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									Partial list of IECON-2010 corresponding authors. This list does not include co-authors, and about 20 papers still ha

country       Paper ID    manuscript title                   First_Name   Last_Name   email

                          Speed Control by RST with
                          Load Observer of a Permanent
Algeria       GD-000027   Magnet Synchronous Motor           Larbi        M'hamed

                          Application of the Convolution
                          Theorem for the Modeling of
Algeria       GD-000035   Saturated Induction Motors         Adel         Ghoggal

                          Vehicle Stability Enhancement
Algeria       GD-002178   Control for Electric Vehicle       Hartani      Kada
                          Electric Vehicle Stability with
                          Rear Electronic Differential
Algeria       GD-002186   Traction                           Hartani      Kada
                          Fuzzy Controlled parallel PSO
                          to Solving Large Practical
Algeria       GD-006661   Economic Dispatch                  Belkacem     Mahdad
                          Predictive Control of a Back to
                          Back Motor Drive Based on
                          Diode Clamped Multilevel
Argentina     GD-013536   Converters                         Santiago     VERNE
                          Adaptive Control with
                          Redundancy Resolution of
Argentina     GF-006513   Mobile Manipulators                VÌctor       Andaluz
                          Electromagnetic Optimal
                          Design of a Linear Induction
Australia     GD-001686   Motor in linear metro              Wei          Xu
                          Stability of Linear Systems with
                          Interval Time-Varying Delays
                          Arisen from Networked Control
Australia     GD-001767   Systems                            Qing-Long    Han
country     Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name   Last_Name   email
                        A Distributed Coordination
                        Control Scheme for Odor
                        Source Localization in Multi-
Australia   GD-002208   robot Systems                     Qing-Long    Han
                        On Tracking Control for a Class
                        of Network-based Linear
Australia   GD-002232   Systems                           Qing-Long    Han
                        Issues with Low Speed Direct-
                        Drive Permanent-Magnet
                        Generator Design ñ
                        Comparison of Radial-Flux
Australia   GD-002399   Slotted and Torus Machines        David G.     Dorrell

                        Sliding mode control for
Australia   GD-003069   offshore steel jacket platforms   Qing-Long    Han
                        A Control Approach for Voltage
                        and Frequency Regulation of a
                        Wind-Diesel-Battery based
                        Hybrid Remote Area Power
Australia   GD-003174   Supply System                     Nishad       Mendis
                        High-order Terminal Sliding
                        Modes Control for Induction
Australia   GD-005134   Motor                             Yong         Feng
                        Comparison of Modulation
                        Strategies for a Cascaded H-
                        bridge StatCom - Part 1:
Australia   GD-005436   Theoretical Background            Chris        Townsend
                        Comparison of Modulation
                        Strategies for a Cascaded H-
                        bridge StatCom - Part 2:
Australia   GD-005452   Application of the Analysis       Chris        Townsend
                        Multi-Dimensional Signals
                        Transmission via Single
                        Channel for Chaos
Australia   GD-005738   Synchronization                   Yong         Feng
country     Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name   Last_Name   email
                        Novel Current Control of Grid-
                        Connected Boost Inverter with
Australia   GD-007579   Zero Steady Error                Wei          Zhao

                        Superposition Techniques for
                        Analyzing Cogging Torque
                        Sensitivity to Manufacturing
Australia   GD-010235   Errors in Fractional Pitch PMSM Greg          Heins

                        Speed Sensorless Stator Flux
                        Oriented Control of Three-Level
                        Inverter-Fed Induction Motor
                        Drive Based on Fuzzy Logic and
Australia   GD-010952   Sliding Mode Control            David G.     Dorrell
                        Control Strategies of Variable-
                        Speed Wind System Under New
                        Grid Code Requirement ñ A
Australia   GD-011312   Survey                          David G.     Dorrell
                        Efficient Control of a Direct
                        Drive IPM Synchronous
                        Generator Based Variable
                        Speed Wind Turbine with
Australia   GD-012645   Energy Storage                               Osman
                                                        Abu Mohammad Haruni

                        Subsynchronous Torsional
                        Interaction Behaviour of Wind
                        Turbine-Generator Unit
Australia   GD-013935   Connected to an HVDC System Yin Chin          Choo
                        Local Household Renewable
                        Virtual Generation in Battery
Australia   GF-009873   Control Simulation            Wei             Peng
                        QUEEN ñ A novel design flow
                        and decision support tool for
Austria     GD-001503   sustainable buildings         Markus          Brychta
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name    Last_Name      email
                      Load Recognition for
                      Automated Demand Response
Austria   GD-002011   in Microgrids                    Adeel Abbas   Zaidi
                      Monitoring of Partially Broken
                      Rotor Bars in Induction
Austria   GD-005932   Machine Drives                   Thomas        Wolbank
                      Using Oversampling
                      Techniques to Extract AC
Austria   GD-006122   Machine Saliency Information     Thomas        Wolbank
                      Online Reconfiguration of the
                      Low Level Control for
Austria   GD-007293   Automation Agents                Wilfried      Lepuschitz
                      Towards Ontology-Based
                      Automated Disassembly
Austria   GD-007447   Systems                          Wilfried      Lepuschitz
                      Spectral-Field Design with
                      Respect to Minimum Cogging
                      Torque and Maximum Output
Austria   GD-014125   Power                            Gerd          Bramerdorfer
                      Control of a Bidirectional Z-
                      Source Inverter for Hybrid
                      Electric Vehicles in Motoring,
                      Regenerative Braking and Grid
Belgium   GD-013587   Interface Operations             Omar          ELLABBAN

                      An Evaluation of the MCSA
                      Method When Applied to Detect
Brazil    GD-000116   Faults in Motor Driven Loads  Marcelo M.       Stopa
                      Energy Efficiency of Lighting
                      Systems Based on the Analysis
                      of Different Human Visual
Brazil    GD-001015   Conditions                    Marco A          Dalla Costa
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name    Last_Name      email

                      Analytical and Experimental
                      Analysis of DC-DC Converters
                      in Photovoltaic Maximum
Brazil    GD-001651   Power Point Applications         Roberto       Coelho
                      Improving the Convergence
                      Time of Adaptive Notch Filters
Brazil    GD-002097   to Harmonic Detection            Rondineli           
                                                                     Rodrigues Pereira

                      Speed Neuro-Fuzzy Estimator
                      for Sensorless Indirect Flux
Brazil    GD-002674   Oriented Induction Motor Drive   F·bio         Lima 
                      Patterns Recognition in Rolled
                      Steel using Computer Vision
Brazil    GD-003999   and Neural Network               Luiz          Martins
                      Modeling the Supervision of
                      Manufacturing System
                      Considering Diagnosis and
Brazil    GD-006017   Treatment of Fault               FabrÌcio      Junqueira
                      Using Partial Discharge as
                      Sample Signal Source to
                      Identify Contamination
                      Moisture Pattern in Power
Brazil    GD-006211   Transformer Insulating Oil       Giscard       Veloso

                      A Scheme of the Multiple Model
                      Predictive Control with Metric
Brazil    GD-007498   Based on Frequency Response Anderson           Cavalcanti
                      Adaptive Current Control of
                      Grid-Connected VSC with LCL-
                      Filters using Parallel
Brazil    GD-007595   Feedforward Compensation       Jorge Rodrigo   Massing
                      A New LQR Modeling Approach
                      for Power Quality Conditioning
Brazil    GD-007773   Devices                        Jo„o Marcos     Kanieski
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name     Last_Name       email
                      A Robust Control Strategy for
                      Shunt Active Power Filter
                      without Current Harmonic
Brazil    GD-007862   Detection.                        Ricardo        Ribeiro
                      Analysis of digital controllers
                      for equilibrated current
                      distribution in an interleaved
Brazil    GD-007951   inverter                          Sergio         DÌaz  
                      Three-State Switching Cell
                      Three-Level Boost Rectifier
                      With PFC and FPGA Digital
Brazil    GD-008338   Control                           Raphael        da Camara
                      Dynamic Modeling of a
                      Sinusoidal Inverter Based on
                      ZETA Converter Working in
Brazil    GD-008419   DCM for PV Arrays                 Fernando       S. dos Reis

                      Constructing Feature-based
                      Ensemble Classifiers for Real-
Brazil    GD-008648   World Machines Fault Diagnosis    Marcelo        Oliveira
                      A New Step-Up High Voltage
                      Gain Non-Isolated DC-DC
                      Converter for On-Line UPS
Brazil    GD-009024   Applications                                      Branco
                                                        Carlos Gustavo Castelo
                      Cooperative filters:
                      Localization, Coordination and
Brazil    GD-009326   Injected Current Control          Camila         Seibel Gehrke
                      Comparative Loss Analysis of
                      IGBT Modules Applied to ZCT
Brazil    GD-009768   and ZCZVT Inverters               Jean Carlos    Gazzoni

                      Multilevel Inverter with Series-
                      Voltage-Action Concept:
Brazil    GD-010049   Topology and Control                              Santos Jr.
                                                       Euzeli Cipriano dos   
country   Paper ID    manuscript title              First_Name        Last_Name      email
                      A strategy of production
                      scheduling with the fitness
                      function of genetic algorithm
                      using Timed Petri net and
                      considering AGV and the input
Brazil    GD-010103   buffer.                       Orides            Morandin Jr
                      High Efficiency Low Power UPS
                      System Based on Multilevel
Brazil    GD-010111   Inverter                      Levy F.           Costa

                      A Max-Min Ant System
                      Modeling Approach for
Brazil    GD-010154   Production Scheduling in a FMS Orides           Morandin Jr.
                      DC-AC Three-Phase Four-Wire
                      Z-Source Converter with
Brazil    GD-010642   Hybrid PWM Strategy                             Santos Jr.
                                                     Euzeli Cipriano dos   

                      Determination of the transition
                      region between signal injection
                      technique and back-emf
                      estimator for wide-speed range
Brazil    GD-012513   sensorless PM motor drives         Esienhawer   Fernandes
                      Optimization of the Ferrite Core
                      Volume in a Single-Phase Grid-
                      Connected PV System with
                      Active and Reactive Power
Brazil    GD-013021   Control                            Denizar      Martins
                      Robust Extraction of Angular
                      Position from Resolver Sensor
Brazil    GD-013102   Based on ADALINE                   Raymundo     Cordero
                      Experimental analysis of a
                      series resonant converter for a
Brazil    GD-014001   Plasma Inertization Plant          Jose A.      Diaz Amado
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                   First_Name     Last_Name     email
                      Neuro-Fuzzy and Fuzzy Logic
                      Controllers Based Speed
                      Control of IPMSM Drive ñ A
                      Torque Ripple Optimization
Canada    GD-000256   Approach                           Mohammad       Uddin
                      Fourteen-band hysteresis
                      controller of the fifteen-level
Canada    GD-001643   packed U cells converter           youssef        ounejjar

                      An Integrated Testbed for
                      Advanced Wireless Networked
Canada    GD-006785   Control Systems Technology         James          Taylor
                      Design Procedure for an Active
Canada    GD-007056   Resonance Damper                   Wilson Cesar   Santana
                      Modeling and Simulation of a
                      Power-Split Gear Hybrid Drive-
Canada    GD-007927   Train                              Shaahin        Filizadeh
                      An Ion Gating Strategy for a
                      Miniaturized Planar Ion Mobility
Canada    GD-007994   Spectrometer                       Ridha          Ben Mrad
                      Development and Control of an
                      Wearable Robot for
                      Rehabilitation of Elbow and
Canada    GD-008591   Shoulder Joint Movements           Mohammad H. Rahman 
                      Closure Monitoring in Potash
Canada    GD-010863   Mines using LiDAR                  Angus          Errington
                      High Power CSI-Fed IPM drive
                      System Control with Minimum
Canada    GD-011045   DC-Link Current                    Ehsan          Al-nabi
                      Dynamic Tracking Control of
                      Mobile Robot using Exponential
Canada    GD-012564   Sliding Mode                       Hasan          Mehrjerdi
                      Effective FPGA-based Electric
                      Motor Modeling with Floating-
Canada    GD-013382   Point Cores                        Tarek          Ould Bachir
country   Paper ID    manuscript title               First_Name        Last_Name   email
                      A Novel Active Frequency Drift
                      Anti-islanding Method with
                      Lower Total Harmonic
Canada    GD-013617   Distortion                     Ahmad             Yafaoui
                      Inverter-Based Virtual Diesel
                      Generator for Laboratory-Scale
Canada    GD-013781   Applications                   Miguel            Torres

