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					Directory of Business
& Professional Services
                                                                                                                                     SEEBA & ASSOCIATES, INC., CPAS
Directory Index                                                                                                                      Accounting for Christian Organizations
ACCOUNTING SERVICES                                                HEALTH SERVICES                                                   David Seeba, President
ARCHITECTS/CONSTRUCTION                                            HUMAN RESOURCES/COACHING                                          San Jose, CA
ASSOCIATIONS                                                       INSURANCE                                                         (408) 559-8410
BUSES/VANS                                                         INTERNET SERVICES                                       
CAGING/LOCKBOX SERVICES & FULFILLMENT                              INVESTMENT SERVICES                                     
CHURCH FINANCING                                                   LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT
CHURCH/MINISTRY MANAGEMENT                                         LEGAL SERVICES                                                    TARPLEY & UNDERWOOD PC
COMMUNICATIONS                                                     MAILING LISTS/LIST MANAGEMENT                                     Beth Tidwell, Director of Marketing
COMPUTER SOFTWARE                                                  MARKETING/ADVERTISING/BRAND DEVELOPMENT                           Atlanta, GA
COMPUTER/TECHNOLOGY SERVICES                                       OUTREACH                                                          (770) 730-4980
CONFERENCE CENTERS/MEETING FACILITIES                              PRINTING/MAILING                                        
CONFERENCE/EVENT PLANNING                                          PRODUCTS/SERVICES                                       
CONSULTING SERVICES                                                PUBLIC RELATIONS
CONTINUING EDUCATION                                               PUBLISHERS                                                        ARCHITECTS/
CREATIVE DESIGN/PHOTOGRAPHY                                        REAL ESTATE                                                       CONSTRUCTION
CREDIT CARD/PAYMENT SYSTEMS                                        RETIREMENT PLANNING
DEVELOPMENT/FUND RAISING/MAJOR GIFTS                               STAFFING SERVICES/EXECUTIVE SEARCH                                COGUN INC.
FINANCIAL SERVICES                                                 TELECONFERENCING/WEBCASTING                                       Church Design/Building Specialists
GROUP BENEFITS                                                     TRAVEL SERVICES/TOURS                                             James R. Couchenour, VP of Sales
                                                                                                                                     North Lima, OH
                                                                                                                                     (330) 549-5321
ACCOUNTING SERVICES                         BKD LLP                                     MAVEEN INC.
                                            Providing Business Solutions                Kathy Hanger, Vice President of Support      LEE ARCHITECTS INTERIOR DESIGNERS
FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                     for Nonprofits                              Services                                     Church Architects, Interior Designers, and
CAPIN CROUSE LLP                            Debra L. Ladyman, National                  Indianapolis, IN                             Planners
Certified Public Accountants                Industry Partner                            (317) 493-2125                               Claude Lee, President
Providing Professional Services & Strate-   Indianapolis, IN                                       Lakewood, CO
gic Solutions Since 1972                    (317)383-4000                                                 (303) 989-4500                                                                                                                             LAUDADIO AND ASSOCIATES, PA        
                                                                                        Serving Churches & Nonprofits Since 1974
Atlanta, Georgia                            BYEMAN & CLEARY                             John A. Laudadio, President                  ASSOCIATIONS
Gregory B. Capin, Partner                   Accounting, Auditing, Tax, and Consulting   Coral Springs, FL
Mark R. Yoder, Partner                      William A. Cleary, Partner                  (954) 757-1680                               CHRISTIAN SERVICE CHARITIES
Daniel M. Campbell, Partner                 Glendale, CA                                                  Marilyn Gallant
(678) 518-5301                              (818) 247-3223                                                 Annandale, VA
Brea, California                            GOEHNER ACCOUNTANCY CORPORATION             NONPROFIT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS, PC  
Rick LeBrun, Partner                        Specializing in Analyzing Nonprofit         Nonprofit Accounting & Consulting  
Vonna Laue, Partner                         Operations                                  Services
(714) 671-9300                              Kristin L. Creighton, President             Timothy Murphy, President                    CAGING/LOCKBOX
                                            Pasadena, CA                                Kirklin, IN                                  SERVICES & FULFILLMENT
Colorado Springs, Colorado                  (626) 449-6321                              (317) 340-1713
Bret Wichert, Partner                                                            AGILIS COMPANY
(719) 528-6225                                                                                                Customized Donations Processing and
                                            JAMES L. ULVOG CPA                                                                       Data Integration for Ministries & Nonprofits
Greenwood, Indiana                          Accounting and Consulting for Nonprofits    PRITCHARD, BIELER, GRUVER & WILLISON,        Bryce Jay Gaudian, Dev Manager
CE Crouse, Partner                          James L. Ulvog, Accountant                  PC, CPA’S                                    Albert Lea, MN
Nick Wallace, Partner                       Alta Loma, CA                               Accounting, Auditing & Consulting            (507) 377-5028
Steve Mobley, Partner (Tax)                 (909) 948-7363                              to NFP’s                           
Todd Ensign, Partner (Tax)                                  Larell R. Gruver, Shareholder      
