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									                                                                    Safety Services Director Ryan Murphy, far left, holds a refresher training
                                                                    session with Bassett’s Ammonia Response Team. Participants are, left to

Bassett kicks off new                                               right, Pete Eernise, Dan Thyes, Mark Yates, Adam Kilgas, Kevin VanDeHey
                                                                    and Tim Diestler.

Safety Services Program
  Customers now can benefit from Bassett’s safety
record, services and reputation via its new Safety
Services program, the first of its kind offered by a
mechanical contractor in this area. The program is
headed by Bassett Safety Services Director Ryan
Murphy, authorized OSHA outreach and safety
instructor, and Bassett Safety Specialist Rob Ehlert,
certified environmental trainer and certified fire

   According to Ehlert, the Safety Services Program
is a natural fit for Bassett. “Bassett over the years has   Bassett Safety Specialist Rob Ehlert, left, reviews piping system drawings
                                                            as part of a mock ammonia incident with, left to right, Lee Loberger,
presented itself as having great relationships with its     Mark Yates and Ryan Murphy as part of an October training program.
customers, truly providing customer service and
following the Bassett motto, ‘We Answer To You.’ The
Safety Services Division now can offer an additional            Program on a per-project or contracted-services basis.
customer-centered product.”
                                                                   “With a contract service, working with the customer
   “We’re not looking to be the customer’s                              we design an action plan and establish their
safety department,” Ehlert says. “We’re a                               priorities and safety needs, working out a
safety resource for them that we can come                               monthly schedule, how many times we’re going
in and help them maintain and improve                                   to visit them,” says Murphy.
their safety environment. And at the same
                                                                        According to Ehlert, many of our customers,
time we teach their people, and in the
                                                                       regardless of size, do not have a safety
learning process, increase their knowledge
                                                                       department, with safety responsibility often
base so they can take over the safety
                                                                       becoming a staff member’s additional job
program and we can facilitate as needed.”
                                                                assignment, with little support, training and direction.
  Customers can benefit from the Safety Services                “Customers who utilize Bassett’s Safety Services can
                                                                                                                                          Fall 2004

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    Safety Services – continued from cover
    receive that support, training, and direction to assist them in being      According to Ehlert, the benefit of Bassett’s customized on-site
    successful and creating a safe work environment. Our goal is to         safety training vs. other training groups is Bassett’s program trains
    assist our customers in maintaining and improving their own             employees to handle on-site real situations. This in turn gives
    safety programs.”                                                       employees the knowledge they need to handle a real crisis and the
                                                                            employer the confidence that the staff will make the correct
                                                                            decisions to mitigate a situation safely and effectively.
                Bassett Safety Services                                       “If you don’t train them for their situations, their hazards, their
              •Safety program development for                               logistics, their command structure, their PPE, their resources
               emergency action plans, fire prevention,                     within their facility, you’re setting them up for failure,” says Ehlert.
               lockout/tagout, process safety management,                   The Bassett Safety Services Program stresses competency
               employee safety manuals and more
                                                                            performance-based training. “When we’re done with the training
              •Health and safety training for ammonia                       and development of your programs, if something happens the next
               safety, crisis management, emergency                         day, the staff will have the tools to react effectively.”
               response, fire brigade and fire suppression,
               HAZWOPER, OSHA 10- or 30-hour                                   According to Murphy, the area in
               construction training and process safety                     which the Safety Services Program can
               management safety training                                   save customers the most money is in
              •Other services include accident investigation,               Experience Modification Rate (EMR)
               contracted safety professional and emergency                 adjustments. Each year, workers’
               response management                                          compensation premiums are adjusted
                                                                            based on injury loss history. Bassett’s
                                                                            loss prevention and safety programs
                                                                            help customers avoid injuries and
       One aspect of the Bassett Safety Services Program is providing
                                                                            eliminate hazards. By lowering risk and      Ryan Murphy
    consulting and training to meet OSHA’s HAZWOPER (Hazardous
                                                                            claims dollars, Bassett’s safety programs
    Waste Operations and Emergency Response) standards. This
                                                                            save customers money, which in turn reduces customers’ overhead
    standard provides direction for the proper management of
                                                                            and makes them more competitive in their markets.
    chemicals, hazardous waste and hazardous chemical emergency
    response/environmental cleanup. According to Ehlert,                       Bassett’s EMR this year has reached a record best of 0.56, about
    HAZWOPER is an area where many                                           half the industry average of 1.0, which means the company will
    companies need education.                                                save 44 percent on workers’ compensation insurance in 2005.

