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Green School's Project 2008-2009


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									       Green School’s Project 2008-2009
             October 24th, 2008

1.   Existing Systems
        Paper recycling is present with a recycling bin in each class
         room. This was in full operation before the summer.
        Green School’s Co-ordinator Mr. Walsh operates the system. I
         choose six class pupils to collect paper from the different
         classrooms twice a week and it is collected on Thursday’s.
         There is no specific rota.
        Classes have being informed and know about the paper
         recycling system. This message has being circulated by
         teacher’s who manage their own recycling in respective classes.
         However, no formal letter has being drafted or sent home
              a. Green School Initiative and the role of the school
              b. Paper recycling systems
              c. Permissible wastes accompanied by lunches
              d. Compost Initiative
              e. Healthy lunches
              f. Plastic recycling

2.   Recycling
        Plastic: We have plastic recycling for school related items but
         not for the pupils.
        Cardboard: cardboard is treated like paper as agreed by the
         recycling company when contacted last year.
        Compost: There is no compost system in place currently. The
         school garden was cleared and landscaped over the summer
         whereby I spent considerable time with Brother Ben getting it
         to its present state. The next step is to get a compost system in
         place, one which will work unlike previous systems. There is a
         few perquisites to be investigated prior to launching a compost
         system – health and safety- class & school community
         involvement – education on composting – correct literature
         present in classrooms and parental consent for pupils to manage
         the system.
       Green School’s Project 2008-2009
            September 5th, 2008
Recycling {continued}

      Paper:
           a. Yes, there is systems in place to recycle paper.
           b. The systems are both in-class {teacher’s manage their
              own in class recycling} and in-school {paper collected
              twice weekly and placed outside the school for
              collection}. The Caretaker often places the recycling
              outside the school.
           c. In-class system: The individual teacher’s manage the
              paper recycling of their own classroom.
              In-school system: the pupils manage this system under
              the guidance of the Green School Co-ordinator.
           d. Sixth class boys are chosen from Ms. Kerwin’s Class.
              The boys are chosen by turn-taken on a weekly basis.
           e. The staff have not being communicated with since
              returning to school.
           f. The staff have not being communicated with yet as
              given it’s the 5th of September, I as Green School’s Co-
              ordinator felt some time would be appropriate to allow
              classes to settle back and adjust to new teacher’s, etc.
             Green School’s Project 2008-2009
                  September 5th, 2008
3.   Green School Committee
           The Green School’s Committee was formed late June of the
            previous academic school year. The following people have
            pledged their support to the committee:
                 a. Mr. Derek Walsh {Green School’s Co-ordinator}
                 b. Mr. Damien Keane {Principal}
                 c. Ms. Orla Bermingham {Senior Infant Teacher}
                 d. Mr. Tom Clarke {3 class teacher}
                 e. Mr. Arniel Caumban {School Caretaker}
                 f. Rory Holahan & Michael Grofferty {sixth class pupils}
                 g. Alex O’Brien and Patrick Walsh {5 class pupils}
                 h. Ben O’Carrol {4 class pupil}
                 i. No third class pupil has being elected yet as school has
                     only commenced one week.
                 j. Orla Slattery & Siobhan Ryan {Parents Association}
                 k. No external person has being nominated as a
                     representative from the wider community.
            N.B. It is important to note that no formal letter has being sent
            to the above list (excluding myself – Mr. Walsh Green School
            Co-ordinator) or written confirmation of pledged support.
            Parental consent has not being confirmed either to allow the
            elected pupils partake in the green school’s initiative.
        I {Green School’s Co-ordinator} intend setting the next meeting
         after the above list of members have being confirmed and
         written/verbal pledges insured. I would like the first meeting to be
         no later than the 3rd or 4th week in September.
        I have not communicated with the committee and only intend on
         doing so next Monday 8th of September, 2008.
        Yes, I have an agenda for the next meeting.
        My agenda or hopeful outcome include:
             o Outlining steps to committee for the Green School Initiative
             o Outlining the role of the Green School’s Co-ordinator
             o Outlining the role of the green school committee
          Green School’s Project 2008-2009
               September 5th, 2008
        Green School Committee {continued}
           o Outlining the steps to get the green flag accompanied with
              important dates.
           o Focus on the First Green Flag – Waste Management >>>
              Paper recycling and Compost
           o How, where and when to get the school community and the
              larger community involved.
           o Strategically outlining our submission for the Green
              School’s Initiative which has to be done by late October.
           o Outline how pupils can get involved and promote their
              involvement in this initiative.
          Due to the closing date for the Submission for the Green School
          Project, the committee may have to meet once a week to get the
          outlined conditions filled by the closing date.
4.   School Garden
      Yes, I can prepare a brief report for the principal detailing: the
       state of the garden when I received the Post last January 2008,
       detailing that due to the timing of my contract, the entrance date
       for the green school was passed for the academic year of 2007-
       2008. I can also detail the work that has taken place and trace
       availability of time plus funds to account for the work done on the
       garden. I can include the current conditions of the School Garden
       plus the priorities needed to enhance the garden.
      Priority projects:
                   The maintenance of the garden in its current state,
                     {pictures available to show contrasts}.
                   The establishment and maintenance of a compost
                     system capable of supporting 250 pupils comfortable.
                   The establishment and maintenance of a small garden
                     area for planting vegetables, … with the sole
                     responsibility for individual classes interested.
                   The establishment and maintenance of the school
                     pond in correspondence with safety legislation for
                     Health and Safety regulations on school property.
       Green School’s Project 2008-2009
            September 5th, 2008
School Garden {continued}
   Priority projects:
               The establishment and education of Health and
                  Safety legislation for Staff teaching members and

