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									     Philip Robert James, Attorney at Law
Licensed in Colorado and Federal District Court—Oct. 1979
                 www.Phils.Info                            Publications
            PO Box 101510
            Denver, CO 80250                                    Juvenile Law Benchbook, Versions 3 and 4
            720.663.0630                                        Participated in Editing and Preparing Materials
                               Employment                       CD and on the Web
                                                                5/2005 to 5/2006 and 8/2001 to 9/2001
            Magistrate Denver, Part-time, 2005-2010
            Private Practice--1984-2010                         Juggling Program Development – The Bencher
            Juvenile Law and Guardian ad Litem                  National Publication of the American Inns of Court
            Contempt Defense & Ethics                           May-June Edition 2004
            Real Estate, General Litigation
            Asst City Atty.—Cherry Hills Village                D&N Respondent Parent’s Defense Manual
            Asst City Atty.—Manitou Springs                     1999-2005
            Holland & Hart—Staff Attorney—Aspen       
            Deputy District Attorney—Pueblo
            Assistant County Attorney—Pueblo                    GALs and Home Visits—2000-2005
            NITA Graduate                             

                           Legal Organizations                  Mental Health Certification Defense 1991-2004
            CBA Ethics Committee--1983-2010
            Vice Chair 2010-2011                                Contempt Defense Manual
            CBA Ethics Hotline Chair--1987-2008                 2003-2010
            Author of the Hotline Handbook 1986-2008  

            Denver Law Club                                     Clinton Redux—A Mental Health and Technical
            2006-2007—President                                 Defense Follow-up
            1998-2010—Writer and Performer                      The Colorado Lawyer Nov. 1993, p. 2389
            Author and Host of
                                                                The Clinton Mental Health Case—a Civil Procedure
            Colorado-Wyoming American Inns Summit               Lesson
            Chair 2005-2006                                     The Colorado Lawyer Sept. 1990, p. 1809

            CBA Juvenile Law Section                            Pre-Trial Technical Defenses to Mental Health
            Chair, 2004-2005                                    Certification
            Author and Host of              The Colorado Lawyer July 1988, p. 1327
            CBA Board of Governors Alternate
                                                                                   Expert Witness
            Alfred A. Arraj Inn of Court—1993 to 2010
            President 2000-2001                                 Juvenile and Probate Law 2004-2009
            Website Host for Arraj Inn, Minoru Yasui Inn, and   Malpractice and Attorney Discipline
            Doyle Inn.
                                                                             Published Appellate Cases
                       Community Organizations
            Denver Access to Justice                            In the Int. of J.A.S., 160 P.3d 257 (Colo. App. 2007)
            Denver Bar Association Committee                    In the Int. of T.E.M., 124 P.3d 905 (Colo. App. 2005)
            2008-2010                                           In re J.M.B., 60 P.3d 790 (Colo. App. 2002).
                                                                In the Int. of Santorufo, 844 P.2d 1234 (Colo. App.
            Creative Options 1999-2008                          1992).
            Multidisciplinary Committee                         In Re Matter of P.F., Jr. v. Walsh, 648 P.2d 1067
            Denver Juvenile Court                               (Colo. 1982)
            Rotating Chair 2000-2004
            Commission on Families in the Courts                Law Club Award of Merit
            Supreme Court Commission                                     ―… outstanding service …‖ 2010
            Presented Materials at 6 Colorado Public Hearings   CBA Ethics Committee Certificate of Appreciation
            Statewide-2001                                               ―… outstanding service …‖ 2008
                                                                SCAO Certificate of Appreciation     2002
            Jefferson County Adult Diversion                             Commission on Families in the Courts
            Jeffco DA’s Office--Board Member—1 Time per
            Month--5 years—1989-94                                            Speaking—Seminars
                                                                More than 50 CLEs
                                 Legislation                                       National
            Proposed original Ombudsman Law, wrote the Bill
            Testified before the House and Senate               Constitutional Contempt
            House Bill 04-1403                                  25th Annual L.E.I. Institute
            February--April 2004.                               Vail Cascade
            Testified in House Judicial Committee               January 5, 2008
            House Bill 1149—Adoption
            January 27 & March 1, 2004                          Ethics Hotlines -- ABA Equal Justice Conference
            House Bill 1172-Family Investigator                 Will Hornsby -- ABA
            February 24, 2005                                   Hyatt Regency – Denver, March 23, 2007
Ethics for Trucker’s Lawyers                     Ethics and Juggling
Amer. Truckers Assoc.—Litigation Section CBA     Denver Law Club University Club-Denver           School Confidentiality vs. Safety
Ethics Chair, Robbi Jackson                      January 15, 2003                                 Hon. David Furman
The Lodge at Vail, Vail, CO                                                                       CBA-CLE -- February 2006
July 25, 2004                                    Ethics Baker’s Dozen--Speaker
                                                 CLE Seminar—Denver Juvenile Court                Dependency and Neglect Process
Legal Ethics for Interpreters                    October 24, 2001                                 CASA Training Presentation
National Assoc. of Judiciary Interpreters                                                         Denver, CO March 3, 2005
Denver Marriott Hotel -Hon. Kathleen Bowers      Ethics of Delivery of Legal Services
May 22, 2004                                     Pro-Bono Training-Panel Member                   Adoptions and Relinquishment
                                                 DU Law School November 10, 2000                  Family Law Section CBA CLE
Program Development--Teamwork                                                                     February 24, 2005
Hon. Sandra Rothenberg-Kerry Hata, Esq.          1993 Ethics Institute -- CLE in Colorado, Inc.
American Inns of Court --Annual Meeting          DU Law School                                    Relinquishment & Adoption
Denver Colorado--May 2001                        October 29, 1993                                 Arapahoe Courts -- January 20, 2005

