9apr act by miakob


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									Step/stage    Language                      Teacher‟s activity                               Student‟s activity                AVA
Set                        1. Teacher ask the students :                               1. Students answer the question
induction                     “have you heard of AIDS?”                                2. Students listen to the
5 minutes                  2. Teacher give respond to the students‟ answer                teacher‟s respond
                           3. Teacher introduce the topic to the students
Step 1       Reading :     1. Teacher shows the students a video entitled „AIDS‟       1. students watch the video          Video - AIDS
Delivery     A teacher‟s   2. Teacher explains about AIDS to the students                 shown by the teacher
20           courage       3. teacher shares her experience with and AIDS patient      2. students listen as the teacher
minutes                    4. teacher ask students if they have any experience            explains about AIDS
                              with and AIDS patient                                    3. students listen to the
                           5. teacher gives respond to the students‟ answer               teacher‟s experience
                                                                                       4. students share their
                                                                                       5. students listen to the
                                                                                          teacher‟s respond
Step 2                     1. teacher give students a text entitled „AIDS‟ to the      1. students take the text given      Text book
Production                    students                                                    by the teacher
20                         2. teacher ask students to read the text silently           2. students read the text silently
minutes                    3. teacher gives the students an envelope that consist of   3. students complete the
                              words that describe the                                     diagram given by the
                              cause/effects/characteristic/support of down                teacher
                           4. teacher ask students to complete the diagram based
                              on the text given by putting the right words into the
                              right group
Step 3                     1. teacher ask the students to write simple sentences       1. students write down simple
Practice                      based on the idea that they have written in the             sentences based on the idea
20minutes                     diagram                                                     they had written in the
                           2. teacher ask students to link the sentence together to       diagram
                              make a summary                                           2. students link the sentence
                                                                                          together to make a summary
Closure                    1. Teacher summarize the lesson of the day                  1. Students listen to the
5 minutes                                                                                 teacher‟s summary of the

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