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									California LifeLine
Telephone Program
           Program Goals
Promote LifeLine Statewide to:

 •   Increase Awareness
 •   Increase Enrollment in LifeLine
 •   Achieve Telephone Service For All
 •   Encourage Access To Affordable Basic
     Residential Telephone Service
    What is California LifeLine?

•   Telephone Program Giving Discounts For Local
    Home Phone Service

•   Offered By All Telephone Carriers That Provide
    Home Phone Service

•   Available To All Eligible California Residents

•   California LifeLine, it’s for you!

•   Local home phone service for
    less than 25 cents a day

Benefits of Home Phone Service
   Allows Dependable Access to:
   •   Friends and Family
   •   Children’s Schools
   •   Job Opportunities
   •   Health and Emergency Services

    California LifeLine Discounts
      Service               Description                      Rate

                                                  The lesser of range
Flat-Rate Local                                   $5.47 to $6.11 or 1/2 of
                    Unlimited local calls
Phone Service                                     carrier's residential flat-
                                                  rate local phone service
                                                  The lesser of range $2.91
                    60 local calls per month,
                                                  to $3.27 or 1/2 of
Measured Local      additional calls may be
                                                  carrier's residential
Phone Service       billed at different rates
                                                  measured rate for local
                    depending on the carrier
                                                  phone service
Phone Service for   Bigger discounts on local
Native Americans    phone service for qualified   Local phone service for
Living on Tribal    consumers living on tribal    $1.00 per month.
Lands               lands
   California LifeLine Discounts
  Service            Description                        Rate
                                           The lesser of $10 or 1/2 of
Service      Initiation of telephone
                                           carrier's connection charge for
Connection   service
                                           residential phone service
             Change of class, type, or
             grade within California       The lesser of $10 or 1/2 of
             LifeLine phone service.       carrier's conversion charge for
                                           residential phone service.
             OR                            There will be no charge to
                                           switch from California LifeLine
             Change from regular local     phone service to regular local
             phone service to California   phone service.
             LifeLine phone service.

    California LifeLine Discounts
    Service                     Description                     Rate
                   Toll-blocking prevents long distance
Toll-blocking or
                   Toll-restriction limits long distance
                                                  See the rates for
              California LifeLine discounts may
                                                  either flat-rate or
Disability    apply to a second phone line to
                                                  measured-rate local
Accommodation accommodate TTY service for any
                                                  phone service listed
              hearing impaired household members.

     Eligibility Requirements
• Customer is not a dependent on
  someone else’s tax return
• Phone line for primary residence only
• Only one discounted phone line per
  household, except TTY clients
• Residency status not required

          Eligibility Methods
•   Program Eligibility
    •   Easiest
    •   Quickest, if done online
•   Income Eligibility
    •   Documents required
    •   Supporting documents must be

        Method 1 Program Based
No documents required for accepted programs
   Medicaid/Medi-Cal
   Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
   Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
   Federal Public Housing Assistance or Section 8
   Food Stamps or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
   Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC)
   Healthy Families Category A
   National School Lunch's FREE Lunch Program (NSL)
   Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
       1. California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs)
       2. Stanislaus County Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (StanWORKs)
       3. Welfare-to-Work (WTW)
       4. Greater Avenues for Independence (GAIN)
   Tribal TANF
   Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
   Head Start Income Eligible (Tribal Only)

  Method 2 Income Based
     Must Be Documented
       Income Guidelines
Household Size      Household Income
                     June 1, 2008 to May 31, 2009

      1 or 2               $22,900
        3                  $26,900
        4                  $32,400
Each add’l member         Add $5,500

             Enrollment Process
•       Client calls Telephone Company to enroll
•       Program Administrator sends
        Certification Form
         Pin number permits applying online if
          program eligible
         All may return form by mail

•       Form MUST be returned within 30 days

    Enrollment Process Continued
•   Eligibility is then approved or denied
•   Customer will be charged the regular rates if
     •   Doesn’t return forms on time
     •   Is determined ineligible
•   Annual renewal is required
•   Random audits are performed

          How can you help?
•   Tell your clients about the program
•   Provide California LifeLine brochures
•   Set expectations for :
       Eligibility by program method
       Importance of returning forms
•   Tell them where to get more assistance

              Additional Help
LifeLine Call Center - (866) 272-0357
•   Assists consumers in 12 languages - English,
    Spanish, Japanese, Cambodian, Cantonese, Hmong, Korean,
    Lao, Mandarin, Tagalog, or Vietnamese, as well as
    Teletypewriter (TTY) callers

•   Provides list of carriers serving their area
•   Transfers eligible consumers to carriers

Your customers will find…
•   Information in 8 languages
       English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and TTY
•   Enrollment information
       Enrollment instructions
       Eligibility requirements
       Method 1 accepted programs
       Method 2 income guidelines
       Sample forms and instructions
       Certification form for new enrollees
       Verification form for annual renewal
•   Option to enroll online via program-based method with PIN
•   Status of LifeLine application
•   Option to cancel LifeLine if no longer eligible
•   Frequently Asked Questions
•   Link to the CPUC’s website
      LifeLine Brochure Orders
Available in the following languages:
     • English
     • Cambodian
     • Chinese
     • Hmong
     • Korean
     • Laotian
     • Russian
     • Spanish
     • Tagalog
     • Vietnamese

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