Workplace Issues - One of the Causes of Stress

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					Workplace Issues: One of the Causes of Stress

Work. Work is sometimes known as “the sum of our existence”. Work is the reason why
we get out of bed early in the morning and go home late at night. Work is what eats most
of our energies. We need to have jobs, so we are not idle, so we are able to have sense of
purpose, and so we can survive in today's world. Work makes use of our talents, supports
our family's needs and wants. However, work can also be where we are generally stressed
out, with related issues making us weak, and sometimes, it even gives us some anxiety
panic attacks.

It's mostly at the office where we spend our waking hours. It's there that that, no matter
how much you are attempting to avoid it, you end up feeling like you're trying to outrun a
roadrunner in spite of knowing the futility of the act. It is there that the potential for
conflict is high. You get to meet difficult people, you have an “impossible” boss, and you
may come across somebody attempting to make a move on the very same position you've
been eying for the past 6 months. It is there that you first have this mid-life crisis. It is
there that temptations are plentiful left and right.

The long hours, the threats of being laid-off, and workplace bullying may cause
damaging emotional and physical responses. These things can occur whenever there's a
conflict among job demands and working with other people. In retrospect, the high
demands of a particular job and the knowledge that we do not have any control of the
situation often results in stress.

Stress creates strain, disrupts equilibrium, and it is the origin of a variety of emotional,
physical, economic and social problems. The stress from our work could be from
countless hours in overtime, cutbacks on our privileges, and the pressure to perform to an
exacting standard. Long term workplace stress results in absenteeism, illness,
dissatisfaction, high employee turn-over, and decreased job efficiency. Even petty office
politics can be adequate to set somebody off, making them irritable and rash with their

Based on the National Institute For Occupational Mental Health report cites the following
about workplace stress:

>      25% see their jobs as the number one cause of stress in their lives
>      3 / 4 of employees think that workers have more on-the-job stress than a
generation before
>      26% of workers stated they were “felt burned out often” by their job
>      Job stress is more strongly associated with health complaints than financial

Symptoms OF WORKPLACE Stress

>      Aching muscles
>      Restless sleep
>      Fatigue
>      Loss of appetite
>      Irritability
>      Low morale
>      Headache
>      Upset stomach


Don't grab a chocolate bar for comfort or grab a burger to handle stress. Listed here are
tips to manage workplace stress.

1.     Yoga - preferably in a gym near your office
2.     Proper Planning - plan your business trips along with other matters, but leave
room for changes
3.     Balance - find time to focus on your personal and family life
4.     Social Network - surround yourself with friends you can rely on
5.     Positive Outlook - let work-related issues cease to bother you at work

There's a necessity to have stress management programs. Companies ought to be
concerned with their employees' mental health, and also the physical, as stress hinders
productivity. They ought to help resolve difficult work situations and reach the bottom
line. Stress management programs teach workers concerning the nature and sources of
stress, and also the effects on their health. This program is workable and easy to
implement, with many potential benefits for the employer and the employees alike.

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