   The first year should be a definite plan as outlined above with
     facility for trial and error in each facet as it’s a learning experience
     for both the committee and the pupils of St. Jopseph’s N.S., The
   As of yet, expertise among the parent body is of the cardinal
     knowledge but no contact has being made formally thus once
     confirmation is definite and sought plus consented the Green
     School’s committee can decipher it’s uses accordingly.
   Yes, I have communicated with the Parents Association in our last
     Academic year of 2007-2008 in accordance with The Green
     School Initiative and the request of two volunteers to partake in
     the Green School’s Committee. These namely Orla Slattery and
     Siobhan Ryan have put their names forward to be on the
     committee. Since this occurred late in June of our last academic
     year, they have not being contacted and will not until next
     Monday 8th of September. I communicated with the Parent’s
     Association through the Principal Mr. Damien Keane’s request at
     a Parent’s Association Meeting for two members to become
     involved in the Green School’s Committee.
  N.B. It must be noted that I {Green School’s Co-ordinator} have not
  formally addressed the Parent’s Association and must admit didn’t
  realise it was a perquisite going forward with the Green School
  Project. If necessary, I will make a presentation detailing the Green
  School Initiative and how the Parent’s Association can help in the
  education of the School Community to partake in Green School’s and
  how both respective parties can get involved in school levels to
  promote the initiative.
          Green School’s Project 2008-2009
               September 5th, 2008

5.   Timing/Planning
    Yes, there is a plan, both short term and long term.
       o Short term plan involves:
                       Getting the committee formed correctly and
                         meetings organised.
                       Producing a legitimate, sustaining Waste
                         Management Initiative to suit St. Joseph’s N.S.,
                         The Mardyke, Cork.
                       Thirdly, the last facet of my short term plan is to
                         prepare our submission for the Green School’s
                         Initiative by the End of October where
                         representative list their expert advise to help us
                         attain the green flag.
       o Long-Term Plan involves:
                       Maintenance of the Green School concept
                         irrespective of being awarded the green flag.
                       Maintenance of the Waste Management Processes
                         for St. Joseph’s N.S., The Mardyke, Cork.
                       Maintenance of school Garden
                       Implementation of recommendations given by
                         Green School Committee and Environmental
                         Department Officers in accordance with
                         procedures to attain and maintain the Green Flag
                         which may alter certain aspects of the short term
                         plan described above.
                       Attain the Green Flag.
                       Acquire subsequent flags for the four other
                         elements of An Taisce’s Green School’s Initiative.
            Green School’s Project 2008-2009
                 September 5th, 2008


      Yes, I have taught of the communication aspects of this whole project.
      The logistics of the systems include:
         o E-mail – phone - verbal and letter contact with committee
              members, the school community and the wider community.
         o Information displays on both floors of the school detailing how
              classes participated in the Green School Initiative and what has
              being done in the process of attaining a Greener School.
         o Publicity with the school and wider community to attain
              recognition plus promotion for the work that is being done.
         o Web site link with the new school website.

      Yes, there is a time frame.
         o Submission for entrance and its requirements has to be met by
             late October of every year. There is a later date.

N.B. It must be noted that timeframes are based on the goodwill of pupil’s,
parents, community members and committee members thus timeframes must
be flexiable to accomadate this natural occurring elements of logistically
establishing and maintaining The Green School Initiative.

Mr. Derek Walsh. {Green School Co-ordinator}.


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