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									DBI: Moving From Data Chasing to Data

Jason Bletz
New Generation Consultants, Inc.
Tool Manufacturer
      International with 3 Operating Units
      26 US Facilities
      PNL focus on 14 Product Lines
      Oracle Applications 11.5.10
    Data but no information (Extraction and Analysis took weeks)
    Managers had to chase down data from several different
     resources and several different tools prior to review
    The who, what, where and why were not answered
         Inventory Levels
         Ontime Order Fulfillment
         Budgetary Decisions
    Board Report Delivered 3 weeks after month close
How do we get information to the decision makers?
Oracle Daily Business Intelligence
               Fast Path to Information

 Daily Financials Intelligence
    Expense Management
    Profit and Loss
    Payables Management
    Receivables Management
 Daily Supply Chain Intelligence
    Inventory Management
    Customer Fulfillment
    Shipping Management
 Daily Product Intelligence
    Product Revenue and Costs
    Product Value
                       What is DBI
Embedded operational management reporting for the
Ebusiness suite

 Daily Business Intelligence 7
    Out of the box Integration with Oracle Application
    Installed with the 11.5.10 rapid install
    Fully Based on eBusiness Technology Stack
    No Data Warehouse is needed
 Interactive Content
    20 predefined roles
    254 KPI’s
    37 Dashboards
    581 Reports
    Personalization Capabilities
                         What is DBI
 Pre-built UI dashboards
    Common Dimensions
    HTML Reports
    Charts and Graphs
    Drill down to from summary to detailed transactions
    Comparative Analysis to prior periods
 Security
    Responsibilities
    Inventory Organization
    Operating Unit
    Sales Group
 Usability and Management
    Ability to configure and extend DBI
    Export to PDF or Excel or Email
    Information loaded and updated by Concurrent Requests
                 DBI Framework

Request Set
               DBI Materialized Views
 Initial and
Incremental    DBI Base Summaries

               Ebusiness Suite Tables
Composition of a DBI Screen
         Composition of a DBI Screen


               Graphs and

(Drill Down)
      Composition of a DBI Screen


Drill and Pivot for
                           Additional Actions/
 detail analysis
            Global Setup Considerations
 Global Setup
    Enable Dashboards
    Build Request Sets
 Setups that affect Dimensions
    Time
    Currency Conversion
    Supervisor Hierarchy (Manager Reporting)
    Item Dimension
 Setups that affect Security
    Responsibilities
    Sales Group
    Profiles
    Organization Access
    Cost Center
        Setup Considerations for Financials
 Setup Financial Dimensions
    Assign Set of Books
    Dimension Mappings (Hierarchy Manager)
    Parent and Child Relationships
    Select Reporting Attributes
       Revenue
       Cogs
       Operating Expenses
       Product Expenses
       Deferred Revenue
       Travel
 Manager Reporting Structure
    Create Employee Records
    Assign Supervisor
    Create Cost Center Organizations
    Assign Managers to Cost Centers
   Run Synchronization Programs
Setup Considerations for Financials

                Specify Top Node

   Setup Considerations for Financials

                                 Select Reporting

Identify Top Node
 Deployment of Selected Intelligence Areas
    Financials
    Supply Chain
    Product Management
 Daily Access to Information for the Decision Makers
    User Friendly Dashboards
    Transactional level of Detail
    Comparative Analysis
 End Result
    No longer “chasing” data – reduce number of processes to
   achieve same result
    Quicker Analysis and Decision Making
    Less time intensive
    Weeks cut down to days
    Better ROI on initial ERP investment

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