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List of National Historic Landmarks in Colorado

List of National Historic Landmarks in Colorado
This is a List of National Historic Landmarks in Colorado. A list of National Park Service administered areas in Colorado that have a historic focus is also included. Monuments, National Historic Sites, National Historic Landmark Districts and other higher designations from other NHL buildings, structures, sites or objects. ^ National Park Service (April 2007) (PDF), National Historic Landmarks Survey: List of National Historic Landmarks by State, Lists/LIST07.pdf, retrieved on 2007-05-20 . National Park Service. "National Historic Landmark Program: NHL Database". Retrieved on 2007-09-22. National Park Service. "National Historic Landmark Program: NHL Database". Retrieved on various dates. "Interior Secretary Kempthorne Designates 9 National Historic Landmarks in 9 States". Department of the Interior. 2009-01-16. 09_News_Releases/011609c.html. These are listed on p.111 of "National Historic Landmarks Survey: List of National Historic Landmarks by State", November 2007 version. Date of listing as National Historic Site or similar designation, from various sources in articles indexed.

National Historic Landmarks in Colorado
The following table is a complete list of the 21 federally designated National Historic Landmarks located in Colorado.


Historic areas of the NPS in Colorado
National Historical Parks, some National Monuments, and certain other areas listed in the National Park system are historic landmarks of national importance that are highly protected already, often before the inauguration of the NHL program in 1960, and are then often not also named NHLs per se. There are four of these in Colorado. The National Park Service lists these fourteen together with the NHLs in the state,[6] Bent’s Old Fort is a National Historic Site as well as a National Historic Landmark. The others are: Also Rocky Mountain National Park is an NPS area which is not particularly historical but it includes the Beaver Meadows NHL listed above.






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• "National Historic Landmarks Survey: List of National Historic Landmarks by State-Colorado (20)" (PDF). National Park Service. designations/Lists/CO01.pdf. Retrieved on 2007-10-16. • National Historic Landmarks Program, at National Park Service

[1] Numbers represent an ordering by significant words. Various colorings, defined here, differentiate the National


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List of National Historic Landmarks in Colorado
Year listed[2] Locality[2][3] County[2] Otero Description[4] Adobe fort built in 1833 to trade with Plains Indians and trappers, on Santa Fe Trail

Landmark name[2] Bent’s Old Fort



01960-12-19 La Junta December 38°02′34″N 19, 1960 103°25′51″W /
38.042886°N 103.430786°W / 38.042886; -103.430786 (Bent’s Old Fort)


Central City/ Black Hawk Historic District

01961-07-04 Central City July 4, 1961 and Black Hawk
39°48′04″N 105°30′27″W / 39.801111°N 105.5075°W / 39.801111; -105.5075 (Central City/Black Hawk Historic District)


Former gold mining camps in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, once known as the ’Richest Square Mile on Earth


Colorado Chautauqua

02006-02-10 Boulder February 39°59′52″N 10, 2006 105°16′50″W /
39.997778°N 105.280556°W / 39.997778; -105.280556 (Colorado Chautauqua)


This 1898 Chautauqua is the only one West of the Mississippi, one of only four continuously operating since its inception, and the only one open year round. The gold mining town of Cripple Creek and the surrounding hills


Cripple Creek Historic District

01961-07-04 Cripple Creek July 4, 1961 38°45′07″N
105°10′31″W / 38.751944°N 105.175278°W / 38.751944; -105.175278 (Cripple Creek Historic District)



DurangoSilverton Narrow-Gauge Railroad

01961-07-04 Durango to Sil- San Juan July 4, 1961 verton and La 37°17′51″N Plata
107°42′39″W / 37.2975°N 107.710833°W / 37.2975; -107.710833 (DurangoSilverton NarrowGauge Railroad)

Narrow gauge mining railroad which has continued to serve as a tourist line between Durango and Silverton


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List of National Historic Landmarks in Colorado
01966-11-13 Georgetown November and Silver 13, 1966 Plume
39°41′55″N 105°42′48″W / 39.698611°N 105.713333°W / 39.698611; -105.713333 (Georgetown-Silver Plume Historic District)

Georgetown-Silver Plume Historic District

Clear Creek

Historic district which includes the silver mining towns of Georgetown and Silver Plume as well as the 1884 railway engineering marvel which connects them, the Georgetown Loop.


Granada War Relocation Center

02006-02-10 Granada February 38°02′58″N 10, 2006 102°19′43″W /
38.049444°N 102.328611°W / 38.049444; -102.328611 (Granada War Relocation Center)


World War II Japanese American internment center


Leadville Historic District

01961-07-04 Leadville July 4, 1961 39°14′39″N
106°13′42″W / 39.244167°N 106.228333°W / 39.244167; -106.228333 (Leadville Historic District)


Historic Leadville, Colorado mining district and village area


Lindenmeier Site

01961-01-20 Norfolk January 20, 1961


The only extensive Folsom culture campsite yet found with artifacts dating from approximately 11200 BCE to 3000 BCE.


