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                                PART I – SECTION H
                         SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS

This is an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity contract. Orders placed against this contract
may be one or a combination of a Cost plus Fixed-Fee, Time and Materials, or Firm Fixed-Price.
The Government guarantees $20,550,000 (42 minimum installations) in Orders under this
contract during the base period.

The classification for this acquisition is 561621, Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths).
Although, this classification does not cover all the work anticipated it appears to be the best

       a. During performance of the contract and all Orders, the Contractor may be required to
          attend meetings at which FAA employees seek and receive legal advice from FAA
          attorneys. The FAA intends, and the Contractor agrees, that such advice is to be treated
          as confidential legal advice, that the Contractor will not discuss such legal advice with
          non-FAA personnel, that such advice will not be included in notes, written reports, or
          minutes of such meetings, and that for purposes of asserting the Attorney-Client
          privilege with regard to such information, the Contractor shall be considered an agent of
          the FAA.

       b. In the event of litigation involving third parties to which the Contractor is not a named
          party, the Contractor shall support the FAA by promptly providing to the FAA any
          documents requested as part of discovery which the Contractor may have in its
          possession, and by making Contractor employees available for depositions or testimony
          at hearings. This provision does not preclude the Contractor or the Contractor
          employees from being represented by counsel retained by the Contractor or the
          Contractor employee, provided such representation is at no direct cost to the

       a. The Contractor and any of its subcontractors in performance of this contract, may have
          need for access to and use of various types of data and information in the possession of
          the Government which the Government obtained under conditions that restrict the
          Government's right to use and disclose the data and information, or which may be of a
          nature that its dissemination or use other than in the performance of this contract, would
          be adverse to the interests of the Government or other parties. Therefore, the Contractor
          and its subcontractor(s) agree to abide by any restrictive use conditions on such data and
          not to:

           (1) Knowingly disclose such data or information to others without written authorization
               from the Contracting Officer, unless the data or information has otherwise become
               available to the public through no action or fault of the Contractor; and
           (2) Use for any purpose other than the performance of this CONTRACT that data which
               bears a restrictive marking or legend, unless such information or data has otherwise
               fallen into the public domain through no action or fault by the Contractor.

                                         Page H - 1
                         PART I – SECTION H

b. In the event the work required to be performed under this contract/Order requires
   access to proprietary data of other companies, the Contractor shall obtain agreement
   from such other companies for such use unless such data is provided or made
   available to the Contractor by the Government. Two copies of such company-to-
   company agreements shall be furnished promptly to the CO for the Government's
   information. These agreements shall prescribe the scope of authorized use of
   disclosure, and other terms and conditions to be agreed upon between the parties
   thereto. The Contractor agrees that any such data, whether obtained by the
   Contractor pursuant to the agreement or from the Government shall be protected from
   unauthorized use or disclosure to any individual, corporation, or organization so long
   as it remains proprietary.

c. Through formal training in company policy and procedures, the Contractor agrees to
   make employees aware of the requirement to maintain confidentiality of data and/or
   information, and in the necessity to refrain from divulging either the proprietary data of
   other companies or data that is obtained from the Government to anyone except as
   authorized. The Contractor shall obtain from each employee, engaged in any effort
   connected with this contract, an agreement, in writing, which shall in substance provide
   that such employee will not, during his/her employment by the Contractor, or thereafter,
   disclose to others or use for his/her own benefit or the future benefit of any individual,
   any trade secrets, confidential information, or proprietary/ restricted data (to include
   Government "For Official Use Only" received in connection with the work under this
   contract unless such information otherwise falls into the public domain through no
   action or fault of the Contractor or employee.

d. The Contractor agrees to hold the Government harmless and indemnify the Government
   as to any cost/loss resulting from the unauthorized use or disclosure of third party data or
   software by the Contractor, its employees, subcontractors, or agents.

e. The Contractor agrees to include the substance of this provision in all subcontracts
   awarded under this contract/Order. The CO will consider case-by-case exceptions
   from this requirement for individual subcontracts in the event that:

   (1) The Contractor considers the application of the prohibition of this provision to be
       inappropriate and unnecessary in the case of a particular subcontract;
   (2) The subcontractor provides a written statement affirming absolute unwillingness to
       perform absent some relief from the substance of this prohibition;
   (3) Use of an alternate subcontract source would unreasonably detract from the quality
       of effort; and
   (4) The Contractor provides the CO timely written advance notice of these and any
       other extenuating circumstances.

f. Except as the CO specifically authorizes in writing, upon completion of all work under
   the contract/Order, the Contractor shall return all such data and information obtained
   from the Government, including all copies, modifications, adaptation, or combinations
   thereof, to the CO. Data obtained from other company shall be disposed of in

                                   Page H - 2
                                PART I – SECTION H
                         SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS

           accordance with the Contractor's agreement with that company, or, if the agreement
           makes no provision for disposition, shall be returned to that company. The Contractor
           shall further certify in writing to the CO that all copies, modifications, adaptations or
           combinations of such data or information, which cannot reasonably be returned to the
           Contacting Officer (or to a company), have been deleted from the Contractor's (and any
           subcontractor's) records and destroyed.

       g. These restrictions do not limit the Contractor's (or subcontractor's) right to use and
          disclose any data and information obtained from other sources without restriction.