                      Study of Islanding Behavior of
                      a Grid-connected Photovoltaic
                      (PV) System Equipped with a
Canada    GF-000515   Feed-Forward Control Scheme       Prajna Paramita Dash
                      Experimental Verification of
                      Neuro-fuzzy Vector Control for
Canada    GF-008192   Wind Driven DFIG                  Dongyun        Lu
                      A Novel Modulation Technique
                      for a Multilevel Hybrid
                      Converter with Floating
Chile     GD-000183   Capacitors                        CÈsar          Silva
                      On sampled-data models for
Chile     GD-008486   model predictive control          Cesar          Silva
                      Direct Torque Control of an 3L-
                      NPC Inverter-fed Induction
                      Machine: A Model Predictive
Chile     GD-008877   Approach                          Pablo          Urrejola

                      A modified Active and Reactive
                      Direct Power Control strategy
Chile     GD-010928   with disturbances minimization Sebastian         Munoz

                      A Multiobjective Ranking Based
                      Finite States Model Predictive
                      Control Scheme Applied to a
Chile     GD-013412   Direct Matrix Converter        Jose              Espinoza
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                   First_Name   Last_Name   email

                      Research on Matrix Converter
                      Control Strategy under
China     GD-000469   Abnormal Input Voltages         Xingwei         Wang
                      Intelligent Coordinated Control
                      of Circulating Fluidized Bed
China     GD-001333   Boiler                          li              xiao-feng

                      Neutral Point Potential Balance
                      of Three-Level Inverter Based
                      on Parameters self-tuning
China     GD-001384   Fuzzy Logic Control Strategy       Enli         Du
                      Decoupled Instantaneous
                      Current Control and Islanding
                      Detection Strategy for a Single-
                      Phase Photovoltaic Generation
China     GD-001511   System                             Xuansan      Cai
                      A Low Voltage Ride Through
                      Technology for Direct-drive
                      Wind Turbines Under
China     GD-002585   Unbalanced Voltage Dips            Zhao         Zilong
                      A Novel Power-flow Balance
                      LVRT Control Strategy for Low-
                      speed Direct-drive PMSG Wind
China     GD-002755   System                             Jun          Li
                      Sensorless vector control of
                      matrix converter induction
                      motor drive at low speed using
                      a nonlinear compensation
China     GD-002771   method                             Hongwu       She
                      A novel fast filtering algorithm
                      for removing decaying DC
China     GD-002992   component                          HUANG        Shinian
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name   Last_Name   email
                      Conducted EMI Analysis of a
                      Three-Phase Inverter-Motor
                      System in a Variable Frequency
China     GD-003042   Air Conditioner                  Ming         Chen
                      Permanent Magnet Flux
                      Identification of IPMSM based
                      on EKF with Speed Senseless
China     GD-003883   Control                          Yuchao       Shi
                      A FPGA-Based Mixed-Signal
                      Controller for Switching Mode
China     GD-004022   Converters                       Mingyao      Ma

                      A Transformerless Cascaded AC-
                      DC-AC Topology for Multiphase
China     GD-004251   Machine Drive Application      Xinghua        Tao
                      Study On Double-fed Hybrid
                      Poles Permanent Magnet
China     GD-004383   Synchronous Machine            Zhen           Wang
                      A Non-Isolated High Step-up
                      Converter with Built-In
                      Transformer derived from its
China     GD-004448   Isolated Counterpart           Weichen        Li

                      Performance Analysis and
                      Circuit Design of an Interleaved
                      Active Clamp Zero Voltage
                      Switching Flyback-Forward
China     GD-004456   Boost Converter                  Fengwen      Cao
                      Study on Large Power Shunt
                      Active Power Filter with High
China     GD-004561   Compensation Precision           Chuan        Xie
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name   Last_Name   email
                      Application of Symmetrical
                      Proportional Direction Valve
                      Controlled Unsymmetrical
                      Cylinder in the Automatic
                      Roller Gap Adjusting of a novel
China     GD-004634   Straightener                      Song         Li
                      Design and Analysis of Active
China     GD-005002   Transfemoral Prosthesis           Yanli        Geng
                      An Isolated PWM Plus Phase-
                      shift controlled ZVS
                      Bidirectional Converter with
China     GD-005215   Coupled Inductors                 Haimeng      Wu
                      The Influence of Walking Speed
                      on Muscle Activity of Thigh and
                      Application in Prostheses
China     GD-006955   Control                           Lingling     Chen
                      Joint Scheduling Analysis of
                      Time-delay Impact on
                      Networked Control System for
                      Multi-inverter Parallel
China     GD-007315   Operation                         Hao          Ma

                      Analysis of One Fast Networked
                      Control System for Parallel
China     GD-007374   Operation of Inverters         Hao             Ma
                      An Improved Multi-layer PCB
                      Winding and Circuit Design for
                      Universal Contactless Charging
China     GD-007439   Platform                       Hao             Ma

                      Design and Implementation of
                      a High Performance
China     GD-008664   Aeronautical Active Power Filter Zhong         Chen
country   Paper ID    manuscript title               First_Name   Last_Name   email
                      Analysis and Implementation of
                      a Novel Full-Bridge ZVS
                      Converter with Adaptive
China     GD-008702   Auxiliary Circuit              Zhong        Chen

                      Optimizing the Arcing Time for
                      Smart Circuit Breakers Using
China     GD-008818   Synchronous Phase Control      Jun          Liu
                      A Data Processor to Enhance
                      Robustness of Networked
                      Control System for Parallel-
China     GD-009016   Connected Inverters            Hao          Ma
                      Phase-Shifted Full Bridge
                      Converter Featuring ZVS over
China     GD-009253   the Full Load Range            Bingjian     Yang

                      Design Consideration for Phase-
                      Shift Full-Bridge Zero-Voltage-
China     GD-009679   Switching DC-DC Converter       Guo-rong    Zhu
                      Investigation on Start-Up
                      Process of Automotive HID
China     GD-010316   Lamps with Digital Platform     Biwen       Xu

                      Synchronization of a Class of
                      Partially Unknown Chaotic
China     GD-010499   Systems with Integral Observer    Yuye      WANG
                      An Emergency Load Control
China     GD-011576   Method for Voltage Stability      Jin       Liu
                      Dual-Repetitive Control
                      Algorithm for Three-Phase
China     GD-012483   Shunt Active Power Filters        Chuan     Xie
                      Improved Hysteresis Current
                      Control of Multilevel Inverters
                      with Constant Switching
China     GD-013293   Frequency                         mao       huifeng
country          Paper ID     manuscript title                   First_Name      Last_Name     email

                              Contribution of VSC-HVDC Link
                              and DFIG based Wind Farm to
                              System Frequcncy Regulation
China            GD-013757    and Power Oscillation Damping Xiaorong       Zhu       
                              Circulating Current
                              Suppressing Controller in
China            GF-006491    Modular Multilevel Converter  Qingrui        Tu        
                              Modeling and Control of a Two
                              DOF Helicopter Using a Robust
                              Control Design Based on DK
Colombia         GD-000205    Iteration                     Jose Guillermo Guarnizo  

                              A Discrete-time observer-based
Colombia         GD-009067    control for induction motors       John            CortÈs-Romero
                              A Ripple-Mitigating Pre-filter
                              Based on Interleaved DC-DC
Colombia         GD-013129    Boost Converters                   Carlos Andres   Ramos-Paja
                              Alphanumerical character
                              recognition based on
Croatia (Hrvatska) D-014141
                 G            morphological analysis             Zdenko          Kovacic
                              Procedural and Declarative
                              Knowledge in Agent-Based
Czech Republic   GD-008435    Control                            Miloslav           
                              Active Suppression of Low-
                              Frequency Disturbances on AC
                              side of Traction Active Current-
Czech Republic   GD-013749    Source Rectifier                   Jan             Michalik
                              New Geometry Integrated
                              Inductors in Two-channel
                              Interleaved Bidirectional
Denmark          GD-000868    Converter                          Ziwei           Ouyang
                              Distribution System Protection
                              with Communication
Denmark          GD-003085    Technologies                       Mu              Wei 
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name   Last_Name    email
                      A New Structure Based on
                      Cascaded Multilevel Converter
                      for Variable Speed Wind
Denmark   GD-013714   Turbine                           Fujin        Deng

                      Investigation of Inter-Line
                      Dynamic Voltage Restorer with
Egypt     GD-005258   Virtual Impedance Injection   Ahmed            Elserougi

                      Improved Flux Pattern with
                      Third Harmonic Injection for
                      Multiphase Induction Machines
Egypt     GD-012475   Using Neural Network          Shady            Gadoue
                      Application of Volume
                      Bounding Box Decomposition
                      for Surgeonís Hand Gestures
Estonia   GD-011223   Recognition                   Sven             Nomm

                      Networked PID control: tuning
Finland   GD-007838   and outage compensation           Mikael       Bjˆrkbom
                      Analytical torque in ironless
France    GD-000302   high-frequency machines           Guy          Lemarquand
                      Nonlinear Sliding Mode
                      Observer and Control of High
France    GD-000671   Order DC-DC Converters            Ali          Jaafar
                      A Comparative Experimental
                      Study of Neural and
                      Conventional Controllers for an
France    GD-000973   Active Power Filter               Patrice      Wira
                      FPGA resources reduction with
                      multiplexing technique for
                      implementation of ANN-based
                      harmonics extraction by p-q
France    GD-001805   method                            Ngac Ky      Nguyen
country   Paper ID    manuscript title             First_Name   Last_Name        email
                      DC/DC converters control for
                      Embedded Energy
                      management - Supercapacitors
France    GD-001937   and Battery                  Mamadou BaÔloCAMARA 
                      Priority and adaptive QoS
                      mechanism for Wireless
                      Networked Control Systems
France    GD-002054   using IEEE 802.15.4          najet        boughanmi

                      Self-powered Piezoelectric
                      Energy Harvesting Device using
                      Velocity control Synchronized
France    GD-002143   Switching Technique              Yu-Yin     Chen 
                      Influence of the load angle on
                      the magnetic pressure
France    GD-004898   harmonic content of a WRSM       Pellerey   Pierre
                      Modeling and Fault Modes
                      Investigation of a Power
France    GD-004952   Sharing AC Drive                 Lefranc    Pierre
                      Robust Optimal Control
                      Strategies for a Hybrid Fuel
                      Cell Power Management
France    GD-005312   System                           David           

                      Hybrid Model for Buck
                      Converter Operating in
                      Continuous and Discontinuous
France    GD-006076   Conduction Modes                 Emmanuel   Godoy
                      Generating interactions in
                      autistic spectrum disorders by
France    GD-006742   means of a mobile robot          Gilbert    Pradel
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name       Last_Name     email
                      Estimation of the SOC and the
                      SOH of Li-ion Batteries, by
                      combining Impedance
                      Measurements with the Fuzzy
France    GD-006866   Logic Inference                   Ali              Zenati

