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									                       REGIONAL TRANSPORT OFFICE : CUTTACK
                                                 Manual – 2

                                  Powers& Duties of Officers & Employees
                                         [Section 4 – (I) (b) (II)]

                                   Powers and duties of Officers & Staff

Sl    Desugnation    POWER                               Others        Duties attached
No    of Post        Administra    Financial Statutory
1     2              3             4           5         6             7
1     R.T.O.,        Head of       Drawing     Empowe    Overall       As Secretary of the R.T.A, the
      Cuttack        Office        &           red as    supervisio    R.T.O. is in charge of grant of all
                                   disbursin   per       n of          type of temporary & Permanent
                                   g power     OMVT      function of   permits in respect of goods and
                                   collectio   Act       Office as     passengers vehicle. Issue of all
                                   n of                  per ORM       driving licenses other than two-
                                   M.V.                  & OMVT        wheelers. Isssue of Conductor
                                   renewal               Act &         Licenses, Disposal of VCR cases
                                   etc                   Rules         and T.R. Cases
                                                         made there
                                                         under         Under Schedule-II of OMVT Act
                                                                       Cash and Establishment matters ,
                                                                       Off-road of Vehicles, Acceptance
                                                                       of tax and assignment of Orissa
                                                                       registration Mark in respect of
                                                                       other state vehicles. Registration
                                                                       of all new types of vehicles other
                                                                       than two-wheelers, transfer of
                                                                       Owner-ship and other work
                                                                       relating all types of vehicles other
                                                                       than two-wheelers, Hearing and
                                                                       Disposal of M.V. Cases regarding
                                                                       transaction and other matters
                                                                       under M.V. Act, Grant of Trade
                                                                       Certificate and renewal thereof,
                                                                       R.T.A. Meeting, takes-up joint
                                                                       test of persons applying for
                                                                       Driving Licenses
1     Addl           ----          ------      ------    ------        -------
(a)   R.T.O.(Enf.)
2   Assistant       ----   --      ------   ------   Taxation matters, DCB, OPDR
    R.T.O.                                           Act cases, Compliance to pending
                                                     I.R.s, A.Rs and inspection note of
                                                     Higher Officers as well as half
                                                     yearly inspection notes of R.T.O.
                                                     Registration of new Class-I
                                                     Vehicles. Transfer of owner-ship
                                                     of class-I vehicles and other
                                                     works relating to Class-I Vehicles.
                                                     Issue of Driving Licenses in
                                                     respect of two-wheelers, Renewal
                                                     of Driving licenses relating to all
                                                     types of vehicles including
                                                     conductor licenses. Temporary
                                                     Registration of Vehicles ,
                                                     Forwarding of applications to the
                                                     I.M.V for fitness of commercial
                                                     vehicles , Takes-up joint test of
                                                     persons applying for Driving
3   I.M.V.,         ----   -----   -----    ------   Grant of Fitness Certificate to all
    Cuttack                                          types of Commercial Vehicles
                                                     both Goods and Passengers.
                                                     Inspection of accident cases,
                                                     Takes-up joint test of persons
                                                     applying for driving licenses.

4   Transport       ----   -----   -----    ------   ----
5   Assistant       ----   ----    -----    ----     Checking of all types of vehicles
    Transport                                        plying unauthorisedly within the
    Commissioner                                     area of Cuttack Region.
6   Traffic         ----   ----    -----    ----     Checking of all types of vehicles
    Inspectors                                       plying un-authorisedly within the
                                                     area of Cuttack District
7   Head Clerk                                       Checking of Cash Books,
                                                     Scruitiny and enforcement of files
                                                     and records to ARTO/RTO
                                                     relating to Establishment, Cash,
                                                     Audit, and other matters. He is
                                                     also assigned with supervision
                                                     work as per ORM and OMVT Act
                                                     etc. He is in charge of forms and
                                                     registers and schedule – IV and
                                                     LIII. Issue and renewal of
                                                     Conductor license,Renewal of
                      driving licenses in respect of other
                      state & Districtss, Annuall
                      Indentof Forms & Inspection
8    Steno            Trade Certificates, Temporary
                      registration of Vehicles , R.T.A.
                      Meetings ,forwarding of Fitness
                      Certificate, Applications
                      ofVehicle, Stationery, Allotment
                      of Registratiuon in respect of new
9    Sri Dhiraj       Establishment, Bills and Budgets-
     Choudhury,       Expenditure Statements.
     Sr. Clerk        Permanent and Temporary
                      permits of Stage Carriages and
                      contract carriages, OR-05 / L,
                      05/G, 05/H, 05/P, OR-05/R and
                      other regional vehicles services
10   Sri Baishnab     Cash and Accounts
     charan Parida,
     Sr. Clerk
11   Sri Dhirendra    ORC,ORA,OSU,OIU and OR05/k
     Kumar Sutar      – vehicle series

