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									                                               MONTEREY BAY CALIFORNIA CHAPTER
                                               NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION
                                               P.O. Box 507                              Fax: (831) 751-3322
                                               Pacific Grove,                                   Cell: (831) 210-2128
                                               California, 93950                          Web: www.mbccneca.org
                                               Phone: (831) 751-6060            e-mail: mbryant.neca@hotmail.com

                        NEWSLETTER: May – July 2010
INSIDE THIS                              Memorial Day                                 you are
                                                                                                   interested   in   either

EDITION:                                 Observation &                                COMPREHENSIVE FACILITY
Article(s):                             Happy 4th of July                               ENERGY AUDIT CLASS
- CALCTP                                                                               The Key to Green Energy
                                                                                        Projects (See Attached)
- Energy Audit Classes
- NFPA 70E                                                                                            AND

Upcoming MEI Classes                                                                  Advanced Lighting Controls,
                                                                                      a New Opportunity to Make a
2010 Convention                                                                               Difference

2010 Calendar of Events                                                               The California Advanced Lighting
                                                                                      Controls       Training   Program
                                                                                      (CALCTP) is a statewide initiative
Other Important Items                                                                 aimed at increasing the use of
                                       NECA/MEI educational seminars                  lighting controls in commercial
                                                                                      buildings. The CALCTP team is
NECA 2010 Convention                   in addition to visiting the show floor
                                                                                      made up of California electric
                                       and the other convention activities.
 Boston October 2-5                    The following will be reimbursed:              utilities, The California Lighting
                                       - The cost of five-nights at the               Technology       Center    (CLTC),
If you are looking to help improve     Chapter’s assigned Hotel (Westin               contractor and labor organizations,
your business savvy, capture new       Boston Waterfront)                             IBEW Journeyman Apprentice
markets, see all the new electrical    - One full registration fee                    Training       Centers     (JATC),
products, services and installation    - Reimbursement for one round-                 community colleges, and ICF
techniques in one room and visit a     trip flight up to $400                         International.
world-class city, all at the same      - Up to $400 reimbursement for the
time! Well, the NECA Convention        spouse’s       attendance     of   the         The goal of the CALCTP is to
is the place for you. Please take a    opening and closing celebration                promote the proper design,
moment and visit this site to learn    functions.                                     installation, and commissioning of
more: www.necaconvention.org                                                          advanced lighting control systems
                                       If you would like to know how to               through training and certification of
Chapter Promotions &                   save big bucks attending the                   contractors and their workforce.
                                       Convention, please give the                    CALCTP will result in a number of
 Money Saving Tips                                                                    significant opportunities, including:
                                       Chapter a call!
The Chapter has approved the                                                             Capturing   a    substantial
following incentives to promote               SLMCC Green                                 untapped source of energy
attendance this year:                                                                     savings and peak demand
                                              Opportunities!                              reduction  in   commercial
The Chapter will reimburse one                                                            buildings.
                                       The California Statewide LMCC
person per Active Contractor
                                       has developed the two programs                    Integrating     utility  energy
Member (Active Chapter Members
                                       below in an effort to help IBEW                    efficiency      and     demand
are those who report at least one
                                       Employers address new market                       response programs, resulting
full-time electrician on the monthly
                                       opportunities.   They are being                    in the development of key
transmittal)      to   attend    the
                                       offered by IBEW/NECA throughout                    infrastructure for the smart grid
Convention if they attended the
                                       the state. Let the Chapter know if                 in California.
   Increasing the demand for                 commission the systems, and           training in the classroom and
    advanced lighting controls with           as a result they experience a         hands-on lab training.           The
    High Performance T8 lighting              high rate of call-backs and           CALCTP team is planning for 30
    systems,     including     first          rework of installed systems.          training sites in California that
    generation T8 retrofits.                                                        include JATC’s and utility facilities.
