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									                    PUBLIC NOTICE
                       GOVERNMENT OF PUNJAB

                ENTRY TAX

1.      Entry tax has been levied w.e.f. 21.11.07       on the following


       Iron & Steel (including its scrap)
       Dyes & Chemicals excluding items mentioned in Schedule 'A' of
        Punjab Value Added Tax Act, 2005.
       All types of yarn, Partially oriented yarn, Fibre, Polyester Top,
        Polyester Chips including waste thereof.
       Sugar imported from outside the State except levy Sugar.

(2)     For smooth payment of entry tax, it is requested to make
        advance arrangement for payment of entry tax in cash or
        demand draft at the ICCs or district AETC offices.

(3)      Entry Tax can be paid at I.C.C. in cash or by Bank Draft against
         receipt in form T.E.G.-II. The payment, if to be made by Draft at
         I.C.C. then draft should be payable at the place specified
         against each I.C.C.

          Sr.   Name of the ICC           Treasury Branch of Bank for
          No.                             depositing the tax.
          1.    Balongi                   SBOP, Kharar
          2.    Banur                     SBOP, Rajpura
          3.    Boha                      SBOP, Budhlada
          4.    Chack Sadhu               SBOI, Hoshiarpur
          5.    Chullar                   SBOP, Moonak
          6.    Dalhosi Rd.               SBOI, Pathankot
          7.    Dehni                     SBOP, Anandpur Sahib
          8.    Devigarh                  SBOP, AXIS, Patiala
          9.    Doomanwali                SBOP, Bathinda
          10.   Ghanauli                  SBOP, Ropar
          11.   Harse Manser              SBOP, Mukerian
          12.   Kallar Khera              SBOI, Abohar
          13.   Khanouri, Kaithal Rd.     SBOP, Khanouri
          14.   Killianwali               PNB, Lambi
          15.   Lakhnaur                  SBOP, 7-Phase, Mohali
          16.   Lalru                     SBOP, Dera Bassi
          17.   Madhopur                  SBOI, Pathankot
      18.    Mangoowal                  SBOI, Hoshiarpur
      19.    Mohali VII-Phase           SBOP, VII-Phase Mohali
      20.    Moonak                     SBOP, Moonak
      21.    Mullanpur                  ICICI, Sector-9, Chandigarh
      22.    Nangal                     SBOP, Nangal
      23.    Rajpura                    SBOI, Abohar
      24.    Ram Nagar                  SBOP, Patiala
      25.    Rly. Station Amritsar      OBC, Near Bus Stand,
      26.    Rly. Station, Ludhiana     SBOP, Ludhiana
      27.    Sai Kullian                SBOI, Pathankot
      28.    Sardulewala                SBOP, Sardulgarh
      29.    Sarna                      SBOI, Pathankot
      30.    Shamboo(Import)            SBOP, Rajpura
      31.    Shamboo(Export)            SBOP, Rajpura
      32.    Sito Guno                  SBOI, Abohar
      33.    Talwandi Sabo              SBOP, Talwandi Saboo
      34.    Talwara                    SBOI, Talwara
      35.    Zirakpur                   SBOP, Dera Bassi.

(4)   Entry Tax can also be paid in the office of the Asstt. Excise and
      Taxation Commissioner, Incharge of the district concerned in
      cash or by Draft payable at that place against receipt in form
      TEG-II. TEG-II in original or a fax copy could then be produced
      before ICC's Incharge as evidence of payment of entry tax
      subject, however, to verification if any, by ICC Incharge.

(5)   For any further enquiry        please contact     AETC of the
      concerned District.

            Helpline No. 0175-2212075 (9.00 A.M. to 7.00 P.M.)
                          Mobile 98729-10007 and 98729-10021
            Visit us at www.

(6)   Any suggestions regarding mode and method of payment of
      entry tax can be given at Fax No.0175-2200311 or by E-mail at

                       GOVERNMENT OF PUNJAB
                    EXCISE & TAXATION DEPARTMENT

                        PUBLIC NOTICE


     In order to protect the interest of local industry and secure

revenue, the Government of Punjab has levied Entry Tax on the

following items at the rate mentioned against the items under Punjab

Tax on Entry of Goods into Local Areas Act, 2000 in the hands of all

the persons including a taxable person registered under Punjab VAT

Act. 2005 w.e.f 1st February, 2010:-

Sr. No    Name of item                             Rate of tax
1         Marble                                     12.5%
2         Ceramic Tiles                              12.5%
3         Cement                                     12.5%
4         Lubricants                                 12.5%
5         Diesel                                      8.8%
6         Furnace oil                                  2%
7         Transformers                                 4%
8         D.G. Set                                   12.5%
9         D-oiled Cake and Rice Bran                   4%
10        Plywood                                    12.5%
11        Wheat Flour                                  4%
12        Vansapati/Refined Oils                       4%

                          EXCISE & TAXATION COMMISSIONER, PUNJAB,

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