No personal services shall be performed under this contract or Orders. The Government will not
directly supervise Contractor employees. The applicable employee supervisor will give all
individual Contractor employee assignments, and daily work direction. If the Contractor believes
any Government action or communication has been given that would create a personal services
relationship between the Government and any Contractor employee, the Contractor shall promptly
notify the CO of this communication or action.

       a. The Contractor shall not perform any inherently governmental actions under the contract
          or Order. No Contractor employee shall hold him or herself out to be a Government
          employee, agent, or representative. No Contractor employee shall state orally or in
          writing at any time that he or she is acting on behalf of the Government. In all
          communications with third parties in connection with this contract, Contractor
          employees shall identify themselves as Contractor employees and specify the name of
          the company for which they work. In all communications with other Government
          contractors in connection with this contract, the Contractor employee shall state that they
          have no authority in any way change the contract. If the other contractor believes this
          communication to be a direction to change their contract, they should notify the CO for
          that contract and not carry out the direction until the CO has issued a clarification.

       b. The Contractor shall insure that all of its employees working on the Contract or
          Orders are informed of the substance of this clause. Nothing in this clause shall limit
          the Government's rights in any way under any other provision of the contract,
          including those related to the Government's right to inspect and accept the services to
          be performed under this contract. The substance of this clause shall be included in all
          subcontracts at any tier.

       a. The Contracting Officer will provide notice to the Contractor when any contractor
          employee is found to be unsuitable or otherwise objectionable, or whose conduct
          appears contrary to the public interest, or inconsistent with the best interest of
          national security. The Contractor shall take appropriate action, including the removal
          of such employees from working on this FAA contract, at their own expense. The
          contractor agrees to insert terms that conform substantially to the language of this
          clause in all subcontracts under this contract.

                                          Page H - 3
                                 PART I – SECTION H
                          SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS

        b. The Government reserves the right to review resumes of personnel to ensure that the
           personnel being assigned meet the minimum requirements for the labor category
           proposed. Final determination rests with the CO with input from the COTR. The
           Contractor shall be responsible for assigning its personnel, but may be requested to
           remove an employee from performance (1) if the CO determines a person is not
           qualified for the labor category proposed, (2) during performance the employee
           proves unable to perform the requirements, or (3) the employee poses a threat to the
           life and safety of other personnel or facilities.

        c. The Contractor is required to flow down this provision to all subcontracts.

The Contractor and its subcontractors shall provide immediate notice to the CO in the event of
being suspended, debarred or declared ineligible by any Federal Government Agency or
Department, or upon receipt of a notice of proposed debarment from any Federal Government
Agency or Department during the performance of this contract.

If the Contractor did not identify in its proposal a specific element of cost (either direct or
indirect, e.g., general and administrative expense on material, travel costs, etc.), then those costs
will not be reimbursed.

The most current GSA Federal Travel Regulations (FTR) govern the payment of travel expenses
as a direct cost, as differentiated from the Company’s indirect travel cost that would be governed
by the Contractor’s internal travel policies. The FAA will reimburse the contractor for per diem
and travel costs required and incurred by Contractor personnel traveling outside their commuting
range of their assigned work location in the performance of this contract and in accordance with
the contract cost principles clarified as follows:

        a. Local Travel: Authorized travel of less than 24 hours performed in and around the
           official station for which the traveler does not qualify for subsistence reimbursement.
           You will not be reimbursed for per diem expenses if your official travel is 12 hours or

        b. Local Travel (Continental United States (CONUS): The 48 contiguous States and the
           District of Columbia. Authorized travel of more than 24 hours outside the
           Contractor’s official workstation.

        c. Non-Local Travel (Continental United States (CONUS)): Authorized travel outside
           the contiguous 48 states. Alaska, Hawaii, the District of Columbia, Guam, American
           Samoa, and Puerto Rico are considered non-CONUS.

        d. Per Diem Allowances: The per diem allowance (also referred to as subsistence
           allowance) is a daily payment instead of reimbursement for actual expenses for
           lodging, meals, and related incidental expenses for each travel day established on the

                                          Page H - 4
                                 PART I – SECTION H
                          SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS

           basis of the GSA FTR. The Contractor will be reimbursed for the expense of meals,
           lodging, transportation between places of lodging or business and places where meals
           are taken and any other miscellaneous travel and living expense incurred in the
           performance of this contract/Order. In no instance will the reimbursement exceed the
           FTR maximum per diem rate for the location concerned, unless approved by the CO
           based on non-availability of lodging within the established maximum, at the per diem
           rate as set forth in accordance with the GSA FTR. Per Diem shall be payable only
           when the Contractor’s employee is in an authorized travel status. The Contractor shall
           only charge and receive ¾ of the approved M&IE rate for the first and last day of
           travel. The per diem rate can be established in accordance with a set rate agreed upon
           by the parties, however, such a set rate shall not exceed the maximum amount
           permitted by the GSA “Federal Travel Regulations” as maintained on their Website.

