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									      Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation Procedures


UNH employees, students, guests, or visitors who are injured on University property should seek
appropriate medical attention and inform the designated campus official responsible, and/or the
campus security office, of the accident, injury or illness as soon as possible in accordance with
USNH policy:


1. Seek first aid or medical treatment immediately, depending on the nature of the accident or
2. Any report of accident or incident must be reported within 24 hours of the occurrence to the
   department head, supervisor, or campus official. The University of New Hampshire Report of
   Incident form may be obtained here.
3. Department head, supervisor, or campus official will investigate the accident or incident and
   complete the following information:
   a) Exactly how the incident occurred
   b) Initial cause and factors that contributed to the incident
   c) How the incident could have been avoided
   d) Any corrective action needed
   e) Name of any witnesses
   f) Signature and date of injured person and department head, supervisor, or campus official
4. All corrective actions identified during the investigation shall be the responsibility of the
   department head, supervisor, or campus official.
5. A safety representative from Environmental Health and Safety shall evaluate if further
   investigation is necessary.
6. Forward the completed form to Human Resources Workers Compensation Coordinator at 2
   Leavitt Lane, Durham, NH 03824. Phone: (603) 862-3939 Fax: (603) 862-1222.

Update 3-11-10

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