                                             Customers find that control           Additional training sites may be
   Providing labor and trade                 systems do not operate as             hosted by California community
    organizations with a high-value           promised, and often remove or         colleges. A concerted effort is
    training    opportunity      for          disable      the systems   in         required      by     all    industry
    members.                                  frustration.                          stakeholders in order to increase
                                                                                    the adoption of ALC technology by
                                          The negative experience of                commercial customers and other
   Creating new, green jobs for          installation contractors and lighting
    Americans.                                                                      market actors in order to capture
                                          system designers related to the           the enormous energy savings and
                                          improper        installation      and     demand       reduction    potential,
Breaking Down Barriers                    commissioning of ALC systems              improve light quality, and save
                                          has led many lighting practitioners,      end-users      money.            Key
Advanced Lighting Control (ALC)           architects, and engineers to steer        stakeholders include:
systems typically include dimmers,        customers away from these
occupancy sensors, photosensors,          systems. As a result, ALC system             Investor-owned and municipal
relay modules, and communication          components are not typically                  utilities
based devices. Studies indicate           stocked or promoted by electrical
that energy savings of up to 40           wholesalers, and building owners             California Lighting Technology
percent can be realized by simply         and managers often end up with a              Center (CLTC), UC Davis
turning lights off in offices,            generic lighting retrofit having little
conference rooms, and restrooms           or no control capability beyond an           Industry       and         trade
when       those       spaces       are   on/off switch or a limited number of          organizations, such as the
unoccupied        during       normal     occupancy sensors.                            International Brotherhood of
business     hours.          Additional                                                 Electrical Workers (IBEW),
savings can be realized using                                                           National Electrical Contractors
dimming ballasts and photo                                                              Association             (NECA),
sensors to reduce lighting load                                                         Independent            Electrical
when sufficient daylight is present.                                                    Contractors      (IEC),      and
Finally, the installation of ALC                                                        American Institute of Architects
technology is an essential step in                                                      (AIA).
expanding participation in demand
response programs for commercial                                                       California community colleges
building owners and operators. As
ALC systems become more                                                                Commercial building operators
sophisticated,         sales       and                                                  and organizations such as
installation of these sophisticated                                                     BOMA
systems is threatened by several
significant barriers listed below:                                                     National      Association     of
   Installation contractors and          Changing the Lighting Industry                Electrical Distributors (NAED)
    lighting system designers are                 from Within
    not fully aware of how the                                                         Manufacturers           and
    system components operate             The CALCTP team is committed to               manufacturer rep agencies of
    individually or as a system           changing the lighting industry from           ALC products
    collectively to achieve the           within, through training and sales        The CALCTP concept is based on
    desired energy savings and            support. This is viewed as the            the     principle     that   intimate
    peak demand reduction.                most effective way to achieve             knowledge of a market is
                                          market transformation and ensure          necessary to influence that market.
   Installation contractors and          the persistence of claimed energy         Experience has shown that market
    lighting system designers are         savings by the utilities that provide     transformation is best facilitated by
    often at odds regarding how           purchasing incentives. Increasing         working      with     and     through
    lighting controls should be           the       stocking,        promotion,     established industry organizations
    deployed,     installed,  and         specification, proper installation        and accepted training practices. It
    commissioned.                         and commissioning, and overall            can be difficult for electrical
                                          demand for ALC systems requires           contractors and lighting installers
   Installation contractors do not       trained contractors.         Training     to    accept      outside   direction
    always know how to properly           includes both technical and sales
regarding how they can do their            standard covers and how it works.       counties. It is enforced by electrical
job better.       By leveraging            Here then, is a very short guide to     inspectors.
contractor industry organizations          this important electrical safety
such as IBEW/NECA and IEC to               standard.                               • NFPA 70E is not adopted for
endorse education and training                                                     regulatory        use.      Instead,
offered through JATC’s, utilities,         Scope                                   customers, who require electrical
and      community      colleges,                                                  contractors to follow NFPA 70E
contractors and installers will            NFPA     70E-2004      is   entitled    safety practices while working on
embrace the CALCTP certification           Standard for Electrical Safety in       their property, enforce it.
