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									Résumé of Larry A. Leonard
                                                                                                    1331 Blackland Trail
                                                                                                    Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Senior developer with 20 years’ experience in database, application, and web development for Windows, seeking contract
or permanent SQL Server database developer position. Experienced in production, product development, third-tier
support, in-house development, and maintenance roles. Comfortable in large-team, small-team, or individual environment.

                 Database                                Application                                   Web
Over six years' experience with SQL         Skilled in every release of Microsoft     Authored web applications and web
Server 2008, 2005, and 2000. Extensive      Visual Studio from "1.0" in 1993          services using standard controls and the
T-SQL knowledge. Expert in Microsoft's      through "2010 RC": four years using       AJAX Control Toolkit. Three years of C# /
Visual Studio 2008 Database Edition.        C# / .NET, thirteen years using C++ /     ASP.NET experience targeting Windows
Versed in normalization, system tuning,     MFC, and three years using C / Win16.     Server 2003. Experienced with using CSS
and query optimization. Long experience                                               and PHP to create server-side variables to
                                            Worked on both front-end and back-
in logical and physical schema design.                                                link CSS code in style sheets to class
Expert at authoring idempotent T-SQL        end software, for both thick-client       names in HTML code.
                                            applications and mobile devices. Also
                                            conversant with COM and ATL.              Developed website for my personal
Skilled in the standard diagnostic tools:                                             corporation using Visual Studio 2010 RC.
                                            Created a library of classes derived
Profiler, Management Studio, PerfMon,                                                 Implemented using master pages, CSS
Query Analyzer, SQL Compare.                from base MFC classes to handle           style sheets, server-side includes. Also
                                            advanced features, logging, and
                                                                                      rewrote and enhanced website template
Experienced using various middleware        debugging. Created set of macros to       to coordinate it with the website's user
layers such as ADO.NET, ADO, OLE DB,        provide total error-checking, exception
                                                                                      interface design.
and ODBC. Designed and implemented          handling, asserting and logging for all
custom database engine in "C".              common function signatures.               Some experience in classic ASP.

Additional skills include:
        Professional-quality writing: published author; syndicated blogger; expert at creating complete and sophisticated
         documentation using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Visio.
        Personal library of T-SQL scripts, SQL Server templates, Profiler templates, and PerfMon trace templates to very
         quickly create highly-tested, stable, commented, error-checked software for application development, debugging,
         tuning, and production support.
        XML, XPATH, XSL.
        Agile (Scrum) software development methodology.

                Self-Employed, Definitive Solutions, Inc., Lawrenceville, GA (11/2009 to present)

Skills and Tools                Description
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010    Created business web site using ASP.NET 4.0. Employed master pages, CSS style sheets,
(Beta 2 and RC1)                JavaScript, PHP, and C# code-behind pages.

Blogger.com                     Started blog, which later became syndicated with SQLServerPedia.

SQL Server 2008                 Published library of SQL scripts, Profiler templates, and PerfMon templates to blog.
                                                                                                  RÉSUMÉ OF LARRY A. LEONARD

Senior Database Developer, Varec, Inc (an SAIC company), Norcross, GA (permanent: 12/2007 - 11/2009)

Skills and Tools              Description
Visual Studio 2008 TEAM       Transitioned database installation from hand-written upgrade scripts to using the Team
Foundation Database Edition   Foundation Database Edition (GDR 2). Created a "database model" consisting of the
GDR 2, SQL Server             schema's database objects, which allowed us to install/upgrade any database, regardless of
2000/2005, SQL Profiler,      its current schema, to conform to the model with 100% fidelity. This eliminated the need
Enterprise Manager,           to write idempotent upgrade scripts by hand, saving us approximately 40 hours/week. Also
Management Studio, Query      used GDR 2 to create static analysis rules, unit tests, sample data generation plans, schema
Analyzer                      comparisons, and data comparisons.
                              Overhauled schemas to conform to best practices for normalization, referential integrity,
                              and performance. Revamped all indexing, using clustered, non-clustered, composite, and
                              “included” / covering indexes, improving performance while reducing database size.
                              Modified existing upgrade scripts to be idempotent.
                              Reviewed all design and implementation of 100+ table database for team of application
                              developers. Performed advanced query tuning using: execution plan analysis; examining
                              read and write counts; creating and updating statistics; re-writing to use sargable
                              expressions; and adding/dropping appropriate indexes (clustered, non-clustered, composite,

C#/ASP.NET, ADO.NET, IIS,     Designed, created, and maintained C# code-behind pages to display web forms, which
AJAX, AJAX Control Toolkit    called our business logic assemblies. Used AJAX Controls Toolkit to improve client-side
                              responsiveness and usability.

