Thesis Proposal Master of Arts (DOC) by pptfiles


									                                     Master of Science
                                    Applied Mathematics
                                     Ryerson University

                            MASTER’S THESIS PROPOSAL

Proposed Title:

Student’s Name:                                               Student ID:

Principle Research

Name of Co-
supervisor (if

The proposal should consist of a one- to two-page description of the proposed work, with
a suggested bibliography.

Doe s your re search involve the use of human participants:

□ No
□ Ye s and the REB report i s attached.
If the research involves the use of human participants, please read the Policy on Research
Involving Human Subjects at: A Re search Ethics Board (REB)
report must accompany the MRP propo sal for submi ssion to the program/associate

Student’s Signat ure:                                  Date of Submission

I have read and approved the attached proposal and bibliography and agree to serve as
supervisor for the Master’s Thesis.

Supervisor’s Signature:                                Date

Approved by Graduate Director:

Director’s Signature:                                  Date

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