H.9.2     GENERAL
        a. Only travel costs, directly related to performance under this contract/Order, will be
           considered a direct charge. All other such expenses, including the training or
           relocation of employees for their career development, will not be a direct charge.

        b. All travel will be on a cost-reimbursable (no fee) basis. The first and last day of travel
           will be reimbursed at ¾ of the allowable M&IE rate. Materials and travel cost will
           be reimbursed at cost only with reasonable and allocable material handling costs, if

        c. Government reimbursements shall not exceed lodging, subsistence or per diem and
           other rates authorized for the travel destination by the FTR as amended, issued by the
           GSA as maintained on their website. Reimbursement for common-carrier fares will
           be limited to actual cost of the lowest economy; standard, coach, or equivalent fare
           offered during normal business hours, plus customary agent fees. Any other common-
           carrier charges, reimbursement for private or corporate air travel or use of rental cars
           must be included in an advanced written authorization to travel. Expenses for
           transportation by private or corporate vehicles shall be reimbursed on a mileage basis
           at the GSA transportation rates in effect at the time the travel is accomplished, plus
           necessary tolls in lieu of actual expenses of such travel.

        d. Travel requirements under this contract/Order will be met using the most economical
           form of transportation and hotel accommodations available. If economy class
           transportation is not available, the request for payment voucher must be submitted
           with justification for use of higher class travel indicating dates, times, and flight
           numbers. All travel shall be scheduled sufficiently in advance to take advantage of
           offered discount rates; e.g., supersaver fares, etc. Any other common-carrier charges,
           reimbursement for private or corporate air travel or use of rental cars must be
           included in an advanced written authorization to travel. Expenses for transportation
           by private or corporate vehicles shall be reimbursed on a mileage basis at the GSA
           transportation rates in effect at the time the travel is accomplished, plus necessary
           tolls in lieu of actual expenses of such travel.

                                          Page H - 5
                                PART I – SECTION H
                         SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS

       e. Travel costs for transportation, lodging, per diem or subsistence and other related
          expenses will not be burdened by profit. Nominal handling charges for reservations,
          tickets, and receipts may be charged for travel under this clause to the extent specified
          in the contract. If it is not specified in the contract, then reimbursement will not be

       f. The Contractor will not be entitled to reimbursement for travel associated with
          Contractor-directed personnel changes, personnel/labor disputes, or employee
          convenience, or for travel to and from the normal assigned work locations, including
          round-trip airfare for weekend breaks during non-local travel, unless approved by the
          Government in advance or part of a mutually approved advance agreement on travel
          costs. Relocation costs are allowed as a direct cost to the contract/Order.

       g. Transportation, lodging and subsistence expenses will be separately identified by
          individual, by trip for reimbursement. Proof of the contractor’s actual purchase price
          is required for commercial transportation, lodging and any other items to be
          reimbursed at actual cost. Unless directed otherwise, in writing, subsistence cost
          (meals and incidental expenses) shall be billed and paid on the per diem basis
          specified below.

     a. Most of the work under this contract/Order will be performed on Government
        facilities. The normal workweek is Monday through Friday.

       b. The following Government *holidays are authorized exceptions to the normal

              Name of Holiday                 Time of Observance
              New Year’s Day                  January 1
              Martin Luther King Jr. Day      Third Monday in January
              Presidents Day                  Third Monday in February
              Memorial Day                    Last Monday in May
              Independence Day                July 4
              Labor Day                       First Monday in September
              Columbus Day                    Second Monday in October
              Veterans Day                    November 11
              Thanksgiving Day                Fourth Thursday in November
              Christmas Day                   December 25

                      *Any other day designated by OPM, Federal Statue, Executive Order, or
                      Presidential Proclamation. However, payment for time not worked is in
                      accordance with company policy or is charged to indirect overhead or employee
                      works at another site.

