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									                                           2010 ESI FORUM

                        2010 ESI FORUM MEETING

Date: 8th April, 2008     Time: 09 30hrs                    Venue:            Heritage
                                                            Convention Centre

                            Attendance register

Name                      Responsibility                     Initials      Present

Clinton Carter-Brown      Chairperson, Eskom IARC            CCB
Chris Du Toit             Eskom Distribution, Central         CdT
Ed Bunge                  Eskom Distribution, Eastern         ED           Apology
Monde Bala                Eskom Distribution, Northern       Mon B         Apology
Jay Kalichuran            eThekwini Metro                      JK
Costas Angelides          DME                                 CA
Allen Milne               City Power                          AM
Xolani Lembede            City Power                          XL
Peter Fowles              AMEU                                PF
Vijay Shamsunder          Eskom Distribution, Eastern         VS           Apology
Danie Potgieter           Polokwane Municipality              DP
William Olivier           Polokwane Municipality              WO
Lesley Ferrando           NERSA                                LF
Sandile Maphumulo         AMEU, eThekwini Metro               SM
Sanjay Bhana              2010 Eskom Pjt Mgr                  SB
Caswell Ndlovu            Eskom Transmission                  CN
Kholiswa Kleinbooi        GCIS                                KK
Michael Tatalias          SATSA                               MT           Apology
Calla van Dyk             NMBM                                CvD
Carl Hempel               NMBM                                CH
Frans Brandow             Ekurhuleni Metro                    FB
Peter Mabusela            Eskom, DSM                          PM           Apology
Geoffrey Francis          Eskom Distribution, Southern        GF
Mobolaji Bello            Secretariat, Eskom IARC            Mob B
Riaan Smit                Eskom Distribution, Western         RS           Apology
Andrew Sprunt             Eskom Distribution                  AS
Johnny Dladla             MD, Office of Eskom CEO             JD           Apology
Neville Meyer             Eskom Distribution, Southern        NM           Apology
Peter Craig               Eskom Distribution                  PC           Apology
Mike Hyde                 City of Cape Town                   MH
Jannie Ehlers             Eskom                                JE          Apology
Mandla Ndlovu             Mbombela Municipality              MNd
Kurt Dedekind             Eskom Distribution, Eastern         KD
Hein Boshoff              City of Cape Town                   HB           Absent
Teresa Corolin            Eskom, Ops and Planning             TC           Apology
Alpheus Ntlatleng         Ekurhuleni Metro                    AN           Apology
Richard Hoeksma           LOC                                 RH
Mandla Joe Dlamini        Eskom, DSM                          MJD
Jannie Fourie             Tshwane Metro                        JF          Absent
Adam Viljoen              Rustenburg Municipality             AV           Absent
Andries Mgoqi             Centlec, Mangaung Municipality      AM           Absent
Malgane Sekoboto          Centlec, Mangaung Municipality      MS           Absent
Vally Padayachee          AMEU, City of Jihannesburg          VP           Absent

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Item                                      Note
Welcome and apologies                     Chairperson welcomed all. Apologies documented. Attendees introduced themselves.
Confirmation and Correction of Previous   Minutes of meeting on 29 Jan 2008 were reviewed.
Minutes: Meeting date: 29th Jan, 2008.    No corrections required.
Issues emanating from discussions on      List of accommodation sites. City of Cape Town hasn’t seen the excel spreadsheet. Information from MT can
previous meeting                          be shared in the forum. Feedback from MT will be attached to these minutes for circulation. It was suggested that
                                          the information shouldn’t be posted on the AMEU website.

                                          Durban ICC, Preliminary draw: JK still awaiting the report. JK to provide feedback at the next meeting.

                                          Confederation Cup stadia: Details already circulated.
                                          Ellis Park
                                          Nelson Mandela Bay (pending completion of the stadium)

                                          Training venues: City power has identified and confirmed the following stadiums; Rand, Orlando and
                                          Dobsonville. Randsig stadium has been identified but not yet confirmed.
                                          City of CapeTown: Athlone, Philipe and Bellville Velodrome
                                          Polokwane Municipality: Sheshego and Monkwane ( Eskom supply) and the old Peter Mokaba stadium
                                          Nelson Mandela Municipality: Six venues identified as being possible venues but none yet confirmed.
                                          eThekwini: Princess Magoga, Sugar Ray Xulu, King Zwelithini stadiums have been confirmed
                                          PF stated that the uMgungundlovu District Municipality has provided some funding to upgrade Harry Gwala
                                          Stadium in Pietermaritzburg [Msunduzi Municipality] but no progress on the work has yet been made.

