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2010 Form Schedule C by jrz43651


2010 Form Schedule C document sample

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									                                                                   For Danida Fellowship Centre use only
  Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC)
                                                                   Received by                Date
  Research Unit
  Hostrupsvej 22                                                                              Time
  1950 Frederiksberg

Application for Individual PhD and Postdoc Development Research Projects to the
Consultative Research Committee for Development Research (FFU) –
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2010

                                                FORM C
Please note the requirements for applications and applicants in the Call for Applications, and note that applications
will be rejected without substantive consideration, if this form is not completed correctly or if the deadlines and
other requirements are not met.

Read DFC’s Application Guide, October 2009 before completing this form.

 1          PROJECT

 1.1        Project title
            (max. 55 keystrokes)
 1.2        Project type                                 PhD

 1.3        Theme                                        THEME 1: Climate, Energy and Sustainable Use of Natural
                                                         THEME 2: Agriculture, Growth and Sustainable Development
                                                         THEME 3: Fragile States Conflict and Civil Society

 2          Main Applicant (person responsible
            in relation to FFU)
 2.1        Name of applicant

 2.2        Title and academic qualifications
            (documentation attached)
 2.3        E-mail and telephone

 3          Responsible Institution in
 3.1        Name and address of governmental
            institution/business enterprise/private
 3.2        Head of institution above (signing the
 3.3        E-mail and telephone

 3.4        For PhD applications: University of

 4          Co-operating Institutions

 4.1        Co-operating institution                  Institute:
 4.2        Co-operating institution                  Institute:
 4.3        Co-operating institution                  Institute:

FFU Application 2010, Form C, page 1
 4.4        Country / countries, where the
            research will be carried out

 5          Funding

 5.1        Budget                                       1      Salaries and emoluments
            (in DKK)                                     2      Taximeter/educational grants
                                                         3      Expenses for trips abroad and fieldwork
                                                         4      Project and research equipment
                                                         5      Project and research materials
                                                         6      Publication, dissemination and
                                                                communication (up to 10% of budget
                                                                lines 1-5)
                                                         7      Danish administration fees (up to 44%
                                                                of subtotal of Danish expenses)
                                                         8      Partner institutions administration fee
                                                                (up to 7% of their subtotal )
                                                         9      Study stays in Denmark of researchers
                                                                from partner countries (DFC expenses)
                                                         10     External audit
                                                                Total amount
 5.2        Annual budgets                              2011:
 5.3        Amount of funding applied from FFU
 5.4        Approved or applied funding from
            other sources, for the same project
            (if so, state from which body, what
            amount(s) and which budget items)
 5.5        Percentage of the budget for the
            Danish institution(s)
 5.6        Percentage of the budget for the
            partner country institution(s) in the

 6          Project Description

 6.1        Brief popular-science project
            description (max. 1500 keystrokes)
 6.2        Danish resume (as above)
 6.3        Subject area, max 5 key-words

 6.4        Overall objective
 6.5        Immediate objectives
 6.6        Outputs
 6.7        Project duration - expected starting
            and finishing date
 7          Relevance

 7.1        Need and relevance of the project
            outputs for development.
 7.2        The relevance of the project outputs
            in relation to the national priorities
            and needs in the developing country/
 8          Quality

 8.1        Background and hypothesis of the
            project, including int. state of the art.
 8.2        Theoretical, methodological and
            innovative value of the research.
 8.3        Feasibility of the project (including
            timetable, milestones, resources and

FFU Application 2010, Form C, page 2
 8.4        The strategy for dissemination,
            communication and application of
            research findings and results.
 9          Effect

 9.1        The project’s effect in relation to
            solving the problems described
            under the Call 2010.
 9.2        The project’s contribution to solving
            other development problems.
 9.3        The possible interaction and
            synergies between public and private
            sector research.
 10         Previously applications submitted to
            FFU within the same or similar
            (title, year, possible approval)
 11         Need for research permits, ethical
            approvals and authorizations in
            partner country (countries) and in
            Denmark, and the plan for obtaining
In addition to the application form the application should include the following appendices:

Project document (max. 5 A4 pages incl. references)
Budget Forms
Time schedule
CV of the main researcher involved (max. 2 A4 pages).

Furthermore to be included, as relevant in accordance with the application guidelines:
PhD and Master’s Diploma(s)
Statement from co-operation institutions
Research permits and authorizations approved or applied for
Statement from the institution where the PhD student will be enrolled

The signed application form with appendices and no cover letter must be forwarded in 3 paper copies (unstapled
and unbound and with one-sided pages) to Danida Fellowship Centre, Research Unit, Hostrupsvej 22,
DK-1950 Frederiksberg before the deadlines announced in the Call for Applications. The application must be
marked: “FFU application”. Furthermore, the full application with appendices must be submitted as directly
readable Word and Excel files, clearly named as Application Form or number of appendix to:, or included as files on a CD-rom, forwarded with the paper copies.

The applicant undertakes to notify DFC in the event of any subsequent changes affecting the information
submitted, including the amount of financing for the project or fraction thereof awarded by other sources.

The applicants herewith confirm that the information given in the application form is correct:

Main applicant:

Date:                              Printed name:                            Signature:

Head of responsible institution:

Date:                             Printed name:                            Signature:

FFU Application 2010, Form C, page 3

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