12   Sri Babaji       Audit,OAU,OSC,OR-05/J,OR-
     Charan Singh,    05/N, OR-05/T anodic vehicle-
     Sr. Clerk        series
13   Sri Nabaghan     OR-05,OR-05/B, OR-05/C, and
     Mohanty, Sr.     OR-05/T vehicle-series
14   Sri Krushna      V.C.R. Cases and OR-05/S Series
     chandra Sahu,
     Sr. Clerk
15   Sri S. R Rout,   OR-05/D, OR-05/E and OR-05/f
     Junior Clerk     Series, Receipt of letters.

16   Sri Mahesh       OAC, OR-05/Q, ORU, and OR-
     Prasad Rath,     05/A series, off-road, Issue of
     Jr. Clerk        Learning Licenses, Certificate
                      Cases and issue of letters
17   Sri Nityananda   Driving Licenses, Other State
     Mishra, Jr.      Vehicle, Maintenance of Vehicle,
     Clerk            Legal Matters.
18   Sri Santosh      Reports and Returns and
     Kumar Sahoo,     Registration of Vehicles
19   Sri Renuka                                                        Attached to the Court of Transport
     Pradhan, ,                                                        Magistrate
     Junior Clerk
20   Sri Sukumar                                                       Attached to the Court of Transport
     Ghose                                                             Magistrate
21   Three Drivers                                                     In charge of three Office Vehicles
22   Sk. Adak,                                                         Attached to Treasury and Bank
     Treasury                                                          Works
23   Six ‘D’ Grade                                                     Attached to different sections and
     Employees                                                         officers for smooth management
                                                                       of office
24   One ‘D’ Grade                                                     Night Watch-man

                                              Mannual – 3
                               Process foloowed in decision making process

                                           [Section 4 (1) (b) (iii)]

                    The working procedure of this office( Authority) is governed under O.M.V.T. Act,
     1939 and rules made there under. The main function of this office is to collect M.V. Tax, register
     new vehicles, issue road permits of commercial vehicles both goods and passenger vehicles, issue
     driving licenses to the persons applying for the same and Fitness Certificates to the commercial
     vehicles and other works etc. Besides, the vehicles are checked by the Enforcement Officers as well
     as staff plying un-authorisedly within the jurisdiction of this region.
                                       FLOW PROCESS CHART

Sl.No      Activity                   Level of Action                                   Time Frame
  1                   2                                     3                                    4
1          Receive letters            Receipt Clerk                                     Same day
2          Distribution of letters    -do-                                              One day
3 (a)      Letters                    Concerned D.A.                                    Within 3 days
3 (b)      Proposals                  These are scrutinized by concerned D.A.s,         After scrutiny is
                                      and Head Clerksand put up to A.R.T.O./            over
                                      Addl. R.T.O./ R.T.O

                                  Norms set for the discharge offunctions
                                          [Section 4(1) (b) (iv)]

   Sl.                 Activity              Time frame/Norm                           Remarks
    1      Diary of letters                  3 minutes per letter
    2      Issue & Despatch                  5 minutes per letter
    3      Typing                            30 pages per day
    4      Writing of nites and drafts       According to the nature of the
                                             letter received and reply to be sent
      5    Scrutinisation of Proposals       Depends on the nature of
                                             proposals received
      6    Issue of temporary permits        Dealing Assistant                      1 day

      7    Issue of permanent permits        Dealing Assistant                      3days
      8    Issue of Learning License         Dealing Assistant                      1 day
      9    Issue of Driving License          Dealing Assistant                      3 days from
                                                                                    the date of test
      10   Issue of Fitness Certificate      Dealing Assistant                      1 day
      11   Entry on M.V. taxes in G.R.       Dealing Assistant                      1 day
      12   Temporary Registrations of        Dealing Assistant                      1 day
           new vehicles
      13   Registration of New Vehicle       Dealing Assistant                      3 days

      14   Transfer of owner-ship of         Dealing Assistant                      1 day
      15   Issue of N.O.C. & T.C.            Dealing Assistant                      1 day
      16   Release of Vehicles from          Dealing Assistant                      1 day
      17   Acceptance of taxesin respect     Dealing Assistant                      3 dats
           of otherstate vehicles and
           other district vehicles