C#/.NET                       Created and maintained assemblies that implemented business logic via a home-grown
                              metadata layer through ADO.NET to SQL Server. Involved a half-dozen large assemblies
                              and a COM+ application. Experience in debugging .NET issues such as wrong assembly
                              versions in the GAC, or assemblies with the same strong name and version, but different

                              Maintained CLR assemblies for SQL Server 2005 that perform complex calculations on large
                              datasets. These assemblies referenced what Microsoft calls "unblessed system assemblies",
                              which are not supported for use in SQL Server CLRs, and so required workarounds.

CSS, XML/XSLT/XPATH           Created XSLT files to transform XML data into HTML documents for display and printing
                              using a CSS style sheet. Created a "debug mode" framework in the style sheet that
                              changed the colors on the styles, and labeled each element with its y-axis value, to greatly
                              speed development.

          Senior Software Engineer, Cadillac Jack, Inc. , Duluth, GA (permanent: 1/2007 - 11/2007)

Skills and Tools              Description
SQL Server 2000, Query        Responsible for maintaining, upgrading, and tuning customer databases up to 200 GB in
Analyzer, SQL Profiler,       size. Created maintenance plans, backup strategies, and remote monitoring system.
Enterprise Manager, SQL       Resolved deadlock issues and performance problems. Standardized and normalized
Server 2005 Management        schemas, added indexes, constraints, and referential integrity. Wrote T-SQL scripts for both
Studio Express                initial installation and upgrades, and mentored team members. Performance tuned using
                              PerfMon, Query Analyzer, and SQL Profiler.

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                                                                                                      RÉSUMÉ OF LARRY A. LEONARD

Windows Mobile 5, Pocket PC      Using ASP.NET, created a POS system connecting Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile 5
SDK, Visual Studio .NET          over a wireless network to a Windows 2003 server. When the Windows Mobile client
2005, C#/.NET, ASP.NET,          application requested data from the server, a web service responded by querying a SQL
JavaScript, HTML, AJAX, Web      Server 2000 database.
                                 Server side: Wrote the web service's ASMX file in C#, whose methods were exposed by
                                 its WSDL file. Database access was done via ADO.

                                 Client side: Implemented the mobile application as ASPX pages with C# code-behind
                                 pages, a master page, and CSS. Users' input sent requests to the web service, then
                                 displayed the responses. Since "Atlas" (AJAX Controls) was not supported on Windows
                                 Mobile 5, I created the SOAP document by hand, and did a POST via an XMLHTTP ActiveX

C#/.NET, WinForms,               Wrote two WinForms applications in C# that supported downloading of only the new or
Serialization, Multithreading,   modified items from a collection of 50,000 resource files.
Interop, MD5, AES, SHA-256,
Visual Studio .NET 2005,         Server side: The server application generated an SHA-256 hash signature for each file;
XML, XSLT                        the filenames and signatures were then stored in a single XML document as name/value

                                 Client side: The client application checked for new/updated resource files on an ad hoc
                                 basis. First, the XML document on the server was downloaded and stored locally. Next, for
                                 each local resource file, the client generated a hash signature, and did a lookup for it in the
                                 XML document. If the hash signatures differed, the client downloaded the new/updated
                                 resource file from the server.

   Senior Software Engineer, Ipswitch, Inc., Alpharetta, GA (contract-to-permanent: 7/2004 - 11/2006)

Skills and Tools                 Description
SQL Server 2000, MSDE,           Senior Developer for WhatsUp Pro 2005, 2006, and 2007, a network monitoring tool, using
Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler,    the "Scrum" agile development method. Designed and maintained database schema, wrote
osql, Enterprise Manager,        T-SQL scripts for both initial installation and upgrades, and mentored team members.
SQL Compare (RedGate),           Performance tuned using PerfMon, Query Analyzer, and SQL Profiler to optimize queries,
Access                           indexes, constraints, triggers, stored procedures, etc.

