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									                                    PACKAGED FURNITURE
                               Federal Supply Schedule FSC Group 71
                                          Part II Section H

                                    Contract No. GS-27F-3032D

Thomasville, a renowned resource for quality crafted furniture, has held GSA contracts and served
the special needs of government since 1984.

Thomasville’s Packaged Furniture Contract provides maximum flexibility to the ordering activity.
Thomasville’s representatives can coordinate each phase of a project from initial room layout and
furniture selection to the actual installation of the items in the facility. They can create a
customized color package for the project and provide various accessory items to complement each
room. Accessories include bedspreads, window treatments, wall art, artificial plants, lamps,
carpet, mattresses and more.

The reasons Thomasville is a Best Value Choice include:
   • A product line that combines the look and feel of residential furniture with the function and
       durability required to meet the needs of the military environment.
   • A dedicated and experienced government sales force handling project coordination
   • Rigorous testing that monitors construction quality and ensures product performance
   • 1.5 million square feet of warehouse space to ensure product availability

For craftsmanship you can see and quality you can depend on, look to Thomasville Contract.

       Bridges                             Diversity                          Harmony

     Martinique                        Winston Court

                                  Thomasville Furniture Ind., Inc.
                                           P.O. Box 339
                                    Thomasville, NC 27361-0339
                              (336)472-4044 phone (336)476-2262 fax

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