                                          Manual – 5
                Rules, Regudlations, Manuals andRecords for discharging functions
                                          [ Sec –4 (1) (b) (v)]

Sl.         Name of the act, rules,           Brief gist of the       Reference       Price in case
No.           regulations etc.                   contents             No. if any        of priced
1         Motor Vehicle Act, 1988
2         Central Motor Vehicle
          Rules, 1989
3         O.M.V.T. Act, 1975
4         O.M.V.T. Rules, 1976
5         O.M.V. Rules, 1993
6         Orissa Record Mannual

                                                 Manual – 6
            A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control
                                          [Section 4(1)(b)(vi)]
                            A statement of the categories of documents held

      Sl.            Nature of Record                Details of       Unit/Section         Retention
      No.                                           information           where          period, where
                                                      available         available          available
      1       Register of letters received      Letters received      Diarist             Permanent
                                                are entered
      2      Register of letters issued         Letters sent to         Issue clerk           -do-
                                                different quarters
                                                are recorded
      3      Index Register                     To keep a note on       Head clerk            -do-
                                                opening of files
                                                by the D.A s
      4      Guard files                        Important letters,      Available             -do-
                                                circulars /              with the
                                                Inspection Notes        concerned
                                                of higher officers        D.A s
                                                as well as R.T.O.
                                                are preserved
      5      Files                              To deal with               -do-
      6      Log Books                          To watch the               -do-             3 years
                                                disposal of letters
7    Assembly question register     To watch timely     Head clerk
                                    submission of
                                    reply of each
                                    question and
                                    question received
8    Periodical report and return   To watch timely      Computer
     register                       submission of
                                    reports and
                                    returns prescribed
                                    under different
                                    Act and Rules
9    Cash Books                     Dfaily Collection     Cashier
                                    of M.V.Tax and
                                    feesexhibitted and
                                    deposited in
                                    exhibited in cash
10   Contigent Bill Register        To watch the            -do-
                                    expenditure under
                                    other expenditure
11   Stock Register of Misc         To watch the        Head Clerk
     Receipt Books                  receipt of M.R.
12   Stock Register of V.C.R.       To watch the            -do-
     Books                          receipt book
                                    and issue to the
                                    enforcement staff
                                    of this office
13   Stock Register of Stationery   To watch the           Steno
     Articles                       receipt and issue
                                    of stationery
14   Allotment Register under       To watch the          Cashier
     other Expenses                 expenditure and
                                    submission of
                                    statement to
                                    proper quarter
15   Allotment Register under       To watch the         D.A. I/C
     Salaries etc                   allotment          Establishment
                                    received,              Bills
                                    expenditure              &
                                    incurred and          Budget
                                    statement sent to
                                   proper quarter
16   Pay Acquittance Roll          To watch the              -do-
                                   drawal and
                                   disbursement of
                                   salaries to the
                                   officers and staff
                                   of this office
17   T.A. Acquittance Roll         To watch the              -do-
                                   drawal and
                                   disbursement of
                                   T.A. to theofficers
                                   and staff
18   Bill Register                 Tto watch the nos.        -do-
                                   of bills prepared,
                                   presentedc and
                                   amount drawn
                                   during the
                                   financial year
19   Increment Register            To watch the              -do-
                                   sanction of
                                   increment in time
20   Service Book Register         To watch the              -do-
                                   history of services
                                   of the employees
21   Establishment Register        To watch the              -do-
                                   duties performed
                                   and leave availed
                                   by the employees
22   Suspension and Departmental   To watch the              -do-
     Proceeding Register           suspension and
23   Register for allotment of     To watch the nos.        Steno
     numbers to new vehicles       of vehicles
                                   registered in the
24   Register of Temporary         To watch the no.      Permit Clerk
     Permits issued to goods and   of temporary
     Passenger vehicles            permits issued to
                                   revenue collected
25   Register of Permanent         To watch the no.      Permit Clerk
     Permits issued to goods and   of temporary
     Passenger vehicles            permits issued to
                                   revenue collected
26   Off-RoadRegister              To ascertain the         D.A.
                                   nos. of vehicles
                                   reported off-road
                                           and their release
      27   Register of Audit Reports       To watch the                 D.A
                                           receipt and
                                           submission of
      28   Register of V.C.R. Cases        To watch the                 -do-
                                           receipt and
                                           disposal of VCR
      29   Register of reports and release To watch the               Computer
                                           timely submission
                                           of reports and
      30   Register of Trade Certificate   Toknow the                  Steno
                                           holder in the
      31   Register of D.C.B.              To ascertain the           Dealing
                                           demand.                    Assistant
                                           collected and
                                           balance lying
                                           against the

                                           Manual - 7
      Particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with or representation by the
       members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy of implementation.
                                       [Section 4(1)(b)(vii)]

      Details of consultative committees and other bodies with which consultations are held.
Sl.    Name and address of        Constitution of the         Role and         Frequency
No.       the Consultative         committee/body           responsibility     of meeting

                                  Does not relates to this section.