ASP, JavaScript, HTML, DOM, Created and maintained ASP pages for web interface, which included charts, reports, and
XML                         user interface to SQL Server database using ADO.

C++, MFC, Visual Studio          Implemented thick-client GUI user interface to SQL Server database using ADO. Wrapped
.NET 2002/2003, COM, XML         classes in COM objects for web interface access.

     Consultant, Kimberly-Clark Corp., Roswell, GA (contract: 10/2002 to 7/2004) (letter of reference)

Skills and Tools                 Description
C++, MFC, Visual Studio          Enhanced in-house sales tracking application. Tuned dozens of SQL queries, improving their
.NET 2002/2003, Oracle 9i,       performance by 10 to 30 times. Used highly efficient OO4O (OLE Objects for Oracle) for
Microsoft CryptoAPI, COM         database access. Simplified and improved user interface. Wrote application to test hints.

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                                                                                                  RÉSUMÉ OF LARRY A. LEONARD

      Consultant, State of Georgia Department of Revenue, Atlanta, GA (contract: 4/2001 to 10/2002)

Skills and Tools               Description
MSVC6, Microsoft CryptoAPI,    Designed and implemented password management class using the Microsoft CryptoAPI to
COM, C++/MFC, ADO, OLE         store and retrieve security information for access to secure Oracle databases. This class
DB, Oracle                     called COM servers for various services, and allowed "fall-back" to encrypted flatfiles.
                               Refactored several large C++ / MFC programs which interfaced to Oracle databases and
                               optical storage jukeboxes (FileNet) for image creation, retrieval, and display. This
                               improved the UI and increased efficiency.

MSVC6, MFC, ADO, XML,     Created application to convert tax returns from XML format stored in database tables to TIF
DOM, SAX2, DOM, UML, ASP, images for storage on optical platters. Designed and created web pages to search, retrieve,
HTML, JavaScript, OLE DB  and display TIF files stored on optical storage jukeboxes (FileNet).

    Consultant, McKessonHBOC, Inc., Alpharetta, GA (contract: 2/2001 - 4/2001) (letter of reference)

Skills and Tools               Description
Java, JBuilder 4, UML,         Designed and developed Java application to test transmission of XML-enabled objects over
Rational Rose, TCP/IP, JFC /   TCP/IP. Used UML and Rational Rose for design, JUnit for unit testing, Javadoc for
Swing, XML, JUnit, Javadoc     documentation, and Swing for the user interface. This application allowed the user to
                               arrange custom objects in a hierarchy, which expressed themselves as XML, and were then
                               transmitted to a specified TCP/IP address and port.

          Consultant, Spire, Inc., Norcross, GA (contract: 11/2000 - 12/2000) (letter of reference)

Skills and Tools               Description
COM, ATL, WTL, XML,            Developed COM server to capture form data entered by the user, persist it to disk, and
Microsoft Crypto API, MSVC6    then automatically populate the form on next visit. Used the Microsoft "web browser
                               control" to parse the HTML of visited websites, and MSXML's DOM implementation to create
                               and manage the encrypted XML files.

  Consultant, SYNAVANT, Atlanta, GA (contract-to-permanent: 11/1996 – 10/2000) (letter of reference)
               (formerly Sales Technologies; formerly IMS Health / Strategic Technologies)

Skills and Tools               Description
MFC, SQL, ODBC, Oracle,        Developed a full life-cycle data-scrubbing suite of applications which made data throughput
MSVC5                          20 times faster. Used MSVC 5.0 and MFC, targeting Windows NT 4. These applications used
                               direct ODBC calls, SQL statements, and a proprietary meta-data layer to interface to Oracle
                               7/8 databases. The suite consisted of over 60,000 lines of C++ code. Responsible for
                               complete design, documentation, development, installation, and support.

