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					           Arun Neighbourhood Network
           An Older Persons Partnership project delivered by
           Age Concern West Sussex, CVS-Arunwide, 4SIGHT & the Alzheimer’s Society

September 2009                                                                       ISSUE No 9
Notes from meeting on 10                                 September 2009
Held at St Mary’s Hall, Clymping 2-4pm

1. Helen Knox (CVS) POPP Neighbourhood Network Co-ordinator
Helen welcomed everyone and opened the meeting.

Attendees and apologies are given in list format linked to this report. There were 41
attendees to the meeting. 15 apologies were recorded.
12 people representing their groups were attending for the first time.
 6 new groups attended for the first time.

Update from the ANN Team. Helen informed the meeting of a new Community
Engagement Worker Eileen Rogers who will work in the Bersted, Pagham, Aldwick,
Felpham and Middleton-on-sea areas. Eileen who works for 4SIGHT takes over from
Monica Cook who has started her maternity leave and since the meeting has given
birth to a baby girl Libby Mary.

The Information Exchange information was placed on posters around the hall.

The next Arun Neighbourhood Network meeting will be an ANNiversary event/Group
Leaders Conference and will be held on Wednesday 4th November 9:30am -4pm
at the Hilton Avisford Park, Walberton.

Please contact Michael Dolphin Tel 01903 731800 if you wish to attend and an
application form will be sent to you.

The meetings theme was Transport
The speakers were:
Rob Vince – Stagecoach South Operations Manager
Bill Leath – Transport Co-ordination West Sussex County Council
Tara Gregory – Sammy Community Transport
Brian Knight – Arun Co-ordinated Community Transport

Rob explained that prior to his current role he had been a bus driver and inspector.
Stagecoach was founded by Brian Souter and his sister, Ann Gloag, in Perth,
Scotland, in 1980, the business started with just two buses. The company has grown
into a global Bus and Train company to touch as many as five continents around the

Rob is based at Stagecoach South in Chichester and they have 7 depots. The
Arun/Chichester/Worthing area has 100 buses and 250 drivers. 83% of the fleet is
Low Level Easy Access.

Driver Training: Drivers attend a driving school where driving and safety training is
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delivered. Drivers have 5 training modules to pass and will then go ‘live’ training for
a month with an experience driver with them. Within the training there is a 3 day
customer care course that drivers attend. Drivers were expected to give due care
and diligence to passenger’s mobility.

This was introduced 3.5 years ago and results show a sufficient reduction in recorded
customer complaints.

With the introduction to free bus fares to the Over 60’s and the registered disabled
from 1st April 2008 has seen a dramatic increase in passenger usage. There have
been some issues with overuse at peak times mainly when the free rate starts at
9:30am Monday to Friday and keeping buses to their scheduled timetable.
Rob stated that Stagecoach have increased Bus routes in the area and consider
community needs alongside financial viability.
Routes: The routes are historical but have opened new routes for new areas/health
centres and they are reactive to customer demand for new routes.

Rob mentioned that Bus Driving is a highly pressurised job and that Stagecoach
South does encourage feedback from customers who have had a bad journey or
driver experience or feedback to compliment their bus experience.

Rob said they are always trying to improve their Quality of Service and do ‘employ
mystery shoppers’ to provide journey reports and report on Bus Stops/Shelters.

In conclusion Rob reported that bus service in Arun was buoyant and the current
services were being used.

West Sussex County Council
Bill said he is local to the area – He is involved in working on the County Transport

Some key Transport spending by the Council:

     Spend £13.5 million a year Transport Children to school and a large part of the
      budget used for transport of Disabled children.
     £6 million on Public Transport
     £4.5 million on Transport Schemes (3in1 scheme)
     £0.25 million on Community Transport

Issues for older people were communication of updated website information and
issues travelling with school children.

Key Challenges: More for less, The National Concessionary Fare scheme maybe
transferred from Town and District council to County Council control and

The future of Community Transport – Accessibility meetings are held 4 times a year

West Sussex County Council website - Transport Plan

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Sammy Transport
Tara stated that Sammy transport started in the 1970’s from legacy bequest to
provide a minibus for the local community. They now have 5 12-seater minibuses
and 3 minivans that have space for a wheelchair user and for 2 passengers. They
cover the Arun West and Chichester and Selsey areas. They have many community
groups in the area.

The drivers all work on a voluntary capacity.

The future: Reliant to continue the service from Donations/Hire fees/Community
Grants/Town and Parish Council Grants and Fundraising.

For more information Contact Sammy Transport on 01243 827821 Monday to Friday
9am – 1pm and 2-4pm.

Email Address York Road Chambers, York Road,
Bognor Regis PO21 1LT

Arun Co-ordinated Community Transport
Brian stated the organisation started in 1996 when it helped 1,662 people and in
2007/08 71,702 people had used the service. They have 7,500 regular users of
which just under 750 are wheelchair users. The services provided are Minibus, Social
Car Scheme and Dial-a-ride service. The prices are either by daily rate or by the
mile. An escorted Shopping Service to Tesco’s Bognor Regis and Sainsbury’s
/Somerfield in Rusting is available. The cost of this service is £2.50

Brian said that the volunteers that run the service give in monetary terms 55
thousand hours of their time. Self Drive vehicles are available which all fully
comprehensive insured. D1 driving license is required. For more information please
contact Brian Knight on 01903 723584


2. Questions from the Audience

  Stagecoach Service

        Pagham area – 400 name petition to increase the service in the area
         (Star 1 Service)
        Route 60 not going to Bognor Station
        Route 66 not servicing the Orchard Estate
        Re-introduction of the Barnham-Chichester bus route
        Mega Gold rider tickets – viability and reduction for shorter journeys
        Accessibility for older people using buses and being seated comfortably
         prior to the bus continuing the journey.

         Rob would look into these questions raised and the petition is evidence for
         ongoing bus route reviews. He also responded to a question that 5% of
         drivers are from Poland and staff turnover is low with a waiting list of
         people who wish to train and become bus drivers.

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           More information on questions and feedback from the meeting is on the
           ANN website.

  West Sussex County Council

      Real time bus information in the villages / towns (similar to Worthing area)
      Possible for local sponsorship of Real time bus information displays

Action: to contact Bill Leath to re update / costs of real time bus information displays
investment and for plans to implement this for the 700 coastal route.

  Arun Co-ordinated Community Transport

      Hire of minibuses for drivers who are over 70.

Brian replied that person should get a doctor referral to prove fitness to drive and the
completion of a D4 document.

The meeting passed a resolution that the Arun Neighbourhood Network write to WSCC
Cllr Derek Whittington – Strategic Transport and Cllr Pieter Montyn – Chairman
Accessible Transport requesting more energy to promote transport resources for older

 4. Other Business

 Helen thanked everyone for attending the meeting and for the contributions the
 guest speakers and the audience made during a very successful meeting.

 Helen encouraged ‘Word of Mouth’ to encourage more groups and people to join the

 World Sight Day – Thursday 8th October.

 Theme Gender and Eye Health – equal access to care

 website promoting the event

                                   Dates for your diary
                  The next ANN meetings will be held on the following date

                           Wednesday 4th November
                                    at 9.30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
                    Hilton Avisford Hotel, Walberton, Arundel BN18 0LS

         Meetings for 2010 are being planned for the 3rd week in January and March

 If you plan to attend on 4th November Conference please contact Michael
 Dolphin: or telephone 01903 731800
 for an application form by the 5th October

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