The Contractor shall submit subcontract consent packages for all subcontracts over $100,000 to
the CO in accordance with the FAA AMS 3.10.2-1, Subcontracts (Fixed-Price Contract) (Apr

                                           Page H - 6
                                 PART I – SECTION H
                          SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS

1996). The CO and the COTR will review and approval prior to issuance of a subcontract. The
CO will provide a written response approving or disapproving the proposed subcontractor(s).

      a. SUBCONTRACTOR’S QUALIFICATIONS: Any subcontractors participating under
         this contract and have a contract of $100,000 or more must be capable of
         demonstrating adequate experience and the ability to perform the work satisfactorily.
         The subcontractor must have adequate manpower for the task assigned and must be
         financially capable of performing the assigned tasks. The Contractor shall provide
         the Contracting Officer with proof that each subcontractor has a minimum of three
         (3) years current experience in the discipline proposed. Equipment and materials
         shall be provided with full warranty privileges.

       b. Before employment of any additional subcontractor under this contract, the
          Contractor shall obtain the consent of the Contracting Officer. The Contracting
          Officer has sole responsibility for approving subcontracts and consulting agreements.
          The advanced notification for consent to subcontract shall be submitted to the
          Contracting Officer in writing. In requesting such agreements, the Contractor shall
          furnish all pertinent information required by the Contracting Officer, which may
          include, as a minimum, the name or names of individuals under consideration, extent
          of the proposed employment, the unexecuted subcontract document, any potential
          conflict of interest, and the rate of reimbursement. The Contracting Officer has sole
          responsibility for approving subcontracts and will require 30 calendar days to review
          an advance notification for consent.

       c. The Contractor is authorized to use the following subcontractors in the performance
          of this effort:

               Subcontractor Name                             Address

       To be determined

       d. The Contractor shall obtain the Contracting Officer’s written consent before making
          any substitution IAW Section H.11, Subcontract Consent.

This written contract/Order or any and all identified written documents incorporated by reference
herein or physically attached hereto, constitute the parties’ complete agreement and no other
prior or contemporaneous agreements either written or oral will be considered to change, modify
or contradict it. Any ambiguity in the contract/Order will not be strictly construed against the
drafter of the contract language, but will be resolved by applying the most reasonable
interpretation under the circumstances, giving full consideration to the intentions of the parties at
the time of contracting.

It shall be the obligation of the Contractor to exercise due diligence to discover and to bring to
the attention of the CO at the earliest possible time, any ambiguities, discrepancies,
inconsistencies or conflicts in or between the specifications and the applicable drawings or other

                                          Page H - 7
                                PART I – SECTION H
                         SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS

documents incorporated by reference herein. Failure to comply with such obligations may be
deemed a waiver and release of any and all claims for extra costs or delays arising out of such
ambiguities, discrepancies, inconsistencies and conflicts.

If the Contractor is a large business, they must provide a Small, Small Disadvantaged and
Women Owned Small Business Subcontracting Plan IAW AMS clause 3.6.1-4, Small, Small
Disadvantaged, Women-Owned and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business
Subcontracting Plan (Apr 2007). The following goals, expressed as a percentage of total contract
value are established as:

       a. Goal for subcontracting to small business is 30% of the total contract dollars

       b. Goal for subcontracting to small disadvantaged business is 20% of the total contract

       c. Goal for subcontracting to women-owned business is 5.0% of the total contract

       d. Goal for subcontracting to service-disabled veteran owned business is 5.0% of the
          total contract dollars

These goals apply over the full life of the contract. Subcontracting Plan will be incorporated at
time of award.

The Contractor shall not publish, permit to be published, or distribute for public consumption,
any information, written or oral, concerning the results or conclusions made pursuant to the
performance of this contract/Order, without the prior written consent of the Contracting Officer.

Orders) (Applies to Task Orders of $300,000 or more)

       a. The Contractor agrees to perform the work specified in each Order issued under this
          contract to contain costs within the not-to-exceed ceiling stated in each Order. If, at any
          time, the Contractor has reason to believe that the total price for performance of an
          Order will be greater or substantially less than the not-to-exceed ceiling stated in that
          Order, the Contractor shall notify the CO in writing to that effect, giving its revised
          estimate to complete the work required by the specific Order and the justification for the
          increase/decrease. The Contractor shall also notify the CO when costs incurred reach 75
          percent of the not-to-exceed ceiling.

       b. The Contractor shall not be obligated to continue performance of an Order or otherwise
          to incur costs in excess of the not-to-exceed ceiling set forth in that Order, unless and
          until the CO notifies the Contractor in writing that the not-to-exceed ceiling has been

                                          Page H - 8
                                PART I – SECTION H
                         SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS

          increased and specifies a revised not-to-exceed ceiling which will constitute a new not-
          to-exceed ceiling for that Order.