COM, ATL, Windows CE,          Maintained sales force automation application targeting WinCE on NEC770's and NEC780's,
MSVC6                          using ATL COM on MSVC 6.

MFC, Oracle, Watcom,           Rewrote 16-bit C++ / MFC applications into multi-threaded 32-bit applications for
MSVC5                          database-synchronization system; used Oracle and Watcom databases, MSVC 5.0, targeting
                               Windows 95 on remote laptops and Windows NT4 on servers.

Consultant, Barfield Cauthen & Associates, Norcross, GA (contract: 12/1995 – 11/1996) (letter of reference)

Skills and Tools               Description
OLE, C++/MFC, OCX,             Developed OLE automation servers for Windows 95-based sales force automation
Sybase, MSVC4.2                application to display marketing data from Sybase database. The automation servers also
                               used third-party OCXs for charting and graphing.

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                                                                                                      RÉSUMÉ OF LARRY A. LEONARD

               Consultant, The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, GA (contract: 10/1993 – 12/1995)

Skills and Tools                Description
Win16 SDK, C, ZyIndex           Developed Windows program to manage Olympic collectible-pin sales using ZyIndex text-
                                retrieval system, in C / SDK using MSVC 1.52. The program managed images (BMP files),
                                purchase orders, and inventory for thousands of collectors world-wide. The user-interface
                                was a kiosk-based touchscreen.

MFC, ODBC, MSVC1.52             Created C++ database and recordset wrapper classes around the ODBC API for use in
                                multi-platform applications, using MFC and MSVC 1.52. These classes allowed the client
                                developer to develop platform- and database-independent applications.

Win16 SDK, C, GDI               Created Windows consumer-presence screensaver for free public distribution (SkiBear).
                                This program was mentioned in CompuServe Magazine’s "Downloadable Notables" column,
                                was a "Top 25" download on America-OnLine, and still runs today on Windows Vista.

       COIN Dealership Systems / Reynolds+Reynolds, Duluth, GA (permanent: 10/1983 – 10/1993)

Skills and Tools                Description
C                               Wrote database engine in C (40,000+ lines) for Prime minicomputer, which involved
                                creating a C API, a DML (data manipulation language), and a data dictionary, all from
                                scratch. The engine interfaced with ISAM files to create a multi-keyed, relational database
                                supporting advanced features such as bitmap indexes and Soundex searching.

Deep experience as a SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 senior developer / junior DBA in commercial software development
environments and for in-house applications. Experienced maintaining databases as large as one terabyte, with hundreds
of stored procedures and tables.
Expertise in Transact-SQL (DDL and DML), including creating and debugging complex stored procedures, triggers
(including DDL and database triggers), user-defined functions, views, and upgrade scripts. Proficient at creating/modifying
all database objects (tables, views, etc.). Maintain personal "toolbox" of T-SQL scripts for common tasks, and templates to
automate and standardize DDL code for most database objects in an idempotent, error-checked, and well-commented
Skilled at normalization in 1st, 2nd , 3rd, Boyce-Codd, and 4th normal forms. Familiar with theory of 5th, 6th (temporal), and
Domain/Key normal forms. Can select correct data types and appropriate constraints (check, default, unique, and foreign
key). Advocate use of referential integrity and cascading updates, and, less often, deletes.
Expert in index design (clustered, non-clustered, composite, included/"covering", and filtered). Knowledgeable about fill
factors, padding, extents, page splits, internal fragmentation, external/logical fragmentation, extent fragmentation,
excessive forwarding pointers, selectivity, statistics, partitioning, etc..
Performed data modeling using Microsoft Visio for Enterprise Architects 2005 and UML notation. Experienced with both
SQL Server and Oracle data-mapping systems, such as ADO.NET's DataReader/DataSet, MDAC's OLE DB, MFC's
CRecordset / CDatabase, and Oracle Objects for OLE. Also worked with several "home-grown" metadata layers. Have
used XSLT for data-mapping from database-backed XML documents to HTML files, and done manual mapping from
(legacy) database to database.
Practiced at informal database refactoring, and familiar with formal database refactoring as described by Ambler and
Sadalage. Advocate of using "extended properties" for documentation.

