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									                                      Aquatech China 2010
                                       Shanghai Exhibition Centre
                                          2 – 4 June 2010

VISA APPLICATION TO CHINA                                                       This form must be returned before
All foreigners must obtain an entry visa before proceeding to China.                    May.01, 2010
Exhibitors are strongly recommended to process the application one month      Please fill up the form in cap
before departure from the country of origin.                                  letter, email or fax to :
                                                                              Orient Explorer China
                                                                              Tel: (86) 21 51099795
EXHIBITORS & VISITORS WITH INVITATION                                         Fax: (86) 21 6464 4008
All applicants for visas are required to have an Invitation Letter. Our       Email: info@orient-explorer.com.cn
company will process the Letter which will be ready within 7 working days     Attn: Ms Ada
and presented to your company by fax or mail.
Upon receipt of this visa authorization, the applicant is required to present his/her passport, a recent
photograph, a completed visa application form (available from local Chinese Embassy) and forward to the local
Chinese Embassy or Consulate for completion of the formalities.
The cost to issue such Invitation Letter for business visa application is FREE for Aquatech China 2010.

1) Passports must be valid for at least SIX MONTHS beyond the intended date of entry into China
2) Please make enough copies for each applicant and return the typewritten form to us before the deadline.

                           Visa Invitation Letter Application Form

 Surname                                             First Name

 Sex                                                 Nationality

 Date of Birth                                       Place of Birth

 Passport No
 Entry China                                         Exit China
 Date(dd/mm/yy)                                      Date(dd/mm/yy)
 Company Name

 Address in full

 Tel                  (+      )                      Fax                (+      )

 Contact email

 Nearest China Embassy or consulate to apply visa

 Have you been to China? If yes, please write down the date(dd/mm/yy)

 Letter to be sent by (Please tick)                     fax                     email

   As the Official Travel Agent for the show, providing free visa invitation letter is
   a value-added service to you and we hope you could recognize our effort by
   booking your hotel accommodation through us.

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