                                           Manual – 8
             A statement of boards, council, committees and other bodies constituted
                                      [Section 4(1)(b)(viii)]
                            List of boards, councils, committees etc.
                            List of boards, councils, committees etc.
Sl.      Name     Main    Constitution  Date of    Date Whether Whether Frequency

No.       and   functions of the body constitution up to meetings minutes of meetings
        address   of the                           which open to accessible
         of the   body                             valid  public  to public
1          2        3          4           5         6      7         8        9      10

                                         Not related to this section.

                                               Manual – 9
                                Directory of Officers and employees
                                        [Section 4(1)(b)(ix)]
      Sl.       Name and Designation       Office Phone No.                  E mail address
       1       Sri Premananda Khuntia,              2607492
                    R.T.O., Cuttack

                                              Manual – 10
      The monthly remuneration received by each of the officers and employees, including the system
                            of compensation as provided in the regulations
                                         [Section 4(1)(b)(x)]

       Sl.               Name of the Employees                              Scale of Pay
       No                      Designation                              Monthly Remuneration.
        1                          2                                              3
        1    Shri Premananda Khuntia , R.T.O., Cuttack          8000-275-13500
        2    Shri Sanjeev Dubey, Transport Magistrate           9000-250-10750-300-13150
        3    Shri Harihar Kar,Asst. R.T.O                       5900-200-9700
        4    Amaresh Patra, MNI, Cuttack                        6500-200-10,500/-
        6    Sri Sarat kumar Mishra, T.I.                       5500-175-9000/-
        7    Sri K.B. Sahoo, T.I.                               On Deputation
        8    Sk. Md. Sayeed H.C.                                5000-150-8000/-
        9    Sri Dhiraj Choudhury, Sr. Clerk                    4000-100-6000/-
       10    Sri Baishnab charan Parida, Sr. Clerk              4000-100-6000/-
       11    Sri Dhirendra kumar Sutar, Sr. Clerk               4000-100-6000/-
       12    Sri Babaji charan Singh, Sr. Clerk                 4000-100-6000/-
       13    Sri Nabaghana Mohanty, Sr. Clerk                   4000-100-6000/-
       14    Sri Debendra kumar Pradhan, Sr. Clerk              4000-100-6000/-
       15    Sri Krushna chandra Sahioo, Sr. Clerk              4000-100-6000/-
       16    SriG. Samal, Steno                                 4000-100-6000/-
       17    Sri Santoshku. Sahoo, Computer                     3200-85-4900/-
       18    Sri Sukumar GhoseSteno                             4000-100-6000/
       19    Sri Mahesh prasad Rath, Jr. Clerk                  3050-75-3950-80-4590/-
 20    Sri Nityananda Mishra, Jr. Clerk                   3050-75-3950-80-4590/-
 21    Renuka Pradhan, Jr. Clerk                          3050-75-3950-80-4590/-
 22    Sri S.R. Rout, Jr. Clerk                           3050-75-3950-80-4590/-
 23    Sk. Adam, Treasury Sarkar                          2650-65-3300-70-4000/-
 24    Sri Nrusingha charan Jena, Peon                    2550-55-2610-60-3200/-
 25    Sri Pravat mohan Ray, Peon                         2550-55-2610-60-3200/-
 26    SriMuralidhar Pradhan, peon                        2550-55-2610-60-3200/-
 27    Sk. Noor Khan, Peon                                2550-55-2610-60-3200/-
 28    Smt.Renubala Singh, Peon                           2550-55-2610-60-3200/-
 29    Sri Purna chandra Nayak, Watchman                  2550-55-2610-60-3200/-
 30    Imran Khan, Driver                                 3050-75-3950-80-4590/-
 31    Sri Basanta kumar Mallick, Driver                  3050-75-3950-80-4590/-
 32    Sri Niranjan Panda, Driver                         3050-75-3950-80-4590/-
 33    Sri K.M.Ghadei, Constable                          3050-75-3950-80-4590/-
 34    Sri Gopinath Samal, Constable                      3050-75-3950-80-4590/-
 35    Sri Bairagi Charan Mallik, Constable               3050-75-3950-80-4590/-
 36    Sri Lalluhari Nayak, Constable                     3050-75-3950-80-4590/-
 37    Sri B.K. Nayak, Constable                          3050-75-3950-80-4590/-
 38    Sri D.K. Nayak, Constable                          3050-75-3950-80-4590/-

