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Material Safety Data Sheet

Article No: Date: Revision:

D1 10/5/95 2/29/08


Xerox Corporation Rochester, NY 14644

Telephone #(s):

Safety Information: (800) 828-6571 Health Emergency: (716)422-2177 Transportation Emergency:(716)422-1230

Trade Names/Synonyms: Binder Tape Chemical Name: WHMIS Status: None Article

Section I - Product Identification Part No.: 8R2928, 8R3601, 8R3602, 8R3603, 8R3604, 8R3824, 8R7186, 8R7187, 8R7188, 8R7189, 8R7190, 8R7191, 8R7637*, XCI: 8R3610, 8R3611, 8R3612, 8R3613, 8R3614, 8R3825, 8R7600, 8R7601, 8R7602, 8R7603, 8R7604, 8R7605 RX: 3R91202, 3R96855, 3R96856, 3R96857, 3R96858, 3R96859

Ingredients (% by wt.) Coating (60 - 75%): Polyamide resin Ethylene vinyl acetate wax Tackifying resin Paraffin wax Saturated paper (20-35%): Cellulose Aluminum foil (5-10%)

CAS No. 68139-70-8 or 69012-93-7 24937-78-8 8050-09-7 8002-74-2 9004-34-6 -----

Section II - Emergency and First Aid Primary Route of Entry: Symptoms of Overexposure: Skin Mild eye and/or skin irritation may occur. Eyes: Flush with water. Skin: Medical Conditions Generally Aggravated by Exposure: Wash with soap and water. Molten adhesive may cause severe None when used as described by product literature. burns. If skin contact occurs, immediately cool with cold water. If adhesive adheres to skin, get medical help for removal. Inhalation: Additional Information: Remove from exposure. None when used as described by product literature. Ingestion: N.A. Section III - Toxicology and Health Information This material has been evaluated by Xerox Corporation. Oral LD50: Dermal LD50: Inhalation LC50: Eye Irritation: Skin Sensitization: Skin Irritation: Human Patch: Mutagenicity: Carcinogens: Aquatic LC50: Additional Information:

None available TLV: N.E. None available PEL: N.E. None available STEL: N.E. Not an irritant1 Ceiling: N.E. Not a sensitizer1 XEL2: N.E. Not an irritant1 Non-irritating, non-sensitizing1 No mutagenicity detected in Ames Assay. None of the ingredients listed in Section I have been identified as carcinogens. None available None

Based on toxicity data from chemically similar products. XEL-Xerox Exposure Limit 600E67290

N.A. - Not Applicable N.E. -None Established N.D. -Not Determined



Trade Name: Binder Tape Section IV - Physical Data

MSDS No.: D1

Appearance/Odor: Boiling Point: Solubility in Water: Evaporation Rate: Vapor Density (Air=1): Volatile:

Adhesive binder / minimal odor N.A. Negligible None available N.A. N.A. % (Wgt) N.A.%(Vol.)

Softening Range: Melting Point: Specific Gravity (H2O=1): Vapor Pressure (mm Hg): pH:

N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A.

Section V - Fire and Explosion Data Flash Point (Method Used): Flammable Limits: Extinguishing Media: Special Fire Fighting Procedures: Fire and Explosion Hazards: N.D. LEL: N.A. UEL: N.A. Water, foam, CO2, dry chemical. For large quantities (i.e. truckload or pallet) involved in a fire, use self-contained breathing apparatus. Constituents of this material are combustible. Exposure to open flame or high E (electric) arc should be avoided. Section VI -Reactivity Data Stability: Hazardous Polymerization: Hazardous Decomposition Products: Incompatibility (Materials to Avoid): Stable Will Not Occur When involved in a fire, CO, CO2 and other toxic products of decomposition may be evolved. None Section VII - Special Protection Information Respiratory Protection: Eye Protection: Protective Gloves: Other: None required when used as intended in Xerox products. None required when used as intended in Xerox products. None required when used as intended in Xerox products. None required when used as intended in Xerox products. Section VIII - Special Precautions Handling and Storage: Conditions to Avoid: None None Section IX- Spill, Leak, and Disposal Procedures For Spills or Leakage: Waste Disposal Method: N.A. No specific waste disposal method required. Dispose of in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. Section X - Transportation Information Proper Shipping Name: N.A. (Not Regulated) Hazard Classification: N.A. ID Number: Packing Group: N.A. N.A.



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