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									                  B/C/DP Quarterly Financial Report                                                                                             Form 31
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Chapter:                                                          Tax ID #:                                Report for Quarter Ending:

                                                                                                        Current Year
Fund Balance Beginning of Year                                                                           $                                               -
            Must equal Fund Balance from prior year's report

Receipts (Income) x/x/xx - quarter ending date
            1 Member Firm Assessments                                                                      $                                             -
            2 Contributions, Gifts (Attach list of gifts over $1,000)                                      $                                             -
            3 Business Activities
              (a) Meetings                                                                                 $                                             -
              (b) Fundraising projects                                                                     $                                             -
            4 Miscellaneous Receipts
              (a) Interest savings, checking, or investments                                               $                                             -
              (b) Other receipts (describe)                                                                $                                             -
              (c) Transfer from Chapter general funds                                                      $                                             -
Total Receipts (Income)                                                                                    $                                             -

Disbursements (Expenses) x/x/xx - quarter ending date
           5 Corporate Assessment                                                                          $                                             -
           6 Dinners and Meetings                                                                          $                                             -
           7 Stationery, Printing, Supplies, Postage                                                       $                                             -
           8 Fundraising                                                                                   $                                             -
           9 Other Operating Expenses                                                                      $                                             -
          10 Awards
             (a) EWISP Awards                                                                              $                                             -
             (b) ASIST Awards                                                                              $                                             -
             (c) Reading Rally                                                                             $                                             -
             (d) Academy of Leadership                                                                     $                                             -
             (e) Other philanthropic projects                                                              $                                             -
Total Disbursements (Expenses)                                                                             $                                             -

Net Proceeds (Receipts less Disbursements)                                                                 $                                             -
Adjustment to Prior Year's Fund Balance (Attach detail)                                                    $                                             -
Calculated Fund Balance - End of Quarter                                                                   $                                             -

Reconciled Cash as of x/x/xx - quarter ending date
            Checking                                                                                       $                                             -
            Other                                                                                          $                                             -
Total Reconciled Cash (must equal Calculated Fund Balance)                                                 $                                             -

Award Liability

Please note that a fund balance equal to or greater than the awards liability of the program must be maintained at all times in an account or combination of
accounts specifically designated as EWI B/C/DP. Money in the general operating account of the Chapter -- 501(c)(6) checking or investment accounts --
which are anticipated to be a revenue source towards any EWI B/C/DP liability must be transferred to the specific designated 501(c)(3) account at or prior to
the time the Chapter incurs the liability. This is assumed to be the time the award is announced, not necessarily the time the payment of the award is made.
                      Award Type                                                   Year                                        Amount
EWISP                                                                                                      $                                             -
ASIST                                                                                                      $                                             -
Reading Rally                                                                                              $                                             -
Academy of Leadership                                                                                      $                                             -
Other Philanthropy Projects                                                                                $                                             -
Total Unpaid Awards as of x/x/xx - quarter ending date                                                     $                                             -

Restricted Funds (included in the cash amount above)
              Donor Restricted (attach detail and restrictions)                                            $                                             -
              Endowment (attach detail and restrictions)                                                   $                                             -
              Other (describe and attach detail and restrictions)                                          $                                             -
Total of Restricted Funds                                                                                  $                                             -
                     B/C/DP Quarterly Financial Report                                                                                            Form 31
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Reviewed by:
                   Chapter President                                                                                            Date:

Prepared by:
                   Chapter Treasurer                                                                                            Date:


Preparation and Routing Instructions:

 For 4th quarter only -- attach copies of fourth quarter report with copies of December bank statement(s) and reconciliation(s).

Prepare in duplicate. Identify your currency if not US dollars. Mail one copy to the Corporate Office using the following schedule.
              First quarter (1/1 - 3/31) by April 30
              Second quarter (1/1 - 6/30) by July 31
              Third quarter (1/1 - 9/30) by October 31
              Fourth quarter (1/1 - 12/31) by February 15 (This is the annual report.)

Failure to provide this material to the Corporate Office by the date indicated may result in additional fees to the Chapter. Assistance in
completion of information may be obtained through the Corporate Office or by contacting the Corporate Treasurer.

