Wedding Checklist One of the first things by leblancc


									One of the first things you should do once you decide you are getting
married is to create a checklist of all the things that you think are
necessary to create a smooth running event where all your needs will be

You will be quite surprised as you start writing out your checklist how
it will grow and grow over the weeks and months as you move towards your
wedding and getting additional input from your partner and other people
will help you realize everything that is required.

Rather than trying to go into too much detail right from the start it is
best to begin your checklist with the most important items and then go
into more depth on your list as you think more and more about those

So you would start your list of the basic headings of; dress, flowers,
reception, guests.

Then under each of these headings you would go into more detail so that
under a heading such as dress you would list your wedding dress, your
bridesmaid’s dresses and possibly even your mother and mother-in-law's
dresses as they will be in the wedding photos and will need to coordinate
their clothes with yours for the best photo results.

Then you would start listing the various different places you need to
investigate to get your dress sorted and that might include getting
wedding magazines, contacting dressmaker's, going to wedding dress shops
and trying on the various dresses and so on.

Then you drill down even further in these lists and write down prices of
the various solutions that you have found.

As you can see the list will grow bigger and bigger until you find every
solution that suits your needs.
You can then create another list of items that have been solved and these
can be checked off as they are implemented; for instance the second list
might have the date where you will get your dress fitting, the name
address and phone number of the dressmaker and other such details that
you will need at hand at all times.

By staying well-organized at all times and keeping all these details in
one place you will find that the time leading up to your wedding will be
a lot less stressful and quite possibly less expensive.

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