       c. No notice, communication, or representation of any kind or from any person other than
          the CO shall affect the not-to-exceed ceiling of an Order. In the absence of the specified
          notice, the Government shall not be obligated to reimburse the Contractor for any cost
          related to an Order in excess of the not-to-exceed ceiling set forth in the Order. When
          and to the extent that the not-to-exceed ceiling set forth in the Order has been increased
          by the CO, any costs incurred by the Contractor in excess of the not-to-exceed ceiling
          prior to such increase may be allowable to the same extent as if such costs had been
          incurred after the increase, unless the CO issues a termination or other notice with
          respect to that Order and directs that the increase is solely for the purpose of covering
          termination or other specified expenses in connection with that Order.

       d. Change orders issued pursuant to the changes clause will not be considered an
          authorization to the Contractor to exceed the not-to-exceed ceiling set forth in the Order
          in the absence of a statement in the change order. The rights and obligations of the
          parties under this provision shall be in addition to, and not in limitation of, the parties'
          rights and obligations under any other provisions of the contract.

       e. Costs incurred under an Order will relate only to the performance of work called for
          in that Order.

     a. The FAA does not intend for the Contractor personnel to be dedicated to the SSDI
        contract on a full time basis other than those identified as KEY PERSONNEL.
        However, to maintain continuity of work and operations, the Contractor shall identify
        personnel who will be the primary interface between the Contractor and the FAA.

       b. The KEY PERSONNEL specified below are considered essential to the work being
          performed hereunder and may, with the consent of the contracting parties, be changed
          from time to time during the course of the contract. The KEY PERSONNEL under
          this contract are the Program Manager and the Service Area/Regional Points of
          Contact. The identity and contact information for these personnel must be provided
          to the CO prior to the beginning of the first effort under this contract.


       c. Prior to removing, replacing, or diverting any of the specified personnel, the
          Contractor shall notify the CO in writing no later than 60 calendar days prior to the
          change and receive consent from the Contracting Officer in advance of the action.
          The Contractor shall submit justification (including proposed substitutions) in
          sufficient detail to permit evaluation of the impact on this contract and submit the
          resume of the new KEY PERSONNEL.


                                          Page H - 9
                               PART I – SECTION H

       a. Inclusion - All issued Order’s and Work Plans will be made part of this contract by
          explicit inclusion, and will assume all appropriate terms and conditions thereof.

       b. Authorization - The CO is the only individual authorized to sign the Order’s to the
          Contractor. In addition to the FAA’s internal PRISM form, each Order must include
          a Work Plan form. It is agreed and understood that a fully executed Order or a
          revision to an existing Order, signed by the CO will constitute authorization for the
          Contractor to proceed with the work specified therein. No other costs are authorized
          without the express written consent of the CO.
       c. Contents - The Order’s will specify the exact work to be performed within the scope
          of SOW. Where applicable, the work efforts will be performed utilizing the labor
          categories in Section B. A detailed description is found in Section C.
       d. Work Plan. The Contractor shall prepare a Work Plan, which will be the basis for
          the executed Task Order form (See Section C).

       e. Order Types.      All work to be accomplished under the SSDI contract will be
          authorized by a national, service/regional or non FAA Task Order (See Section C).

H.18 AMS Clause 3.14-2, Contractor Personnel Suitability Requirements (Jul 2006)

(a) This clause applies to the extent that this contract requires contractor employees,
subcontractors, or consultants to have unescorted access to FAA:

(1) Facilities;
(2) Sensitive information; and/or
(3) Resources regardless of the location where such access occurs, and none of the exceptions of
FAA Order 1600.72A, Contractor and Industrial Security Program, Chapter 5, paragraphs 4, 6, 7
and 8 pertains.

Definitions of applicable terminology are contained in the corresponding guidance and Order
1600.72A, appendix A.

(b) Consistent with FAA Order 1600.72A, the FAA Servicing Security Element (SSE) has
approved designated risk levels for the positions under the contract.

(c) Not later than five (5) business days, not to exceed a maximum of 30 days, after contract
award (or date of modification, if this provision is included by modification to an existing
contract), for each employee in a listed position requiring access, provided, no previous
background investigations can be supported as described below, the contractor will submit the
following documentation to the SSE for an employment suitability determination:

- Standard Form (SF) 85P, Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions as designated by the
Contractor Position Risk/Sensitivity Level Designation Record, FAA Form 1600-77, will be
completed (all questions answered) in accordance with the instruction sheet.

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                                 PART I – SECTION H
                          SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS

- One fingerprint card (FD-258). Fingerprints will be taken by those individuals who have been
identified as either a Trusted Agent or a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) registrar (SSE).

In some instances, the fingerprint only may be required and an OF-306 Declaration for Federal
Employment, most current edition, will also be submitted.

The applicant will appear in person and provide two forms of identity source documents in
original form to the PIV Registrar (SSE) or the authorized Trusted Agent. The identity source
documents must come from the list of acceptable documents included in Form I-9, OMB No.
1115-0136, Employment Eligibility Verification or version of the DOT F 1681 containing the list
of acceptable identity verification documents. At least one document will be a valid State or
Federal Government-issued picture Identification. A signed I-9 Form may be used but must
indicate the two source documents that were verified.