515 South 700 East Suite 2A / Salt Lake City, Utah 84102 / Toll Free: 1.877.4EWI-NOW / Phone: 801.355.2800 / Fax: 801.355.2852 /
Revised 3/2009
                                 Instructions for Completing Form 31

Form 31 reports by quarter the financial activity of a Chapter's Business/Career/Development Program (B/C/DP).
The first quarter report includes activity from January 1 to March 31 and is due by April 20. The second quarter
report includes activity from January 1 to June 30 and is due by July 20. The third quarter reports activity from
January 1 to September 30 and is due by October 20, and the fourth quarter reports the activity for the entire
year. The fourth quarter report is also the Annual Financial Report and is due February 15. All reports must be

It is very important that the form be properly completed. The information provided by the Chapters on the year-
end form is compiled by the Corporate Office and then submitted to the Internal Revenue Service for Executive
Women International B/C/DP's group tax return. This form has been developed with advice from our Corporate
accounting firm. Categories that are not listed on the form should not be added by the Chapter.

Attach copies of fourth quarter report with December bank statement(s) and reconciliation(s) including investment
account(s) for 501(c)(3) account balances.

Fund Balance
This number represents the bank balances as of January 1 on all B/C/DP accounts. This figure must equal the
ending fund balance reported on the previous year-end (not quarterly) Form 31.

Receipts (Income) (Sections 1-4)
 1 Member Firm Assessments: Record the portion of annual assessments deposited for use by the B/C/DP.

 2 Contributions, Gifts, etc: Record any money received as a contribution. This figure includes restricted and

 3 Business Activities:
   (a) Meetings: Record money raised from business meetings and designated for B/C/DP activities
   (b) Fund raising projects: Record money raised through door prize sales, etc, and funds designated for

 4 Miscellaneous Receipts:
   (a) Interest: Record interest income earned in the current period (January 1 - quarter ending date) on all
   (b) Other receipts: Record miscellaneous income not related to the previously described categories and
   (c) Transfer from Chapter general funds: Record any money transferred from the Chapter's general
   accounts to help fund B/C/DP accounts. Please keep in mind that, while it is all right to transfer money into
   the B/C/DP accounts, once it is received into the 501(c)(3) organization, it cannot be transferred back to the

Total Receipts (Income): Record the sum of Sections 1 through 4.

Disbursements (Sections 5-10)
 5 Corporate Assessment: Record here annual assessment and new member assessment ($40.00 each
 representative) paid to Corporate throughout the year.

 6 Dinners and meetings: Record expenses incurred for dinners or meetings directly related to B/C/DP, such
 as a dinner honoring Chapter scholarship winners.

 7 Stationery, Printing, Supplies, Postage: Record costs such as printing invitations to a dinner honoring
 scholarship winners or the cost to reprint the student application.

 8 Fundraising: Record expenses connected with fund raising such as the printing, etc.

 9 Other Operating Expenses: Any other expense which is not described in the first four items of
 disbursements should be recorded here. This might include bank fees or a judge's gift.
 10 Awards (a-e): Record all the awards given out in the current year. Record the amount of each type of

Total Disbursements (Expenses): Record the sum of Sections 5 through 10e.

Net Proceeds (Receipts less Disbursements)
Record the total amount of income over expenses. If the Chapter's expenses exceeded the Chapter's income,
record this figure as a negative number.

Adjustment to Prior Year’s Fund Balance (Attach Detail)
Record here difference that is found from the prior year’s end reserve. Please attach detail.

Fund Balance - End of the Quarter
Record the bank balance(s) in the B/C/DP account(s) as of the quarter ending date. This number should also
equal the Fund Balance at the beginning of the year, plus/minus the Net Proceeds, plus/minus any adjustments

Reconciled Cash
Reconcile all bank statements -- checks issued that have not yet cleared the bank; deposits made but not yet
posted; interest reported by the bank but not yet posted to your accounts -- and record reconciled totals. Final

Award Liability
This section is used to report any awards given but not paid by the end of the quarter. List each award amount,
award type (EWISP, ASIST, Reading Rally, Academy of Leadership or Other Philanthropy), the year it is payable,

Restricted Funds
Report any restricted funds the Chapter is holding. "Restricted funds" are defined as donations wherein the donor
specifies how the contribution will be used. For example, a Chapter receives $500 from a donor and they specify
the use for EWISP. The Chapter then cannot use this $500 for any other philanthropy project. When a Chapter
Board decides to set aside funds for a specific use, these funds are not considered "restricted funds." At year
end, we will conduct a test to ensure that enough unrestricted funds are on deposit with each Chapter to cover

Revised 8/2007

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