                      HPS lamp control with Adjacent
                      Frequency Signal Injection for
France    GD-006904   Acoustic Resonance Avoidance      Maussion         Pascal
                      Multi-Agent Systems For Grid
                      Energy Management: A Short
France    GD-007102   Review                            Robin            Roche
                      Fault Diagnosis and PD-PWM
                      Reconfiguration of a 5-Level
                      Double-Boost PFC with Fault-
France    GD-007196   Tolerant Capability               RICHARDEAU       FrÈdÈric
                      Torque Ripple Analysis of a 42V
                      Fault Tolerant Six-Phase
                      Permanent Magnet
France    GD-007358   Synchronous Machine               Gerard           Aroquiadassou
                      Identification and
                      Compensation of Torque
                      Ripples of a PMSM in a Haptic
France    GD-007455   Context                           Sandrine         Moreau
                      Heterogeneous systems
                      verification on HiLeS Designer
France    GD-008508   tool                              Carlos Ernesto      
                                                                         Gomez Cardenas
                      Simulating calculations and
                      optimization design of a new
                      HVDC supply power for light
France    GD-008559   rail system                       Delphine         Riu 
                      Performance Enhancement of a
                      sensorless PMSM drive using
France    GD-010081   load torque estimation            Demba            Diallo
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                   First_Name      Last_Name      email

                      Approximate Novel Loss
                      Formulae Estimation for
                      Optimization of Power
France    GD-010847   Controller of Dc/Dc Converter      Ahmed           Shahin
                      TimeñVarying Sliding Mode
                      Control for a Faulted Six Phase
France    GD-011231   Induction Machine                  Franck          BETIN
                      Adaline for Fault Detection in
                      Electrical High Voltage
France    GD-011444   Transmission Line                  Fatima Louisa   Yousfi
                      Four Switch Buck-Boost
                      Converter for Photovoltaic DC-
France    GD-011754   DC Power Applications              Marcos          Orellana
                      Second order sliding mode
                      current controller for the
France    GD-012025   switched reluctance machine        Hilairet        Mickael
                      FPGA-based digital voltage-
                      current controller for a buck
France    GD-012076   converter                          carlos          carrejo
                      New P&O MPPT Algorithm For
France    GD-012289   FPGA Implementation.               Youssef         ELBASRI
                      Modelling and control of a multi
                      phase induction system for
France    GD-013323   metal disc heating                 Pascal          Maussion
                      Influence of Hanging Load on
                      Induction Machine Torque and
                      Stator Current in Hoisting
France    GD-013978   Winch system                       Javad           Rastegar
                      Identification of Induction
                      Motor at Standstill Using
France    GD-014117   Artificial Neural Network          djaffar           
                                                                         OULD ABDESLAM

France    GF-005908   Interaction Model Comparison       Shahin          HEDAYATI KIA
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name   Last_Name      email
                      Energy Hybridization source
                      with Fuel Cell, Solar Panel and
                      Batteries on the DC Link for
France    GF-009814   street lighting System            AYAD         M. Y.
                      Capacitive gap and yaw angle
Germany   GD-000159   sensor for linear drives          Phong C.     Khong
                      Monitoring and Control of a
                      Modular Servo Drive System
                      based on PM Linear
Germany   GD-000582   Synchronous Motors                Sorin        Silaghiu

                      Extending an Agent-Based FMS
                      Scheduling Approach with
Germany   GD-000604   Parallel Genetic Algorithms    Iman            Badr 
                      Different Methods for Reducing
                      Detent Force in a Permanent
                      Magnet Linear Synchronous
Germany   GD-001198   Motor                          Jan-Peter       Jastrzembski
                      Bearing Wear Caused by
                      Converter-Induced Bearing
Germany   GD-001864   Currents                       Hans            Tischmacher

                      Efficient use of data exchange
                      formats in engineering projects
                      by means of language
                      integrated queries - Engineers
Germany   GD-002089   LINQ to XML                      Mike          Barth
                      A new approach for adopting
                      communication systems to new
Germany   GD-003549   constraints at runtime           Ingmar        Kuehl
                      Service-orientation on behalf of
                      self-configuration for the
Germany   GD-005649   automation environment           Henning       Mersch
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name     Last_Name    email

                      Harmonic Current Elimination
                      for Dual-Inverter Fed Machines
Germany   GD-005754   With Open-End Windings         Florian           Senicar
                      Metamodel-Driven Property
Germany   GD-005843   Management                     Martin            Mertens
                      Reduction of Detent Force
                      Caused by the End Effect of a
                      High Thrust Tubular PMLSM
                      Using a Genetic Algorithm and
Germany   GD-006092   FEM                            Sebastian         Gruber

                      Novel PWM Modulation
                      Strategy for 3-phase Inverters
                      with Reduced Distortion at Low
Germany   GD-006246   Switching Frequency            Niklas E.         Rueger

                      High Efficient Battery Backup
                      System for Lift Trucks Using
                      Interleaved-Converter and
Germany   GD-006394   Increased EDLC Voltage Range      Jens           Schroeder
                      Integrated Current Control,
                      Energy Control and Energy
                      Balancing of Modular Multilevel
Germany   GD-006653   Converters                        Steven         Liu
                      Monitoring Functions as Service
                      Composition in a SoA-based
Germany   GD-006947   Industrial Environment            Daniel         Cachapa
                      Flatness Based Speed Control
                      of Drive Systems with
Germany   GD-007757   Resonant Loads                    Soenke         Thomsen
                      PID-State Control with
                      Restricted Structure for
Germany   GD-007986   Electromechanical Drive Train     Constantinos   Sourkounis
country     Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name    Last_Name   email

                        Realistic Simulation of
                        Extraterrestrial Legged Robot
                        in Trade-off between Accuracy
Germany     GD-008354   and Simulation Time              Yong-Ho       Yoo
                        Prevention of Harmful EDM
                        Currents in Inverter-Fed AC
                        Machines by Use of
                        Electrostatic Shields in the
Germany     GD-012041   Stator Winding Overhang          Oliver        Magdun
                        Towards an Architecture for
                        Service-Oriented Process
Germany     GD-012661   Monitoring and Control           Armando Walter Colombo
                        Power Conditioning by
                        Electronic Synchronous
Germany     GD-013285   Machine                          Bingchang     Ni
                        A Dimmable Light-Emitting
                        Diode (LED) Driver with
                        Cascaded Mag-Amp
                        Postregulators for Multistring
Hong Kong   GD-000965   Applications                     Ron           Hui
                        New Methods on the Way to
                        Intelligent Modeling in
                        Computer Integrated
Hungary     GD-003395   Engineering                      L·szlÛ        Horv·th

                        Computational Intelligence for
Hungary     GD-006173   Problem Solving in Engineering Imre J.         Rudas

                        Ultrahigh Speed Induction
                        Machine Overheated by
Hungary     GD-008125   Subharmonics of PWM Inverter Istvan            Nagy
                        Robust Control for Slosh-free
India       GD-000248   Motion using Sliding Modes    Shailaja         Kurode
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name    Last_Name    email
                      A New Load Flow Analysis for
India     GD-002488   Radial Distribution Systems       Sai           Vemprala
                      Optimal Voltage Level for DC
India     GD-004995   Microgrids                        Sandeep       Anand
                      Design, Electro-Thermal
                      Simulation and Geometrical
                      Optimization of Double Spiral
                      Shaped Microheater on a
                      Suspended Membrane for Gas
India     GD-005703   Sensing                           Velmathi      G  
                      A New 4-level Open-Ended
                      Transformer based STATCOM
India     GD-005797   for High Power Applications       Sandeep       Anand
                      Optimal Sizing of Motor Battery
                      Systems for In-Wheel Electric
India     GD-006041   Vehicles                          Vandana       Rallabandi

                      On-line Load Test for Induction
                      Machine Stator Inter-turn Fault
                      Detection under Stator
India     GD-008036   Electrical Asymmetries            Dhaval C.     Patel
                      Image Based Online Tracking
                      and Control of Nano-
                      Manipulator for Collision
                      Avoidance in Micro/Nano
India     GD-008095   Assembly                          Tanmay        Pal
                      Synchronized SVPWM
                      Algorithm for Overmodulation
India     GD-009822   Region for Three-Level VSI        Sreenivasappa BVeeranna
                      State Dependent Riccati
                      Equation Based Controller For
India     GD-009881   Trms                              Sangeetha     G.R.
                      A Novel Real-Time Proficient
India     GD-010944   Algorithm for Edge Detection      Ankur         Gupta
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name    Last_Name   email
                      Transient Behavior of a Single-
                      Phase Self-Excited Induction
                      Generator using a Three-Phase
                      Machine with Electronic Load
India     GD-011568   Controller                        Sankar Narayan Mahato
                      Nonlinear Characterization of
                      Microcantilever based Force
                      Sensor using Nanomanipulator
India     GD-011673   System                            Himanshu Dutt Sharma
                      A novel non-fragile single-loop
                      voltage and frequency
                      controller for induction
                      generator based isolated
                      renewable energy conversion
India     GD-013307   system                            PRIYESH       CHAUHAN

                      Shunt Active Power
                      Filter/STATCOM Topology for
                      Medium/High Power
                      Applications: Parallel Inverters
                      Operating at Different
India     GD-014729   Switching Frequencies            Tuhin S.       Basu
                      A Current Error Space Vector
                      Based Hysteresis Controller
                      with Constant Switching
                      Frequency and Simple Online
                      boundary Computation for VSI
India     GF-000124   fed IM Drive                     Gopakumar      K 
                      Performance of New Cascade
                      Multilevel H-Bridge Inverter
                      With Single Dc Source By
                      Employing Low Frequency
India     GF-004316   Three-Phase Transformers.        Yellasiri      Suresh
country     Paper ID    manuscript title                First_Name    Last_Name    email
                        Direct Power Control with
                        Hybrid Approach for Active
Indonesia   GD-006696   Power Filter Application        Tri Desmana   Rachmildha

                        A Soft Switching Three-Phase
Iran        GD-002542   Three-Switch Buck Rectifier    Negar          Noroozi
                        Improving of STS Algorithm to
                        Detecting Voltage Unbalance in
                        Low Voltage Distribution
Iran        GD-003166   Network                        Babak          Gholizad
                        Speed Control of Brushless DC
                        Motors Using Emotional
Iran        GD-003646   Intelligent Controller         ehsan          daryabeigi

                        A Robust Control Architecture
                        for Dual User Teleoperation
Iran        GD-004812   System with Time-Delay          Heidar Ali    Talebi
                        Tip Position Tracking of a
                        Flexible-Link Manipulator
                        Based on Online Robust
Iran        GD-004855   Trajectory Modification         Heidar Ali    Talebi

                        Modified Projective
                        Synchronization of Chaotic
                        Dissipative Gyroscope Systems
Iran        GD-004871   via Backstepping Control         Faezeh       Farivar
                        Emotional Controller in Electric
Iran        GD-009857   Drives- A Review                 Ehsan        daryabeigi

                        Adaptive Hybrid Impedance
Iran        GD-010456   Control of Robotic Manipulators Heidar Ali    Talebi
                        Adaptive Leader-Follower
                        Formation Control for Multiple
Iran        GD-010545   AUVs in Spatial Motion          Saba          Emrani
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name   Last_Name      email
                      A Novel and Fast Blind Source
                      Separation Algorithm for
Iran      GD-011142   Convolutive Environment           Faezeh       Marzbanrad
                      Modeling and Simulation of a
                      Circumferential-Flux Hysteresis
Iran      GD-011258   Motor                             Abolfazl     Halvaei Niasar
                      A Design of Thermo-
                      Electrostatic Actuated
                      Microelectromechanical Switch
                      with Low Voltage and
Iran      GD-013722   Fabrication Efforts               Parisa       Mahmoudi
                      Novel Fully Soft Switched Bi-
                      directional Inverter for Hybrid
                      Electric Vehicles: Analysis and
Iran      GD-014559   Control                           Mehran       Ahmadi

                      Integrated Modeling of Nonliner
                      Dynamics and Contact
                      Mechanics of Electrostatically
Ireland   GD-012297   Actuated RF-MEMS Switches       Cuong          Do   

