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									                        Littleport area Neighbourhood Panel meeting
                                on Tuesday 26th January, 2010

 Cllr Fred Brown                     CCC, ECDC and Chairman of the Panel
 Cllr Geoff Norman                   Littleport Parish Council
 Cllr Francis Brown                  Littleport Parish Council
 Cllr Diane Boyd                      Littleport Parish Counci
                                     Littleport Parish Council       Littleport Parish Counci
 Cllr Paul Cox                       Littleport Parish Council

 Andrew Killington                    Executive Director: ECDC
 Inspector Andy Bartlett              Cambridgeshire Constabulary [CC]
 John Fuller                          Community Engagement Manager: CC
 Will Davis                           Sergeant, Cambridgeshire Constabulary [CC]
 Claire Dillon                        Performance Officer, CC
 Jo Sollars                           Locality Manager, CCC
 Wendy Lansdown                       Neighbourhood Panel Liaison Officer, CCC
 Sue Payne                            Sanctuary Hereward
 Clive Allen                          Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue
 Giles Hughes                         Head of Sustainable Planning and Devt, ECDC
 Sally Bonnett                        Infrastructure and Policy Officer, ECDC
 Mark Mehaffey                        Clean Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer, ECDC
 Alan Williams                        Neighbourhood Panel Coordinator, ECDC
           and 32 members of the public
 Cllr Christine Ambrose-Smith         ECDC
 Cllr Andrew Wright                   Littleport Parish Council
 Brian Tully                          Anti-Social Behaviour [ASB] Coordinator:CC
Start of Meeting: 7:00pm
Introduction                                                                   Action
Cllr Fred Brown welcomed everyone to the meeting and then asked all
participants to sign the attendance lists and to complete an evaluation form
at the end of the meeting.

Update of actions and Consultation update
Andrew Killington led participants through the 6 issues for Consultation –
HCV advisory routes, review of secondary schools in East Cambridgeshire,
Littleport Masterplan, draft Waste Services Enforcement strategy, draft
Single Equality scheme and spoke about the County’s consultation on he
Local Transport Plan. This consultation runs until 9th April, with a local
exhibition at Ely Library on Thursday, 18th March 2.00 -7.30 pm.
Andrew guided participants through each issue which had been raised at the
previous meeting(in the Update on Actions leaflet) As ever, action had
been taken to address ALL the issues. In relation to the Skatepark (on
Camel Road) the Parish Council have decided to mothball the facility, and
pursue revision of the local by-laws and dispersal orders.
It was noted that Millfield School is on Grange Lane (and not Millfield Lane as
printed in the leaflet) and that a response has been received from the
Shadow Under Secretary of State regarding the ‘Paramedic issue’.
Littleport’s traffic and parking problems need to be considered as part of the
Littleport Masterplan process.
Littleport area Panel                                                             26.01.2010
Civil Parking Enforcement and the Littleport Masterplan process
All participants received a detailed summary of the presentation on Civil
Parking Enforcement and the Littleport Planning process, together with Issue
1 of the Littleport Masterplan Newsletter. (The presentation is available from
the Neighbourhood Panel webpage and the Newsletter and other details
about the Masterplan can be accessed from ECDC’s website
Giles Hughes emphasised that the Masterplanning process was just
beginning in Littleport, and that the Plan would provide a long-term vision for
the town. The intention is to produce a draft plan by September, 2010, and
in the first instance, there are 2 exhibitions in the Village Hall on Saturday,
30th January and on Tuesday, 2nd February –providing an opportunity for
everyone to have their say.
Local residents have the opportunity to look at other Masterplans (for Ely and
Soham) on the ECDC website, but Littleport’s Masterplan will seek to
maximise the town’s advantages in future development.
Sally Bonnett provided outline details of the research which had been carried
out to date by highlighting specific slides from the (more) detailed handout –
the town’s population characteristics and age profile, the map of constraints
for the possible siting of facilities – before looking at some of the main issues,
past community aspirations and Parish Council suggestions. Sally
encouraged participants to be involved in the Masterplanning process by
attending an exhibition, completing an online survey (ECDC website, above)
or by sending e-mails (Sally.Bonnett@eastcambs.gov.uk) or writing to her
at Littleport Masterplan, ECDC, The Grange, Nutholt Lane, Ely, CB7 4EE.

