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									Caribbean Cruise Line Shares Cruise Vacation Ideas for Families
Cruises are one of the easiest and most fun trips that families can take. They're especially great for large
families, because there's plenty of space on the trip for everyone to run free.

The great thing about cruises is that they offer tons to do. Parents can have a drink at the bar at
nighttime while the kids play in the swimming pool. Younger kids can attend the children's activities or
play in the arcade while the older kids take in movies at the onboard theater.

Most cruise ships offer not just dozens of restaurants, but dozens of entertainment options as well.
They'll have Mexican food and Chinese food, continental cuisine and a bevy of entertainment options
ranging from swimming pools to spas. In short, you'll never be in need of something to do when you're
on a cruise ship, regardless of how many people you've got with you.

Cruises offer something for everyone, and even better, something new every day! There are activities
for every age, and cruises offer the opportunity for large families to do something all together or to each
go off and do their own separate activities. No matter how many people you're thinking of bringing on
your next vacation, rest assured that a cruise is the best option for your big trip. Here are some cruise
trip ideas for your big family.

Try a five-night celebrity cruise to the Western Caribbean. This cruise offers a bevy of activities and
amenities for your family. This cruise is meant to revitalize you and your family members with new
accommodations that include 314 new rooms with private verandas.

There are fourteen new sky suites and 174 new concierge class staterooms, and cruises are often
decked out with little surprises such as fresh-cut flowers, pillow menus and upgraded bathrooms
amenities, so don't worry about your comfort level being compromised.

When nighttime approaches, you'll find your cruise ship is stocked with a celebrity theater with two full
production shows, an area with cabaret acts and comedians to satisfy the theater geeks in your family,
as well as a bar with piano music and disco – the possibilities are endless!

Cruises like these also often include casinos with full offerings such as blackjack, roulette, craps, stud
poker and slot machines for your inner gambler. Kids can enjoy themselves during the day with a variety
of activities led by cruise staff, and when the ship docks, the entire family can enjoy port and shopping
lectures and shore excursions on whatever island you've landed. Cruise ships like these also include
multiple pools and whirlpools, so whether you're looking to sun yourself or looking for relaxation,
there's something for you.

Cruise ships also often offer golf simulators, shuffleboard and jogging areas – so the men can enjoy the
sports arena while the gals head off to the spa, complete with full service treatments, saunas and steam
rooms. There are also often full size fitness centers on cruise ships, so you won't have to go without your
elliptical workout.

Meanwhile, the elderly adults on the trip can be entertaining themselves with cards in the card room or
reading in the quiet library. Kids can head over to the fun children's area and amuse themselves with
activities run by supervised youth counselors. Many cruise ships also offer a video game room, perfect
for today's kids.

When it comes time to eat, you'll find that your cruise ship has all kinds of dining options. Whether
you're looking to grab a quick bite or have a three-course meal, your cruise ship will have a variety of
restaurants and eateries for your family to choose from. The sheer size of these restaurants is great for
big groups, and the fact that there are so many to choose from means that if some of you want to eat in
one place and the others aren't interested, your big family can split in half – this way, if half of you wants
a big meal and the other wants to stay by the pool, so be it

Cruises are great for big families in that they offer a variety of activities for all ages – no matter where
you're cruising, be it the Bahamas or the Caribbean, or even to Turkey and Greece, your ship will not
only be equipped with great rooms for sleeping, but also with tons of things for you and your big family
to do.

Cruise ships generally offer something for everyone – we're talking every activity under the sun – so you
won't have to worry about entertaining your kids and making sure that grandma doesn't get tired out all
at once. In fact, taking your big family on a cruise vacation might just be the one way you get a chance to
rest – with so much going on for everyone else, you might just find a chance to slip away and get that
spa treatment you've been dreaming of! Article by Suzana dos Santos

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