified scorers by 10% per      Associations / clubs Deliver umpire and scorer education
                         year                              courses, as required

           Strategic Plan 2008 – 2010                                                                                       Page 15 of 19
                                                        KRA 3: Sport Development
    Sub Category                Outcomes                                       Broad Strategies                             Timeline        Outcome

•   School              - Offer improved and               - Provide increased Development Officer assistance to regions    June 2009
    Programs and          increased school-based           - Work with regions, clubs, schools and school sports            – ongoing
                          Baseball competitions and          associations to increase state school competitions and other
    Competitions          activities in all regions          development activities, as well as the transition of players
                                                             from school competitions to BQI / club competitions

                                                            KRA 4: Operations
    Sub Category                Outcomes                                       Broad Strategies                             Timeline        Outcome

•   Facilities          - Improve the standard of all      - Develop a BQI Facility Plan (management and acquisition)        December
    (acquisition and      facilities                       - Form relationships with State / Local government to promote       2009
                        - Seek new facilities                the benefits of Baseball friendly venues (i.e. sport and
    management)                                              recreation planning)
                                                           - Implement BQI Marketing Plan
                                                           - Implement BQI Risk Management Plan (see Risk
                                                             Management sub category)
•   Competition /       - Achieve viable competitions      - Conduct market research of current members to identify their   June 2009
    Event                 in all regions                     competition needs                                              – ongoing
                        - Deliver innovative               - Develop and deliver innovative competition structures in all
    Management            competition and event              regions, to better meet member needs (e.g. modified rules,
                          structures in all regions to       mixed, ladies, masters and Brisbane Super League
                          meet member needs                  competitions, etc)
                        - Attract additional major         - Survey all event and competition participants
                          competitions and training        - Implement BQI marketing plan
                          camps to Queensland              - Provide regions with competition / event management
                        - Deliver Australia’s best major     training resources to assist clubs (see Club Development sub
                          Baseball competitions /            category)

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                                                             KRA 4: Operations
    Sub Category               Outcomes                                       Broad Strategies                             Timeline        Outcome

•   Information        - Maximise efficient use of IT    -   Conduct an office IT audit                                     June 2009
    Technology           in all operations of BQI        -   Decide on office IT requirements
                                                         -   Decide on best IT model
                                                         -   Make IT improvements, as decided upon (e.g. improved
                                                             website, improved database, etc)
•   Risk               - Implement a BQI specific        -   Review any current BQI Risk Management policies and            June 2008
    Management           Risk Management Plan for            procedures                                                     – ongoing
                         all key operational areas       -   Develop the Risk Management Plan (use of external
                                                             consultant, if required)
                                                         -   Develop simple risk management templates for Regional
                                                             Associations and clubs to use
                                                         -   Review the effectiveness of the plan yearly
•   Volunteer          - Provide training and support    -   See Club Development sub category                              December
    Management           to all BQI volunteers                                                                                2009

•   Customer           - Provide the highest quality     - Develop and implement specific customer service policies,         January
    Service              customer service to BQI           these may include:                                                2009 –
                         members at all times               Procedures relating to responding to queries / requests         ongoing
                       - Achieve a 75% satisfaction         Grievance procedures
                         level of members satisfied         Others
                         with the level of customer      - Develop a seasonal feedback survey that is distributed to all
                         service provided                  member groups
                       - Achieve a 65% satisfaction      - Implement the Strategic Plan in all areas
                         level of players and coaches    - Survey members each season and publish the results on the
                         satisfied with the quality of     BQI website
                         umpiring provided
                       - Identify the operational
                         needs of the organisation to
                         be provided through
                         volunteer assistance

           Strategic Plan 2008 – 2010                                                                                      Page 17 of 19
                                                           KRA 4: Operations
    Sub Category                Outcomes                                    Broad Strategies   Timeline        Outcome

•   Partnerships       -   Maintain a close and          - Implement the BQI Marketing Plan      January
                           productive working                                                    2009 –
                           relationship / partnership                                            ongoing
                           with all stakeholder groups

           Strategic Plan 2008 – 2010                                                          Page 18 of 19
                                  The Future
   BQI is extremely positive about the future! The Organisation also realises the
    need for all stakeholders to work together in order for this bright future to occur.
    This 2008 – 2010 Strategic Plan outlines various Key Performance Areas,
    Outcomes, Broad Strategies and Timelines that, it is hoped, will enable BQI to
    fully engage its stakeholders and to have a planned, coordinated and long-term
    approach to the ongoing success of both the organisation and the sport in

   BQI will be working closely with all key stakeholder groups to ensure that the
    organisation / sport achieves its immense potential over the coming 3 years and

   BQI will embrace the many challenges it faces and deliver the best value for
    money services it can, to as many people as possible.

   BQI’s operations between 2008 and 2010 will now be guided by this document,
    which will be used monthly, formally reviewed quarterly and communicated to all
    stakeholders, so that progress may be checked and to ensure the currency and
    relevance of its directions.

                                Strategic Plan 2008 – 2010
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