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Small Business                                                   Small Business Events

Topics on this page:                                             Vendor Outreach Session
      HHS Outreach Activities & Events                          Information Technology
      Contracting Information                                   Session
      Special Small Business Program
                                                                 Date: January 12, 2011
       Small Business Program Policies, Procedures, & Reports Time: 8:45 am -12:00
                                                                  200 Independence Avenue,
                                                                  Hubert H. Humphrey
HHS Outreach Activities and Events                                Building
                                                                  Washington, DC
HHS is committed to helping small businesses in their pursuit of
health and human services related contracts. Learn about our
                                                                  Register for the January
opportunities for you to learn about HHS, its contracting
                                                                  12 VOS.
opportunities, and how we can do business together. Here's how we
reach out to businesses:
                                                                  See our Calendar of
                                                                  Events for the latest
     Browse the Calendar of Events for the latest information on
                                                                  outreach efforts.
        upcoming small business events.
     Register for the Vendor Outreach Sessions
            o Be sure to see our Presentation: Marketing to the
                                                                  The Pulse
                Department of Health & Human Services (PPT-564
                KB)                                               Read the HHSPulse
                                                                  Newsletter and Subscribe
                                                                  to receive via email.

                                                                     Business Contacts
Contracting Information
                                                                           HHS Small
Locate sources of detailed current and future contract information          Business Staff and
available to those interested in working with HHS:                          Specialists
                                                                           HHS Simplified
      Find current business opportunities at FedBizOpps.                   Acquisition
      Learn about currently Active Contracts at HHS.                       Contacts
      See our Forecast of HHS Contracting Opportunities for               HHS Electronic
       Small Businesses.                                                    Subcontracting
      Find the HHS Bid Board Locations where proposed contract             Reporting System
       actions ($10,000-25,000) are available for public review.            Contacts
      Search for answers in our Frequently Asked Questions                Federal OSDBU
       database.                                                            Directors

Special Small Business Program                                       Questions? Feedback?

Our Mentor Protégé Program offers opportunities for small            Send your emails to the
businesses to work with large companies.                             Small Business Mailbox

                                                                     HHS Office of Small and
                                                                     Disadvantaged Business
Small Business Program Policies,
Procedures and Reports
Learn about our Small Business Utilization Program, policies,
procedures and reports to better understand how to work with
government agencies.


Small Business Program Policy Manual
Learn about how HHS administers its small business utilization

8(a) Partnership Agreement Between SBA and HHS [PDF -


HHS 653 Small Business Review Form (Word)
This form will assist users in reviewing acquisition projects.


      Subcontracting Plan
       This plan is used to establish policies and procedures for
       subcontract management.
      HHS Subcontract Plan Review Form (Word)
       Use this form when reviewing subcontract plans process.
      HHS Subcontracting Reporting
       Learn about subcontract reporting policies and procedures.


      HHS Small Business Goals for FY 2010
      HHS Small Business Program Historical Data - Chart, FY
       2005 - FY 2009
      Small Business Program Annual Report for Fiscal Year
      Summary Report: Small Business Innovation Research
       (SBIR) Program and Small Business Technology Transfer
       Research (STTR) Program [PDF - 144KB]
      Report on Small Business Participation Under the Small
       Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program:
          o Designated Industry Groups (DIGs) [XLS - 52KB]
            o   Targeted Industry Categories (TICS)[XLS - 34KB]

Also, see

      HHS implementation of the American Recovery and
       Reinvestment Act
      USASpending.gov, to find more information on government

Last Updated: 08/26/2010

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