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									       Guardian Equity Group

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This presentation is an introduction to the Guardian Equity
  Group. We are the only company that provides a way for
 anyone to multiply their money without investing, risk or
     special knowledge by taking it legally from the G8
   What Is The Guardian Equity
I am certain you have never heard of the Guardian Equity Group.
   Although the group is not new it has, until now, a company that
   catered to professional people such as lawyers, accountants,
   bankers, and lawyers.

With the financial problems that the average person is now facing
   worldwide, the group has decided to allow you to participate
   with them in building wealth for yourself and your family.

Don’t get me wrong. They are not giving up their wealth for you.
   They are not letting you in on some insider secrets and they do
   not have anything to sell you.

What they are doing is giving you the opportunity to multiply
   your money the same way your banker and the rich do every
   single day.
        The Guardian Equity Group
            Are Professionals!
     The group consist of professionals in their own right.
Several years ago, these professionals assembled the best currency
traders available to work exclusively for them.
     But now these same professional currency traders will work
for you. Ff you want to become wealthy you will need them. They
will charge you nothing as their salaries and commissions are paid
by the group.
     You   not   only  will   have   the   opportunity   of having
professionals work to multiply your money, you also have the
opportunity to participate in a legal tax elimination program
which was developed by the group more than 35 years ago.
     The group is involved in two primary investment programs,
currencies and gold.   They do not invest in anything that has a
potential of losing value.
     Years of experience shows they have always been right. What
would your bank account be today if you had been earning up to
250% annually?
  The Potential You Are Being
The group is not offering you the chance to become another Bill
   Gates with his billions.   And they are not saying you are
   going to earn 40% daily like the High Yield (HYIP) program
What they are offering you is the opportunity to profit every
   single day without investing, without risk, and without any
   special knowledge.
Right now you have the opportunity to take money from all of
   the G8 countries every single day.      These countries pay
   whether their currency is on the rise or is falling.      It
   makes no difference to us because we engage in reverse
Our professional currency traders make between 10 – 12 trades
   each day. And the way they do that is they buy if a certain
   currency is rising in value and they sell if it is on the
   decline. Therefore, we profit in both directions.
Now if you are not familiar with currency trading I know what I
   said does not make a lot of sense to you.       That is the
   beauty of it, it does not need to make sense, it simply
     Guardian Equity Group requires a $49 processing fee to get
everything setup and ready for you to start multiplying money.

     There are no hidden costs, no monthly fees, no annual renewals,
and no risk.

     After you have submitted your processing fee you will need to
decide how fast you want to become financially independent.

     There are six membership levels for you to chose from.     They
are as follows.

   $100 level which multiplies your money by 30% annually.
   $500 level which multiplies your money by 45% annually.
   $1,000 level which multiplies by 60% annually.
   $5,000 level multiplies by 100% annually.
   $10,000 level multiplies by 150% annually.
   $25,000 level multiplies by 225% annually

     Let me quickly explain that this is not an investment so it is
never at risk.
         Membership Is Not An
Other than the $49 processing fee all membership funds
    belong to the respective member and will be
    refunded whenever the member requests them.

Requesting   a   refund    does   not  terminate   your
    relationship with the Guardian Equity Group.    You
    may at anytime add to your membership position
    either by purchasing a new position or rolling over
    your earnings into a higher level.

If    you ever need to withdraw all or part of your
      membership position your position will simply
      change to the new earning level.

All    earning levels are the minimum you will earn
      annually and could well be substantially higher
      which I will illustrate in the next slide.
    Membership Profits Are As
We are able to take money 21 days each month from the G8
   countries which is 252 days per year.      Therefore we
   must earn 0.12% daily to pay you 30% annually on a $100
   membership level.

0.18%   daily   on   a   $500 membership level.
0.24%   daily   on   a   $1,000 membership level
0.40%   daily   on   a   $5,000 membership level
0.60%   daily   on   a   $10,000 membership level
0.89%   daily   on   a   $25,000 membership level

Can this be done?