process.                                   the Workplace. It is related to the
                                           National Electrical Code (NFPA          NFPA 70E Covers              Electrical
CALCTP          is      expected      to   standard 70) as follows:                Hazards Only
dramatically increase the supply
and demand for lighting controls in        • The National Electrical Code          NFPA 70E describes how to
commercial         applications,    and    (NEC) describes how to design           protect electrical workers from
create new, green jobs in the              and install electrical systems but      three kinds of electrical hazards:
process. This important lighting           not how to actually perform the
                                           work.                                   • Electric shock and electrocution
initiative will substantially reduce
lighting    load      in    commercial                                             • Arc-flash (electrical fireball)
                                           • NFPA 70E describes safe work
buildings while providing improved
                                           practices for electrical construction
light     quality    and      increased                                            • Arc-blast (electrical explosion at
                                           and maintenance but not how to
productivity. The use of advanced                                                  high energy levels)
                                           design or install electrical systems.
lighting controls will play an
essential role in the development          • The two documents (NEC and            The NFPA 70E standard doesn’t
of a highly reliable and efficient         NFPA 70E) have identical scopes         cover other construction hazards
“smart” electrical grid system in the      and many of the same definition.        such as fall protection, safe use of
United States. The integration of          They both cover “inside” wiring in      ladders and scaffolds, hazardous
energy efficiency and demand               buildings and similar structures.       substances,      and     respirators.
response that is made possible by          Neither of them covers utility (line)   These other subjects are covered
CALCTP will become a model for             construction.                           by OSHA construction safety
other       commercial          building                                           regulations.
systems. As a leader in energy
efficiency and related emerging                                                    Four-Step Safety Strategy
technologies, California will be the
proving ground for advanced                                                        NFPA 70E outlines a four-step
lighting controls training, and this                                               approach to electrical safety:
model can then be applied across
the United States.                                                                 1. TURN OFF THE POWER. Work
                                                                                   de-energized, whenever possible.
                                                                                   This isn’t always feasible. When it
 A Very Short Guide to                                                             is working on or near exposed live
                                                                                   conductors and parts, NFPA 70E
      NFPA 70E                                                                     requires the following:
by Brooke Stauffer
Published ECMag: September 2007            Construction sites are workplaces.      2. LIVE WORK PERMIT. Have the
                                           The NEC covers safety of                customer sign an Energized
Editor's note: The following is the        electrical installations, and NFPA
last     article    Brooke   Stauffer                                              Electrical Work Permit.
                                           70E covers electrical safety in
submitted        to     ELECTRICAL         workplaces. While it technically        3. PLAN THE WORK. Have a
CONTRACTOR;            we've    been       applies to all workplaces (libraries,   written plan for performing the live
holding it for some time because of        schools, hospitals, supermarkets,       work safely.
the uncertainty of his status. There       law offices, etc.), NFPA 70E is
is still no concrete news, but we          enforced       most      often    on    4. USE PERSONAL PROTECTIVE
thought it would be appropriate to         construction sites and at industrial    EQUIPMENT (PPE). This includes
post this article to show just how         plants. Anywhere that electrical        flame-resistant    (FR)   clothing,
knowledgeable he was.                      construction and maintenance            insulated tools, face shields, and
                                           work happen is a workplace.             flash suits.
Despite all the press devoted
these days to NFPA 70E, many               Enforcement                             Turn Off the Power
electrical contractors, electricians
and engineers still don’t have a           • The NEC is adopted for                NFPA   70E    describes    three
clear idea what the NFPA 70E               regulatory use by states, cities and    methods of turning off electrical
power and verifying that it stays off   protection, not protection against    Members only. Contact Gary
while work is being performed.          electric shock.                       Polulak (568) 751-6600
Some        people      call     this
Lockout/Tagout, but that’s actually     Determine Hazard/Risk Category        Project Management for
only part of the process. The           (HRC). NFPA 70E has several           Electrical Contractors. Part II
following are the three methods:        tables that help electrical workers   May 13-14, 2010, Long Island City,
                                        select the correct type of PPE to     NY. Sponsor: New York City
1. Individual qualified employee        wear, based upon the task they        Chapter.
control                                 are performing live. There are five
                                        different HRCs: 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4.     Basic Estimating of Electrical
2. Simple lockout/tagout                                                      Construction
                                        Use Appropriate PPE. Workers          May 17-20, 2010, Oak Brook, IL.