                                          Stadium Supplies: Presentation attached.

                                          Host City 2010 funding: Presentation attached.

                                          Host City project progress: CCB hasn’t received any report yet. PF advised on reports from six host cities used
                                          in preparation to FEE on 12 February 2008. Presentation was not delivered. Progress reporting to be incorporated

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                                        into reporting of 2010 Regional Task Teams.

                                        2010 DSM: Presentation attached.
Funding, feedback from the DME          CA made a presentation on the funding allocation and the way forward to each host city for the 2008/9 financial
                                        year. SM stated that the bulk infrastructure allocated amount of R136 million was questionable as it wasn’t a true
                                        reflection of the business case presented to the DME.
                                        MH stated that generators that will be procured by DME weren’t done through proper consultations. In particular,
                                        the City of Cape Town doesn’t think that such generators will be valuable for its needs.
                                        SB highlighted that funding issues haven’t been addressed adequately by the DME and national treasury.
                                        The funding allocation for 2009/10 is unclear and CA (DME) was requested to provide an indication of what
                                        funding is anticipated in the future financial years. Presentation attached.
NERSA feedback                          NERSA plans to form a 2010 task team to ensure that 2010 issues are given sufficient attention. An additional
                                        NERSA resource has been identified (Vijendran Naidoo). However, limited progress has been made so far.
                                        NERSA is concerned with the funding issues as well as the recovery of the funds spent by host cities. NERSA will
                                        be officially involved in the LOC Technical Power Forum meeting to be held on 24th April.
                                        SM stated that based on discussions with NERSA it appears that Host City 2010 expenditure can be presented to
                                        NERSA for review to assess if this expenditure can be recovered via the tariffs. The forum expressed concern
                                        regarding this approach as the funding burden is then placed on Host City residents.
Feedback on LOC Technical Power Forum   RH gave a presentation. (see attached) the following issues were highlighted;
                                             • LOC is the main contact link between FIFA and South Africa.
                                             • The LOC has formed a Technical Power Forum to coordinate technical power requirements for 2010
                                                 critical loads. The forum has met once, and the next meeting is on 24 April 2008.
                                             • Stadium supply specifications were discussed. It was agreed that all host cities should be informed to
                                                 make provisions at stadium supply interfaces for additional generator in-feeds and associated cable
                                                 layouts. The broadcast technical power has been separated from the stadium power.
                                             • LOC task teams should liaise with regional task teams who are looking at the operational requirements of
                                                 the event.
                                             • It is uncertain to what extent the LOC forum will dictate fan park supply requirements.
                                        CCB commented that it would be helpful for the LOC to clearly define and facilitate the roles of the LOC, host
                                        cities and DME regarding electrical supply issues. It was stressed that the electrical supply issues extend beyond
                                        FIFA critical loads. SM wanted to know to whom (i.e. government agencies and contact person(s)) the host cities
                                        can channel their funding requirements to in terms of the grid power supply.
                                        It was concluded that all questions relating to the LOC Technical Power Forum should be sent to RH
                                        (Richard.Hoeksma@2010saloc.com) and copied to CCB and PF.