John Butler, Tax Counsel                                      Colmar, PA
Bill Haller, Managing Partner                                                           (215) 997-7210                               CHURCH FINANCING
(317) 885-2620                              JEROLD PANAS, LINZY AND PARTNERS  
                                            Jerold Panas, Executive Partner                                                          FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER
Wheaton, Illinois                           (312) 222-9411                              ROMBERGER WILSON & BEESON INC                EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN CREDIT UNION
Greg Griffin, Partner                       Chicago, IL                                 Serving Nonprofits in Audits, Consulting &   Your Ministry Banking Resource
Sheree Brugmann, Partner                                 Tax Compliance                               Jeff Tanner, Vice President of Marketing
Doug McVey, Partner                                                                     Harry Beeson, Partner                        Brea, CA
(630) 682-9797                              KELLER AND OWENS, LLC                       Glendale, CA                                 (714) 671-5700 x1735
                                            Certified Public Accountants and            (818) 240-8322                     
BALSER, HOROWITZ, FRANK & WAKELING          John Parrish, Owner               
Audit & Accounting Services for             Overland Park, KS
Nonprofits                                  (913) 338-3500
Jeffrey T. Gray, Principal        
Santa Ana, CA                     
(714) 972-5910

                                                                                                                                         W i n t e r 2 0 1 0 Outcomes 45
  Directory of Business and Professional Services

AMERICA’S CHRISTIAN CREDIT UNION           PHONETREE                                  COMPUTER/TECHNOLOGY                        CONFERENCE/EVENT
Your Mission is our Business               The Leader in Automated Communication      SERVICES                                   PLANNING
Mendell L. Thompson, President/CEO         Michael Doss, Director of Marketing
Glendora, CA                               Winston-Salem, NC                          DONOR.COM                                  CONFERENCES INC.
(800) 343-6328                             (800) 951-8733                             Bruce Milne, President                     Linda Daniels, President                                     Wilmington, DE                             Wheaton, IL                                (877) 751-3300                             (630) 499-9069
Financial Solutions for the Christian                                                 TYENET                                     CONSULTING SERVICES
Community                                  BLACKBAUD                                  Scott Tye, CEO
John T. Walling, President/CEO             Leading Provider of Technology Solutions   Allen, TX                                  FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER
San Dimas, CA                              for Nonprofits                             (972) 390-9118                             BEST CHRISTIAN WORKPLACES INSTITUTE
(800) 347-2228                             Allison M. Werb, Event Marketer                                 Building Enduring Ministries                            Charleston, SC                                                   Al Lopus, President                             (800) 443-9441                                                                        Mercer Island, WA
                                                     GUARDIAN PAYMENT SYSTEMS                   (206) 230-8111
GENERIS PARTNERS LLC                                       David A. Semenik, Product Manager
Stewardship and Fundraising Council                                                   Colorado Springs, CO             
James E. Sheppard, CEO & Principal         BOARDEFFECT INC.                           (719) 487-2778
Atlanta, GA                                Thomas Rottler, CEO              
(800) 233-0561                             Philadelphia, PA                                    FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                        (215) 508-4920                                                                        CAPIN CROUSE, LLP, CERTIFIED                                     CONFERENCE CENTERS/                        PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS
                                                         MEETING FACILITIES                         Providing Professional Services and
                                                                                                                                 Strategic Solutions since 1972
CHURCH/MINISTRY                            CHURCHTEAMS                                GWINNETT CONVENTION & VISITORS             Nick Wallace, Partner
MANAGEMENT                                 Web Based Software for Small Groups        BUREAU                                     Greenwood, IL
                                           & Church Management                        Home of Gwinnett Center and Arena          (317) 882-1514
CHURCH COMMUNITY BUILDER                   Boyd Pelley, President                     Ross Powell, Director of Sales   
Mr. Chris Fowler, President and CEO        Arlington, TX                              Duluth, GA
Colorado Springs, CO                       (817) 320-4112                             (888) 494-6638
(866) 242-1199                                                              FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                                              DOUGLAS SHAW & ASSOCIATES                                                                                                   Specializing in Donor-Focused
                                           DONORDIRECT                                LIFEWAY CONFERENCE CENTERS                 Communications
NONPROFIT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS, PC          Donor Management Software for              Two premier Christian conference centers   Michael Johnson, VP, Sales & Marketing
Nonprofit Accounting & Consulting          Ministries                                 Byron Hill, Executive Director             West Chicago, IL
Services                                   Jonathan Wade, Marketing                   Nashville, TN                              (630) 562-1321
Timothy Murphy, President                  Representative                             (615) 251-2873                   
Kirklin, IN                                Richardson, TX                   
(317) 340-1713                             (972) 744-9500                                  LITTLE ROCK CONVENTION                                            & VISITORS BUREAU                          BLACKBAUD INC.
