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					                                              Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management
                                              Customer Solution Case Study

                                              Auto Finance Company Supports Long-Term
                                              Success with Better Project Management

Overview                                      “Connecting the EPM Solution to our Cognos reporting
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Financial services—Banking
                                              system saves the manual effort and time in creating
                                              key reports.”
Customer Profile
                                              Michele Rodgers, Director of Portfolio Management, IT, Santander
Through its Drive brand, Santander
Consumer USA offers automotive financing
through a network of dealer partners.
Based in Dallas, the company has nearly       Dallas-based Santander Consumer USA is one of the fastest-
1,200 employees.
                                              growing companies in the automotive finance sector. The company
Business Situation                            was acquired by Banco Santander at the end of 2006. Continued
Existing project management methods
lacked automation and made it difficult for   rapid portfolio growth highlighted the company’s need for
executives to effectively analyze and         automated and integrated project management methods. The
forecast costs and resources.
                                              company chose the Microsoft® Office Enterprise Project
Solution                                      Management Solution; it used Project Hosts to host the solution
Santander chose the Microsoft® Office
Enterprise Project Management Solution        and Catapult Systems to implement it. Within 45 days, the company
hosted by Project Hosts and implemented       had a customized EPM Solution, including integration with the
by Catapult Systems. The solution
integrates with the company’s Cognos          company’s IBM Cognos reporting system. Santander Consumer USA
reporting system.                             achieved a leap in project management capability with the EPM
Benefits                                      Solution. Employees save hours each day with increased
 Fast implementation, easy usage             automation, and the company can analyze the business and
 Automated, time-saving reports
 Improved business analysis and agility
                                              forecast resources more accurately. The solution also helps
 Cost and resource forecasting               Santander to stay on track with its long-term business goals.
 Support for long-term business growth
                                         Situation                                         distinct project phases, Santander needed a
                                         Specializing in automobile financing for          solution that would be compatible with this
                                         consumers with nonprime credit histories,         methodology. The company also wanted a
                                         Santander Consumer USA has a $6.2 billion         solution in place very quickly, so that it could
                                         portfolio originated from nearly 12,000           track a full year’s worth of business metrics
                                         dealers nationwide. The company, based in         for 2007.
                                         Dallas, Texas, has more than 1,200
                                         employees. Santander Consumer USA is              Solution
                                         owned by leading global bank Banco                Santander Consumer USA turned to Microsoft
                                         Santander, which reaches 66 million               Gold Certified Partner Project Hosts to
                                         customers in 40 countries.                        implement an on-demand Microsoft Office
                                                                                           Enterprise Project Management Solution. The
                                         Santander Consumer USA continued to grow          EPM Solution, which includes Microsoft Office
                                         its portfolio rapidly following its December      Project Server 2007 and Microsoft Office
                                         2006 acquisition by Banco Santander, based        Project Web Access, helps organizations
“With the help of Project                in Madrid, Spain. While projects nearly           effectively manage projects and resources.

Hosts and Catapult                       doubled, the size of the company’s IT
                                         department remained the same at 70 people.
                                                                                           “Because our development and time to
                                                                                           market tend to be very fast, we needed a
Systems, we went from                    To track projects, the company used               solution that would help us manage our

planning to                              Microsoft® Office Project Professional 2003;
                                         it separately tracked employee time sheets
                                                                                           projects with minimal administrative effort
                                                                                           while being very easy to use—and this was
customization and                        against projects using a tool developed with      that solution,” says Rodgers.

implementation of the                    Microsoft Office Access™ 2003 database
                                         software. Project managers manually created       Santander wanted to engage an experienced
EPM Solution within just                 status reports using Microsoft Office Word        partner for the implementation, says