                      Position Tracking in Electrical
                      Drives with Elastic Coupling
Ireland   GD-012432   using Model Predictive Control    Marcin       Cychowski
                      A Grid-Connected System
                      Based on a Real Time PV
                      Emulator: Design and
Italy     GD-000906   Experimental set-up               Marcello     Pucci
                      Neural based MRAS Sensorless
                      Techniques for High
                      Performance Linear Induction
Italy     GD-000914   Motor Drives                      Marcello     Pucci
                      Core Loss Estimation Method
                      for PWM Inverter Fed Induction
Italy     GD-001163   Motors                            Andrea       Cavagnino
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                First_Name   Last_Name       email
                      Mixed Mode Control For
Italy     GD-001708   Flyback Converter               Rosario      Stracquadaini

                      Off-line Constant Current LEDs
                      Driver using the ALTAIR05T-
Italy     GD-001716   800 Primary Controller         Fabio         Cacciotto
                      Sensorless Control of PMSM by
                      a Linear Neural Network: TLS
Italy     GD-001902   EXIN Neuron                    Marcello      Pucci 
                      Analysis and control of a
                      distributed traction and
Italy     GD-005118   steering system                Manuele       Bertoluzzo

                      A Novel Compensation
                      Strategy of Actual
                      Commutations for Ground
                      Leakage Current Reduction in
Italy     GD-007129   PV Transformerless Converters Emilio         Lorenzani
                      Enhanced Model for Lithium-
                      Polymer Cells including
Italy     GD-007501   Temperature Effects           Gabriele       Fantechi
                      Discerning Mechanical Load
                      Unbalances from Rotor Faults
                      in Induction Machines through
                      Current Space Vector
Italy     GD-008184   Components                    Carlo          Concari

                      Tree Based Routing in Power
Italy     GD-008257   Line Communication Networks     Orazio       Mirabella
                      RBF Neural Networks Based
                      Quasi Sliding Mode Controller
                      and Robust Speed Estimation
Italy     GD-008273   for PM Synchronous Motors       Gianluca     Ippoliti
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                   First_Name   Last_Name   email
                      Improving the Dynamic
                      Continuous Clock
Italy     GD-008397   Synchronization for WSNs           Orazio       Mirabella
                      Key Design Aspects of
                      Electrical Machines for High-
Italy     GD-011746   Speed Spindle Applications         Silvio       Vaschetto
                      Dynamic load balancing
                      techniques for flexible wireless
Italy     GD-012106   industrial networks                Mario        Collotta
                      Direct Flux Vector Control of
                      Axial Flux IPM Motors for in-
Italy     GD-012262   Wheel Traction Solutions           Radu         Bojoi
                      A Review of Smart Grid
Italy     GD-013854   Technology                         Carlo        Cecati
                      Influence of Magnetic Wedges
                      on the Load Performance of
                      Axial Flux Permanent Magnet
Italy     GD-013889   Machines                           Giulio       De Donato

                      Design of a Haptic Device for
Italy     GD-014028   Finger and Hand Rehabilitation Roberto          Oboe
                      Particle Swarm Optimization of
Italy     GD-014206   a Universal Inverter           Antonell         Nagliero
                      Management of Grid-Inverter
                      Outages and Power Quality
                      Disturbances in Distributed
Italy     GD-014575   Generation Systems             Antonella        Nagliero

                      An experimental comparison of
                      adaptive and robust control
                      methods for precise positioning
Italy     GD-014583   with tubular linear motors      Francesco       Cupertino
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name   Last_Name   email

                      Mode Switching Control for a
                      Personal Mobility Robot based
Japan     GD-000213   on Initial Value Compensation     Noriaki      Hirose
                      Outer-Rotor type Permanent
                      Magnet Reluctance Generator
                      with High Power and Low
Japan     GD-000299   Toque Ripple                      Kenji        Nakamura
                      Orthogonal Exponential Spline
                      Pulses for Impulse Radio
Japan     GD-000345   Communications                    Masaru       Kamada
                      Switching Impedance Control
                      in Vertical Direction for Biped
                      Robot with Toe and Heel Joints
Japan     GD-000795   on Uneven Terrain                 Tomoya       Sato
                      Safety function in control laws
                      against deviation from normal
Japan     GD-000884   operating-range                   Koichi       Suyama

                      Optimum Design of the Thin-
                      Type Four-Axis Force/Moment
Japan     GD-001007   Sensor for a Robot Finger        Yuichiro      Hayashi
                      Fine Servo System Based on
                      New Over-modulation with
                      Priority Given to d-axis Voltage
Japan     GD-001457   for IPMSM                        Kenji         Takahashi
                      Improvement of Settling
                      Performance by Initial Value
                      Compensation Considering
Japan     GD-001724   Rolling Friction Characteristic  Yoshihiro     Maeda

                      Central Controller based Hybrid
                      Control with Communication
Japan     GD-001759   Delay Compensator               Daisuke        Yashiro
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name   Last_Name     email

                      Channel Characteristic and
                      Stability Condition of
                      Communication Disturbance
                      Observer Based Bilateral
Japan     GD-001775   Teleoperation with Time Delay    Dapeng       Tian

                      Smooth Touch Control between
                      Position Control and Force
Japan     GD-001821   Control for Industrial Robots    Naoki        Shimada
                      An AC-link Bidirectional DC-DC
                      Converter with Synchronous
Japan     GD-002259   Rectifier                        Hirofumi     Matsuo
                      High-Performance Sensorless
                      Injection Force Control Based
                      on Nonlinear Friction
Japan     GD-002372   Phenomenon                       Ryo          Furusawa
                      High-Precision Positioning by
                      Structural Design Using
Japan     GD-002445   Vibration Node                   Kenta        Seki
                      FPGA-based Wideband Force
                      Sensing with Kalman-Filter-
Japan     GD-002518   Based Disturbance Observer       Thao         Tran Phuong
                      Combining Position and
                      Acceleration Information for
                      High Performance of Bilateral
                      Control using Kalman-Filter-
Japan     GD-002577   Based Disturbance Observer       Chowarit     Mitsantisuk
                      An investigation on robust
                      biped walking using compliant
                      force control and a online
Japan     GD-003875   walking pattern generator        Kirill       Van Heerden
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                    First_Name   Last_Name    email

                      Bilateral Force Feedback
                      Control with Virtual Constraint
Japan     GD-003891   for Operational Assistance          Shutaro      Yorozu
                      Suppression of harmonic
                      current for IPMSM using
Japan     GD-003905   generalized repetitive control      Tadanao      Zanama
                      Towel Mark Recognition Based
                      on HOG for Cloth Handling
Japan     GD-004065   Robot System                        Yasuhiko     Fukumoto

                      Vision-Based Tracking Method
Japan     GD-004073   to Multiple Interacting Targets Satoru           TAKAHASHI
                      Reproduction of Human Motion
                      Using Motion-Copying System
                      Based on Coordinate
Japan     GD-004103   Modification                    Noboru           Tsunashima

                      Nested Preview Control by
                      Utilizing Virtual Plane for Biped
                      Walking Pattern Generation
Japan     GD-004111   Including COG Up-Down Motion        Shuhei       Shimmyo
                      Fine Self-tuning Method of
                      Both Current Sensor Offset and
                      Electrical Parameter Variations
Japan     GD-004154   for SPM Motor                       Yutaro       Uenaka
                      Implementation of Lossy Haptic
                      Data Compression Using
Japan     GD-004162   Integer DCT to FPGA                 Hiroyuki     Tanaka
                      PWM Strategy of Voltage
                      Harmonics Minimization for
Japan     GD-004545   Matrix Converters                   Takayuki     Hasegawa
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name    Last_Name   email
                      Estimation Of Disturbance
                      Force Caused By Thrust Wire
                      Using A Spring And Damper
Japan     GD-004588   Model                            Mari          Kawamoto
                      Analysis of System connection
                      in Multilateral Control System
                      Considering Number of
Japan     GD-004618   Subsystems                       Takeshi       Okura
                      Robust Time Delayed Control
                      System Based on
                      Communication Disturbance
                      Observer with Inner Model
Japan     GD-004766   Input}                           Aryabhima AuliaRahman
                      Adaptive Motion-Copying
                      System Based on Real-World
Japan     GD-005355   Haptics                          Yuki          Yokokura
                      Force Feedback Control for
Japan     GD-005428   Haptic Walking System            Kazuki        Nagase
                      Model based mu-synthesis
                      control for time-varying
Japan     GD-005479   network based system             Yutaka        Uchimura
                      Distributed Demand Side
                      Management System for Home
Japan     GD-005568   Energy Management                Yukio         Suhara
                      Active Structural Control with
                      Input Dead Zone Based on
Japan     GD-005576   Approach                         Jin-Hua       She

                      Control method for power-
                      assist systems with an energy
                      regeneration system based on
Japan     GD-005673   predicting operation             Norihiro      KOBAYASHI
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                   First_Name   Last_Name   email
                      Visual Stabilization of Walking
                      Motion for Biped Robot with
Japan     GD-005827   Flexible Ankles                    Naoki        Oda

                      Effects of Dead-Time and
                      Discontinuous PWM of a Five-
                      Leg Inverter for Two Induction
Japan     GD-005835   Motor Independent Drives           Kazuo        Oka
                      High Efficient DC Brushless
                      Motor in which Unidirectional
                      Current Flows and the Motor
Japan     GD-005916   System                             Yasuhiro     Komatsu

                      Articulated Multilateral Control
Japan     GD-006033   for Haptic Broadcasting System     Takumi       Ishii
                      A Comparative Evaluation of
                      DCM Control and CCM Control
                      for Soft-Switching PFC
Japan     GD-006238   Converter                          Eiji         Hiraki
                      Networked Cellular Motion
                      Detection System by Using
                      Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor for
Japan     GD-006262   Surveillance                       Hiroyuki     Kawai
                      Range Extension Control
                      System for Electric Vehicle with
                      Active Front Steering and
                      Driving/Braking Force
Japan     GD-006424   Distribution on Curving Road       Hayato       Sumiya

                      Analysis of relation between
                      operator's control performance
Japan     GD-006432   and the skill level            Yukihito         Suzuki
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                   First_Name   Last_Name   email
                      Basic Examination of
                      Simulataneous Optimization in
                      Mechanism and Control for
                      Gantry-Type Precision Stage as
                      Two-Mass and Four-Degree-of-
Japan     GD-006718   Freedom Model.                     Yushi        Seki
                      Zero-cross Switch Control of
                      AC Resistive Load with Multi-
                      cycle Period Delta-sigma
Japan     GD-007404   Modulator                          Akihiko      Yoneya
                      Visual Feedback System for
                      Tracking of Microorganisms
Japan     GD-007668   using Color OCM                    Takumi       HONDA

                      Development Of 16-Dof Haptic
Japan     GD-007846   Telesurgical Forceps Robot         Wataru       Motooka
                      Hybrid Sensorless Control of
                      IPMSM Combining HFIM and
Japan     GD-007919   Back EMF Method                    Kozo         Ide
                      A Nuclear Norm Minimization
                      Approach to System
                      Identification with Finite Word-
Japan     GD-008575   Length Data                        Katsumi      Konishi
                      Image-based Visual Tracking to
                      Fast Moving Target for Active
Japan     GD-008613   Binocular Robot                    Masaaki      Shibata
                      A delta-sigma modulated Class
                      D current-source resonant
Japan     GD-008737   boost converter                    Hirotaka     Koizumi
                      Adaptive Robust Stabilization
                      for a Class of Uncertain
                      Nonlinear Systems with
Japan     GD-008796   External Disturbances              Hansheng     Wu
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name   Last_Name   email
                      Control of a Straight Line
                      Stretching Motion for a
                      Humanoid Robot Taking
                      Advantages of Cooperation
                      with Biological Bi-articular
Japan     GD-009091   Simultaneous Drive                Hiroyuki     Fukusho