Our professional traders take from the G8 countries
   between 1 – 10% daily.      Some days are better than
   others. Therefore, the above percentage rates are the
   minimum we pay you for being a member. Plus…
Over And Above Your Percentage
Based on years of experience we already know that we will
   earn much more than is being offered as your minimum

That is why all profits belong to our membership minus 25%.
   Here is how it works.

For example: If we average a 1% daily profit this amounts
   to 252% annually. Therefore a $100 member would be paid
   their guaranteed minimum of 30% plus 75% of the balance
   or an additional 166.5% which totals to 196.5% for that

A $25,000 level would be paid their guaranteed 225% plus 75%
   of the balance or an additional 20.25% for that year.

And I have already told you that our professional traders
   earn between 1 – 10% daily. So the extra 25% goes to the
   group to pay operating costs. Our founding members earn
   like everyone else. Everyone is treated equally.
               Starting Small!
     Even if you started small at the $100 level and are able
to add to that level each month, whether it be $25, $50 or $100
you will in short order become financially independent
providing you allow your money to multiply.

     We are the only company that actually provides you a means
to make credit work in your favor.    Most everyone has credit
cards and use those cards to make purchases which of course
takes additional money out of your pocket through interest that
must be paid on the funds used.

     Credit is a great thing if it is used to multiply your
wealth. An example: If you had $5,000 credit available on a
credit card and used that credit to position yourself as a
$5,000 member you would get a guaranteed return of 100%.
Without consideration of the additional monies you would earn,
explained earlier, even if you were paying 30% annually to use
that credit you will profit by 70%. And if you have or can get
a interest free card for one year after paying off the card you
would still have $5,000, plus.
    Need Further Explanation?
If you feel that you need additional information you
  can email or give us a
  call via skype: guardianequity between 8am and 2pm
  Eastern Standard time and someone will be happy to
  help you.

If you would like to receive our weekly status reports
  send a blank email to and
  you will immediately receive a reply asking you to
  confirm your request.    Be sure and confirm or you
  will not receive the reports.

When you are ready, we are!

Remember your future security depends on you.

If you are looking for a profitable business venture
  there are special pages to follow.  If you partner
  with us the rewards are needless.
      Two Ways To Profit As Our
          Business Partner!
The first of this year the Guardian Equity Group decided to bring
   on business partners and in my opinion we are offering the most
   profitable potential of any company on the internet today.

We offer two ways to profit so that you can earn immediate cash
   and build your fortune much faster than presented previously.

The first way in which you can profit as a business partner with
   the Guardian Equity Group is by sharing this presentation with
   those you know, your mailing list, posting ads, posting to
   forums and blogs.

For each person that submits the $49 processing fee you are
   allowed to keep 50% or $24.50.     The reason I said you are
   allowed to keep 50% is because your referrals will be paying
   you. You in turn will submit the other 50% ($24.50) to the
   Guardian Equity Group. No waiting to get paid.
       The Second Way You Profit!
When your referrals become members, no matter at what level, your
   membership percentage rate is increased by 1%.

So if your membership level is at 30% annually and you refer 30
   people in the next 12 months you would be earning 60% rather
   than 30%.

If    you were to refer 10 people monthly your annual rate of
     earnings would increase 10% each month while at the same time
     putting an extra $245.00 monthly in your pocket.

At the end of your first year you would be earning 150% minimum.
   As I mentioned earlier the Guardian Equity Group is nothing
   like the high yield programs you see online.

We know that there are many scam artists that advertise huge
   profits. We are against these deceptive practices. We are a
   solid legitimate company offering only what we know we can do,
   not based on speculations.
             Start Earning Today!
You can start earning today. There is nothing more you need to
   know.    We will close your leads for you.        Your sole
   responsibility is to get the word out and pay the Guardian
   Equity Group their 50% of the $49 processing fee.   Only two
   signups and you have your processing fee back.

To get started simple submit an email requesting to market the G8
   Multiplying Plan.   You will receive a response providing you
   instructions as to how you can pay your $49 processing fee.

Once you have paid the $49 fee you’ll receive a branded copy of
   this presentation, with a free autoresponder to handle your
   sign ups and a free webpage you can use to drive web traffic
   where your visitors can download this presentation.

So    why not go ahead and get started right now building your
     financial future by taking money from the G8 countries.
     Click here to send that all important email.

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