In discussion the following issues were raised:
     Funding for the Littleport Masterplan process is by monies from
        central Government. Most of the work will be carried out by ECDC
        officers, with consultants only being used to provide a fresh
     An expression of trust in the Parish Council (all local people);
     The need to improve the entrance to the town from the river side –
        some ‘recession money’ would help the pub to keep open, while it
        was hoped that the marina would reopen;
     The Princess of Wales’ Hospital in Ely is to be developed to help
        serve the Littleport area as well;
     ECDC Planners are looking at the infrastructure within the District
        (this work will also consider Littleport’s needs)

       The completed Masterplan will help to market Littleport and help
        inward investment to fund the developments;

     A feeling that Littleport is ‘on the edge of the County’ and
      questioning of how the proposed developments are going to
      happen. However, the Masterplanning process will seek to
      identify priorities and be the focus for investment and development
      (so preventing Littleport from being marginalised)

Littleport area Panel                                                                26.01.2010
Sally and Giles were thanked for their presentation.
Neighbourhood Update                                                             Action
Inspector Andy Bartlett, attending his first meeting in Littleport, introduced
himself before providing a summary of his career and background in the
Police Service. His style is to be ‘intelligently interventionist’ and he is
committed to the Policing Pledge – this will enable participants to receive
(more) detailed information about offenders, the numbers of warrants and
Fixed Penalty Notices(FPN) which have been served. More detailed
information will be available at the Panel meeting in April                      Andy
Inspector Bartlett indicated that several changes which have been made

       Changes to shift patterns for members of the NPT to provide
        increased coverage on Friday and Saturday evenings in the area;
       Involvement of ‘Special Constables’ on beats – following enhanced
        training to support their development;
       The use of off-road motorbikes to combat crime in rural areas.

to bring about a proactive response by the Neighbourhood Policing

Sgt Will Davis referred to pp.9/10 of the current Neighbourhood Profile
document [January, 2010] (which can be accessed from the Neighbourhood
Panel webpage), Sgt Davis reviewed actions taken by the local
Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) to
    combat Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) in Littleport
    deal with obstructive parking in Station Road, and in White Hart

It was noted that Jason Coleby has an ASBO and participants (having seen
his photograph) were asked to contact the (non-emergency) number 0345
456 456 4 if they see him breach the conditions of that order (which includes
banning him from Little Downham and Littleport).

More than 46 FPNs had been issued by local PCSOs with regard to
obstructive or dangerous parking in Station Road and White Hart Lane (the
drivers having previously been sent warning letters)

8 warrants have been issued (in the last 3 months) re. drugs offences – with
links to acquisitive crimes in the town – and 2 warrants for theft.

Sgt Davis was pleased to confirm that the multi-agency ASB Task Group in
the town was working well, and would continue (despite the recommendation
that ASB in Littleport be considered to be ‘normal business’, rather than a
priority. A local resident praised the work of this Group (to which others
concurred) saying that the town centre was much more pleasant to visit now,
compared to several years ago (when ASB was much more prevalent).

Sgt Davis reported that total crime has increased during the past 3 months,
Littleport area Panel                                                               26.01.2010
from 114 for the same period in 2008 to 126 for the past 3 months in 2009.
This increase is mainly due to increases in burglary and other acquisitive
crime offences, but also due in part to the increased effectiveness of the
Reported incidents of ASB have decreased from 113 in the preceding 3
month period to 63 for the 3 months to the end of 2009, and show a
decrease (from 78) in the same 3 month period in 2008.

Emerging trends and issues are detailed on pp.11/12 of the
Neighbourhood Profile, and it was clear that work should be focussed on
drugs-related activity and combating acquisitive crimes (burglary, thefts and
handling stolen goods) in the area.

