Samsung NX100 mirrorless compact launched and previewed - Download as PDF by windbag83


Samsung has announced the addition of the NX100 to its NX series of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.
It features the same 14.6Mp sensor and 3.0" OLED screen as the NX10,
which are built into a flat, 'compact camera style' body.

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OK Go Gets Animated in Its Newest Video

Indie band and YouTube darlings OK Go have a new video out today, and it’s a bit more
animated than usual — in that it’s actually animated.

“Last Leaf,” which premiered today on the band’s MySpace page, was made possible in part
by Samsung, who spurred the creation of the video by asking, “What’s your next project?”
The band told the electronics company that it wanted to work with Nadeem Mazen and Ali
Mohammad, founders of Serious Business Design, on a sketchy concept — literally.

Samsung then furnished the guys with a Samsung NX100 camera, with which the project
was shot (each second of the video is a sequence of 15 photographs). Geoff Mcfetridge,
founder of Champion Graphics, provided the animation itself. You can check out some
behind-the-scenes footage on Samsung’s website.

Like all other videos off of OK Go’s newest disc, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, “Last Leaf” is
embeddable, a trend that started after controversy surrounding the first video for their song
“This Too Shall Pass.” The first iteration of the video premiered several months ago with
embeds disabled by then-label EMI and YouTube.

The band released another, embeddable video for the song about a month later with help
from State Farm, and left EMI soon after to start its own label, Paracadute Recordings.
Since cutting ties (which was likely a smart move considering recent turmoil), the band has
been doing exceedingly well. The State Farm version of “This Too Shall Pass” (featuring a
kick-ass Rube Goldberg machine) has been viewed more than 18 million times to date, and
Of the Blue Colour of the Sky debuted in the Top 40 of The Billboard 200. And don’t forget
the band’s Webby for Film & Video Artist of the Year.

Take a look at OK Go’s new vid above and let us know what you think in the comments.
Personally, I think it’s a lovely little jam that sets a perfectly autumnal mood.

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