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                     METHAWADE, TAL.: SANGOLA, DIST.: SOLAPUR

                    MANDATORY DISCLOSURES (2009- 10)

1. NAME OF THE INSTITUTION : Shikshan & Krushi Vikas Pratishthan, Medshingi’s
                                        Sahyadri College Of Pharmacy.
                                        A/P: Methawade, Tal: Sangola,
                                        Dist: Solapur. 413 307 (M.S.)
                                        Phone No: (02187) 254500, 254001,283775
                                        Fax No: (02187) 254547.
                                        e-mail: sahyadrisangola @
                                        website :

                                    Block No. 1, Krishi Nagar,
                                    Civil Lines, Solapur.
                                    Pin. 413 003 (M.S.).

3. NAME OF THE AFFILIATING UNIVERSITY:                      Solapur University, Solapur. ( M.S.)


Members of the Board and their brief background:            Please See Annexure No. I

Members of Academic Advisory Body:                          Please See Annexure No. II

Frequency of the Board Meetings and Academic Advisory Body: As per the constitution of
Organizational chart and processes:                         Please See Annexure No. III

Nature and Extent of involvement of faculty and students in academic
Affairs / improvements:                                              Not Applicable

Mechanism/Norms & Procedure for democratic/good Governance:           Not Applicable.

Student Feedback on Institutional Governance / faculty performance: Not Applicable.

Grievance redressal mechanism for faculty, staff and students:        Not Applicable.

    Name of the Progammes approved by the AICTE                            : B. Pharmacy.
    Name of the Programmes accredited by the AICTE                         : Nil
    For each Programme the following details are to be given:
    Name                                                                   : B. Pharmacy
    Number of seats                                                        : 60
    Duration                                                               : 4 Years
    Cut off mark/rank for admission
    during the last three years                                            : 2006-07 : 51
                                                                            2007-08 : 45
                                                                            2008-09 : 50
    Fee                                                                    : Rs. 50,000/-
    Placement Facilities                                                   : Under Provision
    Campus placement in last three
    Years with minimum salary, maximum
    Salary and average salary                                              : None

    Name and duration of program(s) having affiliation/collaboration with Foreign
    University(s) / Institution(s) and being run in the same Campus along with status of their
    AICTE approval. If there is foreign collaboration, give the following details:
    Details of the Foreign Institution/University                          : Not Applicable
    Name of the University/Institution                                     : Not Applicable
    Address                                                                : Not Applicable
    Website                                                                : Not Applicable
    Is the Institution / University Accredited in
    its Home Country                                                       : Not Applicable
    Ranking of the Institution / University in
    the Home Country                                                       : Not Applicable
    Whether the degree offered is equivalent
    to an Indian Degree?                                                   : Not Applicable
    Nature of Collaboration                                                : Not Applicable
    Conditions of Collaboration                                            : Not Applicable
    Complete details of payment a student has
     to make to get full benefit of collaboration                          : Not Applicable
       For each Collaborative/affiliated Program give the following:
       Program Focus                                                             : N. A

       Number of seats                                                           : N. A
       Admission Procedure                                                       : N. A
       Fee                                                                       : N. A
       Placement Facility                                                        : N. A
       Placement Records for last three
       Years with minimum salary, maximum
       Salary and average salary                                                 : N. A

       Whether the Collaborative Program is approved by AICTE? If not whether the Domestic /
       Foreign Institution has applied to AICTE for approval as required under notification no.
       37-3/Legal/2005 dated 16th May, 2005                                : N. A

     Branch wise list of faculty members                                 : Please see Annexure No. IV
     Permanent Faculty                                                           : 15 (01+14)
     Visiting Faculty                                                            : 05
     Adjunct Faculty                                                             : 00
     Guest Faculty                                                               : 02
     Permanent Faculty: Student Ratio                                            : 1:15
     Number of faculty and left during the last three years                      : 09
7. Profile of director / principal with qualifications, total experience, age and
   Duration of employment at the institute concerned                     : Please See Annexure No. V

8. FEE:
   Details of fee, as approved by State fee
   Committee, for the Institution                                        : Please See Annexure No. VI

   Time schedule for payment of fee for
   the entire program                                                    : At the time of Admission.