4 major operations had been carried out in the District which involved the
whole NPT (this included the used of the ANPR car with its camera) The
operations have provided information, helped combat fly-tipping and led to
the serving of FPNs for vehicle offences, and helped with targeting specific
known offenders.

In discussion, a local resident (a neighbour in a road where a recent police
raid had taken place) complained that she had not received any information
about why the raid had taken place. Inspector Bartlett had asked members
of the NPT to contact all local residents, and he apologised that this hadn’t
been the case for this particular lady.

Inspector Bartlett and Sgt Davis were thanked for their presentation and for
the work of the NPT.

Cllr Francis Brown was disappointed to have to announce (for health
reasons) that he was standing down as coordinator of the local Speedwatch
volunteer team.
More people have been trained and the town now has a viable team of
Speedwatch volunteers, with their own Speedwatch device (and associated

Neighbourhood Issues (for action from NAG meeting on 1st February)
Ruth Rogers, Chairman of the County’s Police Authority, provided a
contextual introduction to the ‘Have we got our priorities right ?’ questionnaire
(received by all participants) and explained the Authority holds the Chief
Constable and Constabulary to account

Ruth emphasised that, per head of population, Cambridgshire Constabulary
     the 5th lowest spending
     the 4th lowest number of police officers
     the 6th lowest number of police staff

Southern Division (of which the Panel area is a part) has 326 police
officers,70 PCSOs and 58 police staff – together with access to other
specialist support officers.

The policing priority (voted for by interested local residents) is to combat
Littleport area Panel                                                               26.01.2010
ASB, and Ruth explained the meaning of several of the terms in the
quaestionnaire and the other proposed priorities.

The Constabulary deal with 4,000 incidents and approx 8,000 telephone calls
(the vast majority within 10 seconds [for 999 calls] and within 30 seconds [for
the freephone number, 0345 456 456 4] per week.

The Government has increased the grant to the Force by 3% for 2010/11, but
is looking for significant cost savings to be made –with a focus on more value
for money (vfm) locally.

In discussion the following additional issues were raised
     the need to focus on ASB, but with an emphasis on engagement and
     the relevance of other offences - including drugs and
        counter-terrorism – to the local area;

Ruth emphasised the need for evidence-based decision-making and the
adaptability of the police, before several participants completed their
questionnaires in the meeting.

John then asked members of the audience, in the first instance, and then
Panel members to identify issues of concern in their locality within Littleport
(there being no issues identified at Black Horse Drove and Brandon Creek):

       off-the-road parking in Longfields Road, Queens Road and Woodfen
       fly-tipping in Hawkins Road/Drove and Cross Drove;
       the timing when the roads on the Highfields Estate will be adopted
        (ASB currently occurs on ‘private land’);
       inadequate parking in Littleport inc Parsons Lane, Queens Road, on
        new estates and by the Community Primary School (at school arrival
        and collection times) causing problems fro residents of Woodfen
       fencing on the green in Woodfen Road to protect the children’s
        playarea is causing access problems for local residents;
        (Sanctuary demolished garages, is it now possible to provide joint
        access for residents ?)

     Guidance needed regarding the ownership of pit bull terriers and
      other dangerous (some banned) dogs. These dogs are
      intimidating some local people and action has been/could be
      taken under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Panel Prioritisation

    The Panel agreed that

    the policing priorities for the 3 months to April should be

Littleport area Panel                                                             26.01.2010
                       Combating drugs activity in Littleport                      Andy
                       Combating acquisitive crimes (burglary, theft and           Bartlett
                        handling stolen goods) in the District

    the priorities for other agencies

                        Parking issues at specific sites, including the issue of   Police,
                        access by the green in Woodfen Road                         ECDC.PC

                       20 mph zone by Millfield School;                            AJC

                       Paramedic issue/Ambulance Service                           ECDC and

Forward agenda items

            Provision for Young People….coherent project.

    and other items which may be identified at the Panel Members’ meeting           Panel
    on Tuesday, 9th March 7.00 – 8.30pm at The Barn                                 members

The Meeting closed at 8.40pm

Littleport area Panel                                                                  26.01.2010

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