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					Information Technology

                         IT Briefing

                         June 2007
Information Technology

            IT Briefing June 20, 2007

 Healthcare Exchange           Eric Gentry (PLA
  Migration Strategy             Consultant)
 Exchange, DMS & Remedy        Karen Jenkins
 PS HR & Applicant Tracking    Dana Haggas
 Guest Access in OPUS          Mark Elliott
 NetCom Q&A                    Paul Petersen

Information Technology


                         Eric Gentry
                         Senior Consultant, Communications and
                         Project Leadership Associates

                         Migration Specialist for Email/Active
Information Technology

              Exchange 2007 Migration Plan
                  Pre-Migration Process

Information Technology

           Exchange 2007 Migration Plan
    Inbound Email Configuration and User Creation

Information Technology

           Exchange 2007 Migration Plan
            User Preload and Migration

Information Technology

           Exchange 2007 Migration Plan
              Final Migration Process

Information Technology

                   Known Issues List
   GroupWise Rules will not Migrate
   Formatting Rich Text and HTML
   Read Receipts
   Meeting Updates
     Deletion of Meetings in GroupWise not updated in Exchange
     Recurring meeting request from GroupWise to Exchange
     Recurring meeting request from Exchange to GroupWise will
      post first meeting only
     Declination of meeting in Exchange, GroupWise user does not
      receive update
 Distribution List appearance in GroupWise
 Multiple eMail Addresses, Multiple IM Names, Categories,
  and Birthdays
 Email address links in messages when converted to
Information Technology

                 Migration Strategy


Information Technology


                         Karen Jenkins
Information Technology

                  Healthcare Exchange
 Testing ~98% complete
 Training & support
       54 Outlook seminars scheduled / ~15 complete
       87 support resources – THANK YOU!!
       9 Technical support classes
       Video, FAQs, and other materials on-line
 Schedule Update
       Initial pre-pilot in June, made adjustments to strategy
       Short list of early adopters end of June
       100 pre-pilot users early July
       500 pilot users mid July
       Production migration begin late July end August
Information Technology

        Desktop Management Solution
 Vendor negotiations
     Would not agree to exclude students in lease options
     Obtain commitment to purchase 50% Year 1 and 50% Year 2 –
      maintaining volume discount pricing (~90%)
 Funding identified
     AAIT providing $100k, on-going maintenance, fully fund 2nd
      50% (6,000 agents)
     SPH fully funded 900 nodes (~$16k)
     College providing $20k
     Library providing $2k
     OTHERS? Those contributing will receive agents first
     Send email to if you are
      interested in contributing or training (~1,300 per student)
     Total cost is ~$160 – we are about ~$20k short
 Finalize Level 2 and submit to Governance
Information Technology

 Initial priorities of stabilization & major
  enhancements completed
       Stabilize system / address initial problems
       Inbound email
       Suppress notifications
       Data export cleanup
 Moving onto other enhancements
     Notification improvements
     Consolidation of fields (see example)
     Creating tickets for requests / comments received during
 Ticket Transfer scheduled for fall
     Initial consultant SOW received
Information Technology

          Tab Consolidation Example

Information Technology



Information Technology

                         PeopleSoft HR


                         Dana Haggas
Information Technology

           HR Upgrade Project Overview
   Project History
      Needed to upgrade before expiration of maintenance support
      Received project approval and funding in Sept 2006
      Hardware order delayed due to enterprise hardware decision
      Hosted first three test moves in CedarCrestone Upgrade Lab
      Test move 4 on Emory Hardware in April 2007 and
       Test move 5 in June 2007
      System Load and stress testing June 2007
   Project Scope
      Technical upgrade
      Eliminated customizations:
       -42% of custom SQRs
       -32% of online objects
      New functionality
       - Person of Interest
       - Row level security enhancements
      Integration to Applicant Tracking System (KRB/Kenexa/BrassRing)
Information Technology

               HR 8.9 Sign-on Page

Information Technology

      Current HR 8.3 Self-Service Page

Information Technology

           HR 8.9 Self-Service Pages

                         Employee Self-Service home page.
                         Users will need to click to access
                         Self-Service page below