                                                                                      Joshua Townsend, Director of Marketing     Leading Provider of Technology Solutions
COMMUNICATIONS                             ETAPESTRY                                  Little Rock, AR                            for Nonprofits
                                           Internet Fundraising Software              (501) 370-3258                             Allison M. Werb, Event Marketer
FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                    Steve Rusche, Co-Founder and COO                    Charleston, SC
DOUGLAS SHAW & ASSOCIATES                  Greenfield, IN                                            (800) 443-9441
Specializing in Donor-Focused              (888) 739-3827                                                              
Communications                                            OSCEOLA KISSIMMEE CONVENTION     
Michael Johnson, VP, Sales & Marketing                          & VISITORS BUREAU
West Chicago, IL                                                                      Sara Melendez, Senior Convention           DAN MIRGON & ASSOCIATES INC
(630) 562-1321                             MONK DEVELOPMENT INC.                      Sales Rep                                  Helping Christian Ministries Become Well                   Drew Goodmanson, CEO                       Kissimmee, FL                              Funded, Well Managed, and Well Led                        San Diego, CA                              (407) 944-2446                             Dan Mirgon, CFRE, CLU/ChFC, President
                                           (877) 452-0015                                     Salt Lake City, UT
                                                         (888) 633-5422
FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                                                               
MINISTRYTOUCH COMMUNICATIONS                                                          PALOMAR CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE CENTER
Easy, fast, Communication Tools to Reach   SHELBY SYSTEMS, INC.                       Kenneth Cross, Executive Director
Your Audience                              Software Solutions for Faith-Based         Palomar Mountain, CA                       DESIGN GROUP INTERNATIONAL
Michael Arnim, Director of Sales           Organizations                              (760) 742-3438                             Organizational Development & Capacity
Sugarland, TX                              Frank Canady, President                                      Building
(281) 263-6304                             Cordova, TN                                                     Mark L. Vincent, CEO                     (800) 877-0222                                                                        Kohler, WI                                   YMCA OF THE ROCKIES                        (877)771-3330
                                                           Two Year-Round Conference Centers
                                                                                      Laurie Van Horn, Director of Marketing
FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                                                               Estes Park, CO
KMA DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS                                                             (800) 777-YMCA                             DICKERSON & ASSOCIATES
Direct Response Marketing and                                                                       Clark L. Dickerson, President
Fundraising                                                                                                                      Littleton, CO
Michael Brown, Vice President,                                                                                                   (303) 794-8817
Client Services                                                                                                        
Plano, TX                                                                                                              
(972) 244-1900

46 Outcomes W i n t e r 2 0 1 0                                                                                                       w w w. O u t c o m e s M a g a z i n e . c o m
Releasing the Potential of Leaders                                              KMA DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS                  GRANT WRITING
and Organizations                     BIOLA UNIVERSITY                          Direct Response Marketing and              Grant Writing and Funding Development
James C. Galvin, President            Masters in Arts in Organizational         Fundraising                                Jeffrey Rodman, President and CEO
Elgin, IL                             Leadership                                Michael Brown, Vice President,             Front Royal, VA
(630) 240-2749                        Dr. Adam Morris PhD,                      Client Services                            (540) 635-3518           Vice President Advancement                Plano, TX                                   La Mirada, CA                             (972) 244-1900                   
                                      (562) 903-6000                  
GENERIS PARTNERS, LLC                                                  JAMES D. KLOTE AND ASSOCIATES, INC.
Stewardship and Fundraising Council                                                                        Capital Campaign Consulting
James E. Sheppard, CEO & Principal                                                                                         Erin West, Director of Operations
Atlanta, GA                           PHILADELPHIA BIBLICAL UNIVERSITY          FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                    Falls Church, VA
(800) 233-0561                        Master of Science in Organizational       MASTERWORKS                                (703) 532-7633                   Leadership                                Full Service Direct Marketing Agency                       Jan M. Haas, Sr. Vice President           Rory Starks, Sr. Vice President of
                                      Langhorne, PA                             Strategic Development
JOHN PEARSON ASSOCIATES, INC.         (215) 702-4345                            Poulsbo, WA                                ONEACCORD NFP
Vision Implementation With Detailed                             (360) 394-4300                             Helping Organizations Achieve Extraordi-
Execution                                                            nary Results
John Pearson, President                                                                       Scott Rodin, Managing Principal
San Clemente, CA                      REGENT UNIVERSITY                                                                    Colbert, WA
(949) 500-0334                        Accredited Online Graduate Degree                                                    (509) 998-8553         Programs in Business & Leadership         FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER          
                                      Bruce A. Snyder, Associate Dean           STRATEGIC FUNDRAISING, INC.      