                      A New Parameter of Voltage
                      Sags and Its Effect on Inverters
                      of PV Systems Surveyed by a
                      Newly Developed Voltage Sag
Japan     GD-009288   Generator                        Isao          Iyoda

                      A New Method for Efficient
                      Drive and Current Control of
                      Brushless DC Motor -
Japan     GD-009555   Experiments and its Evaluation    Atsushi      Watanabe
                      Image Measurement of Hand
                      Dimensions and Model-Based
                      Human Hand Posture
Japan     GD-009563   Estimation                        Shunta       Saito
                      A Method to Control a Peltier
                      Device Based on Heat
Japan     GD-009695   Disturbance Observer              Hidetaka     Morimitsu
                      A New Magnetic Matrix Model
Japan     GD-009709   of IPMSM                          Hiroki       Goto
                      Double Chromosome GA with
                      Corner Junction for Solving the
Japan     GD-010308   2D Strip Packing Problem          Mitsukuni    Matayoshi
                      Frequency Domain Analysis of
                      Fixed On-Time with Bottom
                      Detection Control for Buck
Japan     GD-010421   Converter                         Takashi      Nabeshima
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name   Last_Name   email

                      I&I-based adaptive control of a
Japan     GD-010588   four-rotor mini helicopter        Makoto       Yokoyama
                      Infinity Norm
                      Approach for Precise Force
                      Control of Bi-articular Driven
Japan     GD-011037   Robotic Arms                      Valerio      Salvucci
                      Personal Identification Method
                      of Robot with Whole-Body
Japan     GD-011053   Sensing Mechanism                 Toshiaki     Tsuji
                      On Direct-drive Motion of a
Japan     GD-011118   Spiral Motor                      Issam        Smadi

                      Robust Yaw Stability Control
                      for Electric Vehicles Based on
                      Steering Angle-Disturbance
                      Observer (SA-DOB) and
Japan     GD-011215   Tracking Control Design           Kanghyun     Nam
                      An Improvement Method of
                      Compliance Control in Pushing
                      Operation by Mobile
Japan     GD-011428   Manipulator                       Yusuke       Fujimoto

                      Measurement and Discussion of
                      Inductance Distortion caused
                      by Magnetic Saturation for
Japan     GD-011622   Sensorless Control of IPMSM    Yang            Zhao
                      Realization of Self-Sensing
                      Electrostatic Suspension Using
Japan     GD-011649   a Variable Capacitor           Takaaki         Kato
                      Rolling friction compensation
Japan     GD-012092   without using equation model Tadashi           Takemura
country   Paper ID    manuscript title               First_Name      Last_Name    email
                      Reproduction of Virtual
                      Environments with Different
                      Structural Environmental
Japan     GD-012254   Loading System                 Takuma          Shimoichi
                      Control Methodology for
                      Reaction Force at Impact based
                      Only on the Viscoelasticity of
Japan     GD-012351   Muscles                        Sehoon          Oh 

                      Reaction Disturbance
                      Cancellation for a Magnetically
                      Levitated Ladder Arm of Clean-
Japan     GD-012386   Room Robot                        Koichi       Matsuda
                      Analysis of Stability and
                      Bifurcation in a Simple Model
                      of Power Converters with Solar
Japan     GD-013234   Cell Input                        Toshimichi   Saito
                      Feature-based Visual Target
                      Following for Nonholonomic
                      Wheeled Mobile Robot with
Japan     GD-013366   Single Camera                     Masahide     Ito
                      Construction of Energy
                      Measuring System in a
                      University for Cluster Energy
Japan     GD-013528   Management System                 Yuto         Kamiyoshi
                      Design of Switching Circuits
                      based on Particle Swarm
                      Optimizer and Hybrid Fitness
Japan     GD-013803   Function                          Toshimichi   Saito

                      An Analysis of Transmissibility
Japan     GD-013986   in Bilateral Tele-operation     Tatsuhito      Watanabe
                      Variable Time-Space
                      Compliance Control for Human
Japan     GD-014656   Support                         Wataru         Yamanouchi
country         Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name   Last_Name   email

                            Analysis of Drill Wear Based on
                            Torque and Force Sensorless
Japan           GF-002267   Cutting Power Estimation          Yusuke       Kasahara
                            Achievement Of Precise Force
                            Control For A Tendon-Driven
                            Rotary Actuator With Thrust
Japan           GF-003247   Wires And A Pe Line               Yusuke       Suzuki
                            Mobile-hapto with Yaw Rate
                            Control for Traveling on Rough
Japan           GF-004219   Terrain                           Sho          Sakaino
                            Online Support Vector
                            Regression based Actor-Critic
Korea (South)   GD-001392   method                            Dong-Hyun    Lee
                            Force Control Application to a
                            Mobile Manipulator with
Korea (South)   GD-001481   Balancing Mechanism               Seul         Jung

                            A Novel Current Reconstruction
                            Scheme of Paralleled Three-
                            Phase Boost Converters under
Korea (South)   GD-004014   Two Dc-Link Current Sensors       Chang-Soon   Lim
                            Feature Selection for Multi-
                            class Classification using
                            Support Vector Data
Korea (South)   GD-004189   Description                       Sangchul     Won
                            An Improved Soft-Switching
                            Inverter with A Unidirectional
Korea (South)   GD-004197   Auxiliary Switch                  Se-Jin       Sohn
                            A ZVS Boost Converter using
                            the Renewable Energies for
Korea (South)   GD-004286   HEV Charger                       Kun-wook     Park
                            Controlled Synchronization of
                            an Array of Nonlinear Systems
Korea (South)   GD-004367   with Time delay                   Sangchul     Won
country         Paper ID    manuscript title                First_Name    Last_Name   email

                            Fault Diagnosis of a Voltage-
                            Fed PWM Inverter for a Three-
                            parallel Power Conversion
Korea (South)   GD-005169   System in a Wind Turbine        Kyo-Beum      Lee
                            Active damping of resonance in
                            a large-scale wind power
                            system with an LCL-filter using
Korea (South)   GD-005177   an improved DFT                 Kyo-Beum      Lee

                            Vision-Inertial Integration
                            System for Tracking an Object
Korea (South)   GD-005193   with Known CAD Model            Hee-Jun       Kang

                            Grid-Connected Electric
                            Vehicles Charger Station Based
                            on Lithium Polymer Battery
Korea (South)   GD-006351   Energy Storage System          Doo-yong       Jung

                            Implementation of a CAN
                            System with Dual
                            Communication Channel to
Korea (South)   GD-006874   Enhance the Network Capacity    Kyung Chang   Lee
                            A Development of Auto
                            Alignment System of Trailer
                            and Freight Wagon based on
                            electronic Sensor for
Korea (South)   GD-007641   Intermodal Transportation       Young Jin     Lee
                            A Novel Control Strategy for
                            DC/DC Power Converter of Fuel
Korea (South)   GD-008834   Cell Hybrid System              Lei           Hu
                            Design and Analysis of Series
                            Resonant Converter for 30kW
Korea (South)   GD-009083   Industrial Magnetron            Sung Roc      Jang
country         Paper ID    manuscript title                   First_Name   Last_Name   email
                            Sensorless Control Strategy of
                            IPMSM Based on a Parallel
Korea (South)   GD-009377   Reduced-Order EKF                  Dong-Hoon    Yim
                            A Predictive Deadbeat Current
                            Controller Associated to EKF for
                            High Performance IPMSM
Korea (South)   GD-009547   Drives                             Dong-Hoon    Yim
                            Implementation of a Fuzzy
                            Predictive Redundancy System
                            for Tolerance of X-by-Wire
Korea (South)   GD-009628   Systems                            KyungChang   Lee
                            Fault Diagnosis for Open-Phase
                            Faults of PMSM Drives Using
Korea (South)   GD-009644   EKF                                Sung-Guk     Ahn

                            Initial Rotor Position Estimation
Korea (South)   GD-011029   Current Saturation Inductance Gun-Myoung        Kim
                            Diagnosis of Open-Circuit
                            Faults in a Matrix Converter
                            using Patterns of the Output
Korea (South)   GD-011525   Current                           Kyo-Beum      Lee
                            A Single Stage Power Supply
                            Unit for Wireless Remote
                            Controlled Dimmable LED
Korea (South)   GD-012378   Lightings                         Kyumin        Cho

                            3 Phase Interleaved LLC
Korea (South)   GD-013226   Resonant DC/DC Converter           Kyumin       Cho
                            LQR with Integral Action
                            Controller Applied to a Three-
                            Phase Three-Switch Three-
Lebanon         GD-010413   Level AC/DC Converter              Hadi         Kanaan
country    Paper ID    manuscript title                   First_Name   Last_Name      email
                       H-infinity Robust Control
                       Applied to the Three-
                       Phase/Switch/Level (VIENNA)
Lebanon    GD-013463   Rectifier                          Hadi         Kanaan
                       A New High Power Factor AC-
                       DC converter using Bridgeless
Malaysia   GD-001694   SEPIC                              Mohd Rodhi   Sahid

                       Application of Differential
                       Evolution to Determine the
                       HEPWM Angles of a Three
Malaysia   GD-003026   Phase Voltage Source Inverter Norhazilina       Bahari
                       Experimental Evaluation of Two
                       Adaptive Output Feedback
                       Controllers for Robot
Mexico     GD-008761   Manipulators                   Javier               

                       Analysis and experimental
                       evaluation of a robust
                       saturated PI velocity controller
Mexico     GD-008923   for robot manipulators             Javier           
                       Cascade Control Applied to
                       Asymmetric Multilevel
Mexico     GD-009113   Converter Based-STATCOM            Javier       Perez-Ramirez
                       Model Predictive Control of a
                       Doubly Fed Induction
                       Generator with an Indirect
Mexico     GD-009725   Matrix Converter                   Jose Luis                    j
                       Analysis of a Ferrofluid Core
Mexico     GD-010758   LVDT Displacement Sensor           Marco A.     FÈlix
                       Resolution improvement of
                       Dynamic Triangulation method
                       for 3D Vision System in Robot
Mexico     GD-013145   Navigation task                    Luis         Basaca
country        Paper ID     manuscript title                 First_Name   Last_Name    email
                            Color Image Segmentation by
                            Partitional Clustering
Mexico         GD-014605    Algorithms                       Benjamin     Ojeda-MagaÒa
                            Robust Vibration Isolation by
                            Frequency-Shaped Sliding
                            Surface Control with Geophone
Netherlands    GD-005509    Dynamics                         Chenyang     Ding
                            A Football Kicking High Speed
                            Actuator for a Mobile Robotic
Netherlands    GD-011436    Application                      Koen         Meessen
                            Robust Vibration Isolation by
                            Frequency-Shaped Sliding
                            Surface Control with Floor
Netherlands    GD-012505    Measurement                      Chenyang     Ding

                            Optimized Low-Power Thermal
                            Stepper System for Harsh and
Netherlands    GD-013951    Inaccessible Environments        Ruimin       Yang
                            Optimizing the Dielectric
                            Elastomer Energy Harvesting
Netherlands    GF-010073    Cycles                           Rick         van Kessel

                            Very low frequency
                            supercapacitor techniques to
                            improve the end-to-end
                            efficiency of DC-DC converters
                            based on commercial off the
New Zealand (Aotearoa)
                GD-003093   shelf LDOs                       Nihal        Kularatna
                            Surge Endurance Capability
                            Testing of Supercapacitor
New Zealand (Aotearoa)
                GD-003786   Families                         Nihal        Kularatna
                            A Generalized Coupling Model
                            for Capacitive Power Transfer
New Zealand (Aotearoa)
                GD-004057   Systems                          Chao         Liu
country        Paper ID     manuscript title                 First_Name    Last_Name     email
                            Testing of failure patterns of
                            desk top computer power
                            supplies using a lightning surge
                            simulator and the generation of
                            a database for a
                            comprehensive surge
New Zealand (Aotearoa)
                GD-009385   propagation study                Sisira        James
                            A New Magnetic Coupler for
                            Inductive Power Transfer
                            Electric Vehicle Charging
New Zealand (Aotearoa)
                GD-009512   Systems                          Mickel        Budhia