Lowry Ruin

01964-07-19 Pleasant View July 19, 37°35′04″N 1964 108°55′11″W /
37.584531°N 108.919647°W / 37.584531; -108.919647 (Lowry Ruin)

Montezuma Ancient Pueblo Peoples archaeological site from 1060 with a very large kiva


Ludlow Tent Colony Site

image pending

02009-01-16 Ludlow January 16, 37°20′00″N 2009 104°35′00″W /
37.333333°N 104.583333°W / 37.333333; -104.583333 (Ludlow Tent Colony)

Las Animas [5]


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List of National Historic Landmarks in Colorado
01987-05-29 Mesa Verde May 29, National Park 1987 37°10′53″N Montezuma First buildings built by the National Park Service with 108°29′26″W / intent to reflect cul37.1812644653°N tural traditions in 108.490653909°W the park area, built / 37.1812644653; in 1921
-108.490653909 (Mesa Verde Administrative District)

Mesa Verde Administrative District


Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel No. 6

01987-02-27 Burlington February 39°18′26″N 27, 1987 102°16′13″W /
39.3071020728°N 102.270324277°W / 39.3071020728; -102.270324277 (Elitch Gardens Carousel)

Kit Carson

Carousel built for Elitch Gardens in 1905. In 1928 it moved to Kit Carson County fairgrounds where it remains open today. It is the only antique carousel in America retaining its original paint on both the scenery panels and the animals, and it is the only surviving Philadelphia Toboggan Company menagerie carousel. Pike’s Peak (everything above 14,000 feet (4,300 m) elevation). This mountain was inspiration for "America the Beautiful" as well as the motto "Pike’s Peak or Bust" Explorer Zebulon Pike set up a fort here.


Pikes Peak

01961-07-04 Colorado July 4, 1961 Springs
38°50′26″N 105°02′39″W / 38.840556°N 105.044167°W / 38.840556; -105.044167 (Pikes Peak)

El Paso


Pike’s Stockade image pending

01961-07-04 Sanford July 4, 1961 37°17′30″N
105°48′36″W / 37.2917915715°N 105.809944462°W / 37.2917915715; -105.809944462 (Pike’s Stockade)



Raton Pass

01960-12-19 Trinidad, CO Las AniMountain pass December and Raton, NM mas, CO between New Mex19, 1960 36°59′25″N and Colfax, ico and Colorado 104°29′17″W / NM
36.9903°N 104.488°W /


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List of National Historic Landmarks in Colorado
36.9903; -104.488 (Raton Pass)


Rocky Mountain National Park Administration Building

02001-01-03 Estes Park January 3, 40°21′58″N 2001 105°33′39″W /
40.366111°N 105.560833°W / 40.366111; -105.560833 (Rocky Mountain National Park Administration Building)


Also known as the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center, it was designed by Taliesin Associated Architects, their first major work after Frank Lloyd Wright had died. It demonstrated modern architecture could be successful inside the National Parks and was the last significant project in Mission 66. Only surviving example of a selective flotation mill in Colorado.


ShenandoahDives (Mayflower) Mill

image pending

02000-02-16 Silverton February 37°49′44″N 16, 2000 107°37′42″W /
37.828972°N 107.628207°W / 37.828972; -107.628207 (ShenandoahDives (Mayflower) Mill)

San Juan


Silverton Historic District

01961-07-04 Silverton July 4, 1961 37°48′45″N
107°39′47″W / 37.812545°N 107.662994°W / 37.812545; -107.662994 (Silverton Historic District)

San Juan

Former silver mining town, home of the ShenandoahDives (Mayflower) Mill and one end of the DurangoSilverton NarrowGauge Railroad


Telluride Historic District

01961-07-04 Telluride July 4, 1961 37°56′14″N
107°48′29″W / 37.937222°N 107.808056°W / 37.937222; -107.808056 (Telluride Historic District)

San Miguel Former gold mining boomtown, it is now an artistic retreat and a ski resort town


United States Air Force Academy, Cadet Area

02004-04-01 Colorado April 1, Springs 2004 39°00′30″N
104°53′26″W / 39.008333°N 104.890417°W / 39.008333;

El Paso

Bold use of Modern architecture at the United States Air Force Academy, especially with the Cadet Chapel


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List of National Historic Landmarks in Colorado
-104.890417 (United States Air Force Academy, Cadet Area)

Landmark Image name

Date established[7]

Location County


Hovenweep National Monument Mesa Verde National Park

01923-03-02 Cortez, Montezuma,CO Six clusters of Native March 2, 1923 CO and and San American ruins; shared Blanding, Juan,UT with Utah UT 01906-06-29 June 29, 1906 Cortez Montezuma Numerous ruins of homes and villages built by the ancient Pueblo people; known for cliff dwellings; Mesa Verde translates into English as "green table" Unexcavated Ancestral Puebloan archaeological site



Yucca House National Monument

01919-12-19 December 19, 1919



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