The type of investigation conducted will be determined by the position risk level designation for
all duties, functions, and/or tasks performed and will serve as the basis for granting a favorable
employment suitability authorization as described in FAA Order 1600.72A. If an employee has
had a previous U. S. Government conducted background investigation which meets the
requirements of Chapter 5 of FAA Order 1600.72A and Homeland Security Presidential
Directive 12 (HSPD-12), it will be accepted by the FAA. However, the FAA reserves the right
to conduct further investigations, if necessary. For each contractor employee for which a
previous background investigation was completed, the contractor will provide, in writing to the
SSE, the name, date of birth, place of birth, and social security number of the employee, the
name of the investigating entity, type of background investigation conducted, and approximate
date the previous background investigation was completed. For all contracts over six (6) months
in duration, the minimum background investigation requirement will be a National Agency
Check with Inquiries (NACI). Please check with your SSE for final determination as to OPM
background investigation type required. The contract may include positions that are temporary,
seasonal, or under escort only. In such cases, a FAA Form 1600-77 for each specific position
will be established as the investigative requirements may differ from the NACI.

The contractor must submit the required information with a transmittal letter referencing the
contract number and this request to:

Headquarters Contracts:

Manager, Personnel Security Division, AIN-400
800 Independence Avenue, S.W., Room 315
Washington, D.C. 20591

Regional and Center Contracts:

To Be Determined

The transmittal letter must also include a list of all of the names of contractor employees and
their positions for which completed forms will be submitted to the SSE pursuant to this Clause.

                                        Page H - 11
                                PART I – SECTION H
                         SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS

A copy of the transmittal letter must also be provided to the Contracting Officer/Contracting
Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) minus any privacy act information.

(d) The contractor must submit the information required by Section (c) of this Clause for any
new employee not listed in the Contractor's initial submission who is hired into any position
identified in Section (c) of this Clause.

(e) The Contracting Officer will provide notice to the contractor when any contractor employee
is found to be unsuitable or otherwise objectionable, or whose conduct appears contrary to the
public interest, or inconsistent with the best interest of national security. The contractor must
take appropriate action, including the removal of such employee from working on this FAA
contract, at their own expense. The Contracting Officer will confirm to the SSE that the action
has been taken.

(f) No contractor employee will work in a high, moderate, or low risk position unless the SSE
has received all forms necessary to conduct any required investigation and has authorized the
contractor employee to begin work.

(g) As applicable, the contractor must submit quarterly/bi-annual reports to the Contracting
Officer with a copy to the SSE and the Operating Office on or before the fifth (5th) business day
following each report period. This report must include a complete alphabetical listing of all
current contractors who are currently supporting the contract and a separate listing of all
terminated contractors.

(h) The contractor must notify the CO within one (1) business day after any employee identified
pursuant to Section (c) of this Clause is terminated from performance on the contract.

(i) The Contracting Officer may also, after coordination with the SSE and other security
specialists, require contractor employees to submit any other security information (including
additional fingerprinting) deemed reasonably necessary to protect the interests of the FAA. In
this event, the contractor must provide, or cause each of its employees to provide, such security
information to the SSE, and the same transmittal letter requirements of Section (c) of this Clause

(j) The contractor and/or subcontractor(s) must immediately contact the Servicing Security
Elements (Regional and/or Center Security Divisions) or AIN-400 at Headquarters in the event
an employee is arrested (detained by law enforcement for any offenses, other than minor traffic
offenses) or is involved in theft of government property or the contractor becomes aware of any
information that may raise a question about the suitability of a contractor employee.

(k) Failure to submit information required by this clause within the time required may be
determined by the Contracting Officer a material breach of the contract.

(l) If subsequent to the effective date of this contract, the security classification or security
requirements under this contract are changed by the Government and if the changes cause an
increase or decrease in direct contract costs or otherwise affect any other term or condition of
this contract, the contract will be subject to an equitable adjustment.

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                                PART I – SECTION H
                         SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS

(m) The contractor agrees to insert terms that conform substantially to the language of this
clause, including this paragraph (l) but excluding any reference to the Changes clause of this
contract, in all subcontracts under this contract that involve access and where the exceptions
under Chapter 5, FAA Order 1600.72A do not apply.

(n) The Contracting Officer will ensure the SSE receives a list of all proposed contractor
employees, the name of the contracting company, contract number, duty location, identification
of the funding line of business, and the names of the contracting officers and COTR for each
contract within five (5) business days of contract award. If the Contracting Officer provided the
SSE a solicitation number during pre-award, the contracting officer will ensure the SSE is
notified of the contract number.

