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					Subcontractor Performance Evaluation

Establish a process that complies with government contracting goals for ensuring quality
workmanship and effective controls to manage subcontractors. Provide the subcontractor
real time feedback on workmanship. Provide Contracts, Estimating and Program
Management objective metrics for evaluating the best value subcontractors for future


This procedure applies to accomplishing performance evaluations for all subcontractors
performing contracted production work.


The Contracts Coordinator shall attach a copy of SQMS Form 62 to each Certificate of
Completion (COC) prior to it being sent to the Program Manager (PM) for

The PM is responsible to initiate the subcontractor evaluation and forward it to the QA

Director of Program Management (Programs) is responsible to oversee the evaluation
process to ensure evaluations provide consistent, fair assessments of performance.

QA Manager is responsible for routing the completed forms for review, final distribution,
and maintaining computer based permanent files of evaluation forms on company’s
shared drive.


The PM creates the subcontractor evaluation on SQMS Form 62, Subcontractor
Performance Evaluation, and forwards completed form to the QA Manager. The
evaluation includes the following subjects.

       Technical comments, quality of product provided to customer,

       Schedule comments, meeting customer’s time constraints,

       Management comments, work control effectiveness.

Quality prepares quarterly vendor/subcontractor analysis for review and
forwards to Sourcing. Specific issues and concerns identified via Quality are
forwarded to Sourcing for timely action.

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