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									We are not Doraemon

Fellow ToastMasters and Dear Guests, Last time on Monday, March 9th 2009, I browsed the internet and found a research made by World Health Organization. Do you know, only because of this cigarette everyminute not less than 60 adults die. One thing that we have to realize that death is always watching around us every second. We were born on this earth to play our role. Now I would like to invite you to imagine, once upon a time a husband went home and the wife opened the door to welcome him after one day working. Then the husband said “ What a very good wife you are, you late to welcome your husband, make me a cup of tea?” Reflectly, she made the tea but in a very angry feeling, the husband acting harshly, she gave a salt into the cup of tea not sugar, then gave it to her husband rougly. The tasted it “Sluuurp, yackh…., what kind of tea is it, are you stupid adding salt here? I don’t know how you can be so stupid and so beatiful all at the same time?”. Then the wife said “Well allow me to explain….. God made me beautiful so you would be attracted to me. And God made me stupid so I would be attarcted to you.” The world war in the family is began to start. In other family with the same case there is a wife. The wife made a cup of tea for her husband sincerely with love from deepest heart eventhough she knew that her husband had stated harsh word “stupid wife” to her because of his anger. She could understand patiently that her husband had a big problem in office, then she gave the cup of tea with love to her husband. “Darling, this is your cup of tea, you have to know everytime when I make this cup of tea for you, I always put love from my deepest heart into it. And I want to say thank you because you have work so hard sacrifice yourself for this family. I love you. Well if you want to share you problem with me, I will always beside you and ready to help you “ Then the husband realized that he had made a very big mistake to his wife “I’m asking for your apoligize darling, I should not angry with you and state harsh words to you. As a beatiful Angel would you forgive this sinner?” Ladies and gentlement,  Both women has a role to do “as a wife”,

  

the first type of wife make the tea unsincerely because of her anger, the second type of wife make the tea sincerely with love Both wife spent time to do that small action The point is “both actions spent and sacrifice a time to do, but each action creates different result”

Do you know this cartoon character? Doraemon, a cat robort created on 22 Century, who has a Role to help Nobita on 20th Century in order to improve and repair the past condition so the future destiny will be better. Doraemon goes back to past century by using time machine.

We are not Doraemon who can play and arrange the time only by going to the past time with time machine to improve a destiny, prevent a bad future, and get a better future. In this real life we have a role wether as a son, as wife, as husband, as tax officer, as toastmasters member, and million roles are waiting to be ran. What we have to understand wether we ran the role unsincerely or sincerely, in a bad or happy feeling, lazyly or spiritfully, the time will keep running untill at the end of our life. We can not go back and stop the time. Every role in this life should be responsible to the God. So why don’t we run our role as human being “The God Creature” lovely, sincerely, happily, and spiritfully because it will create a very beatiful destiny for us rather than we waste the time? Remember we are not Doraemon. Back to TOM. Created and structured by Fitroh Akbar Aulia Primadiansyah

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