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									              The United Methodist Church in Iowa
            Conference Connectional Ministries Council
                       February 1 – 3, 2006


Committee Members present : Brian Carter, Dan Fernandez, Dave Peterson, Russ
Husted, Carolyn Bittner, Diane Mitchell, Marilyn Lancaster, John Squire, Karen Dungan

Program Chairs present as Consultants: Sue Kromminga, Dorothy Higdon, Dana
Scopatz, Marsha Accord, Lee Webb, Dick Sperring, Mike Morgan, Len Eberhart, Mary
Morris, Jerry Swinton, Jim Morris, Bev Nolte, Ruth Anne Petrak, Lillian Gallo-Seagren,
Ione Shadduck

Staff present as Consultants: Eric Guy, Anne Bacon, Ric Olson, Jill Sanders,Dick Faris,
Russ Hinshaw, Phil Carver, Martha DiSilvestro, Twila Glenn, Karla Haynes

Meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 1, 2006, by Chair
Brian Carter, who provided devotional leadership throughout the consultation

Twila Glenn, Director of Connectional Ministries, presented an overview and orientation
to the Program Review process.

Program Ministry Plans were presented and discussed in the following order:
Board of Camp, Conference and Retreat Ministry
Board of Laity
Board of Discipleship
Episcopal Office – Social Witness Advocacy and Education Ministry
Board of Global Ministries
Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry
Board of Church and Society
Commission on Archives and History
Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns
Commission on Ministry with Person with Disabilities
Commission on Religion and Races
Commission on Status and Role of Women
Council on Age Level Ministries
Council on Youth Ministries
District Councils on Ministries
Matthew 25 Fund
Connectional Ministries Council Ministries Operations

The Committee and Consultants discussed the ministry plans, the budget needs, and the
apportionment requests of each ministry area, and consider several options and
approaches to considering and coordinating them.

Russ Hinshaw shared the Council on Finance and Administration’s current plan to take a
combine apportionment request to the Annual Conference which reflects up to a 3%
increase in addition to any increases incurred from increased General Church

Lengthy discussion followed.

Carolyn Bittner moved and Dave Peterson seconded that the Program Review
Committee release itself from laboring under only a 3% increase and be open to
considering a higher increase. Motion carried unanimously.

Lengthy discussion followed.

Dan Fernandez moved and Dave Peterson seconded that the Program Review
Committee recommend that the Conference Connectional Ministries Council submit
an apportionment request reflecting all original program requests as corrected during
the consultation and as reflected on the attached spreadsheet.

During discussion of the motion, a number of clarifying statements, descriptions, and
commitments were made which the Committee asked be included in its message to the
Connectional Ministries Council, a draft of which is attached.

Motion carried unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, February 3, 2006.

             The United Methodist Church in Iowa
          Conference Connectional Ministries Council
                             APPORTIONMENT REQUESTS
                                     (February 3, 2006)

Make Disciples – Develop Leaders – Transform the World

                        An Invitation to Generosity

After much thought, discussion, listening, soul searching, prayer and discernment, the
Committee, assisted by its Consultants, concluded that its only faithful course of action
was to invite the Annual Conference to generosity in the midst of abundance.
Anything less, the Committee concluded, was a denial of God’s great gifts and a
hesitance to follow God’s lead in our corporate life.

In reaching this conclusion, the Committee
         Bathed its deliberations in prayer, lifting up the prayer requests of each
           program ministry, as well as the work of the Committee itself,
         Engaged in an open process, involving Committee members, program
           group leaders, and staff, encouraging d iscussion, cooperation, exploration,
           and transparency,
         Told stories of discovery, discipleship, growth, learning, passion, hospitality,
           service, witness, and transformation,
         Engaged with the theology of discipleship and denial; abundance and
           scarcity; culture and challenge,
         Expressed personal passion and commitment to tell the story of ministry in
           the Annual Conference that is “deep and wide,”
         Came to understand the that work of the Committee is not to reduce and
           restrict, but to “take the lid off” of all that confines us and makes us fearful
           that there is not “enough to go around,” and
         Kept before itself, in verbal and visual ways, the sure knowledge that we
           are called to Make Disciples, Develop Leaders, and Transform the

As a result of this discernment, the Committee makes the following recommendations
and commitments:

►That the Connectional Ministries Council understand that is presenting ministry, not a

►That the Connectional Ministries Council share (in writing, in presentation, and in
personal witness) the stories of disciple-making, leadership development and world
transformation that are behind the financial requests reflected in the attached

►That the members of the Program Review Committee continue to be part of that
story-telling, before, during, and after the Council on Fina nce and Administration
decision-making process and the Annual Conference Session, and

►That the Connectional Ministries Council recommend that the Council on Finance
and Administration accept the attached apportionment requests and forward them to
the Annual Conference.

Note: Over the coming weeks, program ministry leaders and Program Review
Committee members have committed to add to program ministry descriptions
information and material that tells stories, and describes ministry in more concrete
ways, including realistic descriptions of the extent of resources needed in order to
adequately fund ministries affirmed by the Annual Conference.


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