At the doctors by pptfiles


									                               At the doctors?

Doctor: Petrőczy please
     Hello. What can I do for you?
  Rudi:      I have hurt my wrist.
Doctor: Hmmm……,It’s a little bit swollen.
     Can you move it?
  Rudi: Yes but, It’s very painful.
Doctor: When did you hurt it?
  Rudi: Yesterday, I fell over while I was playing tennis.
Doctor: You should have an X -ray.
  Rudi: Will have to go to hospital forthat.
Doctor: Yes you will.
  Rudi: Thank you.
     Good bye.
 Doctor: Good bye.

                                    I was ill

 I was ill last month. When I got up I felt ill. I had a headache.Mum called the
   I went back to bed. The doctor arrived soon. She wrote a prescription for
 some medicine. Mum got it w hen she went to the shps. I took the medicine. I
                              was in bed for five days.
              I had flu after five days I felt better so I could get up.


 I was nice summer day. I was a rideing a bicycle, but there was a hot on the
 end I fell of my bike. I couldn’t stand up. My legs hurt. My friend saw me and
 called my mum. My parents arrived soon and they took me to the surgary. I
went to
 the X-ray. I broke my leg. I got a plaster. I was bed for two week, and, I
could PE month.

                      Have you ever been a hospital?

                  I have been a hospital when I was little boy.
                           I was fell of my bike. My leg hurt. I called
                           my mum. My mum arrived soon. We went to
                           the X-ray. I broke my leg. I was in bed for
                           three week, and I could PE month.

      - stomacache                       - headache
     - flu                              - leprosy
- colds         - scarlet
- chicken-pox   - tipe A pneumonia
- AIDS          - back hurt

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