       Another specialty service provided                                      “If you have a successful safety program, you minimize losses
    by Safety Services is consultation and                                   and create safe, successful and profitable work environments. The
    training in crisis management and                                        cost to an employer for an injury will manifest itself in increased
    development of a business continuity                                     workers’ compensation costs, lost production, cost for employee
    plan. “Most businesses do not                                            retraining, cost for replacement workers and indirect costs that
    understand how to react in a crisis —                                    will vary between employers,” Ehlert says. “Historically, safe work
    what roles to be taking, how to           Rob Ehlert                     places have higher productivity and profit. Bassett Safety Services
    interact with agencies, the media,                                       can assist with your company’s success.”
    employees, neighbors, the community and customers,” Ehlert says.
                                                                              Bassett has worked more than 1.9 million hours without a lost-
       A crisis management plan can be utilized to successfully recover     time injury. “Because of our safety record and experience, we want
    from a fire, severe weather, severe employee injury or a death. “We     to help other companies and show them how they can improve,”
    can help develop the internal policies and programs and train their     says Murphy.
    people, to help them recover in a shorter time frame and to be
                                                                              To obtain literature or set up a meeting to discuss your safety
    proactive, rather than strictly reactive, in a crisis,” Ehlert adds.
                                                                            needs, contact Ryan Murphy or Rob Ehlert at (920) 759-2500
                                                                            or (800) 236-2500.