                            Effective Use of Film Capacitors
                            in Single-phase PV-inverters by
Norway         GD-006882    Active Power Decoupling            Fritz       Schimpf
                            Frequency-Adaptive Virtual
                            Flux Estimation for Grid
                            Synchronization under
Norway         GD-008729    Unbalanced Conditions              Jon Are     Suul
                            Performance Calculation for a
                            High Speed Solid-Rotor
Poland         GD-001325    Induction Motor                    Jacek       Gieras
                            Robust Speed-Sensorless
                            Induction Motor Drive for
Poland         GD-003344    Traction Applications              Teresa          
                            Modeling of Transients in
                            Power Plant Auxiliary Electrical
Poland         GD-006475    System                             Janusz      Buchta
                            Fuzzy models of the biological-
                            chemical processes in the
                            sewage treatment plant for
                            advanced MPC control of
Poland         GD-013404    electrical blowers                 Krzysztof   Szabat
country    Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name   Last_Name     email

                       Analysis of the Inter-turn Fault
                       Symptoms for the Converter-
                       Fed Induction Motor Based on
Poland     GD-014184   the Phase-Shift Calculation      Teresa            
                       Error Analysis in Indoors
                       Localization Using ZigBee
Portugal   GD-000191   Wireless Networks                Abilio        Azenha

                       Automatic Optical Inspection
                       for Detecting Defective Solders
Portugal   GD-000698   on Printed Circuit Boards         Henrique     Silva
                       Inspection of Bottles Crates in
                       the Beer Industry through
Portugal   GD-001872   Computer Vision                   Manuel       Ferreira
                       Timed trajectory generation for
Portugal   GD-002631   a toy-like wheeled robot          Jorge        Silva
                       Flux-linkage Characteristics
                       Models for Switched Reluctance
Portugal   GD-003336   Machines                          Pedro        Lobato
                       Pervasive WSN based solutions
                       applied to Health and Life-
Portugal   GD-006858   support Systems                   Carlos       SerÙdio
                       An Integrated Hybrid Power
                       System Based on Renewable
                       Energy Sources with Electric
Portugal   GD-007218   Wind MPPT                         JosÈ         Paiva
                       Ecore Representation for
                       Extending PNML for Input-
Portugal   GD-008176   Output Place-Transition Nets      Filipe       Moutinho
                       Hexapod Locomotion: a
                       Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Portugal   GD-008516   Approach                          Cristina     Santos
country     Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name    Last_Name   email
                        Modelling and Simulating Self-
                        Organizing Agent-based
Portugal    GD-012955   Manufacturing Systems            Paulo         Leitao
                        Low Standby Power
                        Consumption and High Cross
                        Regulation of Active Clamp
Qatar       GD-003239   Flyback Converter with SSPR      Jeehoon       Jung
                        Novel, Four-Switch, Z-Source
Romania     GD-008206   Three-Phase Inverter             RÛbert        Antal
                        Improved state observers for
                        sensorless single phase BLDC-
Romania     GD-008443   PM motor drives                  Liviu         Iepure
                        A Synthesized Integral Sliding
                        Mode Controller for a Unicycle
Singapore   GD-000558   System                           Jian-Xin      Xu
                        Estimation of Unknown
                        Frequencies via Adaptive
Singapore   GD-001139   Observer                         QingWei       Jia
                        Single Inductor Quad-Input-
                        Dual-Output Buck Converter
Singapore   GD-001414   for Photovoltaic Systems         Kin Wai Roy   Chew
                        Vibration-based Fault
                        Diagnostic Platform for Rotary
Singapore   GD-001783   Machines                         Wei Quan      Lim
                        Reinforced Morlet Wavelet
                        Transform For Bearing Fault
Singapore   GD-003867   Diagnosis                        Junhong       Zhou
                        A chattering free Lyapunov
                        function based sliding mode
                        controller applied to single
                        phase series connected PV
                        Inverter for grid voltage
Singapore   GD-004669   compensation                     Souvik        Dasgupta
country        Paper ID     manuscript title                   First_Name     Last_Name     email
                            3D Loop Antenna for High
                            Frequency RFID Assets
Singapore      GD-006068    Management System                  Wei            Liu 
                            Development of a Portable
                            Electrical Capacitance
Singapore      GD-010022    Tomography System                  Yung C.        Liang

                            Modeling and Compensation of
                            Contact Induced Vibrations in
                            High Density Hard Disk Drive
Singapore      GD-010405    Servo Systems                      JIAN-XIN       XU  
                            Energy management and
                            dynamic control in Composite
                            Energy Storage System for
Singapore      GD-012416    micro-grid applications            Tran           Duong
                            UHF RFID Propogation and
                            System Performance
                            Simulation and Analysis Under
                            Metallic and Liquid
Singapore      GD-013862    Environment                        Wei            Liu 
                            Two-Phase Power Electronic
                            Drive with Split - Single- Phase
Slovak Republic GD-002593   Induction Motor                    Branislav      Dobrucky

                            Safety Model of Safety-Related
Slovak Republic GD-014613   Fieldbus Transmission Systems      M·ria          Franekov·
                            Multilevel Switched-Capacitor
                            DC-DC Converter with Reduced
South Africa   GD-012882    Capacitor Bank                     Michael Njoroge Gitau
                            Modeling Logic and Neural
                            Approaches to Bankruptcy
Spain          GD-000167    Prediction Models                  Amparo               
                                                                              Marin de la Barcena
                            A proposal for dual-rate
                            controller design for unstable
Spain          GD-000418    plants.                            JULIAN         SALT
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                   First_Name   Last_Name     email
                      Series Resonant Multi-Inverter
                      with Discontinuous-Mode
                      Control for Improved Light-
Spain     GD-000566   Load Operation                     Oscar        Lucia
                      Experimental setup for
                      inductive efficiency
                      measurements of domestic
                      induction systems based on
Spain     GD-001201   energy balance                     Jesus        Acero
                      Comparison of Readout
                      Circuitry Techniques for Data
                      Acquisition in Raw Sensor
Spain     GD-003328   Systems                            Ra˙l         AragonÈs Ortiz
                      Multilevel multiphase space
                      vector PWM algorithm with
                      switching state redundancy
                      applied to three-phase four-leg
Spain     GD-003689   converters                         Oscar        LÛpez
                      Address generation unit for
                      multimedia applications on
                      application specific instruction
Spain     GD-003697   set processors                     Marc             
                      Networked reset control
                      systems with discrete time-
Spain     GD-004804   varying delays                     FÈlix        PÈrez
                      FPGA-based Real-time
                      Calculation of the Harmonic
                      Impedance of Series Resonant
Spain     GD-005584   Inductive Loads                    Oscar        Jimenez
                      Analysis of Repetitive-Based
                      Controllers for Selective
                      Harmonic Compensation in
Spain     GD-005622   Active Power Filters               Ana          Rodriguez
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                    First_Name   Last_Name      email

                      Limit Cycle Analysis in a
Spain     GD-006009   Switched Reluctance Generator       Sylvia       MÈndez Prince
                      Elitist Genetic Algorithm
                      Guided by Higher Order
                      Statistic for Blind Separation of
Spain     GD-006793   Digital Signals                     Eduardo      Gonzalez
                      Mass Variations Robust
                      Controller, for a 3-DOF Flexible
Spain     GD-006998   Robot                               Victor H.    Jaramillo
                      Use of high order harmonics for
                      diagnosis of simultaneous
                      faults via Wigner-Ville
Spain     GD-007153   distributions                       Jose         Antonino-Daviu

                      RealñTime Assistance
                      Prototype ñ a new Navigation
Spain     GD-007323   Aid for blind people                Larisa       Dunai
                      A Wall Climbing Robot for Tank
                      Inspection. An Autonomous
Spain     GD-007811   Prototype                           Ra˙l              
                                                                       Fern·ndez RodrÌguez
                      New specification for the PFC
                      controller in HID lamps
Spain     GD-008001   electronic ballast                  F. Javier    DÌaz 
                      A Novel Technique for Initial
                      Rotor Position Estimation in
                      Interior PMSG applied to Wind
Spain     GD-008214   Turbines                            Emilio       Bueno

                      Distributed Voltage and
                      Frequency Control of Off-shore
                      Wind Farms Connected with a
Spain     GD-008427   Diode Based HVDC Link          Ramon             Blasco-Gimenez
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name     Last_Name     email
                      An Identified LPV Model for
                      Mobile Robots Navigation with
Spain     GD-009156   Audio Features                   Antoni         Grau
                      Control Of A Full-Converter
                      Permanent Magnet
                      Synchronous Wind Generator
                      With Neutral Point Clamped
                      Converters During A Network
Spain     GD-009962   Fault                            Xabier         Juankorena

                      Torque Ripple Minimization in
                      Surface-Mounted PM Drives by
                      Means of PI + Multi-Resonant
                      Controller in Synchronous
Spain     GD-010855   Reference Frame                  Alejandro G.   Yepes
                      Microgrid connection
                      management based on an
Spain     GD-010936   intelligent connection agent     Joan           Rocabert
                      Testing Fireproof Professional
                      Garments under Realistic
Spain     GD-011339   Working Conditions               Juan J.             
                      Passive QCM Sensor System for
                      monitoring of water absorption
                      and drying in NafionÆ Polymer
Spain     GD-011789   Membranes                        Jose           Farina

                      Robustness Analysis of Wind
                      Turbines based on PMSG with
Spain     GD-012548   Sensorless Vector Control        Mario          Rizo

                      Fixed Point Implementation of
                      IIR Filters using Delta Operator
                      applied to distributed power
Spain     GD-012718   generation systems               Emilio         Bueno
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                   First_Name   Last_Name     email
                      Analysis and Design of the
                      Quadratic Buck-Boost
                      Converter as a High-Power-
                      Factor Driver for Power-LED
Spain     GD-012971   Lamps                              Marcos       Alonso
                      Integrated Driver for Power
Spain     GD-013005   LEDs                               Jorge        Garcia
                      Interleaved Inverter for HF
                      Ripple Cancellation in Metal
Spain     GD-013013   Halide Lamps                       Jorge        Garcia
                      Electrode Characterization in
                      Dimmed Operation of
Spain     GD-013544   Fluorescent Lamps                  Javier       Ribas
                      Feature Selection Using
                      Sequential Forward Selection
                      and classification applying
                      Artificial Metaplasticity Neural
Spain     GD-013897   Network.                           Alexis       Marcano
                      Optimization of System-of-
                      Systems Architectures for
                      Maritime Border Control using
Spain     GD-014052   Genetic Algorithms                 Ignacio      Melgar

                      Hierarchical Control of Power
Spain     GD-014133   Plants with Microgrid Operation Josep           Guerrero
                      Adaptive Artificial Ant Colonies
                      for Edge Detection in Digital
Spain     GD-014451   Images                           Aleksandar     Jevtić
                      Estimation of the acceleration
                      of a car under performance
                      tests by using an optimal
Spain     GF-008222   observer                         Wilmar         Hernandez
country       Paper ID    manuscript title                   First_Name   Last_Name    email
                          Deterministic Downlink
                          transmission in WirelessHART
                          Networks Enabling Wireless
Sweden        GD-000175   Control Applications               Johan        ≈kerberg
                          Coexistence of IEEE802.15.4
Sweden        GD-001988   Based Networks                     Dong         Yang
                          Novel AC Coupled Gate Driver
                          for Ultra Fast Switching of
Switzerland   GD-000485   Normally-Off SiC JFET              Benjamin     Wrzecionko
                          Comparison of the Chip Area
                          Usage of 2-level and 3-level
                          Voltage Source Converter
Switzerland   GD-007226   Topologies                         Mario        Schweizer
                          Alternatives to Improve the
                          Line Power Quality in
                          Electrostatic Precipitator
Switzerland   GD-007331   Systems                            Thiago       Soeiro
                          Line Power Quality
                          Improvement for ESP Systems
                          Using Multi-pulse and Active
Switzerland   GD-009741   Filter Concepts                    Thiago       Soeiro
                          Medium Frequency
                          Transformers with High
Switzerland   GD-012963   Isolation Requirements             Gabriel      Ortiz
                          The Control Unit of a Single
Switzerland   GD-013099   Phase Voltage Regulator            Ilknur       Colak
                          Novel miniature motors with
                          lateral stator for a wide torque
Switzerland   GD-013455   and speed range                    Arda         T¸ys¸z