   No. of Fee waivers granted with amount
   and name of students                                                  : Implemented as per rule
   Number of scholarship offered by the
   Institute, duration and amount                                        : Nil
   Criteria for fee waivers/scholarship                                  : As per State Govt. scheme
   Estimated cost of Boarding and
   Lodging in Hostels                                                    : Rs. 7000/-
   Number of seats sanctioned with the year of approval              : 60, 2009-2010
   Number of students admitted under various categories
   each year in last three years                                     : 2006-07 : - 51 (part I)
                                                                       2007-08 : - 42 (part I)
                                                                       2007-08 : - 69 (part II)
                                                                       2008-09 : - 50 (part I)
                                                                       2008-09 : - 42 (part II)
                                                                       2007-08 : - 56 (part III)
   Number of applications received during last two years
   for admission under Management                                    : 2008-09 : - 21
                                                                       2007-08 : - 26
   Quota and number admitted                                         : 12 & Admitted 02(2008-09)


   Mention the admission test being followed, name and address of the Test Agency and its
   URL(website): MHT-CET by DTE MUMBAI. Number of seats allotted to different Test
   Qualified candidates separately [AIEEE/CET (State conducted test / University tests)/
   Association conducted test]
   Calendar for admission against management/vacant seats
            Last date for request for applications                  : As per DTE rule
            Last date for submission of application                 : As per DTE rule
            Dates for announcing final results                      : As per DTE rule
            Release of admissions list (main list and waiting
            list should be announced on the same day)               : As per DTE rule
            Date of acceptance by the candidate( time given
            should in no case be less than 15 days)                 : As per DTE rule
            Last date for closing of admission                      : As per DTE, Mumbai
                                                                     Notification (not yet
            Starting of the Academic session                        : As per DTE, Mumbai &
                                                                     University Notification

            The waiting list should be activated only on the
            expiry of date of main list                              : N. A
            The policy of refund of the fee, in case of withdrawl,
            should be clearly notified                               : Please see
                                                                       Annexure No.VII
          Describe each criteria with its respective
          weight ages i.e. Admission Test, marks in
          qualifying examination etc                                 : As per DTE rule
          Mention the minimum level of acceptance, if any            : As per DTE rule
          Mention the cut-off level of percentage &
          percentile scores of the candidates in the admission
          test for the last three years                              : As per DTE rule
          Display marks scored in Test etc. and in aggregate
          for all candidates who were admitted                       : As per DTE rule
12.   APPLICATION FORM                                        : Please see
                                                                Annexure No. VIII

13.   LIST OF APPLICANTS                                      : 74

      MANAGEMENT SEATS / VACANT SEATS                         : Under Process ,

      LIBRARY :

       Number of Library books / Titles /Journals available   : 4052 / 795 / 19
       List of online National / International Journals
       Subscribed                                              : Please see
                                                                 Annexure No. IX
       E-Library facilities                                   : N. A


       For each Laboratory
       List of Major Equipments                               : Please see
                                                                Annexure No. X
       List of Experimental setup                             : As per Rule


       Number and Configuration of Systems                    : 20
       Total number of Systems connected by LAN               : 05
       Total number of Systems connected by WAN               : 00
       Internet bandwidth                                     : Broad Band (Applied)
                                                                24 hours.
       Major software packages available                      :2
       Special purpose facilities available                   : Yes


       List of facilities available
       Games and Sports Facilities                            : Yes.
       Extra Curriculum Activities                            : Yes.
       Soft Skill Development Facilities                      : N. A
       Number of Classrooms and size of each                  : 3 & 81 sq. m.
       Number of Tutorial rooms and size of each              : 2 & 38 sq. m.
       Number of Laboratories and size of each                : 9 & 110 sq. m. (each)
       Number of drawing halls and size of each               : Nil
       Number of Computer Centers with capacity of each       : 01 (capacity - 20)
Teaching Learning Process:

       Curricula and syllabi for each of the program
       as approved by the University                                : Attached copy herewith
       Academic Calendar of the University                          : Attached copy herewith
       Academic Time Table                                          : Attached copy herewith
       Teaching Load of each Faculty                                : Attached copy herewith
       Internal Continuous Evaluation System and place              : Yes
       Student’s assessment of Faculty, System in place             : Yes

       For each Post Graduate program give the following:
       Title of the program                                         : Not Applicable.
       Curricula and Syllabi                                        : Not Applicable.

       Faculty Profile                                              : Not Applicable.

                 Sr.       Name                  Designation   B. Subject
                 No.                                           Teaching
                 1         Not Applicable
       Brief profile of each faculty.

       Laboratory facilities exclusive to the PG program            : Not Applicable.

       Special Purpose Software, all design tools in case           : Not Applicable.
       Academic Calendar and frame work                             : Not Applicable.
       Research focus                                               : Not Applicable.

List of typical research projects.

                       Industry Linkage                             : N. A
                       Publications (if any) out of research
                       in last three years out of masters
                       projects Placements status                   : N. A
                       Admission procedure                          : N. A
                       Fee Structure                                : N. A
                       Hostel Facilities                            : N. A
                       Contact address of coordinator of
                       the PG Program                               : N. A
                       Name                                         : - ------
                       Address                                      : - ------
                       Telephone                                    : - ------
                       E-mail                                       : - ------

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