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									Sleep Without Pills: Sleeping Pill Users Live Shorter
Lives, But Here’s a Beautiful Solution That's Fast,
Safe and Easy
I Can’t Sleep!
But Sleeping Pill Users Live Shorter Lives
The Smart Solution is safe, quick and easy

30, 40, or 72 million — depending on whom you believe — is the number of
Americans who have a sleep disorder. How do they gather these stats, and
what precisely do they mean by “sleep disorder?” And who are “they,”

None of that matters! If you nod off on the job, or your social life has become
drudgery or nothing seems as much fun because you are constantly tired from
lack of healthy sleep, the statistics don’t matter. You need sleep!

More and more you’ve got “the lights on nobody home” curse and your
enjoyment of life begins slipping into a haze. Simple things like taking your
health walk become too much trouble. Food discipline, which has never been
easy — forget about it! Life passes you by, one day after another, they all
seem pretty much the same — you are tired all the time. Insomnia has taken
the joy out your of life.

What Are The Sleepless and Grouchy to Do?

So you take sleep drugs or sleep supplements and things do change.

You have the jitters, the fresh carton of Super Extra Rich Chocolate Mint Swirl
was there last evening, but it’s missing in the morning, and no one else likes
it. What happened to it? Your passably sunny disposition gets a little cloudier,
you’re less alert, and you become even more overstressed causing dull work
days, missed pleasures, and accidents. I could go on, and so could you…

Read the list of side effects for Lunesta, Rozarem, and Ambien, to name a
few. Read the sleep blogs. It’s not a pretty picture

The sleep drugs were supposed to make things better, and in some cases
they did — at first, but it wasn’t long before things took a turn for the worse.
But those of you who were desperate for anything that would stop the mind
chatter, stop the nights of staring into the abyss, prevent the dreaded dawn —
you had to do something.

Users of Sleep Drugs Live Shorter Lives

So we ignored what the drug companies, (compelled by inadequate laws and
a self confessed understaffed FDA) themselves, admitted were possible side
effects of even the new class of sleep drugs, namely: all sleeping drugs have
the risk of becoming habit forming, grogginess, mental impairment, difficulty in
urinating, depression, malaise — and the list goes on. What they often don’t
make clear is that these sleep drugs do not work long term, can have an
effect on breathing, and that users of sleep drugs live shorter lives.

But what about the All Natural and Dietary Sleep Supplements & Herbs?

The use of all natural and dietary sleep supplements can put you at even
greater risk for more serious, even fatal consequences. At least the
pharmaceutical companies are required to get FDA approval, no matter that
their system, by their own admission, is not up to the responsibility.

The “natural” and “dietary” designations for sleep imply that since it’s not man
made or it’s a man made food, certainly it must be safe. Nothing could be
further from the truth.

Take just one example of an “all natural” cure. “Popular comfrey tea contains
alkaloids toxic to the liver, and animal studies suggest it is carcinogenic, ” said
Varro Tyler, an emeritus professor at Purdue University.

Comfrey is banned in Canada and severely restricted in Germany, but still
sold in the USA with dangerously deceptive advertising.

And what about dietary supplements such as L-trytophan? L-trytophan is
based on the naturally occurring amino acid found in turkey. It makes you
sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a food. What could be wrong with taking
L-trytophan for insomnia? Plenty.

“In the summer and fall of 1989, an epidemic outbreak of eosinophilia-myalgia
syndrome (EMS) occurred in the United States. This illness is associated with
the use of dietary supplements containing L-tryptophan. In all, more than 1500
cases of EMS, including at least 37 deaths, have been reported to the
national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), although the true
incidence of the disorder is thought to be much higher. Some individuals
suffering from L-tryptophan-related EMS have recovered, while other
individuals’ illnesses have persisted or worsened over time.”

This report was published by the FDA in 2001, after the 37 known deaths.
With a number of highly questionable rationalizations and unlawful marketing,
L-trytophan is still being sold as a sleep aid in 2007.

There are hundreds more examples of dangerous all natural and
manufactured dietary supplements being sold to help you sleep.

The very serious problem in taking any natural or dietary supplements to help
you sleep is that there’s no oversight, no collective information, and minimal
disciplined study. And this can be fatal. Correction, this has been fatal.

Who Cares? I want Sleep. I’ll try anything!
But none of that matters, because now it’s time for you to discover a way to
relax deeply, and fall sleep quickly and easily at bedtime without pills of any

Sleep is your birthright. And you don’t have to take drugs or pills, study sleep
books, adhere to sleep plans, attach gadgets, endure white noise or sound
effects to get night after night, of blessed, healthful, wonderful, luxurious, well
deserved, sleep.

The Easy Quick & Safe Solution
To Getting Your Well Deserved Sleep

For over 10 years, with a circulation of nearly 5000 CD’s, The Sleep Waves
One music has quelled anxiety, dissolved the worries of the day, quieted mind
chatter, and transformed fear, sadness and resentment into peaceful
relaxation, helping people just like you fall asleep quickly, safely, and easily.

“I am a life long insomniac and I have found one item that has helped me
enormously… it is this CD. It just relaxes you in very short order and the
music is just so beautiful.”
Janet Ryan, Business Owner

See many more testimonials at Sleep Without Pills.

So what is
The Sleep Waves One CD?

It’s an immensely pleasurable, solo harp, world class performance, music CD
that has been Alpha Waves Certified by a professional leader in the field that
has helped countless people just like you, flow quickly and gently into a river
of deep relaxation and sleep.

The Cutting Edge of Sleep Solutions

Quantitative EEG studies show a dramatic increase in alpha wave, and a
substantial reduction in beta wave activity in people listening to The Sleep
Waves One CD within four minutes. This combination of factors calms the
brain resulting in a state of deep relaxation.

It is the most effective Sleep CD Available

According to QEEG Studies conducted by Dr. William Collins, a leader in the
field, “this CD is substantially more effective at inducing relaxation than all
other music tested.”

There are many other relaxation CD’s out there, but none has the scientific
testing, the research, the 5000 CD’s over 10 years in the field, or the great
relaxation and sleep results as evidenced by the extensive testimony
recommending The Sleep Waves One CD. Also, it is Alpha Waves Certified™
Important note: Always consult with your physician before making changes in
regimens of prescriptions & treatments. The Sleep Waves One CD is not to
be considered a cure or treatment for any disease.

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