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					                                         The Ray News
   Volume 14, Issue 5
    October 4, 2010
                                                            Autumn: the year’s last, loveliest smile.

           Important News
 MEAP TESTING… Students will begin testing next                         What’s Happening?
  Tuesday, October 12 and continue through October
                                                                       Please check your child’s planner each night to see
  21. If possible, please keep these dates in mind
                                                                what new concepts they are lear ning in math.
  when scheduling appointments. It is important for
  students to be in school on these days. It is also                    Students will continue to meet in literacy groups
  very important that students are well rested, eat a           this week. Your child has a literacy menu containing the
  healthy breakfast, and stay positive during the               week’s grammar and spelling focus. The literacy menu is
  MEAP tests. Thank you for your support.                       designed to keep students organized throughout the week.
 READING        CALENDA RS…   The October reading              There will be a spelling test on Friday. Students may log
    calendar was sent home with last week’s                     on to www.spellingcity.com       to practice their spelling
    newsletter. Please make sure your child records             words.
    their reading times each day. Students must also                    In Science, we will continue to lear n about the
    return their September reading calendar and their
                                                                Solar System. Students have begun to research their
    moon phase calendar in order to receive a grade.
                                                                planets with their groups. T he students will be creating a
 . WEST WING BEGINS… Fifth graders were                        blog with the information they find through their research.
    introduced to the West Wing Project last Thursday.
    While a majority of this project will be completed in               The West Wing project will        be the center of
    class, students may also need to work on parts of           attention in Social Studies this week.    Students will lear n
    this project at home. In addition to learning about         about mapping skills and timelines        as they complete
    the White House, presidency, and U.S. government            section 1 of the project. Attached to    this newsletter is a
    we are also hoping that students learn the                  copy of the West Wing Project outline.
    importance of managing time, organizing materials                   We will begin reading Number the Stars, by: Lois
    and setting goals for themselves. The tentativ e due
                                                                Lowry, in book club this week. Students will build
    dates are as follows:
                                                                background on World War II before beginning this novel in
      Section 1……………….DUE Oct. 25                               order to better understand the text.
      Section2.…………..….DUE Nov. 15
      Section 3 & 4…………DUE Dec. 2                                     HALLOWEEN PARTY UPDATE
                                                                On Friday, October 29th we will be having a party
      Oral Presentation……DUE Dec. 6                             following the parade and trunk-or-treat. We have posted
 BINDERS FOR $1… We are suggesting that students               a sign-up sheet on the 5th grade information board in our
  keep all of their West Wing Project materials organized in    classroom area. If you are available to donate treats or
  a binder w hile they are working on the project.              supplies to our par ty, please stop by and sign-up. If you
  Eventually, students will be able to use the binder to turn   are unable to come into school to sign-up, you will find a
  in their final project. We have recycled binders available    sheet attached to this newsletter that you could fill out
  for students to purchase for $1.00 at school. The             and return to school with your child. Thank you for your
  money received will go to the Boy Scouts.                     suppor t!!

 FIELD STUDY…Last week we sent home the
  permission slip for our first field study. We will be
  taking a trip to the Sloan Museum on November 1,
  2010. Permission slips are due October 15,
  2010 .

                                                     The Ray News 1
                                    Important Dates
October 5             Flag Football Mayfield @ Chatfield
October 7             Flag Football Chatfield @ Seaton
October 11            Flag Football Make-ups if necessary
October 13            Flag Football Playoff Games
October 16            Flag Football Jamboree/ Super Bowl XLT
October 12-21         MEAP Testing
October 22            Fall Recess/ No School
October 25-28         Make-up MEAP Testing
October 25-28         Fall Intensive Study
October 29            Halloween Parade
November 5            End of first quarter
November 9            Fall Sports Awards Program 6:30 p.m.
November 12           Report Cards
November 15-18        Parent/Teacher Conferences

                                                               HOW CAN I CONTACT AN
    CLASSROOM ECONOMY                                           UPPER EL TEACHER???
  The Ray Community operates a classroom economy
                                                          Upper El Teachers can be reached by
  throughout the year in which students create a
                                                          phone before school from 8:00-8:30 a.m.
  monetar y unit, design currency and earn money for
  classroom jobs w hile learning about personal
                                                          or after school from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Feel
  finance. We also have a “Ray Community Store”
                                                          free to e-mail questions or concerns at
  where students can use their money to purchase          anytime.
  items. We are looking for families that might be
  able to donate small items that students could
  purchase at the school store. We w ould appreciate               TEACHER EXTENSIONS
  any of the following items to start our school               CHATFIELD SCHOOL (810-667-8970)
  MECHA NICA L PENCILS, COOL PENS, NON-                   Mrs. LaForge X210
  PERISHABLE INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED                         Direct phone number: 810-538-1710
  SNA CK ITEMS, CA NS OF POP, LOCKER                      e-mail: klaforge@chatfieldschool.org
  ANYTHING ELSE THAT YOU THINK 5th GRADE                  Mrs. Lange X206
  STUDENTS MIGHT ENJOY.                                   Direct phone number: 810- 538-1706
                                                          e-mail: mlange@chatfieldschool.org

                                              The Ray News 2

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