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Discussion on 2010 Regional Task Teams,       CCB introduced GF. GF gave a presentation (attached) on the 2010 Task Teams. PF stated that
including finalising the terms of reference   Pietermaritzburg Municipality have identified the Oval cricket ground as a potential 2010 viewing area and
                                              suggested that GF includes as many AMEU members i.e. municipalities as possible in his communication list so
                                              that the information on the training venues, fan parks, base camps and potential FIFA accommodation can be
                                              widely distributed. SB informed the forum that there will be 9 official fan parks. Fan Parks will be coordinated via
                                              the Host Cities. Public viewing sites will not be controlled by FIFA/LOC. SB suggested that a tick sheet be made
                                              available by the municipalities to potential public viewing, base camp operators so that such operators are aware
                                              of possible supply risks and the need to liaise with their local municipality. DP stated that Polokwane Municipality
                                              included electrical supplies to fan parks in their business plan for infrastructure funding and appear to have been
                                              successful with the total application. CCB suggested that the captains of the industry who may establish large
                                              public viewing areas should be identified and approached.
                                              The terms of reference: (Updated version attached to these minutes). KD suggested that the representatives of
                                              Provincial Governments should be included in the Task Teams based on the experiences around accreditation
                                              that occurred at the world cup draws held in Durban, since the provinces are indirectly involved in the tourism
                                              aspect of the event. PF suggested that the relevant Provincial government 2010 coordinator be invited to
                                              participate in the Regional Task Team. Modifications were made to the terms of references. GF to update the
                                              Terms of Reference. KD suggested that the impact of traction substations feeding metro rail and transnet
                                              shouldn’t be over looked. Hence, metro rail, transnet and traffic lights should be included as transportation
                                              supplies under “critical loads”. CN suggested that N-2 contingency options should be clearly defined to suite
                                              NERSA requirements. KD asked who the task team reports to. SB suggested that the task teams should report
                                              directly to Eskom as well as AMEU. SM suggested that the task teams should also report back to the 2010 ESI
                                              forum, to share risks and approaches nationally. GF will kick-start the regional initiatives.
                                              It was concluded that the feedback from the Regional Task Teams be channelled to the respective authorities in
                                              Eskom and host cities as well as the 2010 ESI forum.
                                              Terms of reference was accepted as a working document.
Future meetings and representation            CCB suggested that the focus of the 2010 ESI Forum will need to shift from funding and capital project issues to
                                              the operational issues. A representative from each of the Regional 2010 Task Teams should thus be on invited to
                                              become part of the 2010 ESI Forum and attend future meetings. The current 2010 ESI Forum representatives will
                                              remain on the distribution list and continue to be part of the 2010 preparation process. Additional members from
                                              the Regional Task teams will be added where necessary. The composition of the 2010 ESI forum will be reviewed
                                              in the future once the Regional Task Teams are fully operational.
Project feedback                              Funding uncertainty remains the key constraint and risk. GF to provide a standardised template on 2010 project
                                              feedback from the Regional Task Teams. The frequency of feedback will be determined.

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                                             DP highlighted the need for knowledge sharing between the task teams and this forum. GF to drive this.
                                             CA requested feedback on municipal plans for the purchase of generators for stadium supplies. PF requested that
                                             the DME formally communicate this request to the host cities via the Host City LOC.
  Demand Side Management product packages    MJD provided an overview of the Eskom 2010 specific DSM initiatives and plans. SM raised issues on the
                                             technology utilised for hot water cylinder load control. It was agreed that DSM technology issues need to be
                                             addressed elsewhere and not via the 2010 ESI forum.
                                             CCB suggested that Eskom DSM regional personnel (regional energy service managers) be included in the
                                             Regional Task Teams (action GF).
  General                                    SB shared experiences from recent visits to Ghana, France and Germany. A report on the Ghana visit will be
                                             circulated with these minutes. Feedback from France and Germany indicated that stadiums have permanently
                                             installed generators, and that additional temporary generation was installed specifically for the 2006 world cup.
  Close                                      Meeting ended at 15:00hrs.
                                             Next meeting 22 July 2008 (venue in JHB to be confirmed).

    Ref        Issue     Item name/ Description/                               Action / Feedback                                Responsible         Due date
 number        raised     Discussion/ Feedback                                                                                       person

20080129-9    Agenda     Stadium supplies – DME report   SB and PF to do follow up with DPLG regarding the recognition of       SB and PF          Next
                                                         the 2010 ESI forum.                                                                       meeting
20080408-1    Agenda     DME Funding                     DME to provide an indication on the anticipated 2010 electrical        CA                 Next
                                                         infrastructure funding in future financial years.                                         meeting
20080408-2    Agenda     Feedback on LOC Technical       All host city stadiums and municipalities should be informed to make   RH                 Next
                         Power Forum                     provisions for generator set in-feeds and associated cable layouts.                       meeting
                                                         RH to provide feedback on fan park electrical supply specifications.
                                                         Technical power forum is meeting on the 24th of April at SAFA
                                                         House, and RH should liaise with DME so that national treasury can
                                                         be directly involved. The roles and responsibilities of the LOC and
                                                         DME for electrical supply issues need to be clearly defined.
20080408-3    Agenda     Project feedback                CA to request feedback from Host City LOCs on present plans for        CA                 Next
                                                         the provision of local generation at stadiums.                                            meeting
20080408-4    Agenda     DSM initiatives                 SB to take up the DSM products packages (and possible                  SB                 Next
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                                          acceleration) with Eskom DSM                                               meeting

                                     Next meeting:

Date:               Time:                                         Venue:
22 July             09:30 to 15:00                                To be confirmed

Minutes approved:    ------------------------------------------    ---------------------------------------------
                    CHAIRMAN                                       DATE

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                                                       Record of decisions
Ref number   Item name              Date         Decision
20080408-4   2010 ESI forum focus   8 April 08   2010 ESI forum will be used to coordinate national feedback from the Regional 2010 Task Teams


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