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                                                                                                     RÉSUMÉ OF LARRY A. LEONARD

Database Edition
Expert at Microsoft's new Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition (GDR 2), aka the "DataDude", which, for the
first time, abstracts database schemas into separate "database objects" with "full fidelity". This allows the creation of
database projects that are equal peers to application projects. "Full fidelity" provides correct and complete dependency
tracking and object renaming. The output of the database project can be freely installed on any computer, and, using a
difference engine, automates and formalizes the ad hoc comparison of the schemas and the generation of an upgrade
script specifically for the target database: this results, with some custom data-cleansing SQL code, in database installations
and upgrades that virtually cannot fail. This process eliminates the need for upgrade scripts.
The Database Edition also supports a framework for automated unit testing (e.g., does stored procedure "x" still work, and
complete in less than "n" seconds?), customizable static code analysis (e.g., "= NULL" is not allowed), and the generation
of meaningful test data.
Query Tuning
Can read and interpret execution plans, Profiler traces, dynamic management views, correcting issues like non-sargable
expressions, missing indexes causing table scans, use of cursors, etc.
Database Performance
Skilled at full database performance analysis and tuning, including:
        Use of Profiler to check for table scans, most expensive (in total) queries, use of parameters.
        Maintain set of PerfMon profiles for disk/memory/CPU/network monitoring to locate system bottlenecks.
        Examining for normalization (and de-normalization).
        Checking wait-state values.
        Doing ratio analysis.
        Reducing locking/blocking/deadlocking by choosing concurrency and isolation levels, and/or adding indexes.
        Examining schema design (especially index design) and optimization (defragmenting, rebuilding, statistics).
Designed SQL Server security objects such as principals, securables, permissions, roles, users, asymmetric keys, logins,
server roles, etc.
Very experienced with Microsoft's SQL Profiler, Enterprise Manager, Management Studio, Query Analyzer, Performance
Monitor, and SQL IO Simulator. Experienced with RedGate's SQLCompare, TOADSoft's TOAD for SQL Server, DBSophic's
Trace Analyzer, and www.SqlInForm.com .
Performed tasks such as installation, configuration, data loading, backup/recovery, upgrades, creating databases/file
groups/files/logs. Have several maintenance scripts that automate index optimization, doing DBCC consistency checks,
etc. Proficient at selecting server-wide (sp_configure) settings, database settings (sp_dboptions), recovery models,
collation, etc.
Technologies                                           Dates             Tools
Microsoft Visual Studio Database Edition 2008     1/2009 to present      Database Edition GDR 1 and GDR 2 ("DataDude")
SQL Server 2008                                   8/2009 to present      SQL Profiler, Management Studio
SQL Server 2000, 2005                             7/2004 to present      SQL Profiler, Management Studio, Query Analyzer
ADO.NET                                          11/2006 to present
Oracle 7, 8, 9i                                   11/1996 to 7/2004      PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, TOAD
Sybase                                           12/1995 to 11/1996
Watcom / SQLAnywhere                             11/1996 to 11/1998
Microsoft Access                                  7/2004 to 11/2006

Long experience in Windows "thick client" development in C, C++, and C# (using Win16, Win32, ATL, MFC, WinForms,
and .NET). Facility with best practices, design patterns, object-oriented design, agile methodology. Strong background in
GUI design and implementation. Experience with source control systems (TEAM Foundation Server, Visual Source Safe,
Subversion, PVCS).

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                                                                                                  RÉSUMÉ OF LARRY A. LEONARD