                          DSP-Based Current Control for
                          Inverter-fed Permanent-
Taiwan        GD-000361   Magnet Electrodynamic Shaker Hung-Chi           Chen
country   Paper ID    manuscript title             First_Name     Last_Name   email
                      CORDIC-Based Sensorless
                      Control For Permanent-Magnet
Taiwan    GD-000396   Synchronous Motors           Hung-Chi       Chen

                      Design and Implementation of
                      an Automatic Measurement
                      System for DC-DC Converter
Taiwan    GD-001376   Efficiency of Motherboard      Ying-Wen     Bai

                      Using an Embedded Controller
                      with Fuzzy Logic to Reduce
                      Power Consumption of Mobile
Taiwan    GD-001406   Computers                      Ying-Wen     Bai
                      Experimental Approach to
                      Designing Multi-EEFLs Lighting
                      System in Series-Resonant
Taiwan    GD-001546   Mode                           Guan-Chyun   Hsieh

                      A fuzzy logic controller for
                      maximum power point tracking
Taiwan    GD-002836   with 8-bit microcontroller   Yueh-Ru        Yang
                      Design and Implementation of
                      Novel Single-Stage Charge-
                      Pump Power Factor Correction
                      Electronic Ballast for Metal
Taiwan    GD-002941   Halide Lamp                  Ray-Lee        Lin
                      Non-inverting Buck-Boost
                      Converter with Wide Input-
Taiwan    GD-003301   Voltage-Range Applications   Ray-Lee        Lin
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                   First_Name   Last_Name   email
                      AC-Side Continuous-
                      Conduction-Mode Voltage-
                      Source Charge-Pump Power-
                      Factor-Correction Self-
                      Oscillating Full-Bridge
Taiwan    GD-003352   Electronic Ballast                 Ray-Lee      Lin
                      Voltage Control of Interior
                      Permanent Magnet
                      Synchronous Motor Drives to
                      Extend DC-link Voltage
                      Utilization for Flux Weakening
Taiwan    GD-003808   Operation                          Ping-Yi      Lin
                      Friction and Disturbance
                      Compensation for Speed
                      Control of Servo Control
Taiwan    GD-003956   Systems                            Ke-Han       Su
                      Robust Control of Digital-
                      Controlled Buck Converter
                      based upon Two-Degree-of-
Taiwan    GD-004235   Freedom Controller                 Yen-SHin     Lai

                      A Preliminary Application of
                      Petri Nets to the Supervision of
Taiwan    GD-004324   Remotely Operated Systems          Jin-Shyan    Lee
                      Controller Design for a Single-
                      Switch Parallel Boost-Flyback-
Taiwan    GD-004847   Flyback Converter                  Hung-Chi     Chen
                      An Adaptive Routing Protocol
                      for Health Monitoring with a
                      Sensor Network and Mobile
Taiwan    GD-004928   Robot                              Kai-Tai      Song
                      Design Criteria for Resonant
                      Tank of LLC DC-DC Resonant
Taiwan    GD-004987   Converter                          Ray-Lee      Lin
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                   First_Name   Last_Name   email

                      Analysis and Design of Full-
                      Bridge LC Parallel Resonant
                      Plasma Driver with Variable-
Taiwan    GD-005037   Inductor Based Phase Control       Ray-Lee      Lin

                      Intelligent Control of Nonlinear
                      Hysteretic Electronic Throttle
                      Using Brushless DC Motor (ET-
Taiwan    GD-005061   BLDC)                              Chi-Hsu      Wang
                      Positive Feed-Forward Control
                      Scheme for Distributed Buck
                      Conversion System with
                      Maximum Power Harvesting
Taiwan    GD-005185   Function                           Ray-Lee      Lin
                      Practical Considerations for the
                      Design and Implementation of
                      Digital-Controlled Power
Taiwan    GD-005231   Converters                         Yen-Shin     Lai
                      Development of Posterior
                      Walker with Adjustable Visual
                      Cues to Improve Gait
                      Performance for Patients with
Taiwan    GD-005266   Parkinsonís Disease                Hsiao-Kuan   Wu
                      A Modularized FPGA-Based
                      Embedded System
Taiwan    GD-005746   Development Platform               Yu-Tsang     Chang
                      Neural Network Based Stereo
                      Matching Algorithm Utilizing
Taiwan    GD-006467   Vertical Disparity                 Shih-Hung    Yang
                      Retrieve Human Target
                      Tracking and Following Using
                      Sound Source Localization for
                      Multisensor Based Mobile
Taiwan    GD-006831   Assistive Companion Robot          Ren C.       Luo
country    Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name   Last_Name   email
                       FPGA-Realization of a
                       Sensorless Speed Control IC for
Taiwan     GD-009792   IPMSM Drive                       Ying-Shieh   Kung
                       Calculation of Losses and
                       Temperature Rise for High
                       Frequency Transformer under
Taiwan     GD-009849   Forced-air Convection             Ying-Yu      Tzou
                       Charge-Pump Power-Factor-
                       Correction Electronic Ballast
                       with DC-Bus Voltage Stress
Taiwan     GD-010286   Reduction Function                Ray-Lee      Lin

                       Optimal Control Policy for A
Taiwan     GD-013838   Well-Known S3PR                   Daniel Y     Chao
                       Chattering-Free Robust
                       Nonlinear Controller for an
                       Interior Permanent Magnet
                       Synchronous Motor Speed
Taiwan     GF-004715   Drive System                      Cheng-Kai    Lin
                       A Positive Reference PWM
                       Strategy Based on Multi-
                       Switching DC Voltage Sources
                       Converter for Insulation
Thailand   GD-006459   Testing                           weerapon     kongnun
                       Sensing Liquid Properties Using
                       Split-Ring Resonator in Mm-
Tunisia    GD-003565   wave Band                         Mondher      LABIDI
                       Sliding Mode Control of
                       Supplied by Photovoltaic
Tunisia    GD-014621   Generator                         Faouzi       Bacha
                       Delay Compensation for
                       Nonlinear Teleoperators Using
Turkey     GD-008265   Predictor Observers               Mustafa      Unel
country        Paper ID      manuscript title                  First_Name   Last_Name   email
                             Laser Autofocusing: A Sliding
Turkey         GD-008532     Mode Approach                     Edin         Golubovic
                             Sensorless Residual Vibration
                             Suppression for Multi-degree-of
Turkey         GD-009571     Freedom Flexible Systems          islam        khalil
                             Robust Hovering Control of a
Turkey         GD-012122     Quad Tilt-Wing UAV                Mustafa      Unel
                             A Servo System Control with
                             Time-varying Load Using Type-
Turkey         GD-014648     2 Fuzzy Neural System             Okyay        Kaynak
                             Nose Detection and Face
                             Extraction from 3D Raw Facial
                             Surface Based on Mesh Quality
United Arab Emirates
                 GD-007625   Assessment                        Naoufel      Werghi

                             Low Cost Weight Measurement
                             Technique with Fuzzy
United Kingdom GD-000086     Controlled Pneumatic Muscle Pasidu             Pallawela

                             Fast-Scale Distortion Prediction
                             for Boost PFC Converters
                             Operating in Discontinuous
United Kingdom GD-000272     Conduction Mode                  Xiaotian      Zhang
                             Accelerated Simulation of
                             Complex Aircraft Electrical
                             Power System under Normal
                             and Faulty Operational
United Kingdom GD-001171     Scenarios                        Serhiy        Bozhko

                             A Five-Phase Multilevel Space-
                             Vector PWM Algorithm for a
United Kingdom GD-001996     Dual-Inverter Supplied Drive   Emil            Levi
country       Paper ID     manuscript title                   First_Name   Last_Name     email

                           A Smooth Second-Order
                           Sliding Mode Controller or
United Kingdom GD-002003   Relative Degree Two Systems        C            Edwards

                           A Performance Comparison of
                           Three Common PWM Switching
United Kingdom GD-002038   Current Control Strategies         Graham H.    Morton
                           Nonlinear Load Sharing of
                           Digitally Controlled Parallel-
United Kingdom GD-003379   Connected Inverters                Xiaotian     Zhang
                           H^inf repetitive voltage-
                           current controller for microgrid
United Kingdom GD-005398   applications                       Tomas        Hornik
                           Optimization of One-Power-
                           Point Operation for Variable
                           Speed Wind Turbine with
United Kingdom GD-006823   Synchronous Generators             Shixiong     Fan 

                           Active Voltage Control on
                           Series Connection of IGBTs and
United Kingdom GD-008346   Diode Recovery Optimization    Weiwei           HE  

                           PCB assembly optimisation
                           using the Bees Algorithm
United Kingdom GD-010391   enhanced with TRIZ operators       Anthony J.   Soroka
                           Evaluating The Methods For
                           Efficiency Characterisation Of
                           Supercapacitors Under
United Kingdom GD-010707   Constant Power Operation           Ponggorn     Kulsangcharoen

                           High Performance Multilevel
                           Converter Topology for Energy
                           Storage System Interfacing
United Kingdom GD-011169   with Medium Voltage Grid           Mohamed      Rashed
country         Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name   Last_Name     email
                            Predictive torque control for
                            five-phase induction motor
United Kingdom GD-013315    drives                           Emil         Levi

                            Design of a Calorimeter for
                            Induction Machine Efficiency
United Kingdom GD-013609    Measurement by CFD Modeling Pericle           Zanchetta
                            Hydrodynamic and
                            Electromechanical Simulation
                            of a Snapper Based Wave
United Kingdom GD-014419    Energy Converter             Markus A         Mueller
                            High Performance Iterative
                            Learning Control for Active
                            Filters in Aircraft Power
United Kingdom GD-014591    Networks                     Pericle          Zanchetta

                            Towards an All-Semiconductor
                            Power Converter Solution for
United States   GD-000353   the Appliance Market             DORIN        NEACSU
                            Dynamic Architectural
                            Reconfigurations of Sensor
United States   GD-000523   Networks                         P                 
                                                                          Papantoni Kazakos
                            Voltage Stress on 8000 HP
                            Induction Motor due to GTO
                            Current Source Inverter ñ Case
United States   GD-001317   Study                            Noshirwan    Medora
                            DC zonal micro-grid
United States   GD-002682   architecture and control         Xu           She 
                            Improvement of Gate Drive for
                            Self-Power Emitter Turn-Off
United States   GD-003816   Thyristor (SPETO)                Qian         Chen
                            Single Image Deblurring for a
                            Real-Time Face Recognition
United States   GD-006912   System                           Brian        Heflin
country         Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name    Last_Name      email
                            A System Simulation
                            Technique Combining SPICE
United States   GD-007021   and SIMULINK Tools               Christopher   Wilson
                            Multi-agent Control System
                            with Intelligent Optimization
                            for Smart and Energy-efficient
United States   GD-007463   Buildings                        Lingfeng      Wang 
                            Plug-and-Play Control Module
                            for Variable Speed Wind
                            Turbine Under Unknown
United States   GD-008079   Aerodynamics                     Yun           She  