3. Complex lockout/tagout               must wear PPE specified by the        Sponsor: Chicago & Cook County.
                                        tables in NFPA 70E whenever they      This seminar is for Chicago &
Safety Practices When Working           are within the Flash Protection       Cook County Chapter Members
Live                                    Boundary (48 inches for 600-volt      only. Contact Frank Peters: (708)
                                        equipment), whether or not they       531-0022
When working “live” around              are actually touching the live
exposed energized parts, NFPA           equipment. Tasks such as voltage
70E requires the following:                                                   Prefabrication Design of
                                        testing,      for     equipment       Effective Process: A Tool for
                                        troubleshooting   or  to   verify     Maximizing Profitability in
Live Work Permit. Have the
                                        whether power has been turned,        Electrical Construction
customer sign an Energized
                                        off is “live work” that requires      May 18, 2010, Portland, OR.
Electrical Work Permit. This
                                        workers to wear PPE.                  Sponsor: Oregon-Columbia
describes the work to be
performed and why it must be                                                  Chapter.
performed live. Live work must be
authorized by the customer,                                                   Managing Field Productivity to
engineers, or other person in                                                 Improve the Bottom Line
charge.                                                                       May 18, 2010, Atlanta, GA.
                                                                              Sponsor: Atlanta Chapter.
Determine     Shock     Hazard
Boundaries. There are three of                Upcoming MEI                     Facilities Energy
these:                                                                        Audit Education Program. Phase
                                                Seminars                      II- The Preliminary Energy
• Limited approach boundary                                                   Assessment (PEA) Audit
                                        Below is a list of the MEI Seminars
                                                                              NEW COURSE!
• Restricted approach boundary          that are currently available.
                                                                              May 18-19, 2010, Lanham, MD.
                                        Please note that the programs
                                                                              Sponsor: Washington DC Chapter.
• Prohibited approach boundary.         listed are subject to change.
                                        Register on-line at necanet.org!
                                                                              Emerging PV Market
Only qualified persons can enter                                              Guide NEW COURSE!
the restricted approach boundary.       MAY                                   May 18, 2010, King of Prussia, PA.
Entering the prohibited approach
                                                                              Sponsor: Penn-Del-Jersey
boundary is considered the same         Managing Field Productivity to        Chapter.
as touching live parts. These           Improve the Bottom Line
boundaries      are     for    shock    May 6, 2010, Sun Valley, ID.          Adapt or Perish: The New
protection only; they determine         Sponsor: Idaho Chapter.               Business Model of Construction
when electrical workers must use                                              Contracting      NEW COURSE!
voltage-rated (rubber) gloves and       How to Avoid Killer-Jobs by           May 19, 2010, Tangent, OR.
voltage-rated (fiberglass) tools.       Improving Estimating Accuracy         Sponsor: Oregon-Pacific-Cascade
                                        May 11, 2010, Troy, MI. Sponsor:      Chapter.
Determine        Flash    Protection    Southeastern Michigan Chapter.
Boundary (FPB). The default flash
                                                                              Financial Principles & Tools for
protection boundary for systems         Facilities Energy                     Electrical Contractors
operating at 600 volts is 48 inches.    Audit Education Program. Phase
A qualified person who works                                                  May 20, 2010, Rockford, IL.
                                        I- Screening Survey                   Sponsor: Northern Illinois Chapter.
closer than 48 inches to live parts     Workshop        NEW COURSE!
must wear personal protective           May 12, 2010, Warren, MI.             Facilities Energy
clothing (PPE) including flame-         Sponsor: Detroit Electrical JATC.     Audit Education Program. Phase
resistant (FR) clothing. This PPE is    This seminar is for Detroit JATC      I- Screening Survey
for    arc-flash    and   arch-blast
                                                                              Workshop        NEW COURSE!
