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									About Gene England
Gene has been involved in dog training for over 38 years. He still trains dogs for police
departments at his training facility located in Scottsville, Kentucky. Although retired
from competition, he is still involved in the sport of Schutzhund, with dog handler teams
in tracking, as well as, the protection phase.

Gene won the North American Championship, the Schutzhund III Tournament, the FH
Championship and the World Qualifier. One of the highlights of his competitive career
was winning the International World Championship in Tengen, West Germany. He also
represented USA on numerous World Teams. In addition, Gene has worked with many
of the top dog/handler teams in the country as a teacher and coach.

In keeping with his philosophy of teaching, Gene has agreed to conduct a tracking
and protection seminar at Carolina Training Cente r in Stony Point, North Carolina
on October 30 -31, and November 1. This 3 day event will be an opportunity to work
your dog with a true tracking genius and come away with a program that will make your
dog a better tracker, provide the handler with many new tools to use in your daily
tracking schedules, and make you look at your training in a different light. Gene is
recognized as an expert in tracking. His innovations and techniques in this phase are
currently used worldwide by many of the top teams. Dogs will be worked daily in
tracking and protection by a true master.

Training tables have recently been discussed in the USA magazine. This is an
opportunity for handlers and helpers to learn how to use tables as Gene intended them to
be used to train the protection phase. Used properly, tables allow a helper to work at eye
level with dogs, instead of towering over them in a dominating manner. You will learn
how to teach correct barking, to control and shape grips and to help handlers develop full
control over their dog’s aggression. Imagine teaching a dog explosive barking in full
aggression and then giving them the tools to control themselves and turn off like a light

Handlers, do your dogs lack power, intensity or realism? Or are they the type that are so
driven they lack all self control? Are your dogs in conflict in the protection phase?
Are they difficult to “OUT?” Do your dogs look between the handler and the helper
instead of focusing on the “bad guy?” Do you lose obedience control in the protection
phase? Do you wish that your dog had more confidence? If you answer Yes to any of the
above questions, this workshop is for you. This program gives your dog the skills to
become a super sport dog, police dog, or family guardian.

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