ONEACCORD NFP                         Virginia Beach, VA                        Corey Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer
Helping Organizations Achieve         (757) 226-4626                            St. Paul, MN                               PHILANTHROCORP
Extraordinary Results                                (651) 233-5009                             Fee-only Planned Giving Outsource
Scott Rodin, Managing Principal                      Company Serving Nonprofits
Colbert, WA                                                                          Mark DeBiase, President
(509) 998-8553                        WHEATON COLLEGE                                                                      Colorado Springs, CO     Georgia Douglass, Director of Marketing                                              (719) 955-2500         Communications                            BBS & ASSOCIATES, INC.           
                                      Wheaton, IL                               Ministry Development Specialists 
ONEICITY                              (630) 752-5060                            E. Dale Berkey, President
Providing Revolutionary Integrated                           Akron, OH                                  THE TIMOTHY GROUP, INC.
Income Solutions                                                                (330) 665-5227                             Comprehensive Stewardship Partners
Steve Thomas, Partner                 CREATIVE DESIGN/                                   Patrick G. McLaughlin, President, Found-
Bainbridge Island, WA                 PHOTOGRAPHY                                            ing Partner
(206) 922-2411                                                                                                             Grand Rapids, MI                    CSK STRATEGIC MARKETING GROUP INC.        DICKERSON & ASSOCIATES                     (616) 224-4060                      Steve Maegdlin, CEO                       Clark L. Dickerson, President    
                                      Colorado Springs, CO                      Littleton, CO                    
THE FRANK GROUP                       (719) 434-5250                            (303) 794-8817
Counsel in Development                            WATERSTONE
Management & Leadership                                                            Administrative Services: CGA’s, Trusts,
Dr. John R. Frank, CFRE                                                                                                    Endowments
Edmonds, WA                           CREDIT CARD/PAYMENT                       DVA NAVION INC.                            Louise Feider, Executive Administrative
(425) 488-1362                        SYSTEMS                                   William Laity, President                   Assistant                                                     Atlanta, GA                                Colorado Springs, CO                  FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                   (404) 688-4410                             (719) 447-4620
THE TIMOTHY GROUP, INC.               Maximizing Stewardship with Electronic                
Comprehensive Stewardship Partners    Processing
Patrick G. McLaughlin, President,     Krystal Weaver, Marketing Coordinator     ETAPESTRY                                  FINANCIAL
Founding Partner                      Spokane, WA                               Internet Fundraising Software              SERVICES
Grand Rapids, MI                      (509) 789-2274                            Steve Rusche, Co-Founder & COO
(616) 224-4060                                       Greenfield, IN                             FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                             (888) 739-3827                             ENVOY FINANCIAL                                                                           Trusted Advice Along the Way
                                                                                                Providing Retiremen Plan, TPA and Re-
THE WESTFALL GROUP                    WESUPPORT LLC                                                                        cordkeeping Services since 1994
Robert Westfall, President            Keith Moore, Managing Partner             GABRIEL GROUP                              Bethany B. Palmer, President
Suwanee, GA                           Baltimore, MD                             Fundraisers-specializing in full-service   Colorado Springs, CO
(678) 730-0844                        (443)759-6818                             campaigns                                  (888) 879-1376                            Bill Ziercher, Chairman, Vision Leader                                (314) 743-5700                   
                                                                                Earth City, MO
                                      RAISING/MAJOR GIFTS                                    FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER
                                                                                                                           EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN CREDIT UNION
                                      FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                   GRIZZARD COMMUNICATIONS GROUP              Your Ministry Banking Resource
                                      DOUGLAS SHAW & ASSOCIATES                 Advancing Trust. Maximizing Results.       Jeff Tanner, Vice President of Marketing
                                      Specializing in Donor-Focused             Atlanta, GA                                Brea, CA
                                      Communications                            (818) 543-1315                             (714) 671-5700 x1735
                                      Michael Johnson, VP, Sales & Marketing               
                                      West Chicago, IL                                 
                                      (630) 562-1321

                                                                                                                               W i n t e r 2 0 1 0 Outcomes 47
  Directory of Business and Professional Services

MINISTRYLINQ                                SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION                                                            Chad Williams, President
Maximizing Stewardship with Electronic      Serving Investment, Retirement &            FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                    Atlantic, IA 50022
Processing                                  Insurance Needs                             LOCKTON ALLIANCE FOR MINISTRY              (712)243-7766
Krystal Weaver, Marketing Coordinator       Barbara Medlin, Director, Financial         PROTECTION (LAMP)                
Spokane, WA                                 Solutions and Services-Institutions         Insurance, Risk Management, Employee
(509) 789-2274                              Dallas, TX                                  Benefit Specialists                           (214) 720-0511                              Robert T. Lipps, Executive Director        INVESTMENT SERVICES                            San Francisco, CA
                                                            (415) 568-4000                             FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER
                                                                                                     ENVOY FINANCIAL
FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                     VISIONQUEST ALLIANCE                                                                   Trusted Advice Along the Way
UNITED CAPITAL                              Providing Financial, Accounting, Donation                                              Providing Retiremen Plan, TPA and Re-
Proactive Portfolio Management for          Processing & Software Solutions             BROTHERHOOD MUTUAL INSURANCE CO            cordkeeping Services since 1994
Christian Organizations                     Mike Clabaugh, President                    Insuring America’s Churches and Related    Bethany B. Palmer, President
Phillip D. Jacobson, Sr. Vice President     Monument, CO                                Ministries                                 Colorado Springs, CO
Rockford, IL                                (719) 488-4114                              Scott Figgins, VP Claims                   (888) 879-1376
(877)875-1050                                              Fort Wayne, IN                                                     (260) 482-8668                                                                  
                                            GROUP BENEFITS
                                                                                        CHURCH MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY            FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER
AMERICA’S CHRISTIAN CREDIT UNION            FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                     Property & Casualty Insurance Specialist   UNITED CAPITAL
Your Mission is Our Business                ENVOY FINANCIAL                             Patrick M. Moreland, VP Marketing          Proactive Portfolio Management for
Mendell L. Thompson, President/CEO          Trusted Advice Along the Way                Merrill, WI                                Christian Organizations
Glendora, CA                                Providing Retiremen Plan, TPA and Re-       (800) 554-2642                             Phillip D. Jacobson, Sr. Vice President
(800) 343-6328                              cordkeeping Services since 1994                          Rockford, IL                        Bethany B. Palmer, President                                                           (877)875-1050                 Colorado Springs, CO                        CORNERSTONE MINISTRY RISK MANAGEMENT
                                            (888) 879-1376                              We Help Christian Organizations Manage
CEDARSTONE PARTNERS                           Their Risks
Providing Accounting, Donation                          Robert C Paris, Executive Director
Processing & Consulting Services                                                        Westminster, CO                            TARPLEY & UNDERWOOD PC
Terry Williams, VP of Consulting Services                                               (800) 477-2206                             Beth Tidwell, Director of Marketing
Wheaton, IL                                 HEALTH SERVICES                                         Atlanta, GA
(630) 580-5756                                                                             (770) 730-4980       THE CHRISTIAN CARE MINISTRY                                                                    Medical Ministry of Mutual Care             GUIDESTONE FINANCIAL RESOURCES OF THE
                                            Robert Baldwin, CEO                         SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION
CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION            Melbourne, FL                               Serving Investment, Retirement &           LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT
Financial Solutions for the Christian       (800) 374-2562                              Insurance Needs
Community                                                        Barbara Medlin, Director, Financial        GALVIN & ASSOCIATES INC.
John T. Walling, President/CEO                                    Solutions and Services-Institutions        Releasing the Potential of Leaders and
San Dimas, CA                                                                           Dallas, TX                                 Organizations
(800) 347-2228                              HUMAN RESOURCES/                            (214) 720-0511                             James C. Galvin, President                             COACHING                                        Elgin, IL                                                                                (630) 240-2749
                                            FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                                                      
Asset Management Consulting & Gift          Building Enduring Ministries
Administration                              Al Lopus, President                         FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                    LILLESTRAND LEADERSHIP CONSULTING
C. Ray Tyler, Principal/President           Mercer Island, WA                           MINISTRYLINQ                               Sylvia Nash, Senior Consultant
Norcross, GA                                (206) 230-8111                              Maximizing Stewardship with Electronic     Chino Hills, CA
(866) 449-8582                                         Processing                                 (951) 805-9192                                   Krystal Weaver, Marketing Coordinator                                                                  Spokane, WA                      
                                                                                        (509) 789-2274
FAITHSHARES                                 MAVEEN INC.                                                 STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP SOLUTIONS
Invest With Conviction                      Kathy Hanger, Vice President of Support                       Leadership and Organizational
Garrett Stevens, CEO                        Services                                                                               Development Training
Oklahoma, OK                                Indianapolis, IN                                                                       Thomas M. Brodbeck, COO
(405) 778-8377                              (317) 493-2125                              BLACKBAUD INC.                             Springfield, OH                              Leading Provider of Technology Solutions   (937) 390-9773                                          for Nonprofits                   
                                                                                        Allison M. Werb, Event Marketer  
GENERIS PARTNERS LLC                        TRAINING SYSTEMS, INC.                      Charleston, SC
Stewardship and Fundraising Council         Great Training for Great Employees          (800) 443-9441                             LEGAL SERVICES
James E. Sheppard, CEO & Principal          Carolyn B Thompson, President     
Atlanta, GA                                 Camdenton, MO                                               GRAYROBINSON, P.A.