May 21, 2010, Denver, CO.          Facilities Energy
Sponsor: Rocky Mountain Chapter.   Audit Education Program. Phase
                                                                           The Latest EDL
                                   II- The Preliminary Energy
Project Management for             Assessment (PEA) Audit              What ‘The Smart Grid’ Means
Electrical Contractors- Part II    NEW COURSE!                          For You & Your Building
May 26-27, 2010, Billings, MT.     June 15-16, 2010, Warren, MI.
Sponsor: Montana Chapter.          Sponsor: Detroit Electrical JATC.   The EDL is a perfect addition to
                                   This seminar is for Detroit JATC    your company’s newsletter or other
                                   Members only. Contact Gary          marketing materials. Your regular
                                   Polulak (568) 751-6600              customers, past clients and
                                                                       important contacts will appreciate
                                   Short Interval Scheduling           receiving    these   monographs.
                                   June 16, 2010, Colorado Springs,    EDLs can help you demonstrate to
                                   CO. Sponsor: Southern Colorado      your customers the difference
                                   Chapter.                            between an average electrical
                                                                       contractor and one that can add
                                   Advanced Construction Law for       value to a project and save them
                                   Electrical Project Managers         money! Contact the Chapter to
JUNE                               June 16, 2010, Lanham, MD.          learn about member pricing for this
Project Management for             Sponsor: Washington DC Chapter.     publication.
Electrical Contractors
June 7-10, 2010, Napa, CA.         Earned Value Analysis
Sponsor: Northern California       June 17, 2010, Long Island City,
Chapter.                           NY. Sponsor: New York City
Productivity Plus: Changing the
Way You Work to Reduce Waste       Don’t Leave Profits on the
and Improve Safety and             Table- Using the Industry
Productivity                       Financial Operations Report to         Meetings and Events:
June 8, 2010, Albuquerque, NM.     Identify Profit Improvement
Sponsor: New Mexico Chapter.       Opportunities                         June 17, G/M & Board
                                   June 17, 2010, Troy, MI. Sponsor:     Meeting, @ 4:00pm &
Change Orders in Electrical        Southeastern Michigan Chapter.      Associate Member Dinner
Construction                                                              Meeting @ 6:00 p.m.
June 8, 2010, Renton, WA.          Building High Performance Work            Location TBD
Sponsor: Puget Sound Chapter.      Teams for Electrical Contractors
This class is free for chapter     June 24, 2010, King of Prussia,
                                                                        July 1-5, NECA Tri-District,
members.                           PA. Sponsor: Penn-Del-Jersey
                                   Chapter.                                       NY, NY
Advanced Construction Law for                                            www.necatridistrict.com
Electrical Project Managers        Note: For the most current course
June 9, 2010, Dublin, CA.          schedule, to read descriptions of    August 19, G/M & Board
Sponsor: Northern California       each class and to register for an   Dinner Meeting, @ 4:00pm
Chapter.                           MEI course, please visit Catalog          Location TBD
                                   of Courses
Change Orders in Electrical                                             October 2-5, NECA Annual
Construction                                                             Convention, Boston MA
June 9, 2010, Lakewood, WA.
Sponsor: Southwest Washington
Chapter. This class is free for
chapter members.                                                        October 21, G/M & Board
                                                                         Meeting, @ 4:00pm &
Facilities Energy                                                      Associate Member Dinner
Audit Education Program. Phase                                            Meeting @ 6:00 p.m.
II- The Preliminary Energy                                                   Location TBD
Assessment (PEA) Audit
NEW COURSE!                                                            December 16, G/M & Board
June 15-16, 2010, Lisle, IL.                                           Dinner Meeting, @ 4:00pm
Sponsor: Northeastern Illinois
                                                                             Location TBD


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