                                    Title: Service Sales Manager
                                                                   Bassett delivers improved
                                    Years with Bassett: Eight
                                                                   efficiency, customer service
Kim Bassett-Heitzmann                                                Exciting changes are under way at Bassett with the
                                                                   implementation of two new software systems. The first
What are your responsibilities?                                    includes a recent software conversion for the service
                                                                   department involving the dispatch, billing, tasking and
A large part of what I do is support and coach the sales team.
                                                                   management/customer information functions, which went
I want to make sure that each person has the resources to best
                                                                   live in July. The second includes a new project management
serve our customers. We, as a department and a company,
                                                                   and accounting software system, which went live in
                                want to continue to be a leader
                                                                   October. Both systems are running and being integrated
                                in the mechanical industry for     throughout the company.
                                the state of Wisconsin.
                                                                     Although internally developed accounting software had
                               How has your experience             served Bassett well for many years, new systems available
                               led you to this point?              today have extensive features and robust capabilities,
                               I went into the medical field       including document scanning and management, making
                               after college. When I made          paperless recordkeeping and reporting a real possibility. In
                               the career shift to the             the near future, customers will be able to access project
                                                                   information and service reporting in real time over the
mechanical contracting industry, I started within the service
division as a maintenance sales representative. I had never
sold anything in my life! Thanks to a good coach and a lot of        In the end, Bassett will have better communication —
hard work, I found that I loved the customer service end of        faster and more accurate information with improved
the business. Being able to provide a solution to a customer’s     efficiency that will help it grow and better manage the
problem is very gratifying.                                        company. And better communication will allow Bassett to
                                                                   continuously provide the outstanding customer service it’s
What is your most important goal?                                  known for.
Between our “We Answer To You” philosophy and our
                                                                     “This is an exciting time, and these changes will
ISO 9001 certification, we continually look for ways to
                                                                   make us a better company and allow us to better
improve and to provide solutions that exceed expectations.
                                                                   serve our customers,” says Bill Bassett, president of
As a company, we continue to become more customer service
                                                                   Bassett Mechanical.
oriented to ensure they get exactly what they have been
promised. One way we accomplish this is by truly listening
to our customers’ needs.                                           Visit Bassett Mechanical’s
What is a favorite aspect of your job?
Our service team is made up of a wonderful group of
                                                                   visitor-friendly Web site
individuals. They have done a great job of melding the sales         If you aren’t familiar with Bassett’s Web site, go to
and operation sides of the business, working closely to ensure for detailed information on
                                                                   the services and capabilities offered to current and potential
that the customer is taken care of, while at the same time
                                                                   customers. Read up on the latest company news, and go to
having fun. Part of my job is to perpetuate this culture.          the Solutions department to find out how Bassett creates
                                                                   customer success stories. Users can also access employment
                                                                   and vendor information, and past issues of the
                                                                   Bassett Bulletin.
  New preventive maintenance video available to customers
    New this fall, a video allows Bassett customers to assess, at their      Daemmrich, Bassett service general manager. “We sit down and talk to
  convenience, the benefits of a Guaranteed Professional Maintenance         them about what their needs are, what they are doing with whom, why,
  program.                                                                   when. Then we do a survey and system analysis. We catalog all their
                                                                             equipment, so that we can come back and do a computerized pricing
    The 11-minute production, available on CD, DVD or VHS,
                                                                             to determine what system has the best value and savings for them.
  highlights Bassett Mechanical’s preventive maintenance and service
  programs. Job-site action, interviews with Bassett spokespersons and         “They’re good for the customer because it’s a budgetable cost,” says
  customer testimonials illustrate the benefits of a proactive preventive    Dave Vann, vice president of service at Bassett. “Right now 80 percent
  maintenance program.                                                       of our agreements are full-coverage agreements, and the reason is they
                                                                                 are win-win.”
    Preventive maintenance is the unique difference
  Bassett Mechanical offers. Unlike other companies                                            With Bassett service centers in Kaukauna,
  that make money when machines break down,                                                  Milwaukee and Madison, customers throughout the
  Bassett makes money by keeping machines                                                   state of Wisconsin can realize substantial cost savings.
  running smoothly.
                                                                                              “We’ve analyzed different customers before and
    Bassett Mechanical is associated with the                                                     after to really determine that savings,” says
  prestigious LINC Service™, which focuses on                                                        Daemmrich. “We’ve had — depending on
  innovative HVAC solutions. Only one                                                                 the condition of the equipment prior to
  contractor in 100 is qualified to be a LINC                                                          coming in, what kind of maintenance level
  representative.                                                                                       it’s had — everything from 10 percent to
                                                                                                        well over 50 percent savings.”
    Through LINC, Bassett offers Guaranteed
  Professional Maintenance programs to ensure scheduled maintenance                                          For a CD, DVD or videotape on
  and repairs. Guaranteed Professional Maintenance programs extend                                     Bassett’s LINC Service™ Guaranteed
  the life of equipment, allow for predictable service budgets, and reduce                       Professional Maintenance Program, or to schedule
  overall building operating and energy costs.                               an evaluation of your systems and potential savings, contact the office
                                                                             nearest you:
     “We’ll design programs that fit the customer’s budget, and help
  them budget a fixed amount of money for a number of years,” says Bill      Kaukauna, (920) 759-2500 or (800) 236-2500
  Bassett, president. “We’ve taken agreements for one year, five years,
                                                                             Milwaukee, (414) 536-3500 or (800) 236-4311
  even 10 years or beyond, and we’ll continue to keep that equipment
  running efficiently for as long as the customer wants us to.”              Madison, (608) 838-6362 or (800) 236-2550
   “It includes all preventive maintenance, all repair costs, labor and
  materials and parts, along with all trouble calls,” says Darryl

       Contact us                              Bassett Mechanical
                                               1215 Hyland Avenue
   1215 Hyland Avenue                          P.O. Box 7000
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 Kaukauna, WI 54130-7000
     FAX 920-759-2525

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