45 days.”                                2003. Michele Rodgers, Director of Portfolio
                                         Management, IT at Santander says, “Using
                                                                                           Rodgers, “to allow us to continue to focus on
                                                                                           our business.” Project Hosts is a leading
Michele Rodgers, Director of Portfolio   these methods, we were able to see the            provider of on-demand Microsoft Enterprise
Management, IT, Santander                status of a particular project, but we were not   Project Management (EPM), Microsoft
                                         able to look at the portfolio level of the        Dynamics® CRM, and Microsoft Office
                                         business and see, for example, the status of      SharePoint® Server 2007.
                                         all originations projects next to our servicing
                                         and risk management projects. This made it        Santander worked with another Microsoft
                                         challenging to provide tracking and analysis      Gold Certified Partner—Catapult Systems—to
                                         for all projects to our business customers, IT    customize the hosted EPM Solution. Catapult
                                         managers, and resource planners.”                 configures and personalizes the EPM Solution
                                                                                           to help companies map business goals to
                                         Santander Consumer USA needed a project           project management methodologies.
                                         management solution that would help the
                                         company analyze projects and associated           Despite their prediction of a 60-day
                                         costs, and capitalize on its existing             implementation, says Rodgers, “With the help
                                         methodology. It needed to automate links in       of Project Hosts and Catapult Systems, we
                                         the project management chain—from daily           went from planning to customization and
                                         team updates to executive reporting.              implementation of the EPM Solution within
                                         Because the company used an established           just 45 days.”
                                         “toll gate” project management methodology
                                         that mandates that projects pass through five
                                         In January 2007, Catapult worked with             Fast Implementation, Easy Usage
                                         Santander Consumer USA to define its              Santander Consumer USA wanted a boost in
                                         enterprise custom fields—which aligned with       project management capability. Rodgers says
                                         the methodology in place—and definitions for      that the company definitely succeeded in
                                         reporting, delivery, and tracking. “We needed     achieving that. “We manage our projects with
                                         to configure the EPM Solution in a way that       a quick turnaround time,” she says, “so we
                                         would meet our internal project management        needed something to take us from A to Z
                                         needs and our external customer needs—and         quickly—something that was automated and
                                         support our existing methodology,” says           fast to implement. The EPM Solution gave us
                                         Rodgers. “To do this, we created enterprise       a leap in capability with a flexible, easy-to-use
                                         custom fields that matched our methodology        tool.”
                                         phases in place, which include initiation,
                                         planning, execution, control, and project         Automated, Time-Saving Reports
                                         closeout. Each phase was integrated into the      “Connecting the EPM Solution to our Cognos
                                         project plan and used for tracking the            reporting system saves the manual effort and
“We needed something                     progress of the project to the next phase.”       time in creating key reports,” says Rodgers.
to take us from A to Z                                                                     Each night, raw project management data
                                         At the customer’s request, Project Hosts set      flows directly from the EPM Solution to
quickly—something that                   up a nightly raw-data feed that delivers data     Cognos, which then sends daily e-mail status
was automated and fast                   from the EPM Solution directly to the             reports to associated project members.
                                         business intelligence reporting software that
to implement. The EPM                    Santander uses, IBM Cognos. Daily status          Improved Business Analysis and Agility
Solution gave us that                    reports are automatically sent through e-mail     Santander Consumer USA wanted a more
                                         from Cognos to project team members.              detailed level of reporting for improved
leap in capability in a                                                                    business tracking and analysis. The company
flexible, easy-to-use                    By early February, Santander Consumer USA         now has that. “The automated Cognos
                                         introduced the EPM Solution to a select           reports help us stay up-to-date on tasks and
tool.”                                   number of IT employees. By the end of             timelines. We use them in our daily meetings
Michele Rodgers, Director of Portfolio   February 2007, the company went live with         to assist in developer updates and see if any
Management, IT, Santander                the solution. The 70-person Santander             adjustments are needed to the progress of
                                         Consumer IT department uses the EPM               the project,” says Rodgers. Because all
                                         Solution, with 19 Office Project Professional     project managers progress their projects
                                         2007 users and 117 Office Project Web             each day, Santander can produce an
                                         Access users.                                     accurate status report at any time. “We don’t
                                                                                           have to wait until the end of the week,” says
                                         Benefits                                          Rodgers. “We know each day whether we’re
                                         By using the EPM Solution on demand, the          on track or not.”
                                         company was able to implement a project
                                         management system quickly. The easy-to-use        Santander executives and business partners
                                         solution provides automated, time-saving          receive weekly dashboard status reports.
                                         reports—including reports fully integrated with   “The EPM Solution weekly status reports help
                                         the Cognos business reporting system at           our internal IT staff and business customers
                                         Santander. As a result, Santander Consumer        plan ahead. We see each project, who’s
                                         USA can analyze its business and forecast its     working on it, start and estimated finish
                                         costs and resources more accurately. The          dates, the current phase of the project, and
                                         solution also helps the company to stay on        business hours and costs,” says Rodgers.
                                         track with its long-term business objectives.
For More Information                                            Cost and Resource Forecasting                        Microsoft Office System
For more information about Microsoft                            With the help of the EPM Solution, Santander         Microsoft Office is the business world's
products and services, call the Microsoft                       can capture precise resource costs                   chosen environment for information work
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-                          associated with projects. “The EPM Solution          that provides the software, servers, and
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft                             gives us solid financial status on projects—         services that help you succeed by
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-                         and a baseline for measuring future resource         transforming information into impact.
2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-                        needs,” says Rodgers. In 2007, Santander
hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone                      had nearly 100 projects in the pipeline, and         For more information about the Microsoft
(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in                         the pipeline will have significantly increased       Office EPM Solution, go to:
the United States or (905) 568-9641 in                          in 2009.                                   
Canada. Outside the 50 United States and
Canada, please contact your local                               “Another aspect of resource forecasting using        For more information about Microsoft Office
Microsoft subsidiary. To access information                     the EPM Solution is that we can calculate            System, go to:
using the World Wide Web, go to:                                employee utilization levels based on time                                                 spent and work remaining,” says Rodgers. “If
                                                                utilization is 80 percent, we know we have 20
For more information about Project Hosts                        percent capacity; if it’s 120 percent we know
products and services, call (800) 507-                          we have to get another resource involved.”
2819 or visit the Web site at:                                            Support for Long-Term Business Growth
                                                                Santander Consumer USA finds that the EPM
For more information about Catapult                             Solution helps the company to stay on track
Systems products and services, call (800)                       with its overarching business objectives. “At
528-6248 or visit the Web site at:                              the start, we associate a project with which                                         corporate theme it supports—for example, to
                                                                increase market share, optimize profitability
For more information about Santander                            or operational effectiveness, or govern
Consumer USA products and services, call                        effectively,” says Rodgers. “The EPM Solution
(877) 374-8305 or visit the Web site at:                        helps us to stay aligned with these objectives                                          by integrating them into each project that is
                                                                logged into the system.”

                                                                 Software and Services                           Partners
                                                                  Microsoft Office                                 Project Hosts
                                                                   − Microsoft Office Enterprise Project            Catapult Systems
                                                                     Management Solution
                                                                   − Microsoft Office Project Professional
                                                                  Technologies
                                                                   − Microsoft Office Project Web Access
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