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									Membership & Benefits
            Who Should Join?

• Geriatric care managers    • Insurance companies &
• Occupational, speech,        brokerages
  physical & psychological   • Food & product delivery
  therapists                   services
• Architects                 • Home maintenance
• Interior designers           professionals
• Remodeling contractors     • Landscaping contractors
• Home health care           • Transportation companies
  companies                  • Financial planners
• Elder law specialists      • Any other senior service
          Benefits of National
• Become part of a high-profile       • Member “Code of Conduct”
  network of professionals              provides a sense of security to
  dedicated to helping seniors age-     otherwise skeptical seniors
  in-place                            • Become a part of and help to build
• Network with over 500 national        a rapidly growing advertising and
  members that we aim to double by      promotional effort
  the end of 2010                     • We are a 501 (c) (6) non-profit
• Use of trademarked name & logo        organization and absorb all of
• Be listed in National Service         banking, taxes and accounting
  Providers Directory                   responsibilities
• Brand recognition                   • Strengthen awareness of the age-
• Have a page on         in-place industry on a national
  devoted exclusively to your           level
      Benefits of Local Chapter
• Form a focused, cohesive effort to reach local seniors
• Offer events and services to seniors on your chapter’s own
  page or the NAIPC website
• Have a representative of the National Chapter Council
• Network with a multi-disciplinary community of age-in-place
• Organize and utilize local outreach events, such as Aging In
  Place Week
• Create and become a part of your local service provider
  resource guide
• Strengthen awareness of the age-in-place industry in your
Sample: Service Provider Page
Current Chapters
•   Greater Atlanta, GA
•   Baltimore , MD
•   Jackson, MS
•   Long Island/Brooklyn, NY
•   Orange County, CA
•   Central Florida
•   Rhode Island
•   Seattle, WA
•   Central Virginia
•   Maine Seacoast
•   North Texas
•   Philadelphia/ Delaware Valley
Sample: Baltimore Chapter
          Pending Chapters…
                        • Oklahoma City
•   Alabama
                        • Ossining, NY (White
•   Boston, MA
•   Charlotte, NC
                        • Palo Alto, CA
•   Cleveland, OH
                        • Portland, OR
•   Denver, CO
                        • Raleigh, NC
•   Detroit, MI
                        • Rochester, NY
•   Kansas City, MO
                        • San Diego, CA
•   Hawaii
                        • Spokane, WA
•   Miami (Montgomery
                        • Tucson, AZ
    County), FL
                        • Washington, DC
                   NAIPC Philadelphia Agenda

                                    10-11—How will the growth of the senior sector
                                    affect our society?
The National Aging in Place         Ray Prushnok, Deputy Secretary, Pennsylvania’s
                                    Department of Aging, Harrisburg, PA
          and our                   11:15-12:15—New developments in in-home care
Philadelphia NAIPC Chapter          and technology
   cordially invite you to          Rick Specter, Director of Community Relations,
                                    Philadelphia Corporation on Aging, Philadelphia, PA
                                    John Grencer, Vice President of Technology, Good
  "It Takes an Industry"            Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, Allentown, PA
 An Introduction to Aging in
            Place                   12:30-1:30—Luncheon.
                                    What is Aging in Place and how can NAIPC help
                                    you build your business?
    Thursday, April 22              Marty Bell, Director of Communications and
      10 a.m.-1:30 p.m.             Marketing, National Aging in Place Council
     DoubleTree Hotel               Amanda Clinton, Co-Founder, Baltimore Chapter,
                                    National Aging in Place Council
     Philadelphia, PA
                                  Next Conference: Irvine, CA, July 15, 2010

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