(o) Contractor employees who have not undergone a background investigation must be escorted
at all times. In some instances, a contractor employee may be required to serve as an escort. In
this situation, the contractor employee must have a completed and favorably adjudicated
National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI).

H.19 AMS Clause 3.14-4,         Government-issued keys, identification badges, and vehicle
decals (Jul 2006)

(a) It may become necessary for the Government to issue keys, PIV cards, vehicle decals, and/or
access control cards to contractor employees. Prior to or upon completion or termination of the
work required hereunder, the contractor must return all such Government-issued items to the
issuing office with notification to the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR).
When contractor employees who have been issued such items are terminated or no longer
required to perform the work, the Government-issued items must be returned to the Government
within three (3) business days or upon termination of the contract or the employee. Improper
use, possession or alteration of FAA issued keys, PIV Cards and/or vehicle decals is subject to
penalties under Title 18, USC 499, 506, and 701.

(b) In the event such keys, PIV Cards, or vehicle decals are not returned, the contractor
understands and agrees that the Government may, in addition to any other withholding provision
of the contract, withhold TBD for each key PIV Card, and vehicle decal not returned. If the keys,
PIV Cards, or vehicle decals are not returned within 30 calendar days from the date the
withholding action was initiated, any amount so withheld must be forfeited by the contractor.

(c) Access to aircraft ramp/hangar areas is authorized only to those persons displaying a flight
line identification card and for vehicles, a current ramp permit issued pursuant to Title 49, Part
1542, Code of Federal Regulations.

 (d) The Government retains the right to inspect inventory, or audit PIV Cards, keys, vehicle
decals, and access control cards issued to the contractor in connection with the contract at the
convenience of the Government. Any items not accounted for, to the satisfaction of the
Government will be assumed to be lost and the provisions of section (b) apply.

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                                PART I – SECTION H
                         SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS

(e) Keys must be obtained from the COTR who will require the contractor to sign a receipt for
each key obtained. Lost keys, PIV Cards, vehicle decals, and access control cards must
immediately be reported concurrently to the Contracting Officer (CO), COTR, and designated
representative. Electronic keying cards are handled in the same manner as metal keys.

(f) Each contract employee, during all times of on-site performance at FAA facilities must
prominently display his/her current and valid PIV card on the front portion of his/her body
between the neck and waist. Each PIV card holder must not affix pins, stickers, or other
decorations to the PIV.

               (1) Prior to any contractor employee obtaining a PIV Card or vehicle decals, the
contract employee is required to report in person to the SSE Registrar or an FAA designated
trusted agent for fingerprinting, photographing, and to submit their required investigation forms
as described in AMS clause 3.14-2, Contractor Personnel Suitability Requirements. The
investigative forms must be submitted to [TBD] by the contractor in a sealed envelope either
hand carried by the contractor or sent via U.S. mail to: 800 Independence Ave, Room 708,
HH4, Washington, D.C. 20591. The SSE will review the forms and approve interim suitability
prior to the contract employee beginning work. When an interim is granted by the SSE, the
individual may begin work under escort until their OPM fingerprint check has been returned and
successfully adjudicated at such time they can then be badge. If the contract employee requires a
PIV Card, the fingerprint check must be completed and favorably adjudicated by the SSE prior to
approval or issuance of the PIV card.

 (2) To obtain the PIV Card, contractor employee must submit an identification Card/Credential
Application (DOT 1681) signed by the contractor employee and by the authorized trusted agent
(when applicable) and also by the authorized sponsor to the CO or to the COTR. The DOT
1681 must contain, as a minimum, under the "Credential Justification" heading, the name of the
contractor/company, the contract number or the appropriate acquisition identification number,
the expiration date of the contract or the task (whichever is sooner), and the required signatures.
The contractor will be notified when the DOT 1681 has been approved and is ready for
processing by the issuing FAA facility. Arrangements for processing the identification cards,
including photographs and lamination can be made by the contacting TBD.

(3) The contractor must contact the SSE to obtain the procedures that the contractor's employees
must utilize to obtain their PIV Card.

(g) The contractor is responsible for ensuring final out-processing is accomplished for all
departing contractor employees. Final out-processing must be accomplished by close of business
the final workday of the contractor employee or the next day under special conditions. The SSE
must be notified in writing and ensure that all FAA medial, including the PIV card are returned
to the SSE.


(a) Sensitive information must be restricted to specific contractors who:
(1) Have a need "to know" to perform contract tasks;
(2) Are authorized to receive the SUI;

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                                PART I – SECTION H
                         SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS

(3) Meet personnel suitability security requirements to access sensitive information; and
(4) Successfully complete a Document Security Notice and SUI Request Form.