Experienced with C# in .NET assembly coding, ASP.NET code-behind pages, and Windows Compact Edition 5 for Pocket
PC devices. Created, enhanced, and debugged large, three-tier web application using C# / .NET 3.5. The top tier
consisted of code-behind pages which handled user-interface ASP.NET events. This tier manipulated business logic C#
objects (the second tier) at an abstract level. These business logic objects in turn called on ADO.NET data objects (the
third tier), which then interfaced to the database via ODBC.
C# development skills include use of events, delegates, generics, exception handling, attributes, anonymous methods,
reflection, etc. .NET skills include building assemblies, registering them in the GAC, configuring them as COM+
components, COM Interop, and creating Web Services.
Technologies                                        Dates              Tools
C# / .NET 4.0 / ASP.NET                         11/2009 to present     Proficient in every versions of Microsoft's IDE:
C# / .NET 2.0 - .NET 3.5 / ASP.NET              11/2006 to present        QuickC for Windows
COM+                                            12/2007 to present        Visual C++ 1.0, 1.52c, 2.0, 4.0, and 5.0
                                                                          Visual Studio 97 (Visual C++ 6.0)
COM / ATL                                        4/2000 to present
                                                                          Visual Studio .NET 2002, 2003, 2005
Agile Development (Scrum)                       1/2005 to 11/2007         Visual Studio 2008 (TEAM Foundation Server)
Microsoft Visual C++ / MFC (16- and 32-bit)      1/1993 to present        Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

Experience in ASP.NET, JavaScript, AJAX, web services, master pages, and style sheets (CSS), with C# code-behind pages.
Technologies                                          Dates            Tools
ASP.NET 4.0                                     11/2009 to present     Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and RC1
ASP.NET 3.5, AJAX, AJAX Control Toolkit, IIS    11/2006 to present     Visual Studio 2008 (TEAM Foundation Server)
ASP.NET 2.0                                     11/2006 to present     Visual Studio .NET 2005
ASP / HTML / JavaScript                         1/2002 to present
XML / XSLT / XPATH                              11/2000 to present

Developed web and thick-client applications for Windows Mobile 5.0, using mobile ASP.NET and C#/WinForms.
Technologies                                          Dates            Tools
Windows CE 5 (operating system); Windows         1/2007 to 11/2007     Visual Studio .NET 2003
Mobile 5.0 (platform); .NET Compact                                    Pocket PC (targeted hardware specification)
Framework 2.0 SP1 Mobile ASP.NET

SQL Soundings blog - syndicated columnist at SQLServerPedia.com .
Automate Error Checking with Debugging Macros, Windows Developer’s Journal, December 2002.
Introduction to SAX2, Windows Developer's Magazine, March 2002, Volume 13, Number 3.
A Better Listview Control for MFC, Windows Developer’s Journal, September 1997, Volume 8, Number 9.

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                                                                                                       RÉSUMÉ OF LARRY A. LEONARD

               Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia
                   Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, 1983
                   Editor of student newspaper (the Technique)
                   Editor of student course guide (the Course Critique)

Test Name                                  Date            Correct      Link
Transact SQL                             2010-04-21        29 of 36     2010-04-21     -   Transact SQL.pdf
SQL Server 2000 for Developers           2010-02-15        37 of 38     2010-02-10     -   SQL Server 2000 for Developers.pdf
SQL Server 2005 for Developers           2010-02-13        21 of 39     2010-02-10     -   SQL Server 2005 for Developers.pdf
.NET Programming - C#                    2007-11-27        26 of 37     2007-11-27     -   .NET Programming - C# 1.pdf
.NET Programming - C# 2.0                2007-11-27        31 of 42     2007-11-27     -   .NET Programming - C# 2.pdf

Application        Format Type                     Link
Word 2007          DOCX - Word 2007                www.LarryLeonard.net/files/Resume2010/LarryLeonardResume.docx
Word 2003          DOC - Word 1997-2003            www.LarryLeonard.net/files/Resume2010/LarryLeonardResume.doc
Adobe Reader       PDF - Portable Document         www.LarryLeonard.net/files/Resume2010/LarryLeonardResume.pdf
Any web browser    MHT - Single File Web Page      www.LarryLeonard.net/files/Resume2010/LarryLeonardResume.mht
Any word processor RTF - Rich Text Format          www.LarryLeonard.net/files/Resume2010/LarryLeonardResume.rtf

     E-mail:         Larry@LarryLeonard.net                        SQL reading list:         amzn.com/l/R1AWOTUQQVHE5L
     Website:        www.LarryLeonard.net                          C# reading list:          amzn.com/l/R2QKS4Y0VXGQXR

     Blog:           http://SQLSoundings.blogspot.com

     RSS feed:       http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/YnzV

     LinkedIn:       www.linkedin.com/in/larryaleonard

References available upon request.

Rev. 2010-05-27

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