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					    The FIMARK GROUP, INC

The Fimark Group was founded in 2009 by Steven Effron and Robert Wick.

With over 65 years of combined experience working with both financial
institutions and insurance companies, Fimark identified an emerging need
and a gap to be filled. The gap is product and channel specific wholesaling
to support financial institutions. The need is consumer oriented product
solutions backed by financially sound insurance companies.

As an industry, insurance companies were challenged with instituting
aggressive financial controls. This led to the reduction, elimination or
merging of their bank dedicated investment product wholesalers.

For the financial institutions, the challenge is one of sustainable growth in
investment product sales and resulting revenues within a volatile economic
environment. The product mix continues to change in the annuity markets
evidenced by recent declines in variable annuity sales, growth in the
indexed product space and compressed interest rate spreads between
fixed annuities and traditional bank deposit products.

Specific to indexed annuities, Fimark sees continued growth opportunities
within financial institutions as these products emerge as a third annuity
product set. On a risk-reward spectrum, we see indexed annuities
positioned between fixed and variable annuities. With the potential for
upside gains combined with no downside risk, select indexed annuity
product designs provide the necessary balance between risk and reward
for today’s bank customer.

With direct experience in the sales of $8 billion in fixed annuities and $2
billion in indexed annuities, all through financial institutions, the principles of
Fimark understand the importance of product positioning. That’s what
wholesalers teach and that’s what Fimark does. We believe that while
indexed annuities are market influenced and rate sensitive, they are first
and foremost wholesaler driven.

                      17250 Antigua Point Way, Boca Raton, FL 33487
            Phone: 888-217-1440 Email: seffron@fimarkgroup.comFax: 704-892-9815

Fimark has aligned itself with select insurance companies that provide both
superior fixed and indexed products, when measured by consumer value,
backed by very strong financial ratings. They manufacture product and
Fimark delivers wholesaling excellence.

What Fimark is not is a traditional Third Party Marketing company. What we
are is a specialized wholesaling organization with a very specific
focus…fixed and indexed annuities. What we bring is measurable industry
leading sales performance when measured in terms of individual
broker/licensed banker productivity. The results are fresh and real. We
work at the direction of the financial institution as a wholesaling partner
driving specific annuity sales with specific products provided by a specific
insurance company.

In summary, we keep it simple. We deliver product positioning, incremental
sales growth that is sustainable and full disclosure in all our dealings. We’re
your partner of choice.

                      17250 Antigua Point Way, Boca Raton, FL 33487
            Phone: 888-217-1440 Email: seffron@fimarkgroup.comFax: 704-892-9815