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                                           Manual –11
                                 The budget allocated to each agency
                                       [Section 4(1)(b)(xi)]’
                                         Non-plan budget

  Major Head       Activities       Sanctioned       Budget            Revised      Expenditure
                      to be           budget        estimate           estimate      for the last
                   performed                                                            year
21-2041-101        Pay                14,74,000                                        13,01,550
(RA) Taxes-        D.A.                8,74,700                                            39,000
NP-Pay,DA,         HRA                 1,35,000                                          1,10,399
HRA                TE                     4-000                                               NIL
                   OE                      2900                                              2204
21-2041-101        Pay                 5,87,000                                          4,73,872
Taxes-NP- Pay,     DA                  3,62,360                                          2,76,509
DA, HRA-Dist       HRA                   64,000                                            57,502
Enforcement        TE                      9000                                                Nil
Estt.              OE                    16,200                                            14,773

                                           Plan budget
Name of the      Activities to       Date of        Expected            Amount          Amount
plan scheme       be under        commencement       date for          sanctioned   disbursed/spent
                    taken                          completion
                                          Manual – 12
                        The manner of execution of subsidy program
                                  [Section 4(1)(b)(xii)]
 Sl.       Name and       Purpose       No. of       Amount of Previous              Previous
 No.     address of the  for which beneficiaries       subsidy     year                years
           institution    subsidy                               utilization        achievements
                         provided                                progress
                              Does not relates to this office

                                 List of individuals given subsidy

 Sl.     Name and address       Purpose for     Amount of      Scheme and       No. of time
 No.     of the beneficiary        which          subsidy      Criterion for      subsidy
                                  subsidy                       selection      given in past
                                 provided                                      with purpose
                               Does not relates to this office

                                          Manual – 13
            Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted
                                       [Section 4(1)(b)(xiii)]
List of beneficiaries
Sl.     Name and           Nature of          Purpose for        Scheme        No. of time
No.     address of    concession/permit which granted              and           similar
           the          / authorization                         Criterion      concession
        beneficiary         provided                               for        given in past
                                                                selection     with purpose
                                Does not relates to this office

                                          Manual – 14
                            Information available in an electronic form
                                      [Section 4(1)(b)(xiv)]
                                    Details of Information
Sl.     Activities for         Nature of           Can it be     Is it available on website or
No.        which         information available shared with         is being used as back end
       electronic data                               public                 data base
                                Does not relates to this office
                                         Manual – 15
           Particulars of facilities available to citizen for obtaining information
                                      [Section 4(1)(b)(xv)]
                      Facilities available for obtaining information
Sl.   Facility available          Nature of information               Working hours
No.                                      available
 1 Information Counter                                               10 A.M. to 5 P.M.
 2 Website
 3 Library
 4 Notice Board

                                         Manual – 16
              Name designation and other particulars of Public Information Officers
                                     [Section 4(1)(b)(xvi)]
List of Public Information Officers
Sl.     Designation of the        Postal address        Telephone e-mail       Demarcation of
No.     officer designated                                 No.      address area/ Activities,
              as PIO                                                            if more than
                                                                                 one PIO is
 1        IMV, Cuttack          Regional transport
                                 Office, Cuttack

                         List of Assistant Public Information Officers

Sl.        Name and                Postal Address          Office  EPBX –       E mail address
No.       Designation                                    Phone No.  0671-
 1    Assistant R.T.O.,        Regional transport
            Cuttack             Office, Cuttack
 2    Head Clerk/ Senior             -do-
      most Senior Clerk
        (in absence of

                        First appellate authority with in the department

Sl.   Designation of the officer      Postal address     Telephone   e-mail    Demarcation of
No.      designated as first                                No.      addres   area/ Activities, if
         appellate authority                                           s        more than one
                                                                                first appellate
                                                                              authority is there
 1         R.T.O., Cuttack               Regional        2607492
                                     transport Office,
 2      In absence of R.T.O;               -do-
         R.T.O. –in-charge
                                      Manual – 17
                          Other information as may be prescribed
                                   [Section 4(1)(b)(xvii)

All other information as may be prescribed for dissemination shall be collected, tabulated,
complied, collected and provided in the form of manual form from time to time.

emination shall be collected, tabulated,
complied, collected and provided in the form of manual form from time to time.


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