(800) 233-0561                              (800) 469-3560                                                                         Providing Advice to Exempt Religous                                        COVENANT EYES                              Organizations                                            Internet Accountability Software,          William A. Boyles, Esquire
                                                                                        Churches & Ministries                      Orlando, FL
                                                                                        Lynn T. McClurg, Vice President/           (407) 843-8880
                                                                                        Owosso, MI                       
                                                                                        (989) 743-1100

48 Outcomes W i n t e r 2 0 1 0                                                                                                          w w w. O u t c o m e s M a g a z i n e . c o m
HOLME ROBERTS & OWEN, LLP                FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                   PRINTING/MAILING                            STAFFING SERVICES/
John R. Wylie, Partner                   KMA DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS                                                             EXECUTIVE SEARCH
Colorado Springs, CO                     Direct Response Marketing and             FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER
(719) 473-3800                           Fundraising                               DOUGLAS SHAW & ASSOCIATES                   AGORA CONSULTING INC.                       Michael Brown, Vice President,            Specializing in Donor-Focused Com-          Executive Search & Selection                              Client Services                           munications                                 Robert C. Lauer, President
                                         Plano, TX                                 Michael Johnson, VP, Sales & Marketing      Colorado Springs, CO
LEWIS BRISBOIS BISGAARD & SMITH          (972) 244-1900                            West Chicago, IL                            (719) 219-0360
Nonprofit Religious Organization Legal                            (630) 562-1321                    
Dennis R. Kasper, Partner                                                
Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                                L. W. FOOTE COMPANY
(213) 250-1800                           FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                   PRODUCTS/SERVICES                           Leland W. Foote, President                       MASTERWORKS                                                                           Bellevue, WA                          Full Service Direct Marketing Agency      FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                     (425) 451-1660
                                         Rory Starks, Sr. Vice President of        MINISTRYLINQ                      
MILLER THOMSON, LLP                      Strategic Development                     Maximizing Stewardship with Electronic
Full Service Canadian Charity Lawyer     Poulsbo, WA                               Processing
Robert Hayhoe, Partner                   (360) 394-4300                            Krystal Weaver, Marketing Coordinator       THE DINGMAN COMPANY
Toronto, ON                                       Spokane, WA                                 Bruce Dingman, President
(416) 595-8174                                        (509) 789-2274                              Westlake Village, CA                                                                           (805) 778-1777                                                                  
ROTHGERBER, JOHNSON, AND LYONS LLP       Affecting Millions to Develop Billions
Theresa Sidebothmam, Attorney            Guy Richards, Chief Executive Officer     MAVEEN INC.                                 TRAVEL SERVICES/TOURS
Colorado Springs, CO                     Linwood, NJ                               Kathy Hanger, Vice President of Support
(719) 386-3000                           (866) 982-2424                            Services                                 Indianapolis, IN                            MTS TRAVEL                                          (317) 493-2125                              The USA leader in Church, Missions
                                                                                             and Nonprofit Travel
THE GROOM LAW GROUP                      BBS & ASSOCIATES, INC.                                     Gwen Kuebler, General Manager
Employee Benefits for Nonprofit          Ministry Development Specialists                                                      Client Services
Organizations                            E. Dale Berkey, President                 NATIONAL CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION               Ephrata, PA
David W. Powell, Principal               Akron, OH                                 Giving Beyond the Check                     (800) 642-8315
Washington, DC                           (330) 665-5227                            Pam Pugh, Executive Vice President
(202) 861-6600                                   Alpharetta, GA                                                            (404) 252-0100                                                                              *Listings for members are current as
                                         CHANGE EFFECT                                      of 10.01.2010.
MAILING LISTS/LIST                       Branding Strategy and Graphic Design
MANAGEMENT                               Tim Ellens, President                     TRINITY MINISTRIES
                                         Darien, IL                                Patricia G. Claypool, VP & Corp Secretary
FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                  (630) 598-9898                            White House, TN
DOUGLAS SHAW & ASSOCIATES                             (615)672-0229
Specializing in Donor-Focused                                            
Communications                           CSK STRATEGIC MARKETING GROUP INC.
Michael Johnson, VP, Sales & Marketing   Steve Maegdlin, CEO
West Chicago, IL                         Colorado Springs, CO                      PUBLISHERS
(630) 562-1321                           (719) 434-5250                              DAVID C. COOK                                                                Cris Doornbos, President/CEO
                                         DUNN & DUNN, LLC                          Colorado Springs, CO
                                         Carl Dunn, President                      (719) 536-0100
RESPONSE UNLIMITED                       Pitman, NJ                      
Philip Zodhiates, President              (856) 582-0690
Waynesboro, VA                                          WATERBROOK MULTNOMAH
(540) 943-6721                                           PUBLISHING GROUP                                                          Stephen Reed, Senior Manager-Special
                                         OUTREACH                                  Markets
MARKETING/ADVERTISING/                                                             Colorado Springs, CO
BRAND DEVELOPMENT                        MOPS INTERNATIONAL INC.                   (800) 603-7051
                                         Relationships and Resources for Mothers
FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER                  of Preschoolers                 
DOUGLAS SHAW & ASSOCIATES                Naomi Cramer Overton, President
Specializing in Donor-Focused            Denver, CO                                RETIREMENT
Communications                           (303) 733-5353                            PLANNING
Michael Johnson, VP, Sales & Marketing
West Chicago, IL                                             FOUNDERS COUNCIL MEMBER
(630) 562-1321                                                                     ENVOY FINANCIAL                 THE QUIET HOUR INC.                       Trusted Advice Along the Way                      International Evangelism and Broadcast    Providing Retiremen Plan, TPA and Re-
                                         Ministry                                  cordkeeping Services since 1994
                                         Randal H. Bates, CFO                      Bethany B. Palmer, President
                                         Redlands, CA                              Colorado Springs, CO
                                         (909) 793-2588                            (888) 879-1376

                                                                                                                                    W i n t e r 2 0 1 0 Outcomes 49
Directory of CLA Gold Members

CLA Salutes Our Gold Members
The CLA Gold Membership level is helping ministries and churches provide more resources for their leaders.