Small Group Moderator Hon. Al Harrell            Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct           Truancy Law Seminar
American Inns of Court 2000 Annual Meeting       CLE in Colorado, Inc—Pueblo                      Denver Juvenile Court -- August 25, 2004
Atlanta Georgia--May 2000                        November 6, 1992
                                                                                                  Denver Truancy Court
                       Ethics                                         Evidence                    Denver Public Schools Social Workers
Ethics: No Beginner’s Luck …                     CRE-- Judicial Notice                            Park Hill Golf Course -- March 4, 2004
Federal Bar Review CBA CLE                       Paul Puckett, Denver City Attorney
February 5, 2010                                 Denver Juvenile Court January 23, 2003           Denver CASA—Home Visits
                                                                                                  CASA Training Presentation
Ethics: No Beginner’s Luck …                     CRE Relevance Rules                              Denver, CO January 28, 2004
Boulder District Court                           Paul Puckett, Denver City Attorney
December 11, 2009                                Denver Juvenile Court -- January 23, 2002        Respondent Parent’s Defense
                                                                                                  Hon. Cecilia Curtis CBA
Ethics: No Beginner’s Luck …                                         Appeals                      January 23, 2004--Morning
Denver Juvenile Court                            Appellate Rule 3.4
December 7, 2009                                 Hon Daniel Taubman -- CBA-CLE                    Juvenile Law Update
                                                 April 19th, 2005                                 Hon. David Furman -- Denver Juvenile Court
Ten Easy Ways to Get Grieved                                                                      December 11, 2003
Metro Volunteer Lawyers at Faegre & Benson       Dependency & Neglect—New Rule 3.4
October 29, 2009                                 Denver Juvenile Court March 1, 2005              Juvenile Law Update
                                                                                                  Hon. David Furman -- Colorado Judicial Conference
Juvenile Ethics – No Theme                       Appeals—Practical Tips                           September 22, 2003
Denver Juvenile Court                            Hon Daniel Taubman CLE-CBA
December 10, 2008                                Denver, CO —November 19, 2004                    GAL Home Visits-Report Writing
                                                                                                  Denver Juvenile Court -- November 20, 2002
New Ethics and Student Loans                     Juvenile Appeals
CU Law Program – David Juarez                    Hon Daniel Taubman -- Juvenile Law Section       Colorado Juvenile Law Review
October 26, 2007                                 Cuchara, CO—July 16, 2004                        Hon. Christine Chauche
                                                                                                  Executive Towers Inn—December 14, 2000
New Ethics Rules In Juvenile Court               Dependency & Neglect Appeals
Denver Juvenile Court                            Hon. David Furman -- Denver Juvenile Court       Maxims for GALs & Client Contact
September 25, 2007                               April 10, 2002                                   Hon. Dana Wakefield-Hon. Kathie Janski
                                                                                                  Executive Towers Inn--August 2000
Every 15 Years…                                               Probate --Mental Health
Pueblo Bar Association                           Mental Health Certification—Full Day             Truancy Law Seminar
September 11, 2007                               Appellate Judges Taubman and Roy                 Denver Juvenile Court March 11, 1998
                                                 Co-Chair – CBA CLE -- November 21, 2008
A Few New Rules                                                                                                   Contempt Defense
Chuck Turner/David Lytle CBA President’s Visit   Mental Health Certification Defense              Child Support & Contempt Defense
Fremont County July 13, 2007                     Skip Hibbard, Denver City Attorney               Victor Devereaux
                                                 CBA CLE -- January 23, 2004—Afternoon            CBA-CLE Denver -- February 27, 2008
Ethics for ABBA: the Queen’s New Dance
Hon. Ed Moss/David Lytle CBA President’s Visit   Legal Issues of Mental Health Treatment          Contempt Defense
Adams Bar June 25, 2007                          Hon. Daniel Taubman--Skip Hibbard, DCA           Hon. Raymond Satter
                                                 Executive Towers Inn—February 16, 2001           Denver Juvenile. Court -- May 21, 2007
CBA Ethics Opinion 114—Juvenile Law
Hon. Daniel Taubman -- Denver Juvenile Court     Mental Health Respondents Defense                Contempt Defense
December 12, 2006.                               Dan Taubman -- Morris Evans                      Denver Juvenile Court -- August 22, 2001
                                                 DU Law School -- February 15, 1991
Top Ten Ethics Rules                                                                                                 Miscellaneous
Hon. Leland Anderson -- DU Law School            Mental Health Respondents Defense
March 29, 2006.                                  CLE Seminar—Jeffco Courts                        Denver Adoption Day --City and County Building
                                                 December 1990                                    Read Mayor’s and Governor’s Proclamations
Selected Ethics—Selective Memory                                     Juvenile                     11/18/05-11/17/06–11/16/07–11/14/08–11/20/09
Nancy Cohen/Hon. David Juarez                    Respondent Parent Counsel
CBA CLE December 10, 2004                        Denver CASA Training Presentation                Luke Hunter James-Erickson
                                                 Denver, CO October 5, 2010                       25 years old -- College Graduate -- Employed
Ethics You Should Know
Ethics Chair Robbi Jackson                       Constitutional Truancies & Other Anecdotes
Adams/Broomfield Bar Veteran’s Day 2003          CBA Juvenile Law Section CLE
                                                 Denver, CO May 10, 2007
le Law Section CLE
                                                  Denver, CO May 10, 2007

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