                            Dynamic Optimal Battery Array
                            Management in High Energy
                            Density Fuel Cell/Battery
United States   GD-008109   Hybrid Power Source              Yun           She  
                            A Wide Output Range
                            Reconfigurable Structure DC-
United States   GD-008524   DC Converter                     Pengju        Sun  
                            Impact of DC Link Pulse Coding
                            on the Harmonic Distortion of
                            the High-Frequency AC Link
United States   GD-010197   Inverter                         Sudip K.      Mazumder
                            Pulse-Load Effects on Ship
United States   GD-010987   Power System Stability           vahid                        v
                                                                           salehi pour mehr

                            Ant Colonies for Temporal Logic
United States   GD-011088   Falsification of Hybrid Systems Georgios       Fainekos
                            A New Multiphase Multi-
                            Interleaving Buck Converter
USA             GD-000787   With Bypass LC                  Taufik         Taufik
                            Cascaded EMF and Speed
                            Sliding Mode Observer for the
USA             GD-001228   Nonsalient PMSM                 Mihai          Comanescu
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name   Last_Name   email

                      A Nonlinear Full Order
                      Observer for Rotor Position
USA       GD-001279   Estimation of Induction Motors   Mihai        Comanescu
                      Behavioral Control based
                      Adaptive Bandwidth Allocation
                      in a System of Unmanned
USA       GD-001287   Ground Vehicles                  Unnati       Ojha
                      Hybrid Energy Storage System
                      for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
USA       GD-001309   (UAV)                            Alireza      Khaligh
                      A Novel Approach towards
                      Integration of Propulsion
                      Machine Inverter with Energy
                      Storage Charger in Plug-In
USA       GD-001341   Hybrid Electric Vehicles         Alireza      Khaligh
                      Visual Manipulation for Grid-
USA       GD-001619   Based 3D Surface Models          Weifeng      Xu

                      Comparative Analysis of Type-
                      1 and Type-2 Fuzzy Control in
                      Context of Learning Behaviors
USA       GD-001678   for Mobile Robotics              Ondrej       Linda
                      Nonlinear Model-Based Fault
                      Detection with Fuzzy Set Fault
USA       GD-002151   Isolation                        Thomas       Edgar
                      On Design of Observer-Based
USA       GD-003476   Feedback Control Systems         Bernard      Friedland
                      Incentives for Microgeneration
                      Development in the U.S. and
USA       GD-003719   Europe                           Afshin       Izadian
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                  First_Name   Last_Name   email
                      Design Concept and Motion
                      Planning of a Single-Moduled
                      Autonomous Pipeline
USA       GD-003972   Exploration Robot                 Jong-Hoon    Kim
                      Optimal Path Planning with
                      Obstacle Avoidance for
USA       GD-004006   Autonomous Surveying              John Y.      Hung
                      A Comparison Study of Control
                      Strategies for ZVS Resonant
USA       GD-004049   Converters                        Sanzhong     Bai
                      Simple Flywheel Energy
                      Storage using Squirrel-Cage
                      Induction Machine for DC Bus
USA       GD-004146   Microgrid Systems                 Jae-Do       Park
                      A bidirectional power converter
                      for battery of Plug-in Hybrid
USA       GD-006203   Electric Vehicles                 Zheng        Chen

                      New Inductor Current Feedback
                      Control with Active Harmonics
                      Injection for Inverter Stage of
USA       GD-006971   Solid State Transformer           Xiaohu       Zhou
                      An Analysis of Artificial
                      Immune System and Genetic
                      Algorithm in Urban Path
USA       GD-007471   Planning                          Unnati       Ojha
                      Colored Petri Net Model of the
                      Session Initiation Protocol
USA       GD-007781   (SIP)                             Vijay        Gehlot
                      A DC-bus Voltage Regulation
                      for Parallel Wind-Based
USA       GD-008028   Synchronous Generators            Mahmoud M    Amin
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name    Last_Name   email

                      Application of Kalman Filters in
                      Model-Based Fault Diagnosis of
USA       GD-008052   a DC-DC Boost Converter          Afshin        Izadian

USA       GD-008087   Adaptive Photovoltaic system     Mahmoud       Alahmad
                      Real Time Power Monitoring &
USA       GD-008133   integration with BIM             Mahmoud       Alahmad
                      Incipient Bearing Fault
                      Detection via Wind Generator
                      Stator Current and Wavelet
USA       GD-008621   Filter                           Wei           Qiao
                      Prognosis of the Electrical
                      Faults in Permanent Magnet AC
                      Machines using Hidden Markov
USA       GD-008656   Model                            Syed Sajjad   Zaidi
                      Application of Power Hardware-
                      in-the-Loop for Electric
                      Vehicles: A Case Study
                      Utilizing Switched Reluctance
USA       GD-008788   Machines                         Troy L.       Bevis

                      Implementation and Modeling
                      of Low Power AC-DC Converter
USA       GD-009059   with Indirect Feedback       Leila             Parsa
                      Control over WirelessHART
USA       GD-009075   Network                      Song              Han

                      Ride-Through Study for Matrix-
                      Converter Adjustable-Speed
USA       GD-009121   Drives during Voltage Sags     Rashmi          Prasad
                      Circulating currents in open-
USA       GD-009318   end pwm ac drives              Apurva          Somani
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name   Last_Name   email

                      Power Electronic Transformer
                      with Reduced Number of
                      Switches: Analysis of Input
                      Clamp Circuit and a Modulation
                      Strategy to Eliminate Input
USA       GD-009407   Snubber Requirement            Gysler         Castelino

                      A Power Electronic Transformer
                      for Three Phase PWM AC/AC
                      Drive with Loss Less
                      Commutation and Common-
USA       GD-009423   mode Voltage Suppression.      Kaushik        Basu

                      A Reliable Decision-Making
                      Technique to Identify Fault
USA       GD-009482   Existence in Induction Motors  Seungdeog      Choi
                      High-voltage High-frequency
                      Transformer Design for a 7.2kV
                      to 120V/240V 20kVA Solid
USA       GD-009504   State Transformer              YU             DU

                      Particle Swarm Optimization of
USA       GD-010065   High-frequency Transformer       Hengsi       Qin
                      Smart Algorithms for
                      Correcting Pixel Clusters in
USA       GD-010146   Imaging Applications             Vinesh       Sukumar
                      Closed-Loop Input and Output
                      Impedances of DC-DC
                      Switching Converters
                      Operating in Voltage and
USA       GD-010626   Current Mode Control             Mehdi        Ferdowsi
                      An Intelligent Light Control
USA       GD-010677   System for Power Saving          Sherif       Matta
country   Paper ID    manuscript title               First_Name     Last_Name     email

                      One-Cycle Control of Induction
                      Machine Traction Drive for High
                      Speed Railway Part I: Multi-
USA       GD-010774   pulse Width Modulation Region Wensheng        Song
                      Back EMF-based Rotor Position
                      Prediction in Permanent
                      Magnet Machines for
                      Survivable Wind Generator
USA       GD-010839   Systems                         Mahesh        Krishnamurthy
                      System Architecture of a
                      Modular Direct-DC PV Charging
                      Station for Plug-in Electric
USA       GD-011193   Vehicles                        Christopher   Hamilton

                      Dynamic Response
                      Improvement in a Buck-Type
                      Converter Using Capacitor
USA       GD-011274   Current Feed-Forward Control Mehdi            Ferdowsi
                      Design Considerations of High
                      Voltage and High Frequency
                      Transformer for Solid State
USA       GD-011967   Transformer Application        Seunghun       Baek
                      Prediction of Torque Pulsation
                      and Radial Forces in Permanent
                      Magnet Synchronous Machines
                      using Field Reconstruction
USA       GD-011975   Method                         Banharn            

                      A Comparative Study of Central
                      and Distributed MPPT
                      Architectures for Megawatt
                      Utility and Large Scale
USA       GD-012068   Commercial Photovoltaic Plants Mohammed       Agamy
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name   Last_Name      email
                      A Novel System-Centric
                      Intelligent Adaptive Control
                      Architecture for Damping Inter-
                      Area Mode Oscillations in
USA       GD-012165   Power Systems                    Sukumar      Kamalasadan
                      Harmonic Elimination in a
                      Seven-Level Converter Using a
                      Combination of Staircase and
USA       GD-012327   PWM Switching Methods            Mehdi        Ferdowsi
                      Driver Distraction Detection for
USA       GD-012408   Vehicular Monitoring             Jing         Yang
                      High-frequency High-efficiency
                      DC-DC Converter for
                      Distributed Energy Storage
USA       GD-012521   Modularization                   Yu           Du  
                      Modeling and Control of a Micro-
                      Grid Set Up using Photovoltaic
USA       GD-012653   Arrays                           Sukumar      Kamalasadan
                      On-line PHEV Battery Dynamic
                      Modeling Reflecting the Battery
USA       GD-013374   Hysteresis Effect                Hanlei       Zhang
                      Inter-turn fault diagnosis of PM
                      synchronous generator for
                      variable speed wind
                      applications using floating
USA       GD-013447   space vector                     Osama        Mohammed
                      Regenerative Energy
                      Management for Pulse-Loads in
USA       GD-013579   Dual DC-AC Micro-grids           Behrooz      Mirafzal
                      Optimal load coordination in a
                      hybrid bi-axis drive system
USA       GD-013625   using genetic algorithm          Ali          Kashefi Kaviani
                      Enhancing loading limitations
USA       GD-013633   in PV systems                    Ali          Kashefi Kaviani
country   Paper ID    manuscript title                 First_Name   Last_Name      email
                      Reactive Power Compensation
                      Control for Stand-Alone
                      Synchronous Generator-Based
                      Wind Energy Conversion
USA       GD-013641   System                           Ahmed        Mohamed

                      Effects of Different Switching
                      Algorithms on the Thermal
                      Behavior of IGBT Modules
USA       GD-013668   under Pulse-Load Conditions      Osama        Mohammed
                      Improving the Stability of
                      Power Factor Correcting
                      Converters Using a Positive
                      Current Feedforward
USA       GD-013692   Compensator                      Robert       Cox  
                      Fabrication of High Quality
                      Factor RF-Resonator Using
                      Embedded Inductor and Via
USA       GD-013706   Capacitor                        Reza              
                                                                    Kamali Sarvestani

                      Performance Characterization
                      and Optimization of Various
                      Circuit Topologies to Combine
USA       GD-014044   Batteries and Ultra-Capacitors Srdjan         Lukic
                      Performance Comparison of
                      1200V Silicon and SiC devices
USA       GD-014745   for UPS Application              Subhashish   Bhatacharya
                      Series Active Filter Control and
                      Implementation for Utility
                      Interface of Multiple Adjustable
USA       GD-014761   Speed Drives                     Subhashish   Bhattacharya
country   Paper ID    manuscript title              First_Name   Last_Name   email

                      Grid Integration Studies of a
                      Switched Reluctance Generator
                      for Future Hardware-in-the-
USA       GF-007552   Loop Experiments              Sardis F.    Azongha
out 20 papers still have no decision. July 23, 2010.


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and Measurements, Wroclaw
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Universidad Politecnica de Valencia


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University of Vigo

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University of Alcal·

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Dept. Electrical Eng., University of

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ETH Zurich

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Power Electronic Systems Laboratory
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National Chiao Tung University

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Fu Jen Catholic University

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National Cheng-Kung University

Department of Electrical Engineering,
National Cheng-Kung University

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Taipei University of Technology

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National Taipei University of Technology

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National Chiao Tung University

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North Carolina State University


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Penn State Altoona

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Engineering Department, Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute

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University of Minnesota

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State University

Missouri University of Science and


Missouri University of Science and

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Computer Science, University of
California, Irvine

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Missouri University of Science and

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State University

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Florida International University

Florida International University

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Dept., Energy Systems Research

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Advanced Power Systems

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