MEMBERSHIP: Contact Holly Rosario, Director of Member Services (949) 487-0900, ext. 116

Glendora, CA                                 New York, NY                                  FOURSQUARE GOSPEL                    Oxnard, CA                                        Los Angeles, CA            
AMOR MINISTRIES                              CHURCH OF GOD OF PROPHECY                                                          SEATTLE’S UNION GOSPEL MISSION
San Diego, CA                                Cleveland, TN                                 INTERVARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP    Seattle, WA                                                        Madison, WI                
ASIAN ACCESS                                 CITY TEAM MINISTRIES                                                               SEEBA & ASSOCIATES, INC., CPAS
San Dimas, CA                                San Jose, CA                                  LAKESIDE EDUCATIONAL NETWORK         San Jose, CA                                              Fort Washington, PA        
INTERNATIONAL                                Pittsburgh, PA                                LIFEWAY CONFERENCE CENTERS           Kansas City, MO
Colorado Springs, CO                                           Nashville, TN                                                                                   
                                             COLORADO CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY                                                      THE CHAPEL
AVANT MINISTRIES                             Lakewood, CO                                  MISSION AVIATION FELLOWSHIP          Libertyville, IL
Kansas City, MO                                                       Nampa, ID                                                                            
                                             COMMUNITY BIBLE STUDY INC                                                          THE CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE
BAPTIST FOUNDATION OF OKLAHOMA               Colorado Springs, CO                          MISSION INCREASE FOUNDATION          Colorado Springs, CO
Oklahoma City, OK                                     Lake Oswego, OR                                                                                 
                                             DAKOTA BOYS & GIRLS RANCH                                                          THE SALVATION ARMY -
BAPTIST HOUSING MINISTRIES                   Minot, ND                                     MISSION TO CHILDREN, INC.            TORONTO CANADA & BERMUDA
Delta, BC Canada                                              Escondido, CA                        Toronto, ON                                                             
                                             DAVID C. COOK
BETHANY CHRISTIAN SERVICES                   Colorado Springs, CO                          MOMS IN TOUCH INTERNATIONAL          TRANS WORLD RADIO
Grand Rapids, MI                                                     Poway, CA                            Cary, NC                                                                          
                                             E3 PARTNERS MINISTRY
BIBLE LEAGUE                                 Plano, TX                                     MOPS INTERNATIONAL, INC.             TRINITY FELLOWSHIP CHURCH
Chicago, IL                                                    Denver, CO                           Amarillo, TX                                                                             
                                             FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES
CALVARY CHAPEL FORT LAUDERDALE               Kansas City, MO                               NORTHSHORE BAPTIST CHURCH            UNION MISSION MINISTRIES, INC.
Fort Lauderdale, FL                                                   Bothell, WA                          Charleston, WV                                                                               
                                             GIDEONS INTERNATIONAL
CENTER FOR STUDENT MISSIONS                  Nashville, TN                                 PATRICK HENRY BOYS & GIRLS PLANTA-   UPWARD UNLIMITED
Dana Point, CA                                                    TION INC                             Spartanburg, SC                                                                                Brookneal, VA              
                                             GREATER EUROPE MISSION              
CHILDCARE WORLDWIDE                          Monument, CO                                                                       WASHINGTON CITY MISSION
Bellingham, WA                                                  PINE COVE CHRISTIAN CAMPS            Washington, PA                                                                 Tyler, TX                  
                                             HARVEST ROCK CHURCH                 
CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING NETWORK               Pasadena, CA                                                                       WATER STREET RESCUE MISSION
Virginia Beach, VA                                      PIONEER CLUBS                        Lancaster, PA                                                                                Wheaton, IL                
                                             HOPE FOR THE HEART                  
CHRISTIAN CARE MINISTRY, INC.                Dallas, TX                                                                         WHITE’S RESIDENTIAL & FAMILY SERVICES
Melbourne, FL                                             PIONEERS                             Wabash, IN                                                                               Orlando, FL                
                                             HUME LAKE CHRISTIAN CAMPS, INC.     
CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION             Hume, CA                                                                           WORLD GOSPEL MISSION
San Dimas, CA                                                                                         Marion, IN                                                                                                        
                                                               Directory of CLA Founders Council Members

     CLA Applauds the Founders Council Members!
                     These distinguished organizations and their leaders are making a significant investment in, and commitment to, ministry managers and leaders.
                      Their strong support enables CLA to grow its management resources, management and leadership training, and networking and community
                                          opportunities for members. CLA salutes these farsighted leaders for their vision and generous spirit.

                                      CLA Founders Council Ministry Members
Sharing God’s Word with the World             Elevate Your Life!                            Helping to Preserve Traditional Values and    The United States Arm of the International
Janet Grell                                   Larry Holland, Administrative Pastor          the Institution of the Family                 World Vision Partnership
New York, NY                                  Carrollton, TX                                Diane S. Passno, Senior Vice President of     Dean Hazelton, CFO
Ph: (212) 408-1200                            Ph: (972) 512-4485                            Ministry Values                               Federal Way, WA                                       Colorado Springs, CO                          Ph: (253) 815-2370
                                                                                            Ph: (719) 531-3400                  
Helping Fulfill the Great Commission in       Releasing Children From Poverty in                                                          WYCLIFFE BIBLE TRANSLATORS
This Generation                               Jesus’s Name                                  THE NAVIGATORS                                Partners in Bible Translation
Mark D. Tjernagel, CFO - US                   Nathan Paisley, HR Specialist                 To Know Christ and to Make Him Known          Russ Hersman, Senior Vice President
Orlando, FL                                   Colorado Springs, CO                          Pamela A. Oppliger, Corporate Affairs         Orlando, FL
Ph: (407) 826-2000                            Ph: (719) 487-7000                            Manager                                       Ph: (800) WYCLIFFE                                                    Colorado Springs, CO                
                                                                                            Ph: (719) 598-1212
Church Financing for Assemblies of God        Bring Hope to Life…
Ministries and Christian Investing            Robert J. Lonac, President/CEO                VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA - NATIONAL
Marsha Karp, Vice President of Admin-         Seattle, WA                                   OFFICE
istration                                     Ph: (206) 546-7200                            There are No Limits to Caring
Salem, OR                                                           Harry Quiett, Director of Ministerial
Ph: (800) 821-1112                                                                          Development                                                                              Alexandria, VA
                                                                                            Ph: (703) 341-5000

                                      CLA Founders Council Business Members
Building Enduring Ministries                  Trusted Advice Along the Way                  TION (LAMP)                                   Easy, Fast, Communication Tools to
Alfred Lopus, President                       Providing Retiremen Plan, TPA and Re-         Insurance, Risk Management, Employee          Reach Your Audience
Mercer Island, WA                             cordkeeping Services since 1994               Benefit Specialists                           Michael Arnim, Director of Sales
Ph: (206) 230-8111                            Bethany B. Palmer, President                  Robert T. Lipps, Executive Director           Sugarland, TX                          Colorado Springs, CO                          San Francisco, CA                             (281) 263-6304
                                              (888) 879-1376                                Ph: (415) 568-4000                  
CAPIN CROUSE, LLP,                  
Providing Professional Services and                                                         MASTERWORKS                                   STRATEGIC FUNDRAISING, INC.
Strategic Solutions Since 1972                EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN CREDIT UNION            Full Service Direct Marketing Agency          Corey Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer
C.E. Crouse, Partner                          Ministry Minded Banking for Churches,         Rory Starks, Sr. Vice President of Strate-    Oakdale, MN
Greenwood, IN                                 Ministries and Schools                        gic Development                               Ph: (651)649-0404
Ph: (317) 888-9552                            Jeff Tanner, Vice President of Marketing      Poulsbo, WA                                                    Brea, CA                                      Ph: (360) 271-8177
                                              Ph: (714) 671-5700 x1735            
                                                                                                                    UNITED CAPITAL
DOUGLAS SHAW & ASSOCIATES                                                                                                                 Proactive Portfolio Management for
Specializing in Donor-Focused Com-                                                          MINISTRYLINQ                                  Christian Organizations
munications                                   KMA DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS                     Maximizing Stewardship with Electronic        Phillip D. Jacobson, Sr. Vice President
Douglas K. Shaw, Chairman/CEO                 Direct Response Marketing and                 Processing                                    Rockford, IL
West Chicago, IL                              Fundraising                                   Krystal Weaver, Marketing Coordinator         (877)875-1050
Ph: (630) 562-1321                            Matt Waters, Strategic Marketing              Spokane, WA                                                    Specialist                                    Ph: (509) 789-2274                  
                                              Plano, TX                           
                                              (972) 244-1900

                                                                                                                                    TO JOIN:
                                                                                                                     Contact Frank Lofaro, president/CEO
                                                                                                                         at (949) 487-0900, ext. 111,
                                                                                                            or email

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