(b) The contractor must develop and implement procedures to ensure that sensitive information
is handled in accordance with FAA requirements and at a minimum, must address:
(1) Procedures for distributing, receiving, and retaining signed Document Security Notice and
SUI Request Forms from each subsequent recipient of the SUI (to include subcontractors,
suppliers, etc.);
(2) Steps to minimize risk of access by unauthorized persons during business and non-business
hours to include storage capability;
(3) Procedures for safeguarding during electronic transmission (voice, data, fax) mailing or hand
(4) Procedures for protecting against co-mingling of information with general contractor data
(5) Procedures for marking documents with both the protective marking and the distribution
limitation statement as needed;
(6) Procedures for the reproduction of subject material;
(7) Procedures for reporting unauthorized access; and
(8) Procedures for the destruction and/or sanitization of such material.

(c) Federal Technical Data Solutions (FedTeDS): Except for those items noted by the CO, SUI
will be made available to offerors through FedTeDS. FedTeDS provides a secure environment
for the distribution of SUI information to vendors.
(1) FedTeDS can be found at www.fedteds.gov.
(2) Vendors will utilize FedTeDS to download SUI information (to include plans, specifications,
equipment specifications, etc.), or the vendor will utilize the site to download a request form to
send to the CO for SUI information unavailable in electronic formats.
(3) Before receiving access to the SUI information or forms, the offeror is required to
electronically certify to SUI policy and standards in FedTeDS.
(4) As FedTeDS uses the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) for a portion of the vendor
authentication process, offerors must be successfully registered in CCR (www.ccr.gov) prior to
seeking access to SUI through FedTeDS.
(5) Instructions and guides on usage of FedTeDS can be found at www.fedteds.gov.

Inter-facility telecommunications services required as part of the SSDI contract will be provided
via the FAA Telecommunications Services Group using FAA Telecommunications
Infrastructure (FTI) services. It is expected that the majority of the telecommunication
requirements will be based on the FTI Mission Support IP service class however, other service
classes may used based on program architecture design. While the telecommunication service
requirements will be provided by the FAA, the Facility Security Risk Management program will
assess the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the requested telecommunications service
requirements based on the overall system architecture.

(a) The FAA uses support contractor employees to assist in technical reviews of Contractor
    performance and deliverable products throughout the life of the contract. These employees

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                                  PART I – SECTION H
                           SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS

    are granted access to proprietary information, including labor rates, in order to perform their
    duties. All FAA support contractor employees must sign Non-Disclosure Statements and
    Procurement Integrity Certifications prior to being granted access to proprietary information.

            1.   Alverez Associates
            2.   Lockheed Martin Services, Inc
            3.   Netstar 1
            4.   Transparent Communications Network (TCN)
            5.   CEXEC, Inc

(b) Employees of FAA support contractors may attend meetings between the Contractor and the
    FAA, observe and participate with FAA personnel in function and performance tests, and
    have access to the Contractor’s facilities as related to any effort under this Contract. Support
    contractors do not have authority to issue directions to the Contractor or change the contract.

(c) The Contractor agrees to cooperate with support contractor personnel by engaging in
    technical discussions and permitting access to information and data relating to technical
    matters concerning this Contract (including cost and schedule information) to the same
    degree such access is accorded to FAA personnel.

(d) When required in the performance of their assignments, support contractor personnel will
    also have access to deliverable data and software, subject to the same limitations and
    restrictions imposed on FAA personnel under this Contract.

The Contractor must ensure that SSDI complies with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of
1973 which specifies that persons with disabilities that are either Federal employees or members
of the public seeking information or services from a Federal department must have the same
access to and use of information and data as Federal employees who do not have disabilities.
The Contractor must comply with Federal Standard 795, Uniform Federal Accessibility


(a) The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-SIGN) establishes a legal
equivalence between
i. Contracts written on paper and contracts in electronic form;
ii. Pen-and-ink signatures and electronic signatures; and
iii. Other legally-required written records and the same information in electronic form.

(b) With the submission of an offer, the offeror acknowledges and accepts the utilization of electronic
commerce as part of the requirements of this solicitation and the resultant contract.

(c) With the submission of an offer, the offeror understands the means of electronic commerce authorized
under this contract are electronic mail and electronic bulletin boards.

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                                   PART I – SECTION H
                            SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS

(d) With the submission of an offer, the contractor understands that the portions of the contract authorized
for the usage of electronic commerce are all contract actions.

(e) The use of electronic signature technology is authorized under this solicitation and the resulting
contract. Contractors may use the following means of electronic signature technology: digital signatures
and PIN numbers and passwords.
(f) To ensure the authenticity, integrity, and reliability of the documents and data in the authorized
system, the contractor will ensure that only authorized personnel have access and that applicable security
standards are fully followed and upheld. A listing of personnel authorized to have access will be provided
to the Contracting Officer (CO) within 15 calendar days from the date of award, and an updated listing
will be forwarded to the CO whenever a change in authorized personnel has occurred.

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