Hotspots by LisaB1982


									Most volcanoes are associated with plate boundaries. Hotspots are the exception. You find hotspots in the middle of plates, weather that is in the middle of a continental plate like Yellowstone or in the middle of a oceanic plate like Hawaii

Map showing the location of the Worlds Volcanoes

Summary of plate boundaries

Most hot spots are not on plate Boundaries. Iceland is an exception. It is located at a mid-ocean ridge

Underwater volcano

Large islands

Active volcanoe s

Extinct volcano es Smaller islands

Hawaii explained…..

The Pacific plate is moving away from the east pacific rise. The hotspot is stationary. So as the overlying plate moves, it carries the Hawaiian Islands with it. The island that is above the hot spot is the currently active one. As it moves away a new island will start to form on the ocean floor above the hotspot.

Pacific Ocean floor features

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