Information Technology

                  HR 8.9 Upgrade Timeline
   Monday, July 2
        Update Production HTML to provide notice of system downtime/production read-
         only access
   Tuesday, July 3
        Freeze Tools and begin export/backup for HRTEST
   Thursday, July 5
        Production database down at 5:00 pm
        Begin exports of Candidate data from PeopleSoft to KRB/ERM
   Friday, July 6
        Bring up Production with read-only access by 8:00 am
        Begin upgrade steps (Tom Hytry, CedarCrestone consultant)
   Saturday, July 7
        Migration to KRB/ERM complete
   Sunday, July 8
        Upgrade Steps complete – notify project team
        Post-Upgrade steps
        Functional User approval
        Change URL to point to 8.9 Production and notify Helpdesk
Information Technology

          PS HR & Applicant Tracking


Information Technology

                         OPUS Guest

                         Mark Elliott
Information Technology

               OPUS Guest Access

Guest Access is a new OPUS self-service feature
giving Emory students the ability to grant access to
OPUS pages the student has selected and to
individuals the student has authorized.

 Up to 5 Guest Access accounts allowed

   Three Steps:
   1. Student creates Alias for Guest Login ID.
   2. Student creates password for Guest Login ID.
   3. Student selects OPUS information Guest can access.
Information Technology

        OPUS Guest Access Project Team

  PeopleSoft SA Team members
       Admissions
       Campus Community
       Financial Aid
       Student Financials
       Student Records
       AAIT
Information Technology

         Project Timeline and Review

   Weekly Meetings Began 1st week of March 2007
   Integration Testing Began 3rd week of April 2007
   Go-Live Date: July 5, 2007
   Student Focus Group Review
   Security Audit Approval
   Internal Audit Approval
   University Legal Approval
Information Technology

     Other Schools With Guest Access

    Columbia         University   of   Chicago
    Indiana          University   of   Georgia
    MIT              University   of   Minnesota
    Northwestern     University   of   Pennsylvania
    Princeton        USC
    Stanford         Yale
Information Technology

   Learner Services OPUS Guest Access Link
Information Technology

  Create New Access/Manage Existing Access
Information Technology

     Step 1: Create Alias Step 2: Create Password
Information Technology

 Step 3: Select OPUS Information Guest Can Access
Information Technology

   OPUS Information Available Through Guest Access

 Academics                              Personal Portfolio
    • View Class Schedule                   • View Names/Addresses/Phone/Email
    • View Grades and GPAs                  • View Parent/Guardian Address
    • View Unofficial Transcript            • View/Update Emergency Contact
    • View Degree Progress                  • View Honors and Awards
    • View Final Exam Schedule              • View Holds/To Dos/Messages
 Admissions                             Student Accounts
    • View Admissions Decisions             • View Account Detail
    • Pay Admissions Deposit                • View Monthly/Registration Bills
    • Schedule Tour and Events              • Make On-Line Payment
 Apply For Courtesy Tuition Benefit         • Enroll in Payment Plan
                                            • Make an EmoryCard Deposit
 Submit Health Insurance Waiver
                                            • View Registration Clearance Status
 Financial Aid
                                            • View 1098-T Tax Information
     • View Financial Aid Information
                                            • View Wire Transfer Instructions
Information Technology

          Manage Existing Guest Access
Information Technology

            Guest Access Ask OPUS
Information Technology

     Automated Student Communications

  New Guest Access Request
  Change To Guest Page Permissions
  Guest Login ID Deleted
  Student Requests Information Suppression/Guest
   Accounts Disabled
  Reactivate Guest Login ID
  Password Reset
Information Technology

             Student Responsibilities
 Communicate Guest Login ID and Password to the
 Maintain Access of the Guest
 Assist Guest with forgotten Guest Login ID’s and
 Advise Guest as to sensitive nature of information
 Explain to the Guest how to use OPUS
Information Technology

                OPUS Guest Access


Information Technology

                         NetCom Q&A

                         Paul Petersen
Information Technology




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